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Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon have a bike date in ‘Doctor Stranger’

Today on April 7th, the production team of SBS' upcoming drama "Doctor Stranger" just released some new still cuts of Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon.

The photos show both of them were dressing in uniforms and biking next to each other in a middle of a flower field. Lee Jong Suk and Ji Se Yeon were praised for having sweet chemistry with each other as they were portraying their first loves sceneries.

In "Doctor Stranger", Park Hoon(Lee Jong Suk) and Song Jae Hee(Jin Se Yeon) met with each other since young and later they developed feelings for each other. When Park Hoon flees to South Korea, in order to bring his lover from North Korea with him, he does all sorts of things to make enough money.

This drama will be broadcast every Monday-Tuesday from April 28th after "God's Gift - 14 Days" ends.

Jin Se Yeon joins the cast members of new drama ‘Doctor Stranger’

Actress Jin Se Yeon will be playing two characters on new SBS drama “Doctor Stranger“!

On February 20, her agency confirmed, “Jin Se Yeon will play the role of Korean-Chinese businessman”s daughter and Chinese medicine and anesthesia expert Song Jae Hee and Han Seung Hee who hides her identity and is assigned to approach Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) on “Doctor Stranger”.”

Directed by “City Hunter” and “The Sun of My Master“s PD Jin Hyuk, “Doctor Stranger” tells the story of a talented doctor who once worked at Harvard University but refuses to become a professor at the renowned university in the United States. He then returns to Korea instead to work at Dongwoo University Hospital.

With this confirmation, Jin Se Yeon will be joining the cast members including Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin, and Kang So Ra

Jin Se Yeon considers to join ‘Doctor Stranger’

Jin Se Yeon is considering to join the cast members of new drama ‘Doctor Stranger‘ including Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin, and Kang Sora.

On February 15, her representative told Star News, “[Jin Se Yeon] recently received the casting offer for the role of Song Jae Hee on ‘Doctor Stranger’ and reviewed the script… However, nothing has been decided yet… As Jin Se Yeon is currently immersed into filming her KBS 2TV drama ‘Generation of Youth’, she has not discussed her following productions in detail yet.”

If Jin Se Yeon agrees to star in this drama, she will portray Song Jae Hee, the daughter of a Korean Chinese businessman and is a Chinese medicine and anesthesia expert.

Directed by ‘City Hunter‘ and ‘The Sun of My Master‘s PD Jin Hyuk, ‘Doctor Stranger’ will air its first episode after the conclusion of ‘God’s Gift -14 Days‘ in April!

“Miss Korea” Episode 15

"Miss Korea"'s characters suffer huge fallout as their financial difficulties finally catch up to them. It happens in tandem with the "Miss Korea" competition, which is a great move in terms of tension buildup. "Miss Korea" seems to finally have a grasp on how to create tension and effectively act on it. Yes, there are still some overly indulgent scenes, but overall, this was the most engaging episode of the show's run.

It is a bit sad to say, but I'm glad to see that the repercussions for Hyung-joon's bad choices and his companies bad choices are heavy this episode. While they are heartbreaking, the consequences seem appropriate. "Miss Korea" has been holding off on real consequences for the better part of the show, making it rather plodding and unrealistic. What makes the current turn of events baffling is Yoon's role in it all

Jung Yoo Mi, Yeon Woo Jin, and more confirmed + Dohee still in talks for new horror film ‘Tunnel’

Jung Yoo Mi, Yeon Woo Jin, and Song Jae Rim will be joining together to scare you silly in the upcoming horror film "Tunnel". Rising idol actor Tiny-G"s Dohee is also in talks to join the cast.

The film"s rep stated on January 29, "Jung Yoo Mi, Yeon Woo Jin, and Song Jae Rim have been confirmed for "Tunnel 3D". Crank-In is set to begin shortly," and Dohee"s agency rep told Xports News, "It is true that [Dohee] received the casting offer for "Tunnel". She is currently reviewing the scenario."

According to the film"s production company, Jung Si Yeon, Lee Si Won, Lee Jae Hee, and Son Byung Ho will also star in the film.

