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JYJ’s Jaejoong hits 1 million followers on Twitter + working on new song

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JYJ’s Jaejoong hits 1 million followers on Twitter + working on new song

JYJs Kim Jaejoong has reached 1 million followers on Twitter!

On October 10th, Jaejoong surpassed 1 million followers on his official Twitter account and many fans from all over the world sent their celebration messages. The hashtag #Jaejoong1Million trended on the Worldwide list, proving the singers global popularity.

In addition, Jaejoong told his fans that he is working on a new song. He tweeted, Im working with Flowsik! And now Ive got 1 million followers! and attached a photo of himself working in his studio.

JYJ Jaejoong Hits 1 Million Followers on Twitter!

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JYJ Jaejoong Hits 1 Million Followers on Twitter! JYJ Jaejoong Hits 1 Million Followers on Twitter!JYJ member Jaejoong has hit the 1 million follower mark on Twitter.

On October 10, there were many congratulations messages on Jaejoong's twitter. The tag '#Jaejoong1Million' was an issue on Twitter as Jaejoong had hit 1 million followers.

Jaejoong had frequently used his twitter to post behind-the-scene photos, stories about the members and his daily life to communicate with his fans.

He also used twitter as a way to communicate with his international fans, who he can't see as much.

BTS' 'Dope' hits 30 million perspectives on YouTube

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BTS' 'Dope' hits 30 million perspectives on YouTube

BTS has reached 30 million views on their "Dope" MV!

The MV is the boys" maximum watched MV so far, which is a smart feat for the gang because it"s also their most fresh MV (until their comeback at the 30th). The MV was once released five months ago in June, yet it"s still a fan-favorite to rock out to.

Congratulations to the men and when you have"t observed it yet... well, test it out here:

Block B Hits San Francisco and Los Angeles in Blockbuster Tour

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20151118_seoulbeats_blockb_7-1 Block B Hits San Francisco and Los Angeles in Blockbuster Tour Written by Mark On November 19, 2015 As the boys of Block B made their way through the California leg of their Blockbuster tour, members of the Seoulbeats team received the opportunity to attend their concert in San Francisco on November 11 and in Los Angeles on November 15. Mark and Nabeela caught the Wednesday night show at The Warfield Theatre in San Francisco while Willis and Lindsay attended Sunday night at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. Looking for the scoop on the latest Block B action? Look no further as the writers who attended attempt to put into words the performances and spectacles they witnessed during the two shows!

Lindsay: Ill say to you all exactly what I said to Willis at the concert about the man in the mask, Im not even mad. Of course, it was unfortunate that Jaehyo was injured, but the man in the mask (Jaehyos stand-in), who I assume is a backup dancer or trainee, was honestly killing it on stage. He fit right in and seemed like he belonged in a boy group. At least Jaehyo still got to sing!

Unfortunately, LA did experience some minor technical difficulties which delayed the show, but not for very long so it ended up hardly being an issue and the show started with a bang. What can I say? Block B is a super high-energy group, which makes their concerts fun to attendwhether youre a fan or not. One of the side-effects of that energy level, though, is that youre exhausted by the end because youve been going hard right along with the guys the entire time.

Also, I was totally into the Blockbuster theme. There were lots of movie references and interesting video interludes that broke up the concertin a good wayand engaged the fans while the group went through costume and set changes. Ive never seen a group get the entire audience dancing to a routine before, but thats exactly what Block Bs interlude videos did.

Mark: Being that this was my first ever K-pop concert, I came in with not too many expectations and probably benefited from not having such. First of all, the man in the mask completely caught me off guard. I thought Block B had a new member all of a sudden. But after coming to my senses, I realized that this was actually quite a creative way to compensate for Jaehyos injury. Ive never seen anything like it and, yes, he did blend in very nicely with the rest of the members during the choreography. Anyone want to start a petition for Block B to incorporate an eighth member?

