IU Says She Wants To Collaborate With BLACKPINK Rosé

IU Says She Wants To Collaborate With BLACKPINK Rosé

IU showed 100% confidence when she revealed that she would love to do a collaboration BLACKPINKs Rosé.

Singer-Songwriter IU has been touted as the queen of collaborations for working with multiple artists such as G-Dragon, Oh Hyuk, and actor Kim Soo-Hyun.

In a recent interview, IU was asked which female singer she would like to work with. Without hesitation, IU mentioned BLACKPINKs one and only Rose.

IU said female singer that she wants 2 work is Blackpink Rose

If IU wants 2 work with rose YG should let it HAPPENpic.twitter.com/Ltge0gGobt

— 🎨e)$Ya(o🎨 (@DOnutDOremi) April 20, 2017

The rookie group BLACKPINK has been getting a lot of attention from senior Idols due to their amazing talent and growing popularity. IU is not the first one to mention a BLACKPINK member as someone they would like to collaborate in the future.

RB artist Zion.T has also admitted to wanting to collaborate with the BLACKPINK girls.

As BLACKPINKs popularity continues to grow, their recognition in the music industry keeps on skyrocketing.Fans who have seen this interview are hoping that the collaboration becomes a reality