Spoiler 'Oh Hae-Young Again' to air two special episodes with interviews and making film

Spoiler 'Oh Hae-Young Again' to air two special episodes with interviews and making film

tvN Monday Tuesday drama, "Oh Hae-Young Again", supported viathe recognition from drama fans, has ready two further exceptional episodes.

tvN statedvia media unencumber on June 27th that the broadcasting corporate will air special episodes after wrapping up the drama with the episode 18 on June 28th.

tvN said, "We've scheduled to air special episodes with interviews and unpublished video clips of the drama at 11 PM on July four and 5.

"Oh Hae-Young Again" is recently ranked first among methodsall overthe similar airtime. The candy romance between Eric Moon and Seo Hyeon-jin is receiving much love from drama fans.

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TWICE Chaeyoung and IOI Somi’s Old Boulevard Interviews Resurface Online After Debut

TWICE Chaeyoung and IOI Somi’s Old Boulevard Interviews Resurface Online After Debut

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAn old video of Chaeyoung and Somi sooner than their debut stuckreasonably an hobby from their fanatics after it resurfaced online. 

A reuploaded edition of the boulevard interview circulated on Youtube where it featured the 2 singers filmed in a random road interview.

The interview was once from an Afreeca TV streaming consultation where the broadcasting jockeys (BJs) asked a couple of questions from the participants after wastingall alone date, no longer knowing the two were trainees below JYP Entertainment at the time. In spite of being foreigners, Chaeyoung and Somi also agreed for a fast song as they finished the jockeys’ dare.

Before leaving the program, the two members, however, presented themselves and publishedthat they are going to be performing on Mnet’s Sixteen.

Chaeyoung went directly to win Sixteen and sign up for TWICE, whilst Somi joined Produce 101 for I.O.I.

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Seo Kang Joon Explains Why His Ideal Type Is At all times  Other in Interviews

Seo Kang Joon Explains Why His Ideal Type Is At all times Other in Interviews

Seo Kang Joon Explains Why His “Ideal Type” Is At all timesOther in Interviewsilmare42 March 20, 2016 0 LINE it!Seo Kang Joon Explains Why His “Ideal Type” Is Always The several in Interviews In a up to date interview with “The Famous person Cupid,” actor Search engine optimization Kang Joon talks about fellow celebrities he’s close with, answers a question around his ideal type, and more!

When asked what famous person he’s closest with, as hostile to his fellow contributors of the crowd 5surprise, Seo Kang Joon alternatives his former Roommate housemate Lee Guk Joo. He adds, “I also changed intoin point of fact near alongside my co-stars whilst filming ‘Cheese in the Trap.’”

Seo Kang Joon also reveals that he’s now just rightpals with his fellow solid members of the SBS rangedisplay “Law of the Jungle,” adding AOA’s Seolhyun, 2PM’s Chansung, B1A4’s Sandeul, and more. “We’ve had a couple ofstaff dinners in combinationyeton account of my in a foreign country commitments, I haven’t been readyto move sometimes. Still, we remaininvolved and send messages in a set chat room. We’ve grow to be very close-knit,” he says.

In reaction to a fan who asks him to callanything he’d maximumlove to have, Seo Kang Joon answers, “I wish I used to be but two centimeters taller.” He adds that even supposing he doesn’t think he’s specifically short, his “Cheese in the Trap” co-stars Park Hae Jin and Nam Joo Hyuk were either taller than him, which made him wish he was oncejust a little taller.

Seo Kang Joon also explains why he always provides a different resolution when asked to describe his ideal type. “I always just answer with whatever I call to mind when I listen the query in an interview, but if reality exist told 1 don’t have a specific type,” he says. “I like those whoI will acceptsmart conversations with, who are wise, and who laugh a lot. The foremost thing isn’t whether they have compatibility my ‘type.’ It’s whether I fall for them.”

Although it was later reported that Seo Kang Joon was sickat the day of the interview, the actor does a truly perfectprocess answering enthusiasts questions kindly and candidly. Watch his interview in the video below!

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Park Bo Gum Has Over one hundred Requests for Interviews

Park Bo Gum Has Over one hundred Requests for Interviews

Park Bo Gum Has Over one hundred Requests for InterviewsJiwonYu January 28, 2016 0 LINE it!Park Bo Gum Has Over 100 Requests for Interviews Actor Park Bo Gum, whose fame has spiked thank youto respond 1988, it appears has over 100 firms calling him for an interview.

On January 28, an associate stated, Currently, the selection of requests to interview Park Bo Gum, exceptthe ones for broadcasts, sums up to 81 for newspapers and 20 for magazines. Realistically speaking, we can't plan out his time tableappropriate now.

With this, Park Bo Gum has damaged the maximum requests for interviews, which used to be held through actor Kim Soo Hyun with 88 requests after his drama My Love From the Big name ended.

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum is currently in Namibia, Africa \ filming Formative years Over Plants amongst fellow Answer 1988 co-stars Ryu Jun Yeol,  Ko Kyung Pyo, and Ahn Jae Hong.

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Dressing Correct Remains Important in Process Interviews

Dressing Correct Remains Important in Process Interviews

Hyundai beganto permitprocess applicants to get dressed in informalgarments for their interviews in the 2d onepart of this year in a bid to minimizethe tension of those occasions. Hanhwa Chemical, SK Telecom, LG Uplus and NHN also are adopting this practice. Yet attire remain vitally very important in a role interview. Job seek portal Incruit lately polled 137 job recruiters, and maximumstated applicants' clothing affects their hiring choices.

