Iron posts a handwritten letter of apology following his sentence

Iron posts a handwritten letter of apology following his sentence

Following his recent sentence, rapper Iron posted a handwritten letter on his Instagram page, apologizing to the masses.

On July 20, Iron began, “Hello, this is Jung Hyun Chul.”  He continued, “First of all…I would like to sincerely apologize to the people around me and those who have continued to support me.  I figured a handwritten letter is the best way to express my feelings.”

“I have hurt many people who have trusted me until now by bringing such disgraceful news…Honestly, up until a few days ago, I did not realize.  Instead of trying to figure out what was happening and calculate things, I just did whatever I wanted.  I thought that it was a cool thing to be brave and not have any regrets regardless of my actions.”

“However, I looked back one day and discovered that it wasn’t me who was carrying the burden as consequence of my actions but those around me, who have cheered for me and believed in me…They were also hurt because of me…”

“Because I was stupid, all the fans (who loved my music) past memories have become trash.  I only knew how to pretend to be manly and full of pride.  I feel so ashamed and pathetic for my childish actions. I pondered about expressing my apologetic feelings to everyone every time such an incident would occur but I didn’t think it was a formal way to do so.  I never had the chance to formally apologize to anyone.”

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“All of these incidents is a result of my own reckless actions.  I would like to deeply apologize to everyone who has been wounded because of me.  As of now, I am reflecting on my own faults and will do my best to live a righteous life. I deeply apologize once again.”

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