As for the performances, my favorites were the high energy ones such as Very Good, Nanlina, and Conduct Zero. I was basically there for Zico and I was crossing my fingers for him to perform more of his solo hits but I was quite pleasantly surprised when the one solo stage he performed turned out to be Okey Dokey. I think that was my highest point of the night as the call and response aspect of the song resonated very well in such a compact crowd.

The low points for me were the b-sides and the ballads. Surprisingly, they had choreography for some of their b-sides and it was quite interesting to see these unique performances which arent readily accessible anywhere else. The ballads, on the other hand, were just not my cup of tea and I dont think anyone went to the concert anxious to see Block B stand still on stage to sing slow, melancholic tunes. The good thing was that the slower songs were sandwiched between the high energy ones making them slightly more digestible.

Lastly, I must comment about the much notable omission of Nillilli Mambo from the set list. One of their most well-known and arguably best songs, and they chose to perform Very Good twice (granted that the second time was the Rough Version) instead of Nillilli Mambo? Needless to say, I felt a bit let down when the final curtain dropped. But, overall, it was still a very enjoyable concert that was filled with a ton of fun and energy.

Willis: Yes to the clever Blockbuster theme! I was trying my best to pick up that tidbit of choreography, but since I didnt have a decent view of the screen, it was a challenge. Ive been to Club Nokia in LA a few times now and I found that if your seats arent near the center, your view of the stage may be obstructed. But even with an obstructed view, the fans around us were in itdancing, singing, and rapping along to every word.

I remember f(x) incorporating a couple of masked dancers a while back, and I think it helps alleviate the burden of altering the original formations and blocking. The man in the mask was good. He had a relaxed swagger to his dancing that allowed him to flow seamlessly with their choreography.

My favorite performances of the night were the rough version of Very Good, Her, and Nanlina. I will applaud Zico for his charisma on stage; he gets so completely immersed in his performance, to the point where his facials and dancing all become super animatedits great! I also thought B-Bomb, P.O, and U-Kwon had good stage presence. I was most surprised by how well their personalities were able to come across on stage. I probably wouldnt have minded the ballads if the venues acoustics were better. Taeils mic was spotty throughout the night, but in the moments when I could hear him clearly, he sounded fantastic.

Nabeela: Personally I was both ecstatic and concerned as a fan. Ecstatic becaues Ive been waiting to see Block B up close and personal for most of my young life as a fangirl, but concerned because stateside concert tour legs are not always the bearer of good news when the artists hail from Hallyu. I got the feeling that the Blockbuster tour was sort of thrown together to keep a pulse on the general Block B buzz because theyve been off circuit as a group in Korea for some time now.

The Blockbuster album (which is still one of my favorite albums of all time) also came out in 2012. So it was a bit offbeat to be doing the Blockbuster US tour leg now. But given the past tumultuous year the group endured between the drama of switching companies, and cancelled comeback promotion after the unfortunate Sewol ferry disaster, it is understandable that their timetable is still a bit skewed. However, as the fangirl that I loyally am, I must say it is commendable that they came all the way stateside to keep the dream alive overseas. Overall, of course, I absolutely adored having the boys open the second part of their US tour in my city!

Youll notice at a Block B concert that the group is not choreography intensive across their discography, but that is not to say their choreographed pieces are not near heart-stopping. The skills of the dance line anchor the fiery and unleashed charisma of the rapper line, which 10/10 times makes for an exciting show. Also, what I know and what any concert-goer will notice is that Block B members love their fans. Ive been to other concerts where it seems like some groups still orbit a different type of decorum with their international fans because of a language and culture barrier, but all the Block B members found ways to do their best that night to engage with the crowd and make them feel seen just as much as we were making them feel heard. This is a group that has been through some serious ups and downs, and they earnestly appreciate their fans contributions to their continued success.

In terms of the venue, Ive been to the Warfield in San Francisco before, but Im not crazy about it. Its an old school vaudeville concert hall that is curved in such a way that some vantage points are obstructed by equipment necessary for high-energy musical performances. It is, however, a smaller venue (its seats 2300) so youll always have a good view of your faves.

