Its Leader v. Leader: Announcing The iSTAR Best Leader Tournament

Its Leader v. Leader: Announcing The iSTAR Best Leader Tournament

So, K-pop is all about being the best of the best (or at least working towards that goal) and every once and awhile we like to encourage this friendly competition. So far, we’ve held tournaments to vote on the best idol dancer, vocalist, rapper, maknae, and flower boy. But there is one super important position in a group that we’re missing the leader!

There have been entire odes written to the art of being a K-pop leader because, honestly, it’s an art. When gathering your members looks a lot like this:

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… you know that leaders have to have some special super power to pull their group to the top.

We’ve collected 48 top leaders who are known for working tirelessly towards the success of their group and we’re asking YOU to decide on the ultimate leader through a competitive tournament.

This time, we wanted to shake things up and the tournament will run solely on our Facebook page, with live poll voting open every weekday from 10am KST to 2pm KST. Each round is an elimination round, with only the top voted leaders moving on. We’ve divided the tournament by gender so you can vote for both your favorite girl group leaders and boy group leaders!

Check out the brackets and the dates for each round below:

How do you get your favorite leader to win? VOTE! Spread the news, mark your calendars, and most importantly follow us on Facebook so you are notified when voting goes live!

The first round will go live TODAY at 10am KST so make sure you are ready!

Check out all the tournament details at our special site by clicking the button below:

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