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BTOB′s Lee Min Hyuk forged contrary Girl′s Day′s Minah in ′Sweet Family′

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BTOB′s Lee Min Hyuk forged contrary Girl′s Day′s Minah in ′Sweet Family′

--> BTOB′s Lee Min Hyuk has been forged in MBC′s Sweet Family contrary Girl′s Day′s Minah.

Lee Min Hyuk will play Yun Tae Su (Jung Joon Ha) and Kim Eun Adequate (Moon Jeong Hee)′s son Sung Min.

Sung Min is a prime college student who gets remarkable grades and has a bright future. However, his love for track worries his mother. His courting with the daughter of the family′s arch enemy Baek Ki Beom(Jung Woong In) could also be a source of misery for his parents.

Lee Min Hyuk and Minah will act out a ′Romeo and Juliet′ like romance. resources mentioned that even though it′s unknown whether their love will come to fruition, the start in their romance is sweet.

The upcoming drama is expected to be any other stepping stone for ′actor Lee Min Hyuk,′ who gave the impression in MBC drama A New Leaf.

Sweet Family is scheduled to air someday in November.

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Why Jang Hyuk Did Three Historical Dramas In A Row

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Why Jang Hyuk Did Three Historical Dramas In A Row

Jang Hyuk is about to act in another historical drama. It"s not that fans are complaining. He looks good in a ponytail. But that is a lot of historical dramas in a row.

Is he really that fond of saeguks?

According to a recent interview in the Korean magazine Singles, its less a matter of preferring historical roles but more about choosing roles that he really likes.

And he keeps getting offered good historical ones.

When asked about his role as Chun Bong Sam in "God of Trade - Innkeeper 2015" he said it was the character that convinced him. And before that it was the characters in the drama "Shine Or Go Crazy" and the film "Empire of Lust."

"It might have been too much to star in three historical dramas in a row, but the original characters were interesting, so I did not want to decline them," said Jang.

His "God of Trade" character Chun Bong Sam starts as a peddler and rebuilds the ruined Cheon Family Inn, ultimately becoming the wealthiest merchant in Joseon. And he does it all while dealing with people in an ethical manner. That does sound interesting.

But even before "Shine or Go Crazy" Jang was called the "King of the Saeguk" because he played his saeguk roles so well.

Jang played the slave hunter Lee Dae Gil in "Chuno: The Slave Hunters." Lee Dae Gil"s noble family was ruined. After enduring a harsh life the character became a slave hunter.

In "Deep-Rooted Tree" he played Ddol Bok, a slave who finds a way into palace life because he wants revenge.

In the 2015 drama "Shine or Go Crazy," he played the cursed prince Wang So. A prophecy exiled the prince from the palace.

And in the same year that he played the real-life Prince Lee Bang Won in the film "Empire of Lust." Lee Bang Won helped his father overthrow the Goryeo Dynasty and found the Joseon dynasty, but he was passed over in the line of succession. So many actors have played the prince that every new portrayal offers a different slant on his motives.

At the film"s press conference Jang explained his reasons for taking the role that so many other actors had played. It was hardly an original character but he hoped to shed new light on the real-life historical figure.

"When people think of Lee Bang Won, they picture a strong-willed, ambitious and rational figure," he said. "I tried to highlight the emotional side of the character and illustrate different aspects of him, in contrast to previous depictions."

Whether he is playing a fictional character or reinterpreting a real-life role, one reason Jang likes historical roles is the chance to ride horses. It"s a hobby he enjoys in his spare time.

"God of Trade" will air in September.

Do you prefer Jang Hyuk in modern day or historical roles? Let us know.

Song Seung Hoon V. Jang Hyuk V. So Ji Sub V. Song Joong Ki V. Park Hae Jin

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Song Seung Hoon V. Jang Hyuk V. So Ji Sub V. Song Joong Ki V. Park Hae Jin

(Photo : KDramaStars) The Korean media outlet TV Report recently ran an article titled The Oppas Are Back, citing the number of handsome stars headlining upcoming dramas.

