IU And Lee Hyori Bond Through Their Worries Over Celebrity Life And Fame

IU And Lee Hyori Bond Through Their Worries Over Celebrity Life And Fame

On the August 6 episode of Hyoris Homestay, IU and Lee Hyoris bond grew stronger as they shared their worries over celebrity life and fame.

Lee Hyori recently made her comeback to the entertainment industry after a long hiatus and she said, Ive changed a lot between then and now and a lot of time has passed, expressing worry that people might be disappointed over her changed image.

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She added, If I want to receive love now, I have to throw away my greed. Playfully, she offered to give IU advice on any of her problems.

IU revealed she had concerns over her image on variety shows, since she doesnt appear on them often. Lee Hyori said, You dont have a personality that easily makes people laugh and youre not a talkative type so variety is hard for you. Youre shy.

She continued, There comes a time when you feel like youve made enough money and you want to end your image as a top star. But rather than leaving when everyone is applauding, its a lot harder to fade out bit by bit. If you leave when youre at the height of your fame, you will feel comfortable, but being pushed out by your juniors when you feel youre growing old, Im not ready for that yet.

IU expressed surprise that the usually confident Hyori worried about things like that and Lee Hyori said, It was harder than I thought it would be to accept my descent. Thats why you have to do something about it now.

However, IU shared, I dont think about things like that. Its important to enjoy yourself when youre doing well, but in the past I used to be unhappy worrying that it wouldnt go so well the next time.