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Jang Kiha Reflects In The Woods For Top Cut

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Jang Kiha High Cut Magazine Vol. 162 photos(Photo : High Cut)Jang Kiha High Cut Magazine Vol. 162 photos(Photo : High Cut)Jang Kiha High Cut Magazine Vol. 162 photos(Photo : High Cut)Jang Kiha High Cut Magazine Vol. 162 photos(Photo : High Cut)Jang Kiha, the leader of the indie rock band Kiha The Faces, posed for High Cut Vol. 162. In line with the magazine, the pictorial showed the "warmth of the woods" and romantic fall combinations. The big name posed in a dry field, where the trees were losing their leaves.

The star's cloth wardrobeintegrated several pieces from Converse's Weatherized Collection. For instance, he coupled a Sandro Homme long coat and Carolina Herrera get dressed pants, with the Chuck Taylor All Star Boulevard Hiker sneakers. The shoes were created to have the sturdiness of hiking boots whilst keeping the carefree aesthetic of sneakers. The pair may also be yours HERE and will most likely beobserved below.

Jang extensively utilized the Chuck Taylor All Star Town Hiker shoesto finish an all-black glance that included a blazer and wool pants. The high-tops have steel rivets and exposed sewinground the laces and heels. The design can also be yours HERE and will existfavored below.

On the fewercheap side, Jang also wore a two-button long coat through NOHANT. The unisex coat is wine-colored, made of wool and belongs to the Fall/Winter 2015 collection. It's going to be yours HERE and could bevisible below.

In other news, Loen Entertainment latelyshowed that IU and Jang Kahi were dating for 2 years.

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IU’s Boyfriend Jang Ki Ha and Easiest Friend Yoo In Na Attend Her Concert

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IU’s Boyfriend Jang Ki Ha and Best Friend Yoo In Na Attend Her Concert Jang Ki Ha didn’t dangle back on expressing her strengthen for his girlfriend, IU.

On November 21, IU’s solo concert for her fourth mini album “CHAT-SHIRE” came about at the Olympic corridor in Seoul.

During the concert, IU sang the songs in her new album for the primary time on stage, adding “Knee,” “Twenty-Three,” “The Shower,” in addition her arguable song, “Zeze.” She also packed the two-hour concert complete with her old hits as well, including “You and I,” “Good Day,” and “The Red Shoes.”

It was once reported that IU’s boyfriend Jang Ki Ha and one of her top friends, Yoo In Na also attended. Dynamic Duo joined IU on level as special visitors at the first day.

Meanwhile, IU released her mini album “CHAT-SHIRE” on October 23 and told the tale of her 23-year-old self thru it.

IU chat-shire yesasia Help the artist by way of purchasing IU– Chat-shire from YesAsia Related

Jang Kiha Opens Up About IU in Interview

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Jang Kiha Opens Up About IU in Interview

--> Jang Kiha spread out about his female friend IU in a contemporary interview.

Jang Kiha, who shot a variety for top Cut, printed how he and IU advanced into a couple in the accompanying interview.

Jang Kiha said, "When I communicate to her, we′re at the same wavelength more steadily than we feel an age gap. Instead of center of attention on looking to conquer the age gap, it serves as a method to be informed from every other.

He continued, "Since she has anyone to speak to who has lived via a time she hasn′t, she realizes things she never idea about before, and despite the truth that I′ve passed that age, there are moments where I see myself from 10 years ago in her."

Meanwhile, Jang Kiha and the Faces plans to pass back with a new album early next year.

Spoiler 'The Merchant: Gaekju 2015' Park Eun-hye kisses Yoo Oh-seong to give coverage to Jang Hyeok

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Spoiler 'The Merchant: Gaekju 2015' Park Eun-hye kisses Yoo Oh-seong to give coverage to Jang Hyeok

On the 17th episode of KBS 2TV"s Wednesday & Thursday drama, "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015", Cheon So-rae (Park Eun-hye) went to look Gil So-gae (Yoo Oh-seong) although he used to be the only who"s answerable for her father"s death. She had to earn time till the scheduled execution of Cheon Bong-sam (Jang Hyeok).

She sent Seon-dol (Jeong Tae-woo) with a ledger she obtained to Kim Bo-hyeon (Kim Gyoo-cheol) revealing how his resources were accumulated. Cheon So-rae turned into worried that Cheon Bong-sam may smartly be performed earlier than Seon-dol had competed his assignment and come back. She were given all dolled up and went to Gil So-gae.

Cheon So-rae asked him, "Brother, what is it you want? Money? Will a million nyang suffice?" And then she stepped closer to him and whispered, "Haven"t you ignored me?"

Gil So-gae, who was once Cheon So-rae"s fiancé, said, "So-rye, I"m now not seventeen years old any longer". Then again he was swayed by capacity of her beauty.

Cheon So-rae told Gil So-gae, "Living as a mistress to Kim Hak-joon, I"ve been at all times lacking you" and then she kissed him on the lips. When she pulled out a pointy hairpin out of her hair, tension was raised in the room.

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Jang Ki Ha Says He Doesn’t realize the Age Difference Between Him and IU

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Jang Ki Ha Says He Doesn’t Observe the Age Difference Between Him and IU Singer Jang Ki Ha gives fanatics a glimpse of his romantic side in the newest issue of celebrity mag High Cut.

The 162th factor of Prime Cut includes a shocking fall-themed spread starring Jang Ki Ha, who has been in the highlight for the beyond month after confirming that he and IU are more than just friends.

