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Jang Dong Min and ZE:A's Kwanghee meet for the primary time after 'Sixth Man' competition

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Jang Dong Min and ZE:A's Kwanghee meet for the primary time after 'Sixth Man' competition

Jang Dong Min and ZE:A"s Kwanghee met up for the first time following the "Sixth Man" pageant of "Infinity Challenge".

On the November 11th premiere of "Avatar Chef", the 2 finalists of "Sixth Man" met face to face. Regardless that Jang Dong Min was once the front-runner to fill in the empty spot on "Infinity Challenge", it turned into Kwanghee who took it following the comedian"s controversies.

Host Lee Hwi Jae mentioned, "Aren"t you two awkward around each and every other?" Kwanghee responded, "No topic what we say, there may be headlines. Let"s forestall now," while Jang Dong Min said, "I"m the one that threw away the spot, so what is there to say?"

Comedian Jang Dong Min and singer Navi swept up in dating rumors once again

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Comedian Jang Dong Min and singer Navi swept up in dating rumors once again

Comedian Jang Dong Min and singer Navi are swept up in dating rumors once again.

Photos of the 2 were posted onto online network sites with the title, "Jang Dong Min and Navi wrap every other meat at a position in Changwon." In the photo, Navi can also be noticed about to feed Jang Dong Min a lettuce wrap. Some are commenting that the comedian, who"s known for being somewhat impolite to women, perceived to take the wrap without hesitation.

Previously, the two were allegedly spotted at a computer room, which Jang Dong Min was once promoting. Navi reportedly got here to fulfill him at a restaurant after his fan signing event. The two also are acknowledged to have long past to the similar clinic for checkups.

In other news, Jang Dong Min is still taking a hiatus from the entertainment global after his controversy regarding the Sampoong branch shop collapse.

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Melody Day's Yoomin says her uncle Jang Dong Gun doesn't give her allowance money?

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Melody Day's Yoomin says her uncle Jang Dong Gun doesn't give her allowance money?

During the commemorative exhibit for their 3rd unmarried album "Speed Up" held October 7 in Seoul, Melody Day"s Yoomin confessed that her uncle, well known actor Jang Dong Gun, doesn"t give her any pocket money. 

MC Ding Dong (yes, that actually is his name), who presided over the showcase, had grew to become to Yoomin to ask, "Does your uncle (Jang Dong Gun) provide you with any allowance?" Yoomin replied, "My uncle doesn"t give my any of his money," and joked, "Please give me some allowance money," bringing laughter. 

MC Ding Dong returned, "If i am getting as many advertising gigs as your uncle then I"ll offer you some money." Yoomin could have to wait some time prior to she gets any allowance cash from MC Ding Dong! 

Did you watch Melody Day"s MV for "Speed Up" starring GOT7"s Junior yet?

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Jang Dong-gun to pass judgement on at Asiana World Short movie Festival

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Jang Dong-gun to pass judgement on at Asiana World Short movie Festival

Actor Jang Dong-gun has been selected as a distinct pass judgement on for the 13th Asiana World Short movies Festival.

The special judge comes to a decision "the face of short films" and it's far normally the leading actor or actress of the year and previous winner of the prize.

Jang Dong-gun has come this a ways with noted videos and dramas like "Doctor Brothers", "Friend", "Taegukgi" and masses more and plenty more. He"s long past via quite so much of faces and characters in the intervening time and is expected to make every other transformation in Jeong Yoo-jeong"s "7 Years of Night".

The "face of short films" prize is going out to a superb actor or actress from the competitive phase of the festival and Jeong In-gi and Kim Tae-hoon have taken the prize house before. The prize also manner the advance of an actor or actress who will bring about some other wave in Korean movies.

The Asiana foreign Short Films Festival could be held from the 5th of November to the 10th.

Source : sbsfune.sbs.co.kr/new...

Comedian Jang Dong Min Discusses The Issue Of Reflection In Korean Entertainment

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Jang Dong Min questions whether Korean celebrities should have periods of reflection. (Photo : ) On September 17, comedian Jang Dong Min expressed his opinions about the difficulties faced by Korean entertainers who are asked to reflect upon their actions. The star was a fixture on shows like "Beatles Code 2" and appeared in the drama, "Sweden Laundry." However, his success was marred in 2015 by a series of comments that were deemed inappropriate.

An article published by OSENprovided the comedy star and actor with a platform to release his frustration about the concept of taking time away from work for reflection, a request which is often made of K-entertainers who are involved in a scandal.

"It"s cruel to be expected to give up your job to be responsible for your mistake," said Jang in the headline used by OSEN for the article.

While his story had little impact on international Hallyu fans, it ruled domestic headlines. Jang was rumored to be the sixth man on the popular variety show, "Infinite Challenge." However, the position was filled by ZE:A"s Hwang Kwangmin, after the controversy surrounding Jang sparked criticism from audiences.

The former radio and television host was challenged to take time off from his work in April 2015, when he was embroiled in a scandal regarding several comments that were considered to be offensive to women and the survivor of the tragic Sampoong Department Store accident. His dispute with the accident survivor was later settled when he expressed his sincere apology through a handwritten letter.

He continued to express his opinion about the practice of having to on reflect on one"s actions.

"Whether a celebrity chooses to quit broadcast work after making a mistake is their own judgment," said Jang. "But my judgment is that I"d rather ask of forgiveness while serving my role as the breadwinner [of my household], to provide viewers with laughter along with my apology."

His statements address an issue that plagues stars working in the variety sector, K-Drama, and K-pop.

