IU talks about her musical journey with ‘Dingo Music’!

IU talks about her musical journey with ‘Dingo Music’!

Singer IU sat down for an interview with ‘Dingo Music’ in ’52 Interview’!

The VJ asked a series of questions, which you can read below:

Q: Where do you usually get your musical inspirations from?

Conversing with others.

Q: How did people respond to your liveperformance of “Can’t Love You Anymore” featuring Oh Hyuk?

When people in the company watched it for the first time, they commented, “Is this what you really wanted to do?” But they did eventually got over it and said it was well done.

Q: Your current favorite girl group? Why?

Oh My Girl. They all look very pretty in their own ways.

Q: How long does it usually take for you to write a song?

At least three hours. More than a month at most.

Q:Which song do you like the most from your new album?

Q: Is there a music genre you wish to take on?

Q: Do you usually write about yourself in your songs?

Not all, but I do put my own spin while writing if I find part of a conversation interesting.

Q: Female artist you would like to collaborate with?

An older sister and mother.

A younger sister who I never feel awkward around.

Someone whose voice I envy.

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