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KARA to hold ‘Kamilia Day’ fanmeeting in Japan and Korea with 3 members

KARA is holding a fanmeeting in Japan and Korea with its remaining three members Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, and Goo Hara.

KARA is going to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of their fanclub 'Kamilia' through their fanmeeting 'Kamilia Day' on May 24 at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Seoul and will continue in Japan on June 1. This marks the start of their official activity with three members after over 5 months of break.

Through this event, KARA are going to passionately interact with fans who have been supporting them and convey their honest feelings and gratitude.

Are you ready for KARA?

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CNBlue pour their emotion in PV for ‘Still’

CNBlue release a PV for their single 'Still'.

The boys immerse themselves into acting in this emotional track with Yonghwa and Jonghyun intense and powerful vocals and music. The single is included in their 7th Japanese single album 'Truth' which will be released on April 23.

Watch the PV below:

Kim Soo Hyun is now the “Asia’s CF King”

Since the drama You Who Came from the Stars, lead actor Kim Soo Hyun has had unreachable popularity and has been receiving various offers from different companies for advertisements.

Because of the lead actor’s charms in the drama You Who Came from the Stars, he has captured thousands of fans all throughout Asia and caused the “Kim Soo Hyun Syndrome”.

Not only in Korea, Kim Soo Hyun has also been receiving love calls from different Asian countries such as China, Thailand, Singapore and Japan. But, among all the countries, China seemed to have put much interest to the actor.

Kim Soo Hyun has been in different CFs, more likely, over 30 different activites and brands he has been endorsing. Only with the advertising sales, he has already earned 25 billion won

2NE1′s Dara reveals photos posing with G-Dragon

2NE1″s Dara shared a snapshot of herself and Big Bang”s G-Dragon at the “2014 YG Family Concert” in Osaka, Japan this past April 12-13.

She tweeted on the 15th, GD&TOP? No, it”s about GD&SAN. Took a photo with GD while we were waiting for the next stage at the “YG Family Concert” in Osaka.” She later posted photos of herself as “Doom Dara”, tweeting, “Practice and reality,” and “Wow! We look exactly the same!”

Fans commented, “GD&SAN Amen,” “Mister Doom Dara and G-Dragon are so cute,” “It”s good to see them so cheery,” and more.

Check out the photos below!

EXO Prepares Fans for Travel to EXO Planet through Upcoming Concert Teaser

You can already imagine the cyber competition that is about to happen between EXO fans as each fan prepares their fingers and keyboards for the battle of purchasing an online concert ticket. On April 15, SM Entertainment uploaded a preview for EXO’s first Seoul concert, and fans can anticipate the energy and new performances that the group will unleash.

Titled From, EXO Planet #1: The Lost Planet, the concert will be held on Saturday May 24 at 6PM (KST) and Sunday May 25 at 4PM (KST) at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. Although fans were able to have a preview of the performances at the concert through EXO’s recent Japanese fanmeetings and Korean showcase, the real anticipation seemed to be aimed towards the numerous stages that the members have prepared

Donghae and Eunhyuk to release Japanese album ‘RIDE ME’ in Korea

Super Junior”s Donghae & Eunhyuk”s first full-length Japanese album ”RIDE ME” will be officially released in Korea on the 16th!

According to SM Entertainment, Donghae & Eunhyuk will release “RIDE ME” in two editions, a CD version and CD+DVD version, on the 16th. The album consists of a total of 13 tracks and the DVD features three music videos for “MOTORCYCLE“, “Oppa, Oppa“, and “I WANNA DANCE“, as well as an album jacket sketch and making film for the “MOTORCYCLE” MV.

The two charming members are currently on their “SUPER JUNIOR D&E THE 1st JAPAN TOUR 2014“.

EXO to bring out Korean and Chinese versions of ‘Overdose’ on April 21

EXO will release the two versions of their second mini-album “Overdose” in Korean and Chinese by EXO-K and EXO-M, respectively, on the 21st!

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SM Entertainment stated on the 15th, “As much as EXO will promote in Korea and China as EXO-K and EXO-M for their new album, two versions in Korean and Chinese will be released.”

The mini-album consists of a total five tracks including title track “Overdose”, as well as “Moonlight”, “Thunder”, “Run”, and “Love Love Love”.

But before the mini album release, EXO-K will kick off their comeback stages on “Music Bank” on the 18th, “Music Core” on the 19th, and “Inkigayo” on the 20th. EXO-M will also hold a press conference in China on the 19th and will hold their first comeback stage on CCTV”s “Global Chinese Music” on the 19th

EXO attract 100,000 fans to their first event in Japan

EXO had a successful first event in Japan from April 11 to 13 in Saitama”s Super Arena. Over the course of three days, the boys held the “EXO Greeting Party in Japan “Hello!”” five times in front of a total of 100,000 fans!

Even before this first event took place, EXO displayed their immense popularity as there were over 500,000 requests for tickets, causing the originally planned four-part event to be extended into five rounds.

For all the fans that attended, they did powerful performances of their hit songs like “Growl,” “MAMA,” “Miracles in December,” and more. They also answered questions from fans and greeted them in Japanese that they practiced beforehand.

Meanwhile, the boys will be having their “EXO Comeback Show” on April 15 at the Jamsil Stadium

WINNER Shoots Album Cover: YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk Clears Calendar To Prepare For Debut

(Photo : courtesy of YG Entertainment)(Photo : courtesy of YG Life)

It"s been a big week for viewers of the 2013 reality show "Who Is Next: WIN."

On Tuesday, less than 48 hours after the losing team from the television program, (which pitted two teams of aspiring pop stars together for the chance to become the next YG Entertainment boy band), still known as Team B, wrapped up a pair of surprise return performances onstage at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan, the label announced the winning team, now known as WINNER, is preparing for the release for their debut album.

"Recently we had a meeting on the music video," YG Entertainment CEO and co-founder Yang Hyun Suk told the Korean publication TV Report on Tuesday.

"It will be filmed soon. Currently, they are photographing the album jacket

WINNER, Big Bang Cover 2NE1 At YG Family Concert !

(Photo : Twitter)

There"s a lot of love for 2NE1 right now, and no one shows it more than members of the YG Family!

During the recent YG Family concert in Osaka on April 12 and 13, 2NE1 appeared alongside Big Bang, WINNER, Lee Hi, Team B, and Epik High.

Not only that, WINNER did a rendition of their famous cover of the 2NE1 track "Missing You."

Check it out:

Can you hear the Blackjacks and YG fans singing along?

In addition, Big Bang also did a powerful and provocative cover of "I Love You." They even replicated the choreography to great laughs.

What do you think of these 2NE1 covers? How do they compare to the original?

2NE1, during the YG Family Concert, 2NE1 performed their signature hits like "I am the Best," "Crush," and "Can"t Nobody