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2AM’s Jo Kwon Brings Up the Sunken Ferry During Japanese Concert

2AM’s Jo Kwon asked the Japanese fans to pray for the victims and families of the sunken ferry.

On April 23, a Japanese hallyu wave mediaWow! Korea reported on 2AM’s launching of Live Arch Vol. 10 on April 20 in Tokyo dome’s City Hall.

According to the report, 2AM sang eleven songs live that day, dressed in all black suits.

After singing, 2AM held a talk show, during which Jo Kwon said, “As you may all know, there was a horrendous accident in Korea. I ask that you all pray with us.”

The 2AM member added, “We thought about canceling this concert but decided to stage the performance for the Japanese fans who have been waiting for us,” to which the fans responded with applause.

Photo credit: Bighit Entertainment

Kim Ye-won-I and Kim Kwon in “Into The Flames”

Kim Kwon and Kim Ye-won-I met for the first time.

"Into The Flames" revealed pictures of lead stars Park Tae-hyeong (Kim Kwon) and Kumiko (Kim Ye-won-I).

Park Tae-hyeong and Kumiko met right before the Japanese Student Judo Competition. Despite his exceptional ability, Park Tae-hyeong had to be the Judo team's errand boy as they were prejudice against the Joseons. One day, there was a gun battle where he saves Kumiko, who is the only daughter of a wealthy plutocrat company called Sinsekai. Kumiko starts showing interest in Tae-hyeong and he begins to fall for her, too.

Kim Kwon and Kim Ye-won-I shot the gun battle scene. They were able to successfully film this difficult scene as safety became a priority for the two young stars.

Meanwhile, "Into The Flames" is a success story about Park Tae-hyeong who overcomes poverty and despair, in an attempt to construct steelwork for the financial development of Korea

Dilemma for “Roaring Currents”, “Pirates” and “Haemoo”

Three major blockbusters worth the cost of 10 billion won are in a predicament. Release dates are being reconsidered due to the Sewol ferry disaster which put the whole country in grief.

They are "Roaring Currents" during the Japanese invasion of Korea, "Pirates" and "Haemoo" which is about an incident on a ship full of Korean immigrants from China.

Their release dates had been decided a year ago. However, all of them deal with the sea and vessels, battles and riots. The producers are all thinking deeply now.

"Roaring Currents" was slated for release on the 30th of July and "Pirates" in August. The two of them are major blockbusters supported by CJ Entertainment and Lotte Entertainment being aimed for the dead summer. However, an unexpected incident has pressured them

CNBLUE’s ‘TRUTH’ charts at #3 on the Oricon Daily Single Chart + CODE-V and B.A.P make top 10 on DVD Chart

CNBLUE found their names listed on the Oricon Daily Single Chart recently as their 7th Japanese single "TRUTH" charted at #3 on the day of its release! This comes as no surprise as the single had already ranked #1 in pre-orders on HMV"s chart earlier on.

"TRUTH" sold a total of 27,372 copies on its first day on the 23rd, charting at #3 behind Japanese unit Generations from Exile Tribe, who came in at #2. The single consists of a total of three tracks including the title track of the same name, which is composed and written by leader Yonghwa. It has been released in 4 editions with 3 as limited and 1 regular on the 23rd.

When looking over at the DVD chart, B.A.P"s "TAKE 4-1004+BADMAN" charted at #8 on the Daily Music DVD Chart on the same day along with boy group CODE-V (promotes mostly in Japan) who came in at #5

Congrats to all the groups!

CN Blue’s ‘Truth’ Starts Off at #3 on Oricon Charts

CN Blue’s seventh single Truth has already claimed third place on the Oricon Chart in Japan.

Released on April 23, CN Blue’s new single Truth, according to Oricon Chart, sold 27,372 copies and ranked in third on Oricon Daily Single Chart.

This single is CN Blue’s newest since nine months ago. It includes a total of three songs with Truth and Still composed and written by Jung Yong Hwa, and Heart Song which was made by Lee Jong Hyun.

