IU finally opens her official fan club

IU finally opens her official fan club

IU’s fan club ‘UAENA’ is officially open! 

On July 17, IU’s agency FAVE Entertainment revealed that they were recruiting fans for here ‘UNAENA’ from July 17 to August 6.

Prior to this, the singer was able to interact with fans attending both small and large fan meetings without an official fan club since her debut in 2008.

The fanbase also showed their support for IU in participating in numerous charity works such as raising funds for elderly care, volunteering to deliver coal briquettes, and painting murals.

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Now that ‘UAENA’ is officially open, fans can sign up for an exclusive membership starting now through August 6 in order to receive membership benefits such as fan club goods, first dibs on concert ticket purchases, and much more!

More info can be found on Melon Ticket’s site.

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