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Review of “The Woman Who Married Three Times” Ep 39: Lee Ji Ah breaks down after Song Chang Eui’s phone call

In The Woman Who Married Three Times, episode 39, Oh Eun Soo(played by Lee Ji Ah) wailed after Jung Tae Won(played by Son Chang Eui)’s phone call.

Tae Won came back from a trip to Italy with Chae Rin(played by Son Yeo Eun). He called Eun Soo on the phone and said, “Seul Ki(played by Kim Ji Young) is worrying. She thinks you’re not going back to your ex-husband’s house because of her.”

As Eun Soo told Tae Won that she will give up on the baby, he said, “How come you’re more immature than Seul Ki? You don’t care about other people, do you?

He added, “I too feel a little something when I see hot girls. All men are like that. Let go of yourself now and try to find a new part of you.”

Eun Soo hung up on Tae Won and went to the bathroom

The Idol Fan’s Guide To Enjoying Music Broadcasts

(Photo : Mnet)(Photo : SM Entertainment)

On various idol groups" fan cafes or fan pages, these questions are asked frequently. "I"m going to go to a public broadcast. What should I do?" "What is it like?" "How should I prepare?" There are a myriad of short answers, but it"s hard to see a long and detailed answer. Public broadcasting points to a pre-recording for a program or a live music scene. For fans, it"s essential that they see their favorite singer(s) in action, and that"s their dream and goal. Going to one of these public broadcasts is an easy way to fulfill that dream. That"s why we prepared the idol fan"s guide to enjoying music broadcasts, right up to the point of entering the set. (This "manual" was written in accord to what a fan shared after they attended the March 27th public broadcast for Super Junior-M.)

Step 1: How do I participate?

There"s two ways to participate in public broadcasts

Choi Min-sik, to attend the Firenze Korean Film Festival in Italy

Actor Choi Min-sik has been invited and will be attending the 12th Firenze Korean Film Festival in Italy, which starts on the 21st of March.

The one and only Korean Film Festival, Firenze Film Festival arranged a special exhibit for Choi Min-sik. He plans to interview with local media and communicate with the audience.

At the exhibition, 8 of his works such as "Old Boy", "I Saw the Devil", "Failan", "Springtime", "Crying Fist" and "The New World" will be introduced. Choi Min-sik will be sitting with the Italian audience along with programmer Nam Dong-cheol on the 25th after "Old Boy".

In celebration of the 130th year diplomatic tie between Korea and Italy, the Firenze Film Festival is preparing various programs for the event along with the Italian Embassy

Why Is B.A.P So Powerful In Europe?

One of the leading groups of the next K-pop generation B.A.P is showing an especially hot reaction in Europe, and there"s great interest as to why this is so.

On March 18th B.A.P revealed the lineup for their "B.A.P Live On Earth Continent Tour." The lineup showed that they"ll be performing in 3 countries in Europe, expected to gather 20,000 people. This is a record for K-pop groups in Europe. Until now so many groups have performed in Europe, but a scale of this size is the first. B.A.P has thus far shown a great influence in Europe music charts, and their popularity was once more confirmed through their concert.

Even their agency is showing surprise at the love calls from Europe. One rep stated, "Even after the tour dates were confirmed, we"ve been receiving a steady number of inquiries for their concerts

Lee Young Ae chose As CFC Advisor With Julia Roberts


Actress Lee Young Ae was chosen as the advisor for the Italian designer brand Gucci”s global campaign, “Chime for Change, CFC.” Chime for Change was co made by the Gucci creative director Frida Giannini, singer Beyonce Knowles, and Salma Hayek-Pinault in February of last year. A lot of people in different fields, containing Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post, and the Nobel laureate in peace Leymah Roberta Gbowee are some of the advisors for Chime for Change. This is the very first time an Asian actress has been selected for the advisor for Chime for Change. Lee Young Ae will be in charge of fundraising and selecting and introducing projects for women and children in Asian. Lee Young Ae introduced Hallyu to ninety different countries. In September of 2013, actress Lee Young Ae with the Italian designer brand Gucci co hosted a Korean dinner in Florence, Italy

Rocker Kim Jang Hoon Sings “Arirang” at the 2014 Venice Carnival in Italy

Rocker Kim Jang Hoon was recently in Italy attending the world famous 2014 Venice Carnival. The annual carnival is most known for the elaborate and creative masks that attendees wear. The rocker performed many hits including “I’m a Man.”

