Jaden Smith Turning K-Pop, Will It Work?

Jaden Smith Turning K-Pop, Will It Work?

Jaden Smith has taken over the headlines as he reveals his strong desire to be a K-pop idol, despite him not being Korean or know to speak the Korean language. He also confirms that he will be releasing his very first K-pop single soon.

In prior statements, the son of Hollywood star, Will Smith, has showed his interest in K-pop. And through the months, Jaden Smith can’t help but just say to the world that he is indeed into it, as he wants to be a K-pop idol.

In a recent post he made in his Twitter account, Jaden Smith says that he wants to focus in music, and with it, he wants to bring to the world his very first K-pop single. According to Korea Portal, Jaden Smith also reveals that G-Dragon is his K-pop idol and his biggest inspiration in pursuing his dream to enter the K-pop industry.

However, as what is expected, Jaden Smith has been endlessly scrutinized for his desire of entering the K-pop world. The scrutiny and criticism that he got transcends beyond the issue of racism, but the very perspective of the instant desire of him to turn “K-pop”.

Many people saw this as a sign of disrespect as Jaden Smith doesn’t even know how to speak Korean, and he isn’t even Korean in the first place. It is worth noting that EXP Edition, the first all-American K-pop boy band is still suffering a series of scrutiny for calling themselves K-pop.

Now, many question the legitimacy of Jaden Smith calling himself an upcoming K-pop star. This is because all K-pop icons undergo several years of training, as well as knowing the culture, the Korean way of living, and the many aspects of being Korean.

With all of these being said, there is a very slim possibility that Jaden Smith will succeed in his desire of becoming a K-pop icon. But who knows? Maybe he can defy the odds.