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[Preview] KBS "Invincible Youth Season 2" - Jan. 7 Episode

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[Preview] KBS "Invincible Youth Season 2" - Jan. 7 Episode

We now have animals in our family

They now have a family of animals at the idol house. However nothing in this world is free. They have to undertake some serious work to get their animals, causing the G8 members to fall into shock. What are the some of the immense work they have to undertake in the New Year?

The work they have to undertake involves helping the villagers and cows. The G8’s first mission of the New Year is to clean the cow barn of cow poo. They have to clean the mountain of cow poo before they can get their animal. It’s the first time that the G8 members have had to deal with cow poo, and the large quantity of it causes them to become flustered. However Kang Ji Young, who was picked as the “Great Worker” during the last episode, once again showed off her skills by being extremely talented at shovelling and showing incredible strength.

The ultimate working ladies

It always seemed like the prim and tidy G8 members would scream out “I can’t do this sort of thing!” When asked to do this kind of work.

However, that is far from the truth. The Invincible Ace Shovelling Team is born, always suffering from what we call the “Invincible Youth muscle pains” yet they are as good at shovelling as any soldier. Who are these goddesses of shovelling?

These bizarre and enthusiastic ultimate working ladies can do everything except the stuff that they can’t do. Their workaholic lifestyle story will be revealed on the show.

The 1st Quiz to determine who owns the animals

Meanwhile Hyoyeon was responsible for building a small housing for their new animals. Hyoyeon was extremely concerned at first since there was absolutely nothing to work with. One of the village people comes to assist her and Hyoyeon learns everything she needs from them. The other G8 members praised her for being “Unexpectedly a good worker,” which doesn’t really sound like a praise at first, but a praise is still a praise. We also find out that Hyoyeon is extremely susceptible to praises. Even though she hit her hand a few times with a hammer, once she was told that she was “Good at hammering nails.” She immediately continued to hammer nails and pretty much hammered in all the nails in the animal housing.

They have finally got their precious animals. However this animal is one that the G8 have never seen before. What is this animal? And make sure you pay close attention and listen carefully. They will have to engage in an Einstein level battle of minds to determine who gets to own these lovely animals. Who on “Invincible Youth Season 2” will be the first person to get an animal?

Invincible Youth Season 2 Episode 20 [Eng Sub]

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Invincible Youth Season 2 Episode 20 [Eng Sub] Episode 20, English subbed!

Credits: heartsdiesubs

[Preview] KBS "Invincible Youth Season 2" - Feb. 11 Episode

Hurray for the powerful girls ■ 

The match of the century will take place to re-write the history of idol athletics. Who amongst the G8 is the most powerful and thus become the Sseurim(Wrestling) Master. The girls have staked their whole life into this wrestling match.

When the G8 Wrestling Match begins in earnest, G8’s youngest member Miss A’s Suzy overthrows all expectations and rises as the dark horse amongst the group. Suzy, who is usually called the Giant Youngest Member and Powerful Suzy, has a great command of the wrestling techniques and dominates the rounds with her strength.

The caster for their Wrestling match, Boom, remarks that Suzy is “The Lee Man Ki (A Famous Korean Sseurim Athlete) of the Idol World, look at her back!” and even states “It looks like her feet are at least 285mm. She definitely has an advantage over the other G8 members due to her solid feet.”

The Suzy Vs Bora match, that is pretty much the final match, The Hyoyeon Vs Amber match, the match that is called the “Kiddie Vs Foreigner” match but both them don’t really know the rules, and lastly the match between the Granddaughter and the Grandmother, Ji Young Vs Woori.

It’s the survival of the fittest, the place where only the strongest survive. It is the Idol House. This week’s glorious worker is picked by the strongest of them all, the winner of the Wrestling Match.

Who is the unlucky member that has to cross the hazardous sea and go to the Seaweed farm? It’s the worst so far and exceeds their wildest imaginations. The glorious worker is tested to their limits at sea. The battle between the glorious worker and the sea begins!

Invincible Youth, they now begin their farming adventures. They prune the grape fields, while dreaming of lush harvests in the autumn. The G8 also uses their very own hands to create some crystal clear G8-Style handmade wine!

While testing various wines, Soo Geun asks the G8 members if they “Drink this sort of thing usually.” Jewelry’s Yewon reveals that “Sunny usually drinks Soju bombs (Soju mixed with Beer).” Sunny continues this joke by stating that “Soju Bombs are the pinnacle of drinks.” And finishes off by saying “Hi, I’m Alcohol Kyu.” Sunny also reveals a surprising amount of knowledge about wines.

