Jaden Smith Enters K-Pop Industry With New Single

Jaden Smith Enters K-Pop Industry With New Single

It is pretty clear to everyone that K-pop is a true music phenomenon as it has become ever more popular in western countries, especially in the U.S. There are already a lot of people who are into K-pop, even though they aren’t really Korean or even Asian to begin with.

From the energetic dance moves of EXO, to the charming and hot music videos of SISTAR, there really is no denying that K-pop is literally everywhere. And because of this, Jaden Smith can’t help but reveal his desire to be a K-pop star. Just recently, the son of Hollywood star Will Smith, has went to Twitter to tell the world that he is busy preparing for his debut as a K-pop artist.

According to Inquisitr, Jaden Smith is planning to release his upcoming K-pop single by August. It is also worth noting that there might be a real and serious cause behind the desire of Jaden Smith to out of a sudden become a K-pop star.

This is because he also tweeted something similar a few weeks back, saying that he really wants to hit the K-pop music charts. Now, Jaden seems to really be serious in taking on his new life direction.

This also goes coincidentally with the very negative connotation that non-Korean K-pop groups have been facing today, just like the All-American K-pop boy band, EXP Edition. Hopefully, Jaden Smith will not suffer the same fate as EXP Edition who was endlessly scrutinized for entering the K-pop industry despite not being Korean.

But based on what we can see now, there seems to be no stopping Jaden Smith on his tracks to become the next non-Korean K-pop superstar. Hopefully he makes it.

Let’s wish Jaden Smith the best of luck with his passionate new endeavor in the K-pop industry.