I was not surprised to see an older crowd at the concert that night, and there were also a considerable amount of fanboys and manfans at the concert. In the eight years Ive been going to K-pop concerts, the crowds have gotten increasingly more diverse, and Ive also noticed more male groups appealing to more male fans, so that was a nice change of pace than a field of rabid fangirls like myself.

I really felt for Jaehyo because hes sat out for injuries before and you can tell he absolutely hates it. Hes not known for being the most musically renowned, but he really does love performing and has great chemistry with the other group members. His stand-in did a great job with the choreographyI didnt notice it wasnt Jaehyo for a couple of songs to be honestbut you can tell the group choreography is lacking that final component to their complete chemistry. But they were doing what they could!

My favorite moment was obviously my staple jam, Nalina, (the best K-pop song youve still never heard) because that stage just turns the venue into a huge party. I also loved Zicos solo stage because Im a die hard Zico stan. Hes the king of K-pop, and I have no apologies for saying that.

Mark: Im not sure if I would agree with the crowd being labelled as diverse. It felt at times like I was the only male left on the planet (which might not be such a bad thing). What I was surprised by is the fan variance in age. Yes, there were your prototypical high school age fangirls, but you also had some folks who you can readily describe as middle-aged screaming and jamming just as hard as the next teen on a sugar and adrenaline high. That is something you dont see every day.

Lindsay: All in all, it was a good show. Its hard to go wrong with Block B because they always bring a ton of energy to their performances. My only request for their next American tour is that they book a venue with a bigger stage. They looked cramped on the tiny Club Nokia stage. If theyd had more room, they could have jumped around and played with the crowd even more. Basically, everything would have been just that much more spectacular if they had more room.

Readers, were any of you able to catch the Blockbuster tour? Please share your thoughts!

KCON Finally Hits Home Turf On South Korea's Jeju Island

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In 2015, the world"s biggest Hallyu convention, KCON, expanded its realm beyond Los Angeles with satellite gatherings in New York, Japan, and now South Korea.

Held Nov. 6-7, KCON 2015 Jeju took place on South Korea"s largest island, was organized to give more exposure to fans about the Hallyu wave and allow Korean culture fans the fans a chance to be in the same place where some of the hallyu magic happens.

KCON set up in Jeju Stadium with a line-up that boasted appearances by artists who could appeal to a variety of ages.

By 5pm, fans were flocking into the stadium in high spirits dispite the looming threat of rain. Attendees were made more excited when it was revealed that the complimentary LED bracelets given to the crowd as they entered were actually part of an elaborate light show planned for the night.

Block B opened the stage with their powerful performance, showing off their hip-hop energy. Performing three songs which includes "Nalina" and "HER," they made the fans feel more pumped up for the show.

Up next was M.I.B"s Kangnam, who also pulled double duty as one of the MCs that night. Showing off his playful persona on the stage, he pulled the crowd into dancing along with his latest single "Chocolate" and also a cover of Psy"s "Gangnam Style."

After the loud and upbeat performances by Block B and Kangnam, it was a nice change to be swept over by Roy Kim"s mellow and soulful voice. Performing "Bom Bom Bom" and "Home" with his acoustic guitar, he definitely melted the hearts of the crowd members that night.

Teen Top picked the pace of the show up once again, showing off their sleek dance moves, performing "Rocking" and "Ah-Ah" while SPICA, being the only girl group to perform that night, mesmerized the crowd with their dance moves and vocal performing "You Don"t Love Me" and "Home."

Chen Zi Tong, the runner-up of the Chinese reality tv show, The Voice of China, was up next, showcasing her diversity in performing as she performed both a slow tempo song and an upbeat song that night. Although she needed a little bit of help translating on stage, she tried speaking a little bit of Korean when announcing the song that she was going to sing.