[Preview] KBS "Invincible Youth 2" - Jan. 14 Episode

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G8, their mothers have arrived!

After going through a difficult day, one of the first things that pop in your head is that you want to see your mother’s face. And so we have prepared some special guests to make a surprise appearance at the Idol house for the sake of the G8 members.

These special guests are indeed the G8 members’ mothers. They have been specially invited to cheer up the G8 members and each mother has brought some photos of their daughters when they were young, along with some stories about their childhood.

The G8 members shed a tear of sadness and joy as they reflect upon their mothers’ loving nature. Up until now we have never heard these kinds of truthful conversations between mother and daughter. One of these truthful conversations was between Sistar’s Bora and her mother. Lee Soo Geun asks Bora’s mother “What kind of daughter is she to you?” Bora’s mother replies that although Bora is their youngest daughter, she is technically the bread winner in the family. She continues by saying that she is always thankful of her and that she is a proud daughter. Bora had been listening throughout this and can’t help but shed a tear.

[Preview] KBS Invincible Youth 2 - Jan. 14 Episode From last week's credit roll

Their variety show wit is a family trait 

Who does the G8 members look familiar to in their family? That question will now finally be answered. Also the mothers show off a sense of wit that is as good as the National Tool, Lee Soo Geun. Also Suzy joins a new girl group besides Miss A? Suzy and her mother form a 2 member group and shows off a sexy performance of "Bad Girl Good Girl," shocking everyone else in the Idol house.

[Preview] KBS Invincible Youth 2 - Jan. 14 Episode From last week's credit roll

Lay claim to the  special indigenous goods!

It’s the moment that grabs everyone’s attention. They hold a quiz competition, with the award being some special indigenous goods from Daebu Island. Now is their chance to go back home with a happy mind and with heavy hands. The mothers engage in a fierce unrelenting battle to make sure they are the ones to get the correct answer and win this special prize.

Noh Ju Hyun Will Once Again Be the Village Chief in Invincible Youth Season 2

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Noh Ju Hyun Will Once Again Be the Village Chief in Invincible Youth Season 2Invincible Youth Season 2” is finally starting to take shape with Veteran Actor Noh Ju Hyun confirmed to be taking up the role of Village Chief again.

Noh Ju Hyun was also the Village Chief during the first season of “Invincible Youth” and is the first confirmed cast member for Season 2.

Noh Ju Hyun confirmed this during a production announcement press conference for the SBS drama “Live with Pride” where he stated, “Following on from season 1, I will also be appearing as the village chief for Invincible Youth Season 2, which is being newly produced for fall this year.”

He continued, “This time it’s not a farming village but a fishing village so we will be showing off new things.”

He concluded by saying, “I think the reason that I’m maintaining my youthfulness is because I’m working together with idols and other young stars.  Invincible Youth Season 2 will also be fun so please anticipate it.”

“Invincible Youth Season 2” is the new season of the highly popular KBS variety show “Invincible Youth.” Confirmed details so far are limited to its scheduled airing in the fall, that its base is a fishing village on the west coast and that seven girl idol members will be participating.

Jewelry’s Yewon confesses to having plastic surgery on the final episode of ‘Invincible Youth 2′

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Jewelry’s Yewon confesses to having plastic surgery on the final episode of ‘Invincible Youth 2′

On the final episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘, which was aired on November 17th, Jewelry‘s Yewon confessed to having plastic surgery, drawing a lot of attention.

During the broadcast, while preparing a celebration to show their appreciation toward the villagers, Yewon honestly revealed, “Not long ago, my laminated tooth fell out. I couldn’t go to the dentist because the next day was ‘Invincible Youth’ filming. If I had coughed once, my tooth would’ve fallen out.”, bringing laughter on set.

Upon hearing her words, MC Boom curiously asked, “Didn’t you do something else besides laminate treatment?” to which Yewon immediately said, “No“.

However, Boom kept saying, “the doctor is watching”. In response, Yewon confessed, “A little bit in a few places…

Source+Picture: Newsen via Nate

Suzy shows her funny acting skill on the last episode of “Invincible Youth 2”

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Suzy shows her funny acting skill on the last episode of “Invincible Youth 2”

KBS’s “Invincible Youth Season 2” filmed its final episode on November 17th.