And they may have something there. The coming line up of fall and winter dramas features some fan favorites in leading roles. The attractive lineup includes Jang Hyuk, So Ji Sub, Song Seung Hoon, Song Joong Ki and Park Hae Jin.

Song Seung Hoon will co-star with the Queen of Period Drama Lee Young Ae in Saimdang: The Herstory. Shin Saimdang was a famous painter-poet from the Joseon era. Song will play her childhood sweetheart and soul mate Lee Gyeom. Lee was a painter calligrapher and musician. The drama is set to air early in 2016.

So Ji Sub, last seen in The Masters Sun and the web drama One Sunny Day, will appear in the drama Oh My God. He plays a man who decides to lose weight with his childhood friend, played by Shin Min Ah. Although neither of these actors needs to lose an ounce, it should be fun. The Masters Sun was So Ji Subs first romantic comedy so he may have enjoyed it.

The drama will air in the fall or winter of 2015.

(Photo : KDramaStars) Jang Hyuk, last seen in Fated To Love You and Shine or Go Crazy, will appear in the epic Gaekju, also known as God of TradeInnkeeper 2015. Jang plays a Joseon-era merchant who achieves remarkable success but remains honest. Jang has been called the King of period drama for his work in Deep Rooted Tree and Shine or Go Crazy. So he may give Song Seung Hoon a run for his money. Gaekju, which also stars Kim Min Jung and Hyun Chae Ah, begins in September.

(Photo : KDramaStars) Fans will have to wait a little longer to see Song Joong Ki in Descendants of the Sun, as the drama has a vague release date of late 2015. The big budget production brings Song and co-star Song Hye Kyo to the scene of disasters. Song Joong Ki, known for his roles in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Nice Guy, plays a Special Forces officer and shes a doctor. Its his comeback drama from military duty and promises some interesting chemistry. This drama is also due to air in the fall or winter of 2015.

On a lighter note, theres Park Hae Jin, who plays a Mr. Perfect in Cheese In The Trap. Everything about the character he plays is perfect. Hes handsome, charming, smart, so park Hae Jin was well cast. The drama character does have a secret, but viewers will have to wait until December to even guess what it is. Thats when the drama is set to air.

Which one of these oppas are you looking forward to seeing? Let us know.

Jang Hyuk Is Considering A New Role

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Jang Hyuk Is Considering A New Role

Jang Hyuk is considering a role in a new KBS drama. According to his agency, Sidus HQ, the actor has received an offer for a role in "The Peddler"s Inn," aka "The Inn."

"He is considering it positively," said the Sidus HQ representative. "It will be decided whether he takes the role after we discuss the details."

If he does take the role, he will play an ambitious man named Chun Bong Sam. Chun is a man who struggles against the odds and rises to power. The Wednesday-Thursday drama is being described as a historical drama, but it is not yet known what historical period the drama will be set in.

Jang Hyuk"s last drama, "Shine or Go Crazy" was also a historical drama. In that drama he played a cursed Goryeo prince in love with a deposed princess, played by Oh Yeon Seo

The hardworking actor has received a steady stream of casting offers for films and dramas since he made his acting debut in 1997 in the drama "Model." Despite a 2004 scandal in which he was one of several actors who attempted to avoid military duty, Jang Hyuk has not stopped working. Altogether the 38-year-old actor has worked in almost 30 films and dramas, as well as appearing on dozens of variety shows.

One of the reasons that Jang Hyuk is a popular casting choice is that he"s an actor that other actors enjoy working with. He has worked with two actresses a total of three times. He appeared in three dramas, "Iris II," "Robber" and "Slave Hunters" with actress Lee Da Hae. And he had three roles opposite Jang Nara, one of the most recent being "Fated To Love You." He previously starred with her in "Successful Story of a Bright Girl" and then after "Fated To Love You," they filmed the single episode anthology segment "Old Farewell."

After his appearance in "Shine Or Go Crazy," he also made a cameo appearance in the drama "Producer" playing one of Gong Hyo Jin"s exes. His appearance in that show was no surprise as the drama also starred his two best friends Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Kook.