Shin Seung Hoon took to the stage next and this was the time for the older fans to rejoice as he performed his hit songs. He conquered the stage with his performance and stage presence, cementing the fact that age is just a number. It was apparent that the audience enjoyed his performances so much that they even got up and dance to one of the songs he performed.

Before long, it was time for the last act of the night. Judging from the sea of fans wearing orange raincoats in the stadium, it was clear that Shinhwa was the most anticipated act of the night and these guys definitely did not disappoint! Performing "Sniper," "This Love" and "Brand New," the group exuded stage presence like no other, showing that they are truly a force to be reckoned with. They even closed the event with a bang as there were fireworks show as they finished performing their set for the night. All in all, KCON Jeju was definitely a successful event as it had brought a lot of international fans into Korea to experience Hallyu wave for themselves.

'All About My Mom' hits the highest

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'All About My Mom' hits the highest

KBS 2TV weekend drama "All About My Mom" made it to the best of weekend ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea, "All About My Mom" recorded 5.8% more than outdated checklist which led to 29.5%.

MBC drama "My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol" set a record of 27.3% which is solely 2.2% clear of "All About My Mom".

SBS drama "I Have a Lover" was once postponed on account of the 2015 WBSC Premiere 12 Korea VS America.

MBC weekend drama "Mom" rated 18.6%,

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Spoiler 'Mom' Cha Hwa-yeon hits jackpot, warns her kids to stick away

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Spoiler 'Mom' Cha Hwa-yeon hits jackpot, warns her kids to stick away

"Mom" Cha Hwa-yeon hit the jackpot.

Yoon Jeong-ae (Cha Hwa-yeon) used to be rewarded cash from an individual she helped out in the past.

She left the home to have a while to herself. She looked at her dead husband"s image and said, "I would like to stop. I are having a look to prevent being the mum of devilish children".

At the similar time, her kids were given a decision trying to find their mom and set out to discover her. They explained things to Jeong-ae and called in a stranger who turned into searching for their mother.

The stranger was a spokesperson for anyone Jeong-ae and her husband helped out in the past. Jeong-ae"s husband helped a guy who was being chased by capability of gangsters and had grow to be a a success businessman in Paraguay.

The spokesperson passed Jeong-ae an envelope and said, "He needs to cross back the favor".

Jeong-ae then called in all her kids and said, "I am going to exploit this money for myself so don"t even consider searching at it. However, Kim Kang-jae (Lee Tae-seong) said, "Those who know the way to spend money must spend it". Jeong-ae said, "I"m now not giving you a dime and I can use it up myself".

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Korean Netizens To find anything Else to whinge About relating to JYJ’s Jaejoong

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Korean Netizens locate Something Else to Complain About concerning JYJ’s Jaejoong When the detest teach gets rolling, it’s tough to prevent it.

Korean netizens, and I particularly mean Korean netizens, and let’s bear in mind this doesn’t constitute all of Korea, are pouring at the hate for Kim Jaejoong of JYJ.

Kim Jaejoong, who is these days serving his vital army duties, has earned the ire of netizens as a result of a couple of mistakes he has made ago couple of weeks.

The first mistake he made was once on October 26, when he sang the Korean national anthem at the first game of the Korean Series. Kim Jaejoong sang the inaccurate lyrics correct at the finish of the song. In its place of singing, “Stay true to the nice Korean way,” he sang, “Hurrah for our country.” you'll be ready to watch the functionality below.

The 2d mistake he made turned into at the 2015 Korean pop culture and Arts Awards ceremony, where he and his staff members were present to get preserve of the Prime Minister’s Award. Netizens and media spotted that Kim Jaejoong was dressed in the Korean flag upside down on the sleeve of his defense force uniform, and masses of criticized him for no longer knowing the right kind orientation for the flag, especially when he's receiving an award from the government. Kim Jaejoong later fastened the orientation, yet his old mistake was already captured by potential of many cameras.

