IU Collabs With G-Dragon For 'Palette' Title Track

IU Collabs With G-Dragon For 'Palette' Title Track

On the same day IU released a teaser image for her upcoming album “Palette”, IU also released the track listing for the said album. Apparently, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon is featured in IU’s title track.

Fans of IU and G-Dragon on the K-pop community are already expecting something nice off of “Palette’s” first title track. Both K-pop idols are known to write their own songs.

According to Soompi, the track listing revealed that G-Dragon wrote his own rap lyrics of the track “Palette”. IU wrote and composed the song.

The album’s second title track is titled “To Your Name” and is written by IU. She also collaborated in making the lyrics with well-known lyricist Kim I Na.

Musicians Sunwoo, Oh Hyuk, and Sam Kim also helped IU in creating her fourth album. IU’s “Palette” consists of 10 tracks.

IU’s fans are now warming up and expecting “Palette” to sound perfect since she wrote all of the songs, with the exception of track no. 9 titled “Love Like That”. IU’s “Palette” is slated for release on Friday, April 21 at 6 PM KST.

In other news, IU’s agency Fave Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against a Korean YouTuber. According to All Kpop, the YouTuber allegedly made sexual remarks on his live broadcast.

When the YouTuber was on his live broadcast, he was asked whether he liked IU or his dog. His reply shocked all the viewers of his broadcast.

“Of course I like IU better,” said the YouTuber. His explanation stated that IU could please him sexually unlike his dog.

One viewer of the broadcast warned him of the consequence he might get for the words he said. “If IU were to sue me, it would be an honor. Then I could meet IU in court,” said the YouTuber arrogantly.

Fave Entertainment did not waste any time and filed a lawsuit against the YouTuber. IU’s agency stated that they would not be holding back against the YouTuber.

The YouTuber was also quick in making his apology. In his apology video, he stated that he did not mean to ridicule the K-pop idol.

Unfortunately, Fave Entertainment won’t be withdrawing their lawsuit against the YouTuber. Fans of IU have openly stated their support for the agency, saying that he should not be forgiven for his tactless remarks.