"Tunnel" is a 3D horror thriller film that will take viewers through the unusual occurrences that happen when a resort opens at an abandoned coal mine

Jung Dong Ha to Leave Boohwal After 9-Year Stint as Vocalist

Jung Dong Ha will be leaving rock band Boohwal.

Jung Dong Ha’s exclusive contract with Boohwal Entertainment is up, and he has decided not to renew his contract and will pursue new activities as a solo artist and musical work.

He joined Boohwal in 2005, becoming the band’s longest running vocalist. Jung Dong Ha’s last performance with the group was at Boohwal’s Christmas concert on December 25. It looks like an amicable parting for him, as Boohwal leader Kim Tae Won has said that he will respect Jung Dong Ha’s wishes and has given him nothing but warm encouragement, after working together for more than nine years. 

Kim Tae Won had hinted on his DC Inside Gallery on a January 1 post about Jung Dong Ha’s impending departure. The post had talked about a new beginning, leaving fans wondering if he was talking about Jung Dong Ha leaving the band

Nice Guy Episode 9 Recap And Screenshot

Oh wow. That was interesting. Not sure if I can go about making heads or tails of what episode 9 of Nice Guy did to the drama narrative as a whole, but it definitely took a great leap forward. Whether that leap is in the right direction only time can tell, but I wouldn’t write off what happened as crazy plot developments or upending the story to generate new angst. Episode 9 unfolded marvelously in execution and took the drama where the originally released plot synopsis laid out that it would. I find NG is a drama that always challenges my impressions of it, whether it’s from a character or narrative perspective. So far the tropes are oft-used ones, such a revenge, ambition, rebellion, or the newly arrived amnesia. But the drama doesn’t present it in a linear way, instead infusing the story with shades of gray and subtle touches that enrich the viewing experience

Nice Guy Episode 8 Recap And Screenshot

Booyah! This episode was simply da bomb. I just love the post topping screen shot of Maru and Eun Gi in episode 8 of Nice Guy. The way they sit next to each other, not arm-touching-arm but with a distance that is closer than just friends. The way they both look out towards the ocean, the way his bruised and battered face reflects on both their scars from within. This was a moment that was 8 episodes in the making, and didn’t even involve the dramatic K-tropes such as passionate kissing to affirm feelings or loud declarations that punctuate what the characters have long suspected. Instead what we got in the entirely of episode 8 was a game change, a course correction for all the main characters. Jae Hee learns that one door may have closed and she tries to open another door she closed herself, only to discover it’s locked now

Flower Boy Next Door Episode 14 Recap And Screenshot

Wow, I feel like someone just kicked me in the gut. It wasn’t even an accidental kick either, this was a purposeful jab aimed at taking the wind out of my sails. And it worked, because I will be anxious and annoyed for the remainder of the week leading up to next week’s finale of Flower Boy Next Door. Episode 14 was all sorts of chill and amusing, the typical FBND bit of silliness mixed with sweetness. Then came the final few seconds of the episode which left me reeling from the unexpected left hook. The consolation is that at least Dok Mi didn’t plan it, since there was no way she could have known Enrique would have arrived right at that moment. Nor was it meant for the any of the guys to hear or intended to drive Enrique back to Spain. The final scene was a long overdue continuation of the confrontation between Dok Mi and Do Hwi where Dok Mi speaks her mind about what a horrible self-serving human being Do Hwi is

Nice Guy Episode 14 Recap And Screenshot

This episode was so beautiful in its quiet tension. Nice Guy understands that it’s not always about the big moments, the grand reveals, the knock out punches of narrative oomph. Because we have spent 14 episodes getting to know Maru and Eun Gi, their pain and anxiety resonates with us even if it remains sitting there like a ticking time bomb. I don’t need Eun Gi to regain her memories right away, because watching her wrestle with the process shows us both Maru’s love for her, and her love for him. She struggles against truths that she knows is frightening, even as she consciously wants to step up and move forward because otherwise she is just standing in place while everyone around her hovers. I was shaking my head at Jae Hee’s insistence that Maru is motivated by pity for Eun Gi rather than love, and that love is only what Maru felt for Jae Hee