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Lee Hi confident in YG Entertainment, but a bit lonely

‘Super rookie’ Lee Hi, who recently came back with “It’s Over“, expressed her happiness with current agency, YG Entertainment, and its CEO, Yang Hyun Suk.

In a recent interview with OSEN, she gushed about the benefits. “I really don’t have a single thing to be unhappy about with my agency,” she said. “He [Yang Hyun Suk] cares a lot about me. He always tells me to do things this way, or that way, so he eliminates a lot of the hard things about being a soloist. He’s like a father.”

The only thing worrying her is how to improve. “I don’t have anything on my mind, except what kind of image I’ll be showing next time. I’m very happy

What would Girl’s Day do if they win #1?

Girl’s Day made their sexy comeback with their first full-length album ‘Expectation‘ and shared their determination to be #1.

The girls recently conducted an interview with media outlet, Sports Donga.

Minah shared, “Three years have already passed since our debut. I don’t think there has been a big difference from when we started as rookies.”

Sojin shared, “It would be a lie to say that we don’t want to be #1 [on music shows]. But what’s more important than getting #1 is to grow as artists. As we remedy our weaknesses one by one, the opportunity will come someday. After our debut, we focused on a cute concept. That concept is familiar and comfortable. But in reality, our members personalities are all outgoing

Rainbow see KARA as their destined rivals

Rainbow, who finally made their long-awaited comeback with “Tell Me Tell Me“, opened up about returning to the K-pop scene after almost two years.

Hyunyoung shared, “Since we’re promoting after a long hiatus, even in our fast-paced and busy lifestyle, our bodies are tired, but we don’t think we’re tired. Whatever our schedule, we are able to enjoy it, so it’s really good.”

Jisook“Our hiatus was not in vain. I feel grateful for every single stage and broadcast. During that time, we worked a lot on our own hobbies and maintained our personal matters. Because I was more free, I became more open-minded. This song concept also fits best with our personalities, and we are able to enjoy it more on stage

Lee Hi discusses her YG family and new apartment

Moving day is almost here for Lee Hi! She’ll be moving into her own apartment from YG Entertainment to celebrate the release of her first album.

The monster rookie will be living close to the YG Entertainment headquarters in Hapjeongdong, Seoul. Because Lee Hi is still only 16 years old, her mother will be moving in with her as well.

Lee Hi shared, “I’m very excited. My mother especially likes it. I plan to move in soon. Since my mom likes it a lot, I feel good too. To be honest, my mom had a lot of worries about me debuting as a singer, but she treats me very well these days. She also makes me [face masks] mixed with wheat flour, apples, honey, and more as well as egg white packs.”

Yang Hyun Suk treats me really well, and I feel like he’s becoming more like a father figure every day

Girl’s Day tell fans what to expect for their comeback

Will Girl’s Day throw away their cute image on stage for a sexier concept? Fans were able to get the inside scoop from Girl’s Day themselves in an exclusive interview just a day before their highly anticipated comeback on White Day!

The members held an exclusive ‘Coming Soon Interview’ to give fans a taste of what to expect for their upcoming comeback. The video shows the group teasing fan boys with bits of their sexy choreography and telling fans to expect a big transformation from the girls.

Stay tuned for the release of Girl’s Day’s 1st full-length album ‘Expectation‘ on the 14th!

In the meantime, check out the interview below!

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KARA’s Seungyeon confesses she lost sleep over ‘Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love’

KARA‘s Seungyeon revealed how nervous she was for her role in ‘Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love‘.

The drama held its first press conference on the 11th at the Gyeonggido Ilsan SBS Production Center, where Seungyeon commented, “It’s my first time acting in a historical drama, and I play the evil role. I had my first filming today. I really come out in the latter half, but today I filmed a small part for the first episode. I’ve been waiting to film since I decided to join the cast, but to be honest, it was really difficult. I recorded it with my camera, but I haven’t been able to check it because I was so nervous. I’m going to check it at home and practice and prepare. I was nervous about the smallest things like walking, but I’m a little more relieved because I didn’t get scolded during the first filming

Lee Hi admits she was disappointed when SuPearls disbanded

Lee Hi admitted she was disappointed when she learned that SuPearls was disbanding.

In an interview with a media outlet, she confessed, “If four people are together, we could fill the parts where the others’ are lacking. If the team had good chemistry and teamwork, areas where I lack could be supplemented, too. The four of us were making something together for 5-6 months. Now that it came to nothing, I was so disappointed. The team was different from the original SuPearls (on Kpop Star), but I think if we debuted, people would’ve said that we were really charming.

She smiled when talking about 15&‘s Park Ji Min, as she stated, “I talk with her often. She’s a nice, friendly dongseng

Yang Hyun Suk reveals Psy’s new single was changed over thirty times

Psy will be releasing his new single this April and his agency’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed the endless effort put into creating another possible hit song to follow “Gangnam Style“.

Yang Hyun Suk shared in an interview with OSEN, “For Psy’s new single which will be released this April as the follow-up title track to ‘Gangnam Style’, which became a worldwide hit, Psy did his best and made over 30 adjustments to the song.”

“Psy is the most passionate man I know among all the people I know in this world. As Psy travels from country to country around the world and during his busy schedule, he would call me almost everyday and gave his suggestions on the next single. Even after he caught a cold due to his busy schedule, I noticed he continued to focus on creating music

IU is confident because she’s not pretty?

IU claimed she’s confident because she’s not actually pretty. The singer-turned-actress and her co-star Jo Jung Suk held their press conference for the upcoming drama ‘You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin‘ on the 4th at the Seoul Sogong-dong Plaza Hotel’s Grand Ballroom.

During the press conference, IU was asked what kind of charm she would bring as Lee Soon Shin. She answered brightly, “If you watch a lot of dramas, in the beginning a lot of the main female characters are described as not pretty, but the male characters love them anyway. But even though the lead actresses aren’t supposed to be pretty, they’re actually very pretty. I’m confident that I can look not so pretty without any effects or makeup,” explaining that she’ll try to bring realism to the drama

Actor Lee Jong Suk reveals he’s mistaken as a flirt

Two of the hottest actors at the moment, Lee Jong Suk and Joo Won, are apparently misunderstood “flirts.”

Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin shared how it was working with each other on the KBS 2TV drama ‘School 2013‘. The two co-stars also revealed their differences in taste when it comes to skinship.

Kim Woo Bin, who is close friends with Lee Jong Suk, shared, “Jong Suk has a lot of aegyo. Although I’m the type to have a lot of aegyo as well, I’m nothing compared to Jong Suk. Jong Suk is the first person I’ve seen who doesn’t act differently with male or female, young or old and naturally shows aegyo. He was born with it.”

Lee Jong Suk explained, “I grew up thinking that I was manly, but everyone kept saying that I had a lot of aegyo