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YG Entertainment is retaining a unique Black Friday event

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YG Entertainment is retaining  a unique Black Friday event

YG Entertainment is conservinga different Black Friday tournament exclusively to be had to enthusiasts in the united states and in Canada! For a limited time only, starting Friday Nov. 27th tillmiddle of the night PST Nov. 30th, fans will have the option to seize best-selling designs at slashed costs online on YG's respectable US/Canada-store   

For the Black Friday event, YG Items is providing five other t-shirt designs for the subsequent YG artists—2NE1, G-DRAGON, iKON, EPIK HIGH and WINNER in addition a BIGBANG snapback! Those are all re-productions of best-selling designs which are out of inventory and now notreadily available so once youin the pastignored your likelihood now is your opportunity to swoop one (or all five!). One of the vital designs is the vintage WINNER logo T-shirt this islately sold out on either YG e-shop and YG Presents. 

For 2NE1, it is the 'MISSING YOU' MV clip T that has been sold-out on YG e-shop for a while now, and it ispromoting for best $20. Head over to to snatch the ones you want to haveearlier than they sell out and to get your Christmas buying groceries done early!For the ones interested, practice @ygpresents on Instagram and on Twitter to stick up-to-date and to view more cool images and exclusive offerings. 

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★QUIZ What Are Your Probabilities Of having Signed To An Entertainment Company?

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★QUIZ What Are Your Probabilities  Of having Signed To An Entertainment Company?

16kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Do you need to have to be a K-pop star and get started the trackprofession that masses of thousands around the sector dream of? 

The truth is, most effectivea couple ofother folks ever get the risk to signal with the main Entertainment firms in Korea. Its incredibly competitive, and they just havethe maximum productive of the best. If youre inquisitive about auditioning, then take this quiz to peer where you recently stand. The entirety from talent, to mindset, to personality, ethnicity, and age come into play when judges glance at you. So what are your probabilitiesof having signed to an entertainment company? Take this quiz to discover out!

**Quiz would possibly bring a moment to load**

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Loen Entertainment Purchases 70 % Of A Dice Entertainment's Shares

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A Pink Indulges Fans With A Pink Paradise In Singapore(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thank youto 3 Angles Production)

Jellyfish Entertainment Opens Instagram Account

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Jellyfish Entertainment Opens Instagram Accountan0ya November 25, 2015 0 LINE it!Jellyfish Entertainment Opens Instagram Account Jellyfish Entertainment has joined the fantasticglobal of Instagram!

Home to artists like VIXX, SEO In Guk, Park Hyo Shin, and Sung Si Kyung, the agency intends to share bits and pieces of their artists day through day lives viathe preferred social media platform.

The account was onceintroduced on November 26 and the primary3picturesfamous personthe men of VIXX, who are currently busy promoting their newestnametune Chained Up. They casually pose for the camera in pairs while holding up an Instagram-inspired photo frame.

Jellyfish turns out to have primeexpectancies for their newly established social media presence as the caption on the frame says, 50 million folks are expected to love this. Under the staggering quantity of likes is a long list of hashtags, which features names of actors and singers under Jellyfish.

The account has already received more than 12,000 followers, whilst Jellyfish has began following many in their own talents.

You mightobserve Jellyfish Entertainment @jellyfish_stagram!

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B.A.P participants speak about their lawsuit with TS Entertainment on 'Section TV'

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B.A.P participants speak about their lawsuit with TS Entertainment on 'Section TV'

Members of B.A.P were lately noticed on newest episode of "Section TV" where they in brief discussed the lawsuit facing their firm TS Entertainment.

Interviewer first asked the lads what they did all the style through their year and a part hiatus. Yongguk said, "I went on trips running at the album." Daehyun said, "I carried out on streets with buddies who did track themselves. We went around in all places and sang a lot."

When asked if they were in a position to get to the ground of the problem with TS Entertainment concerning the lawsuit and the hiatus that followed, Youngjae said, "We were capable of compromise on what the corporate sought after from us and what we wish from the company."

as neatly as Youngjae, Daehyun gave his existence recommendation for the audience and said, "If there are misunderstandings, you will have to determine it appropriate then and there," hinting that the members and TS Entertainment had resolved their differences thru communication.

He then added, "Usually, the closer you're with your friend you combat more.

Check out their complete interview with "Section TV" above!

B.A.P Addresses Lawsuit opposed to TS Entertainment on “Section TV”

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B.A.P Addresses Lawsuit Against TS Entertainment on “Section TV” On the latest broadcast of “Section TV,” the team stuck up with B.A.P and discussed their lawsuit facing their firm TS Entertainment.