During the filming, cast members Suzy, Yewon, along with MC Boom had a conversation and expressed their feelings toward  each other.

Yewon was the first one joking, “I thought Suzy was so pretty, so I wanted to get close to her. I called her and sent a lot of text messages, but she often didn’t reply back. I felt disappointed.”

Following Yewon, Boom  rubbed onion on his eyes and teased Suzy, “A while back after filming, I said goodbye to Suzy. I am pretty sure she saw me, but she got into the car and just drove off. I thought we were colleagues, and so I felt hurt.”

In response, Suzy also shed her onion tears and said, “I deserve to die.”, pretending to be hurt by Boom and Yewons words.

Meanwhile, during the finale of the variety show, all the cast members prepared meals to show their gratitude toward the citizens of Daebu Island where they set up the filming area for “Invincible Youth Season 2”

‘Invincible Youth 2′ cast members to cry on final episode

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‘Invincible Youth 2′ cast members to cry on final episode

The cast members of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘ burst into tears on final epsiode.

On the November 17th episode, the hosts and G5 girls conclued the last of the show’s one-year run. They talked about their feelings and memories from the past season.

The cast members shed tears when they paid attention to a video clip of their first meeting and moments from the past year. Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon stated, “I’m [disappointed] we couldn’t get even closer,” while SISTAR‘s Bora expressed, “The fact that [the show's] suddenly gone… I still feel like I’m going to come to film ‘Invincible Youth’ next week. I can’t believe it. But we’re friends who can see each other anytime, so I hope we do often.”

Jewelry‘s Yewon shared, “It’s been two years since I’ve debuted, and for one year, I’ve been with ‘Invincible Youth’. You are all precious to me, and I won’t forget you.” KARA‘s Jiyoung commented, “I learned so much [from being with everyone] the past year. I’m thankful to the cast and crew.”

Like the other G5 girls, miss A‘s Suzy cried as she said, “To be honest when I first heard the news that ‘Invincible Youth’ was ending, I was happy because I thought of all the [hard work we did]. But thinking back, I remembered all the good moments we had together too, and I’m [disappointed] that we’ll be leaving each other. I’m the youngest, so I should’ve made more of an effort to get closer to the unnis, but [my personality didn't let me]. I feel like we were just beginning to become one and work together, so I’m disappointed. I want us to contact each other often. I was really happy [during this experience].”

The first episode of season 2 was broadcast last November.

Suzy cry ‘onion tears’ on the last episode of ‘Invincible Youth 2′

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Suzy cry ‘onion tears’ on the last episode of ‘Invincible Youth 2′

KBS 2TV‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘ aired its last episode on November 17th.

During this broadcast, the cast members cooked meals to show their appreciation toward the citizens of Daebu Island for their help and support during the filming process.

Boom and Jewelry‘s Yewon shared their feeling to miss A‘s Suzy when the three were assigned to cut onions.

Yewon at first joked, “I thought Suzy was just pretty. That’s why I wanted to get closer to you, but when I sent a text message, you wouldn’t reply… I was [disappointed and sad].” and then put onion on her eyes and began crying.

Boom also shared, “After filming, I said bye, and I’m sure you saw me, but you grabbed the car door handle and just left. I stood there watching the car leave, and I was hurt,” shedding his own onion tears.

In response, Suzy cried and said, “I deserve to die.” to which Yewon stated, “You can’t die.”. The two girls then gave each other a hug, reconciling with each other.

KBS’s “Invincible Youth 2″ to record its final episode on November 7th

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KBS’s “Invincible Youth 2″ to record its final episode on November 7th

On November 5th, a representative of KBS channel officially stated, “We have decided to end ‘Invincible Youth 2.’ The last filming will be on November 7 in Daebu Island and the last episode is currently scheduled to air sometime in mid-November.”

The representative also revealed, “We have no plans regarding a follow-up show, but we will make an announcement as soon as we make the decision.”

“Invincible Youth 2″ had its first episode broadcasted on November 2011. The show stuck with viewer ratings from 5 to 6% although its format had been changed.

The main reason for the departure of Invincible Youth 2 was due to the busy schedules of the G5 members (Hyoyeon, Suzy, Yewon, Jiyoung, and Bora).

Meanwhile, many fans were sad after hearing this news. Unfortunately, the show has officially been canceled!