During the carnival, Kim Jang Hoon also educated many international visitors on the importance that March 1 holds for Koreans while also performing “Arirang.” March 1, 1919 was the day when many Koreans protested against the Japanese colonizers.

Kim Jang Hoon takes a group picture with international attendees at the 2014 Venice Carnival.

Rocker Kim Jang Hoon is a busy man. After taking a brief rest in Korea, Kim Jang Hoon will then go to Africa and also attend the “Dokdo Art Show” in Shanghai

Rainbow Ji Sook Looks European in Piazza San Marco

(Photo : OSEN)

Rainbow"s Ji Sook uploaded a selfie of herself at the Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy.

She posted the picture on her Twitter with the caption: "At the Piazza San Marco! Lalalala~"

In the picture, Ji Sook is wearing a checkered dress with white lace frills, smiling at the camera in the Piazza.

Internet users commented: "Ji Sook looks like a European maiden", "I"m so jealous", and "Eat lots of good food".

Meanwhile, Ji Sook remains active as a reporter on KBS "Entertainment Weekly".



Blockbuster Movie ‘Avengers 2’ To Film In Korea!

It"s officially been announced that Avengers 2 will be filming in Korea!

On February 19th, Marvel Studio made an announcement through their official website that Avengers: Age Of Ultron will be filming some of their main scenes in Korea.

Marvel Studios will be using local staff, companies, and extras for this shoot, and as a result will contribute positively to Korea"s film industry as well.

Marvel Studios President and Avengers 2 producer Kevin Feige said, "Korea has state of the art high tech, beautiful scenery, and ultra-modern buildings. As such, it is the best location to shoot a massive Blockbuster film. We want to especially thank the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Korea, who made it possible for us to use Korea as a filming location

Big Bang GTS ‘Thinking Of You’ event in Malaysia

G-DRAGON, TAEYANG and SEUNGRI, the 3 Members of “Kings of K-Pop” BIGBANG, will hold their first ever fan event “Thinking Of You” in Malaysia on March 16 (Sunday) 2014, 6p.m. at Sunway Surf Beach, organized by IME Productions.

This is the first official show of the 3 members following the successfully held BIGBANG “ALIVE” TOUR 2012 in MALAYSIA as well as G-DRAGON “ONE OF A KIND” in MALAYSIA 2013. In order to express their love and gratitude for the VIPs (official name of BIGBANG's fans), K-Pop fans as well as music lovers, the 3 members managed to spare time amidst their busy work schedule to visit Malaysia to meet with their beloved fans. Fan meeting show divide into 2 sections, which is fan meeting and concert section.


Ticket launch will be held on February 22 (Saturday) at Boulevard, Level G, Paradigm Mall from 11:00a

Marvel officially announces plans to film “Avengers 2” in South Korea

Marvel officially announces plans to film “Avengers 2” in South Korea

Marvel Studios have officially released an announcement of their plans to shoot the 2nd “Avengers” film in Seoul, Korea.

On the 18th of February, Marvel updated their site with news of their plans to film an important scene in Korea, and described it as the perfect place to film it because of their highly developed technology, beautiful city views distinctive buildings.

Asides from Korea, Marvel will also be filming in England’s London, South Africa’s Johannesburg and Italy’s Aosta Valley.

According to staff, “Avengers: The Age of Ultron” will start filming in Korea in around May, and despite previous news of Chris Evans and Scarlet Johansson not filming in Korea, it has been announced that they will be visiting Korea to film