Source: Starnews Korea @ YouTube Source: Starnews Korea @ YouTube

After the grumbles over the flag died down a bit, netizens discovered something else to get peeved over, pointing out that Kim Jaejoong was wearing an overly dear watch at the ceremony. It’s a Richard Mille watch and the only Kim Jaejoong is wearing is priced at around 160 millon won (approximately $140,000). There isn’t any rule opposed to him wearing this watch, and many of the comments just sound like they are jealous he has one. However, some indicate that wearing this kind of watch in the military doesn’t make sense; you need to have a more utiliarian one for accuracy and camouflage. Some netizens are seeing a majority of these mistakes as a loss of a soldier mentality by Kim Jaejoong.

Source: Starnews Korea @ YouTube Source: Starnews Korea @ YouTube

On the opposite side, there are netizens who don't appear to be seeing any issues of Kim Jaejoong’s watch; he is in a role to have the finances for it and he is solely wearing his watch. Some fanatics have pointed out that Kim Jaejoong wears every other electronic watch when he is in reality appearing his tasks in the army.

Kim Jaejoong is currently a personal in the army band.

What do you guys think – are the netizens just overreacting or do you have confidence you studied they've a valid point?

WATCH – SHINee Hits up a Convenience shop in Costume

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WATCH – SHINee Hits up a Convenience Store in Costume On October 29, the artists of SM Entertainment held their annual Halloween party, SMTOWN Wonderland, and it roughly feels SHINee made certain to come prepared!

SMTOWN uploaded a brief video to their professional YouTube page of the SHINee individuals preventing by way of a convenience store in their costumes to select up some snacks. Choi Minho hilariously channeled Captain Jack Sparrow by picking up some beer, whilst Onew, dressed as KFC’s mascot Colonel Sanders, gaped at a kit of eggs. Taemin made a good-looking Howl from “Howl’s Moving Castle”, and Jonghyun showed off his love for anime for the 3rd year in a row by dressed in an Inuyasha costume – regardless that the 2 of them picked up some more commonplace snacks.

Key is the just one absent from the video – although he did make rather an appearance as Ronald McDonald by having a showdown with Onew.

You can watch the clip below!

Actress Ueno Juri Finds How She Felt Operating With Jaejoong and T.O.P

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Actress Ueno Juri Exhibits How She Felt operating With Jaejoong and T.O.P Japanese actress Ueno Juri mentioned having worked with JYJ‘s Jaejoong and BIGBANG‘s T.O.P.

On October 28, there used to be a press convention for the impending web-drama “Secret Message” where actors Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P), Ueno Juri, Yoo In Na, and more attended.

While speaking about the imminent drama, JYJ’s Jaejoong become mentioned, whom Ueno Juri had worked with right through 2010 in the japanese drama “Sunao ni Narenakute.”

When T.O.P and Jaejoong were compared, the actress said, “Jaejoong can discuss Jap well, and we shot that drama in a Japanese-style because this can also be a Japanese drama. For this project, my personality has a language barrier, so I felt like i used to be shooting a documentary.”

She continued, “My filming time table in Korea was very tiring. We shot ten episodes in five days. This made me realize, ‘Jaejoong must’ve been tired back then, too.’ It’s demanding to be in contact when you’re no longer in your own home country.”

When asked how it was having filmed with two idols, Ueno Juri explained, “I attempted no longer to think that T.O.P and Jaejoong were noted idols. I best saw them as their characters in the script and I didn’t even watch their song videos. It’s hard to paintings with any person while you bear in mind that he is terribly famous.”

Meanwhile, “Secret Message” is set a Korean guy named Woo Hyun and a Japanese lady named Haruka who meet after you have over tricky first love experiences.

There may be 18 episodes in overall with every episode being 10 mins long. enthusiasts will be ready to glance at “Secret Message” by way of Naver television Cast on November 2, and via dTV in Japan. Only the primary episode will air at 8 p.m. KST and the remainder of the episodes will air on 10 a.m. each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.