Previously, all six contributors of B.A.P filed a lawsuit against TS Entertainment for unfair treatment.

B.A.P explained how they got here to make a comeback beneath the similar agency, “We reached a compromise and it worked out well.”

They continued, “We should’ve communicated with each and every other a lot. The conflict happened because our communication used to be cut off.”

B.A.P also talked other things right through this broadcast, including who replaced the maximum after debut.

Meanwhile, fanatics can catch “Section TV” when it airs each Sunday at 3:45 p.m. KST.

iKON are asked how they felt about Large Bang's contract renewal with YG Entertainment

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iKON are asked how they felt about Large Bang's contract renewal with YG Entertainment

In an interview with OSEN recently, YG"s rookie boy workforce iKON discussed plenty of things from their senior community Big Bang to rating first 3 times with their songs.

The boys discussed Big Bang"s contract renewal with YG, giving their mind with, "We concept it used to be a relief  . . . They"re our seniors, so we have got so much to be told from them and we wish to get closer to them.  That"s why we think it"s a relief because it"s been useful for us to have seniors we can be ready to brag about and who are above us."

In relation to getting first position with "My Type," "Rhythm Ta," and "Apology," they said, "Firstly, we were a great deal surprised, too," announcing it changed into difficult for them to agree with after going from their long schooling length and their "Mix & Match" days to without warning ranking first on tune charts or even getting trophies on music shows, then relayed their thank you for the affection and appreciation for their music.

Lee Bo Young reported to be signing with a new firm after Will Entertainment

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Lee Bo Young reported to be signing with a new firm after Will Entertainment

Actress Lee Bo Young is reported to be signing with a new agency after her contract ends with Will Entertainment at the finish of the year.

One insider said that an worker of Will Entertainment could be growing his own agency called Fly Up Entertainment, and Lee Bo Young will be joining the new agency beginning next January. The insider added, "Lee Bo Young is on hiatus to rest, yet she"s getting ready for her next project. She hopes to satisfy enthusiasts via her next task soon."

It turns out that Lee Bo Young will be staying unswerving to the former Will Entertainment employee as she"s worked with hiim for a long time.

Fly Up Entertainment recently properties Ryu Soo Young, Yoo In Young, Kim Sung Oh, Kim Ji Hoon, and Wang Bit Na.

Katie Kim Undergoes Transformation After Joining YG Entertainment

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Katie Kim Undergoes Transformation After Joining YG Entertainment “K-Pop Star 4″ winner Katie Kim is receiving attention for slimming down particularly ago seven months.

During a contemporary filming for the 5th season of SBS’ “K-Pop Star,” former contestants Katie Kim, Park Ji Min, Jung Seung Hwan, and Lee Jin Ah stopped by way of to greet audience and proportion about their existence after the show.

What shocked each person the maximum was once Katie Kim’s new slimmer appearance. After winning the show, she went on to join in YG Entertainment, and it appears that she has since had normal sessions with YG’s running shoes and nutritionists.

When asked about her weight loss, Katie Kim said, “My firm told me to go on a diet.” She added that she has lost 10 kilograms by keeping up a balanced vitamin and running out.

MC Jeon Hyun Moo then asked her, “YG has the most efficient cafeteria food, right?” to which Katie Kim responded, “YG has delicious food yet I couldn’t devour it because of my diet,” showing how committed she has been to her new diet and workout routine.

Meanwhile, the fifth season of “K-Pop Star” is determined to premiere on November 22 at 6:10 p.m. KST.

'Reply 1988's Move Kyung Pyo printed to be a former YG Entertainment trainee

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'Reply 1988's Move Kyung Pyo printed to be a former YG Entertainment trainee

The complete forged of "Reply 1988" is beneath the highlight those days, adding actor Go Kyung Pyo! He"s some of the leading actors and he plays the kindhearted guy in the drama. 

With his newfound popularity, what he acknowledged in an interview back in would possibly is turning into of even more hobby now.

On "Kim Chang Ryul"s Old School" radio he had revealed, "I debuted when i used to be 21. i began acting when I was once 18. After that I joined YG Entertainment yet for private reasons, I left."

When asked the explanation why he left YGE, he replied, "I truly enjoyed my university life, i suspect I become crazy. I was infatuated with campus existence and the corporate actually took care of me. I believe sorry it ended this way."

DJ Kim Chang Ryul asked, "If you have to go back into YG Entertainment, would you join?"

He answered, "I"m now not sure. I"ll very seriously believe it. There"s a massive number of time left on my contract and i've family members with Director Jang Jin too."

Do you have confidence you studied Go Kyung Pyo will have to have stayed in YG Entertainment?