CN Blue’s Truth was number one on the pre-order chart and now number 3 on the Oricon single chart. It is also number one on the daily sales chart for Tower Records.

Photo Credit: FNC Entertainment

EXO Wins ‘Asian Most Influential Group’ At The ’18th Chinese Music Awards’


EXO wins "Asian Most Influential Group" award at the "18th Chinese Music Awards".


EXO-M made a grand entrance at the 18th Chinese Music Awards, where the group received the Asian Most Influential Group award on behalf of EXO. EXO defeated popular Taiwanese male group Mayday, Japanese male group SMAP, and JYP Entertainment"s 2PM to win the final award of the night. EXO has become one of the most award winning K-Pop groups in recent years, with the group continuing to receive accolades for their 2013 album XOXO and praise for their meteoric rise to fame.

The group received a warm welcome on the red carpet for the 18th Chinese Music Awards, but maintained a rather somber countenance which has been consistent within Korean entertainment since Sewol Ferry accident

Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi Reunite To Create More Onscreen Chemistry

Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi, who starred together in the 2007 MBC drama "Time Between Dog and Wolf," are set to create more onscreen chemistry in the upcoming drama "The Joseon Shooter."

Lee Jun Ki plays Park Yoon Kang, the era"s last great sword fighter. He becomes a sharpshooter to avenge the death of his sister and father. Lee Jun Ki, who was last seen in the action thriller "Two Weeks," is no stranger to trappings of the Joseon dynasty. He appeared in several roles set in that time, including the film "The King and The Clown," and the dramas "Iljimae" and "Arang and the Magistrate."

Nam Sang Mi will play Soo In, his love interest.

"The character that I play seems like she is living a sheltered life", said Nam. "But she dares to go on an adventure and has a lot of curiosity about the world

2AM belatedly revealed to have expressed their pain regarding the ferry victims at Japanese concert

Japanese media outlet Sankei Sports belatedly revealed on April 23 that 2AM expressed their sadness about the ferry accident during their concert "LIVE ARCH vol. 10" at Tokyo Dome"s city hall on April 20. This event was created to encourage a wide exchange of words and feelings relating to Asian entertainment.

According to Sankei Sports, the four members performed a total of eleven songs including "You Didn"t Pick Up My Calls" and "Regret," earning much applause from their fans.

Sports wrote, "In relation to the sinking of the passenger ship, leader Jo Kwon showed distress and shared his feelings with his fans, saying, "I wish everyone would pray with us," and, "My heart hurts so much.""

Group 2AM Mourns For Ferry Incident During Japan Concert

It has just now been revealed that group 2AM showed mourning for the ferry incident during their Japan concert.

On April 23, Japan media revealed that on April 20 at the Tokyo Dome City Hall, 2PM held their "LIVE ARCH vol. 10" concert. 

"Live Arch" is an event that was made specifically to spread and expand Asia"s entertainment.

Media stated that 2PM sang many of their hit songs for a total of 11 songs and received much praise from the fans.

2AM also showed mourning for the ferry incident during the concert as well.

Leader Jo Kwon commented during the concert, "We hope that everyone here can also pray for the ferry incident. Our hearts are in such pain," and showed their grief for the tragedy along with their fans.

Shin Sung Rok Poses with His Chef Brother

Actor Shin Sung Rok, well-known for his role as a villain in SBS drama “Man From The Stars,” recently joined his younger brother Shin Je Rok in a photoshoot for the May issue of Styler magazine.

Shin Je Rok is a former basketball player of the LG Sakers who is now a successful chef of his own restaurant specializing in Morioka reimen. He is the only chef in Korea who can make this cold noodle dish. The brothers are shown in Shin Je Rok’s newly opened restaurant in the Styler photoshoot.

“At first the noodles were so different from Korean cold noodles they put me off. But a couple of days later, after a night of drinking, I was suddenly reminded of this dish. It’s really delicious, and I’m not saying this because I’m his brother,” said Shin Sung Rok