Jaejoong’s movie ‘Jackal Is Coming’ to be released in Japan

Jaejoong’s movie ‘Jackal Is Coming’ to be released in Japan

Jaejoongs movie Jackal Is Coming to be released in Japan

After making its premiere in Korea last year, Jackal Is Coming starring JYJs Kim Jaejoong and Song Ji Hyo, is hoping to find a big audience in Japan.

According to the movie distributor, it had secured a May 3 premiere for the love-suspense movie in Japan. Jackal Is Coming talks about a legendary assassin (Song Ji Hyo) who kidnaps top star Choi Hyun (Jaejoong) and the various incidents that occur.

In addition, previously unpublished images of the movie have been revealed. In the photos, Choi Hyun and Jackal meet for the first time in the hotel that will be the main stage for much of this movie. Another image was that of Jaejoong sitting by himself on a chair, talking on the telephone.

Jaejoongs movie Jackal Is Coming to be released in Japan

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Upcoming Korean movie

Upcoming Korean movie "Jackal is Coming"

Added the upcoming Korean movie "Jackal is Coming"'s page to HanCinema database (2012)

Directed by Bae Hyeong-joon

With Song Ji-hyo, Kim Jae-joong, Oh Dal-soo, Han Sang-jin, Kim Seong-ryeong, Kim Yong-geon,...


Legendary female killer Jackal kidnaps the greatest top star there is.

Release date in Korea : 2012/11


JYJ’s Jaejoong shares photos from the set of upcoming movie ‘Jackal is Coming’

JYJ’s Jaejoong shares photos from the set of upcoming movie ‘Jackal is Coming’

JYJs Jaejoong shares photos from the set of upcoming movie Jackal is Coming

JYJs Jaejoong shared a comical picture from the set of Jackal is Coming.

On June 12th, Jaejoong tweeted, Sob sob, and posted the above picture (left). The photo could possibly be a sneak peek at one of the scenes from the upcoming comedy film.

Shortly after, Jaejoong tweeted, Fighting V, along with the picture above (right).

Followers on Twitter commented, You must be filming the movie right now, [The drama and now a movie], take care of yourself, and You got caught by Ji Hyo unnie? Oh no!

Jackal is Coming tells the story of a legendary female killer, Jackal played by Song Ji Hyo, who kidnaps a top star (Jaejoong).

Source+Picture: Jaejoongs Twitter


Jinusean reveal full-length album is coming + Sean talks wedding day hair on

Jinusean reveal full-length album is coming + Sean talks wedding day hair on "Park Myung Soo"s Radio Show"

Yang Hyun Suk previously mentioned Jinusean could release a full-length album only if their single did well, and it looks like that album will be coming! On April 28, Jinusean guested on KBS" "Park Myung Soo"s Radio Show" where they talked about their future album.

One of listeners of the radio show asked if Jinusean would be releasing an album, and they replied, "We will prepare for a full-length album. Our next song will show another side of Jinusean"s colors, and we think it will be a cool track. Teddy is currently working on it."

Sean also talked about his wedding day and how "memorable" is was. He said, "I got married with yellow hair. When my kids ask about that, it"s kind of hard to answer. It was around the time we were shooting the album jacket cover for "Phone Number"."

And just so you can have an idea of what Sean looked like on his wedding day, here is the album cover of "Phone Number".


KBS2 Drama

KBS2 Drama "The King's Face" Episode 15 Review & Full Movie

By: Dramafever

KBS2 Drama The King's Face Episode 15 ReviewFull Movie

Episode 15 was, by far, the strongest episode of the drama. It brought together history, character development, and a large,exciting event that acted as an impetus for further development.