In the past year, Korean entertainment headlines have been dominated with scandals that have led celebrities to refrain from promotional activities. The severity of the scandals include alleged prescription drug abuse to the alleged use of profanity on the set of a variety show.

The scandal involving actress Lee Tae Im and Yewon drew attention to the seemingly unfair nature of periods of reflection.

In February 2015, Lee voluntarily left from "My Tutor Friend" and "My Heart Twinkle Twinkle," after she became embroiled in a scandal where she allegedly cursed at Yewon during a variety show taping.

When video footage of the incident that was released in March 2015, revealed that claims made by Yewon were inconsistent with her initial story, Lee continued her period of reflection. However, Yewon remained as a fixed guest on "We Got Married," until departing in June 2015.

While Jang Dong Min may have made statements that offended audiences, his stance on reflection could signal a revolutionary approach to scandals in Korean entertainment.

What are your thoughts on periods of reflection, particularly when Korean stars are involved in scandals?

Jang Dong-gun and Ryoo Seung-ryong, Father to Father

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Jang Dong-gun and Ryoo Seung-ryong, Father to Father

Actor Jang Dong-gun is going via any other change.

This time Jang Dong-gun is coming back with a film called "7 Years of Nights", a humanism drama and thriller.

Jang Dong-gun idea challenging about the film "No Tears for the Dead" closing year. However, a source claims that Jang Dong-gun used to be attracted to "7 Years of Nights" among the alternative provides that he got.

For Jang Dong-gun who releases a minimum of 1 or 2 videos a year, this strive is relatively special. the nature he plays is a heavy one and it"s no longer that simple. It"s also in keeping with a easiest vendor so attention falls on how Jang Dong-gun will explicit this character.

Jang Dong-gun becomes the father of a lost daughter. He plans a revenge for 7 years to make his daughter"s killer and his son suffer the similar pain he did.

The keyword this is "fatherly love". Jang Dong-gun has played more than a few roles throughout his acting occupation yet being a father is a first. In reality, he"s a father of 2 children.

His co-star is Ryoo Seung-ryong. those two other characters chase each and every other as father to father.

"7 Years of Nights" starts filming in Jeju Island at the finish of the month.

Source : sports.donga.com/3/al...

Ryoo Seung-ryong and Jang Dong-gun sign up for as the leading pair for 'Seven Years of Night'

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Ryoo Seung-ryong and Jang Dong-gun sign up for as the leading pair for 'Seven Years of Night'

"Seven Years of Night" is a cinematic adaptation of creator Jeong Yoo-jeong"s ebook with the similar identify published in 2011.

The film is ready a man, who takes revenge opposed to a murderer, who killed his daughter, and opposed to the murderer"s son.

Withus Film, known for "The Attorney", may be liable for the full production of the movie, whilst director Choo Chang-min of "Masquerade" will direct the film.

Ryoo Seung-ryong will take at the role as murderer, who by chance killed a woman and Jang Dong-gun will play the man, who tries to take revenge opposed to the assassin who killed his daughter. "Seven Years of Night" will whole casting primary and supporting actors and should start filming in the 2nd one part of this year.

Jang Dong-gun"s niece, Melody Day Yoomin posts her uncle"s autograph

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Jang Dong-gun

On June 9th, Yoomin posted on her personal Instagram, "I was so surprised this morning to find my name on the searched words list. I used to see him without knowing much about him when I was little. I"m now worried I might damage his reputation", along with a photo.

In the photo, it shows Jang Dong-gun"s autograph with an affectionate message for his niece, "Stay healthy and study hard. Grow up pretty".

Earlier on this day, a representative from Yoomin"s agency said, "Yoomin"s great-aunt"s son is Jang Dong-gun. Yoomin calls Jang Dong-gun uncle and respects him much. Jang Dong-gun also roots for his niece, Yoomin".

Melody Day"s Yoo Min revealed to be Jang Dong Gun"s niece

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Melody Day

Melody Day"s Yoo Min has been revealed to be related to actor Jang Dong Gun.

According to Melody Day"s agency on June 9th, Yoo Min"s father and Jang Dong Gun are cousins, while Yoo in herself is the granddaughter of Jang Dong Gun"s aunt(his mother"s sister), which makes Yoo Min to be his niece.

The agency revealed that they have a close relationship as Yoo Min attended Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young"s wedding and even visit their house a couple of times. Jang Dong Gun also said to be very supportive of his niece"s career as a singer.

Melody Day is well-known for having participated in many OSTs for famous dramas such as "Bridal Mask", "Master"s Sun", "I Can Hear Your Voice"... Meanwhile, the group has released "#LoveMe" MV at noon today and will soon follow with comeback promotions. READ MORE

Melody Day"s Yoomin shares a personal letter from her uncle Jang Dong Gun

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Melody Day

Melody Day"s Yoomin is one lucky girl. It was revealed last fall that Yoomin"s uncle is none other than the legendary, handsome actor Jang Dong Gun, and the news is spreading around again as Melody Day are making their comeback.

Melody Day"s Yoomin posted the above photo and said on her Instagram on June 9, "I was surprised this morning to see my name pop up on search engines. I met him when I was young when I didn"t know [who he was]... I"m worried that I"ll be a negative factor for him. He supported me for today"s comeback, so I will do well!! Thank you for encouraging me."

The photo is a message and signature from Jang Dong Gun to Yoomin from back in 2003.

Jang Dong Gun and Yoomin"s father are cousins, and it looks like he cares a ton for his young niece!

Jang Dong Gun is supporting Melody Day"s comeback. Are you supporting them too?

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