Applicants must know what to avoid. Casual wear does no longer mean sloppy denims and T-shirts. Chung Hyung-sup at Hanwha Chemical said, "Some applicants display up with disheveled hair or unshaven faces. Even if no ties are required, having a look sharp is still called for". Job recruiters told Incruit male applicants must alwayskeep away fromsturdy cologne or cigarette smells, messy hairstyles, short socks or tight or loose clothes. Girlsmay stillkeep away from heavy makeup and solid perfume.


Past Interviews and SNS Posts of Kim Hyun Ji Surface After Her Death in Mass Suicide

Past Interviews and SNS Posts of Kim Hyun Ji Surface After Her Death in Mass Suicide

Past Interviews and SNS Posts of Kim Hyun Ji Surface After Her Death in Mass Suicide A post “Superstar K” contestant Kim Hyun Ji left on her social media ago has surfaced since her death.

In March 2008, she wrote, “I’m nine. other folks pointed their arms at me because I don’t have a father.” thru her post, she expressed the pain her mom had to undergo as a unmarried mother and the bias she experienced. Although her father returned house when she was 12, she was once a ways from happy.

“My vision went red the instant I saw my father hitting my mother, who become seeking to prevent him from beating me. I hit him,” she confessed.

Later on, she controlled to reconcile with her father via text. “I asked him why he made me like this and why he had me if he was going to regard me so poorly,” she said. “You may have cared for me a little more… You'll have enjoyed me.”

Afterwards, Kim Hyun Ji reached a tipping point in her existence through her appearance in “Superstar K Season 1” in 2009 and “Voice of Korea Season 2” in 2014. “My father sent me a text saying, ‘I at all times love my little girl.’ My father really loves my mother and looks after me, even the little things,” she said.

Later on all over a functionality at an art center, she was ecstatic at her professor’s compliments. “It was utterly my fortunate day, and I felt like i used to be reborn,” she said. “I must succeed. I wish to make my parents the happiest couple in the world.”

Sadly, Kim Hyun Ji was discovered dead in a mass suicide with two other passengers in a vehicle on October 27. it's been extra printed that she met them through a suicide website.

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Media retailers criticize ZE:A's Hyungsik for his attitude right through interviews

Media retailers criticize ZE:A's Hyungsik for his attitude right through interviews

Media retailers criticize ZE:A

ZE:A"s Hyungsik has come below fire, and no, no longer from netizens, yet from media retailers who have these days attempted to behavior interviews with him.

With him wrapping up his drama "High Society", he these days held an interview with several media outlets, yet most doubtlessly because of all of the schedules he"s been handling, his interview answers were rather short, curt, or just inconsiderate in line with the newshounds who went to interview him. Two media outlets, The Fact and Financial News, especially pointed out the topic immediately by means of writing articles about his attitude, in place of seeking to piece in combination an interview article with his short answers.

The media retailers pointed out that the notice "tired" turned into once written everywhere the idol-turned-actor"s face when they went to satisfy him. However, regardless of figuring out how tired he deserve to still always have been, how little effort he put into their short interview sessions disappointed and frustrated the reporters.

The Fact says they had no selection yet to chop the interview short at 25 minutes, whilst Financial News says their interview ended in 15 minutes. The newshounds say they worked not easy to organize questions that weren"t so obvious, yet were met with short, unimaginative answers.

When one reporter asked him if he watches his fellow member Siwan"s dramas, Hyungsik just stated, "I tell myself I deserve to still always yet I omit because I don"t have time". When asked what his mind are at the compliments he receives from his sunbaes, he responded "I"m thankful". When asked to compare his teamwork between his other co-stars, he replied "People are all different". When the newshounds made up our minds to wrap up the interview with the query if he had the rest to mention about "High Society" having reached an end, Hyungsik said, "I would like to visit the bathroom".

According to The Fact, a star Empire worker later apologized for Hyungsik"s lackluster attitude, telling them, "Hyungsik has a large number of concerns lately. He is having a difficult time because he has a large number of schedules." 

The newshounds indicate that even if he also is tired, he"s no longer the just one there who"s tired. The firm worker who had to bow his head and say sorry on behalf of the idol also is tired, the reporter who had to organize for the interview and pressure over to satisfy with the idol also is tired. They ask the query whether Hyungsik being tired can also be an excuse for the whole lot when everybody else there also has his own problems and things that tire them out.

What do you call to mind all this?

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ladies' Generation's Tiffany interviews best Hollywood actor Tom Cruise

ladies' Generation's Tiffany interviews best Hollywood actor Tom Cruise


at the August one airing of KBS2TV"s "Weekly Entertainment," girls" Generation"s Tiffany used to be given the potential for interviewing Hollywood big name Tom Cruise!

right through the interview, Tiffany used to be all smiles and giggles in her stunning fruity get clotheed (which Tom complimented) as she asked the actor more than a few questions from his memories of being in Korea to the creation of his upcoming film, " project: most unlikely- Rogue nation". here's the 5th installment from the " project most unlikely" series.

lucky for the audience, the interview used to be all done in English then you'll be able to sentry IT above!

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Ji Chang-wook repays

Ji Chang-wook repays "Healer" with interviews and pictures

Ji Chang-wook is going to China.

He is going to attend a celebratory party in China which broadcasted the drama "Healer".

The Chinese region"s attention for Ji Chang-wook is quite hot. He came in first in a survey of the most searched Korean actor online and his Weibo now has more than 1.4 million followers.

Ji Chang-wook is going to celebrate the successful broadcast of the drama in China live. He will participate in autograph sessions, conferences, interviews and photo shoots while he"s there.

Meanwhile, Ji Chang-wook is currently on tour with a musical.