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Group B.A.P To Officially Begin ‘LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR’

Group B.A.P will be starting their "LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR" soon and was seen at the airport today.

Last year, B.A.P held a successful "LIVE ON EARTH PACIFIC TOUR" and plans to hold another successful one this year.

For this tour, they will be visiting 4 cities in the U.S., London, France, Germany, Sydney, Melbourne, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan and meet with 100,00 fans.

Last year, they sold out of tickets in just one hour and proved their global popularity. They received an overwhelming response from their global fans and was taken aback by their immense fame overseas.

The group was seen at the airport today in fashionable outfits and showed off their global star status.

Fans were also seen waiting at the airport to send them off

The Kings of K-Pop EXO Returns With A Reality TV Show – “xoxo, EXO”

Mnet will feature the kings of K-Pop EXO in a reality TV titled "xoxo, EXO". The teasers for the show were revealed on April 9th on TV and Mnet"s online channel. The teaser was titled "xoxo, EXO 1st Teaser @ Mnet xoxo EXO".

EXO"s newest reality show "xoxo, EXO" will be a reality TV show that reveals EXO"s comeback and their path to K-Pop domination. "xoxo" is short for "hugs and kisses".

The show will also feature EXO"s global activities including performing in Japan and China and feature the various members" unique talents as well. The behind-the-scenes story to be revealed is already igniting the interest level of the fans.

The producers of "xoxo, EXO" spoke on their show, saying, "EXO"s will be the busiest comebacks of the year. All twelve members will be featured prominently, and we expect the world to recognize and love EXO through this documentary

EXO to Release “Overdose” MV on April 15

EXO announced that they will release the music video for their new title track "Overdose" on April 15.

In the EXO COMEBACK SHOW held on April 15, EXO will perform their first stage of "Overdose", releasing the music video on the same day.

The music video of "Overdose" will be exclusively released on Samsung Music after the EXO COMEBACK SHOW; wild enthusiasm from music fans is expected.

Expectations for "Overdose" are at a high as they have distinguished themselves from other K-Pop idols through their dynamic performances of "Wolf" and "Growl" last year.

The EXO COMEBACK SHOW will be broadcasted live through Samsung Music to provide fans with real-time performances of EXO.

At the news of EXO"s music video release, internet users commented: "Can I watch it through Samsung Music?", "What"s this I hear about "Overdose" being leaked?", "I must check out Samsung Music!"

Meanwhile, EXO holds "EXO Greeting Party in Japan Hello!" on April 11-13 at Tokyo"s Saitama Super Arena

Girl’s Day To Step Up Their Sexy-Game This Summer

Girl"s Day will make a comeback this summer!

First, the girls will depart to Los Angeles, California on April 10. Even though the primary reason for their travel is to perform for the LA K-POP FESTIVAL on April 12, they will also take advantage of the environment and conduct their jacket photo-shoot for their upcoming album. The album is to be released on June.

An official from their agency recently stated, "Girl"s Day will comeback this June with a refreshing summer track. Because we want to do the album jacket photo-shoot in the U.S, we are planning the overall concept and schedule for that as well."

This year, the girls had amassed tremendous attention via their mega-hit single "Something". Through the release of their new, summer dance track, Girl"s Day plans to pave their way to becoming one of the most renowned K-Pop girl groups in the entertainment industry

EXO Unveils Dangerously Addictive Teaser for “Overdose” MV

Attention all fans, the first teaser clip for EXO‘s comeback song “Overdose” is out!

On April 11, SMTOWN released the video through their official accounts on YouTube, Facebook, and other networking sites. As expected, the clip shows the handsome members dressed in sharp outfits and reveals a previously unseen side of the young men.

The upcoming weeks will be busy for EXO, starting off with their comeback show held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium on April 15 at 8pm. During the event, they will reveal the music video for “Overdose” and also perform the song for the first time.