That event is the reclamation of Hanyang, what is now Seoul, from the Japanese. It is paired with the tragic death of Gwanghae"s younger brother, and the king"s inability to extricate himself from his greed. It highlights Gwanghae"s intelligence and his ability to bring people together and overcome nearly insurmountable odds. Unlike his father, King Seonjo, Gwanghae was able to inspire people to help him, and this episode best shows a plausible way in which the crown prince could"ve done that. He throws himself into the thick of things, using his quick wits to win small, decisive victories over the Japanese and keep them at bay.

The way this episode is put together is exactly what I"ve been asking for since Gwanghae was made the crown prince. It had forward motion, intrigue, and history that was woven into the plotline, not just dictated over maps. Sinseong"s death was poignant, but not as powerful as it should"ve been. Even though he and his mother, Lady Kim, were painted as the bad guys, had their relationship been more empathetically portrayed, the death would"ve carried beyond the scenes it was directly a part of.

Another part of the episode I enjoyed was that it fleshed out the Japanese and made them more than mindless invaders. They searched for precious Korean treasures and kidnapped ceramicists to take back to Japan. Porcelain was a precious commodity back then and the forced importation of Korean ceramicists greatly boosted Japanese art and economy. It"s a really important point to include. I hope that the Japanese continue to be developed to be more than just cackling, blade-swinging invaders.

As for Ga-hee and Do-chi, they are two characters who have partially fallen off the grid. The writer only makes use of them as pawns. They are no longer strategic parts of the plot or interesting characters in and of themselves. I"d like to see Do-chi"s downward spiral developed (are you noticing a pattern?) beyond simple steps towards his goal. He needs psychological dilemma; interactions with more than one or two people. This is a recurring issue with "The King"s Face", wonderful setup, and little follow through. Any time serious development is necessary it is avoided by including pointless plotting, or with copout voiceovers.

Written by: Raine from "Raine"s Dichotomy"

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"The King"s Face" is directed by Cha Yeong-hoon and Yoon Seong-sik, written by Lee Hyang-hee and Yoon Soo-jeong, and features Seo In-guk, Jo Yoon-hee, Lee Seong-jae, and Sin Seong-rok.

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SBS Drama

SBS Drama "Punch" Episode 8 Full Movie

By: Dramafever


The villains in "Punch - Drama" are of all sorts. There is Minister Yoon, the once upright and good. There is Tae-joon, the forever twisted, but devoted family man. Ho-sung, Ha-kyeong"s long-time friend, does wrong to achieve an overhaul of corruption that does not happen. Even Jung-hwan himself is villanous in all that he has done in the name of his ambition. "Punch - Drama" is about his last days, but also about how it is easy to become like him, about how quickly things can magnify and change from a minor wrong into a huge transgression. It is also about Jung-hwan will right those transgressions he has made in order to care for his family in the way that Ha-kyeong also dreamed: by doing the right thing. It"s a lofty aspiration in the mire that the legal system has become.

Along with the legal push-and-pull that keeps this drama on its toes, this episode in particular took time to savor Jung-hwan"s relationship with his daughter, which adds so much heart to all the happenings of the show. It draws him close to Ha-kyeong and may lead him to make peace with her, with his death, and with how he"s lived. I want to see what memories he leaves his child with.


What "Punch - Drama" does so well besides create riveting characters and speedy, engaging storylines is the execution. This show works well with verbal silence, taking advantage of the skilled cast and clever camera storytelling. Many scenes contain no spoken words, but they say more than a monologue could ever convey. This drama also makes good use of metaphor, such as using food to emphasize a particular point. Food and dining is a central part of every culture. Eating together, sharing life"s sustenance. "Punch - Drama" turns food into a keen communicative tool.

"Punch - Drama" is a race to the finish, to Jung-hwan"s death. But is also about how Jung-hwan learns to live despite the fact that he doesn"t have long to do it. And that is storytelling that I can get behind.

"Punch - Drama" is directed by Lee Myeong-woo, written by Park Kyeong-soo and Yoon Soo-jeong, and features Kim Rae-won, Kim Ah-joong, Jo Jae-hyeon, and Seo Ji-hye.

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