Flaunting his sharp capabilities for the camera, Jang Ki Ha is going for easy yet romantic poses to balance the crisp and vibrant foliage. All of his outfits are more than suitable for the season, and very much in line with maximum women’s aesthetic by way of trendy yet sophisticated men’s fashion.

In the accompanying interview, the singer-songwriter opens up about his girlfriend IU and clarifies conceivable misunderstandings about their relationship.

Regarding their 11-year age difference, Jang Ki Ha says, “I notice how smoothly we keep in touch with every other, now not the age gap. as a substitute of considering age difference as anything to be overcome, you'll be in a position to call to mind it as a chance to be informed from each one other.”

“While speaking with any person who has lived thru times that she has not, IU unearths herself thinking about new and unexpected things. As for me, I sometimes look at her and spot myself ten years ago,” he explains how they are all about sharing, mutual understanding, and accepting every other’s differences.

Jung Kyung Ho Joins Jang Nara In 'Happy Ending Once Again'

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Jung Kyung Ho Joins Jang Nara In 'Happy Ending Once Again'

If you"ve seen a few k-dramas, you know that matchmaking agencies are a fact of life in Korea. Matchmakers help singles find the person they are best suited to marry, taking into account their looks, their personality and their backgrounds. But what about the people who have already been married, have divorced and are hoping for a second chance at lifelong love? Divorcees already have a strike against them when it comes to being marriageable. Matching those new singles takes a special kind of matchmaker.

That"s what Jang Nara"s character Heo Sung Hee is qualified to do in the new MBC drama "Happy Ending Once Again," also known as "One More Happy Ending." Heo Sung Hee provides another chance at "happily ever after" to a clientele whose romantic experiences have made them a little cynical. If matching up two candidates is difficult the first time around, it"s likely that those who have been disappointed once may be more picky.

Heo Sung Hee, once a member of an idol group, is famous for her blunt answers. She does not hesitate to tell the formerly married how they failed the first time.

Her co-star in this drama is actor Jung Kyung Ho, last seen in the heart transplant drama "Falling for Innocence" aka "Falling for Soon Jung." So far, it is not known whether he will play a client at Jang Nara"s agency, a matchmaking agency competitor or simply the person her character is destined to spend happily ever after with. Maybe all of the above.

Both actors have romantic comedy experience. Jang Nara was the endearing "snail wife" in "Fated To Love You" with Jang Hyuk. She had another leading role with Shin Ha Kyun in the comedy "Mr. Back" and then co-starred with Seo In Guk in the thriller "I Remember You."

Although Jung Kyung Ho had played some serious roles in his career, notably in the melodrama "Endless Love," the crime drama "Cruel City," and as a serial killer in the drama "Manhole," he did have fun with his second lead role in the romantic comedy "Smile You."

Kwon Sung Chan, who produced "Late Night Hospital" and "Special Investigation Team," will produce "Happy Ending Once Again."

The Wednesday- Thursday drama "Happy Ending Once Again is expected to follow "Sweet Savage Family" in January.

Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Na Ra showed for 'One More satisfied Ending'

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Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Na Ra showed for 'One More satisfied Ending'

Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Na Ra will transform the lead couple in upcoming MBC drama "One More satisfied Ending".

The drama will depict the tale of marriage, re-marriage and divorce, a guildline for ladies and men who needs to have a pleased lifestyles after their divorce and re-marriages.

Jang Na Ra will play as Han Mi Mo, who works as a representative of a re-marriage consulting corporate whilst Jung Kyung Ho will take the role of Song Soo Hyuk, a divorced entertainment reporter and a unmarried father of a 11-year-old son.

"One More Happy Ending" will broadcast in January 2016.

Jeong Kyeong-ho and Jang Nara in upcoming MBC drama 'Happy finishing Once Again'

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Jeong Kyeong-ho and Jang Nara in upcoming MBC drama 'Happy finishing Once Again'

Actor Jeong Kyeong-ho and Jang Nara are acting together.

They are starring in the hot MBC drama "Happy finishing Once Again". ultimate arrangements are so as yet casting is done.

Jeong Kyeong-ho is starring in every other drama 8 months after the JTBC drama "Falling For Innocence". Jang Nara is his co-star.

Meanwhile, "Happy Ending Once Again" is the tale of marriage, divorce and remarriage of ladies and men who wish to be at liberty once again. The drama is produced through Kwon Seong-chang and written by Heo Seong-hee.

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Jung Kyung Ho to Romance Jang Nara in Upcoming Drama

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Jung Kyung Ho to Romance Jang Nara in Upcoming Drama Actor Jung Kyung Ho could be the leading actor of “One More satisfied Ending,” (tentative title) that will air this coming January, after “Sweet, Savage Family” wraps up. This news used to be showed via an insider in the drama branch of MBC on November 16. He'll be acting contrary of Jang Nara, who become up to now ro to as the lead actress.

Jung Kyung Ho will play the role of Song Soo Hyuk, a divorced guy in his 1930s with an 11-year-old son. he's a handsome gossip reporter who looks as if he is still in his twenties. He is extremely just right at his job, because his looks and smiles melt the hearts of his interview subjects, and they're very willing to reveal even the inner most secrets.

“One More pleased Ending” will handle the reports of the divorced, who dream of turning into happy one more time.

Jang Na Ra showed for a new drama!

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Jang Na Ra showed for a new drama!

Jang Na Ra is in a position for her next gig!

Her firm rep disclosed on November 16, "She gained the be offering to be in "Happy finishing Once More." She has made up our minds to do it."  The drama will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays on MBC.

"Happy Ending Once More" could be a "guideline drama" about a guy and a girl who would like to grow to be happy once back after a divorce and remarriage. It's going to air beginning in January next year.