Is K-Movie 'Psychokinesis' The Next 'Train To Busan'?

Is K-Movie 'Psychokinesis' The Next 'Train To Busan'?

Yeon Sang Ho, the director of the Korean blockbuster movie, “Train to Busan”, is in for another big-time movie entitled, “Psychokinesis”. The movie was just released last April 17, and now, it is being compared to his previously directed movie.

The film is depicted as featuring a black or dark comedy theme. It stars Ryu Reung Ryong and Shim Eun Kung as the lead roles in the movie. It is also worth knowing that the two were the ones who did the voice work for “Seoul Station”, which was the animated prequel for “Train to Busan”.

Meanwhile, Jung Yu Mi, who starred in “Train to Busan” is also a part of the case. Park Jung Min and Kim Min Jae are also two of the other stars in the movie. According to Asia One, Ryu takes the role of a common guy who finds out that he has superpowers that he can use.

In finding it out, he also realizes that he can use this to help the other people around him. However in doing so, he ends up getting in trouble.

Meanwhile, Director Yeon says that he is very honored to work with the star-studded cast of “Psychokinesis”. He also adds that he did the best of what he can to show his consistency in making quality movies.

According to Flickering Myth, it is also worth noting that Shim Eun Kyung is also a part of “Psychokinesis”. One of her most notable role was when she appeared in “Train to Busan”, in one of the opening scenes. In “Psychokinesis”, she plays the role of the daughter who finds her way to make a name for herself in this highly competitive world.

Thanks to the Yeon’s superb directing in “Train to Busan”, he received global recognition from different international movie festivals. Only time will tell if his latest movie, “Psychokinesis”, is up for the same level of success.