On April 18 at 10.10pm, EXO will make their comeback through MNet’s reality show “Hot Moment: xoxo, EXO,” which will give the fans a chance to monitor everything from the preparation period to their comeback

Girl’s Day meets 2,000 fans at their 2nd Japanese fan meeting

Girl”s Day will hold their second Japanese fan meeting with 2,000 fans in Shibuya, Tokyo today!

Their agency DreamT Entertainment stated, “Girl”s Day will hold a two-part fan meeting “Girl”s Day Spring Fan Meeting Something” at the AiiA Theater in Shibuya, Tokyo on the 5th with 2,000 fans.”

“Following their first one last year, [Girl"s Day] will hold their second fan meeting in Japan and perform their hit songs “Something“, “Twinkle Twinkle“, “Expectation“, and “Female President“. They prepared various fun events including a game and talk session… After garnering a lot of popularity with “Something” in Korea, we heard that the Japanese fans” response and anticipation have increased for the fan meeting.”

This will be their second fan meeting in Japan following their first last Christmas

CNBLUE’s “Truth” tops the HMV pre-order chart

CNBLUE”s upcoming 7th Japanese single “Truth” rose to the top of the HMV pre-order chart!

According to music service site HMV on April 5, CNBLUE”s “Truth” limited editions A and B landed at #1 and #2 on the pre-order chart as soon as pre-orders became available.

“Truth” consists of a total of three tracks including the title track of the same title, which is composed and written by leader Yonghwa. It will be released in 4 editions with 3 as limited and 1 regular on the 23rd.

Congrats, CNBLUE!

B2ST attract 3,600 fans to the finale of their ‘BEAST JAPAN TOUR 2014′

B2ST successfully wrapped up their Japanese tour with 3,600 B2UTY!

The “BEAST JAPAN TOUR 2014” finale was held at NHK Hall, Tokyo on April 3 with 3,600 fans. B2ST met a total of 30,000 fans at 12 concerts across 7 cities in Japan for their tour, which kicked off in Chiba in January and moved on to Aichi Prefecture, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Tokyo. The concert was streamed live in 65 theaters across Japan.

The boys opened up the concert with a powerful performance of “Special”, and they also held solo stages. Hyunseung performed his solo song “The Girl Who Wants To Play“, Kikwang sang Justin Bieber“s “Boyfriend“, Junhyung and Doojoon performed a duet to “I Am a Man“, Yoseob sang the Japanese song “Another Orion“, and Dongwoon played the piano along to “Everything

WIN B Team to perform at YG Family Concert in Osaka

On April 11th, YG Entertainment announced,"WIN B Team will perform at YG Family Concert in Kyocera Dome in Japan on April 12th and 13th"

As B Team also received much popularity especially in Japan through "WIN", so to show the appreciation towards the fans, it was decided to include B Team for this family concert tour.

YG Entertainment said,"Because B Team hasn't debuted yet so they will have collaboration stages with their seniors, as well as with WINNER who was their rival on "WIN", they will perform together as close colleagues this time and will do their best to showcase a best stage to everyone"

YG Family Concert tour will start in Japan and later will expand to Korea, China and also many more countries Asia.

Watch the performances from April 3rd broadcast of “M! Countdown”!

Mnet“s ”M! Countdown” is back for its weekly show featuring performances by your favorite artists! Tonight”s “No.1 Artist of Spring 2014” special episode took place in Yokohama Arena, Japan.

On this episode, Crayon Pop came back with “Uh-ee“, M.I.B returned with “Chisa Bounce“, and LEDApple made their comeback with “Who Are You?“.

[Winner will be updated.]

Other performers of the night were Supernova, Sunmi, 2PM, JungGiGo, 4minute, MBLAQ, Girl”s Day, Block B, GOT7, and Berryz Kobo.

Check out the performances below! [Videos will be updated as they become available.]

“s P.O – “Let it Go”



















Girl”s Day




Block B









Berryz Kobo