Jang Hyuk in Talks for New KBS Drama

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Jang Hyuk in Talks for New KBS Drama

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Fan Rents Helicopter to See Jang Woo Hyuk in Concert

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Fan Rents Helicopter to See Jang Woo Hyuk in Concert

--> A Chinese fan is in the spotlight for renting a helicopter to see Jang Woo Hyuk in concert in China.

According to Jang Woo Hyuk′s agency, WH Entertainment, a female fan arrived at Jang Woo Hyuk′s concert in Chongqing, China on July 8 in a helicopter.

The fan posted a photo on Weibo with the message, "I rented a helicopter for about 150,000 yuan [roughly $24,000] to see Jang Woo Hyuk′s concert."

In the photo, the fan is seen posing with the helicopter and a racy banner that reads, "I love you Jang Woo Hyuk. Leave with me tonight."

Jang Woo Hyuk recently confirmed his appearance on MBC Music′s Korean-Chinese audition program Super Idol and plans to release a single in Korea soon.

Photo credit: WH Entertainment

Jang Hyuk is the ruggedly handsome model for "Esquire"

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Jang Hyuk is the ruggedly handsome model for

Actor Jang Hyuk has brought his handsome self to the cover of "Esquire" magazine for the July issue!

With his signature mustached look and sharp features, Jang Hyuk poses with "Samsung" phones to portray his character in Chinese film, "Inside or Outside." His cute smile provides even more charm to his otherwise rough, masculine appearance!

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Jang Woo Hyuk purchases a swanky building in Cheongdam-dong

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Jang Woo Hyuk purchases a swanky building in Cheongdam-dong

Jang Woo Hyuk, the former member of legendary group H.O.T, recently purchased a posh building in the swanky Cheongdam-dong district.

A representative from Smile Real Estate Research Institute recently revealed, "Jang Woo Hyuk purchased a building located in Seoul Gangnam-gu Cheongdam District." The building, which was built back in 2006, is priced at 6,200,000,000 KRW (around $5,605,358) as of June 2015.

The building is currently occupied by a shopping center and an office which are expected to raise the rental value for the former idol.

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Jang Hyuk has announced to become dad of three kids

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Jang Hyuk  has  announced to become  dad of three kids

On April 16, actor Jang Hyuks wife Kim Yeo Jin gave birth to a healthy, 3.5 kg (around 7.7 lbs) baby girl.

Now, Jang Hyuk is a father of three children, two sons and a daughter.

The actors agency states, He is very happy for the birth of his daughter. He is scheduled to go to China to film a movie, but thankfully, he was able to see the birth of his child beforehand.

Meanwhile, Jang Hyuk recently starred in the massive hit Shine or Go Crazy and is currently traveling back and forth from Korea to China to film an upcoming Chinese movie.

Congratulations to Jang Hyuk and his wife!

Jang Hyuk and His Wife Reported to Be Expecting Their Third Child

Jang Hyuk appeared to have set to take part in the new popular show called “Producer”

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Jang Hyuk  appeared  to  have  set  to take  part in the new popular show called  “Producer”

On May 13 a KBS representative revealed that actor Jang Hyuk will be making a cameo on Producer. Apparently the filming of his cameo has already been completed. Viewers are curious as to what kind of character the talented actor will portray. Since he is especially known for playing charismatic and comical characters, audiences are looking forward to his cameo.

Due to Producer utilizing KBSs variety department as the backdrop for their show, more cameos are expected. It has already been revealed that Yoon Yeo Jung, Hwang Shin Hye, Hyun Young, and Jo Yoon Hee will be appearing in cameos as well.

Meanwhile, Producer is variety drama that aims to reveal the inner workings of KBSs entertainment department. The leads are Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun, and IU. The first episode will air on May 15 at 9:15 p.m. KST.

Jang Hyuk Becomes a Father of Three! “Producer” Broadcast Rights Sold to China for Staggering Sum Related