IU's Bodyguard Recently Got Some Attention After His Pictures Went Viral

IU's Bodyguard Recently Got Some Attention After His Pictures Went Viral

IU’s bodyguard recently got attention from netizens after his pictures with IU went viral. He has been taking care of IU for six years and he is proven as the loyal bodyguard for IU.

IU’s fans gathered series of pictures of IU’s bodyguard since 2012 until 2017. Mr. Park is 20 centimeters taller than IU. He is always by the idol’s side to give full protection. Many netizens commented on the reliability or Mr. Park. Some others also commented about IU sticking with the same person for many years, AllKpopreported.

Recently, Mr. Park showed his support for IU. He posted messages on his social media page to show his support for IU’s latest album. IU just made a comeback with her song “Pallete.” Since then, she has been busy promoting on music shows. She has won six times on several music shows. For her sixth win, she got it on “Music Core,” Soompireported.

After the release of “Pallete,” IU got a perfect all-kill on all major real-time and daily charts, AllKpopreported. The song “Pallete” is featuring G-Dragon and it is about IU’s feeling in her age. IU is 25 years old and she is really confident with it.

On a comeback showcase held on Apr. 21, IU shared her story about working together with G-Dragon. She said that she asked G-Dragon to rap in her song and he gladly agreed. IU had an amazing recording thanked to G-Dragon. IU also said that she was thankful to have G-Dragon’s rap in her song, Soompireported.

IU has achieved many things in her career. She has won many times on music shows. She has also released several hit albums. Right now, she focuses on doing promotions with her song “Pallete.” Mr. Park as her bodyguard will always be by IU’s side to give his protection.

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