Lee Jong Suk Looks after An Intern Reporter Right through Chaotic Interview

Lee Jong Suk Looks after An Intern Reporter Right through Chaotic Interview

Lee Jong Suk Looks after An Intern Reporter All the style through Chaotic Interviewnotclaira June 4, 2016 0 Lee Jong Suk Takes Care Of An Intern Reporter During Chaotic Interview Actor Lee Jong Suk currently took phase in the holerite of a new HugoBOSS store. For the event, he participated in a red carpet matchin addition a press conference.

As soon as he appeared, the clicking crowded around him so as to get an interview. However, an altercation arose between a Korean intern reporter at Hong Kong AP, Park Joo Won, and any other Hong Kong entertainment reporter.

In the chaotic rush, the entertainment reporter accused Park Joo Won of pushing them, which Park Joo Won denied. Eventually, the entertainment reporter grew angry and insulted the intern. When the interview started, Park Joo Won used to beno longer given the opportunity to query the actor.

At the very end, Park Joo Won controlled to shout a question in Korean about Lee Jong Suk’s next schedule. Lee Jong Suk turned into pleasantly shocked and answered, “Are you Korean?” However, the translator either omitted or ignored the intern reporter’s query and took some other reporter’s question instead.

Lee Jong Suk then pointed out that Park Joo Won had asked first and replied her question prior to leaving the event.

Park Joo Won stated later, “It was a actuallyfrightening day, yetthank you to Lee Jong Suk, I won strength. I'mthankful to him and hope that simplestexcellent things take place to him in the future.”

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[Interview] Gong Seung Yeon Says Shes Happy with CNBLUEs Lee Jong Hyun Now

[Interview] Gong Seung Yeon Says Shes Happy with CNBLUEs Lee Jong Hyun Now

--> Gong Seung Yeon showed her affection for We Got Married partner Lee Jong Hyun.

Gong Seung Yeon showed two completely opposite, yet charming sides to herself in the recently-wrapped SBS drama I Heard it Through the Grapevine and MBC′s We Got Married. In the drama, she lived as a prim and ambitious woman who sought upward mobility, while Lee Jong Hyun often said she was like a bear on We Got Married as she awkwardly attempted aegyo in her own stiff way. But I Heard it Through the Grapevine is over, and We Got Married is still going on. They say a fox is better than a bear, so it wouldn′t hurt if she became more like a fox like her character Seo Nuri on I Heard it Through the Grapevine, right?

In a recent interview with Newsen, Gong Seung Yeon said she was able to look back on herself through We Got Married. "I hear a lot that I′m like a bear. But am I really? I had no idea."

She continued, "So if you look at it that way, We Got Married is good program that shows you what kind of person you really are."

[Interview] Gong Seung Yeon Says She′s Happy with CNBLUE′s Lee Jong Hyun Now

So does this mean that Gong Seung Yeon is deep into her virtual marriage with Lee Jong Hyun?

"Because Jong Hyun oppa helps me a lot, I automatically do it with sincerity," said Gong Seung Yeon. "When I′m with oppa, he says such sweet things to me, so now I′ve started saying those kinds of things naturally.

"Because we′re a couple, isn′t it natural to contact each other normally?" said Gong Seung Yeon. "I think it′s more weird to say you don′t contact each other at all when you′re filming."

So what do they talk about? Gong Seung Yeon gave a sneak peek into her phone chats with Lee Jong Hyun to satisfy our curiosity.

"I got really close to oppa," said Gong Seung Yeon. "Of course, we talk a lot about little things, but if there′s something good, he recommends it to me and tells me to check it out quickly. ′Read this book′ and ′Listen to this song′ are what he says to me often."

"He says we need to keep studying," she added with a laugh.

[Interview] Gong Seung Yeon Says She′s Happy with CNBLUE′s Lee Jong Hyun Now

[Interview] Gong Seung Yeon Says She′s Happy with CNBLUE′s Lee Jong Hyun Now

On one hand, these feelings, through Gong Seung Yeon′s close relationship with Lee Jong Hyun, unsurprisingly help her acting.

Lee Jong Hyun is really gentle with Gong Seung Yeon in real life. It′s true Gong Seung Yeon and these charms make We Got Married with Lee Jong Hyun fun.

"What kind of girl wouldn′t be happy to be treated that well?" said Gong Seung Yeon. "But anyways, what′s most interesting is that approaching We Got Married sincerely has helped in acting as well. When I was acting with Kim Kwon oppa in I Heard it Through the Grapevine, I had thoughts like, ′Oh, it was this kind of feeling.′ It really helps."

It appears she has killed two birds with one stone.

When asked if she had seen anyone with good feelings recently, she shook her head. Referring to We Got Married, she said, "I′m married now. I′m a married woman, who would I meet?"

So then when was the last time she was in a relationship? "Two years ago," said Gong Seung Yeon without much hesitation surprisingly. "But now I have my husband Jong Hyun oppa. So I′m happy," she said with a shy laugh.

This kind of chemistry can only be set apart.

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[Interview] Na Jong-chan, a bright tomorrow

[Interview] Na Jong-chan, a bright tomorrow

He looks like a different person without the warrior suit and beard. He"s 187 centimeters tall and good looking. He"s just 22 years old and he"s rookie actor Na Jong-chan.

Na Jong-chan starred in the MBC drama "Shine or Go Crazy" as warrior Se Won. He was the head of Wang Sik-ryeom"s (Lee Deok-hwa) team of assassins who was in love with the prettiest woman of all, Hwang-bo Yeo-won (Lee Honey). Later, it turned out he was Sin Yool"s (Oh Yeon-seo) brother.

"I was quite pressured by the role I had, but I managed to pull it off thanks to the many directors and fellow actor and actresses. It was too short for me and I"m sad at the fact that I can"t see everyone again".

"Shine or Go Crazy" means something to him. He"s too new to be called an actor but he"s different from the other rookies. He tells Sin Yool about their mother and shows affection for Hwang-bo Yeo-won when he is stabbed to death by Wang Wook (Im Joo-hwan).

"I was given another role but the director asked me to play Se Won instead. He said he liked by tone and atmosphere during the audition. I felt relaxed during the audition. If you get nervous you shake and say your lines too quickly".

He claims the action and horse riding scenes were tougher than the lines. He went through a lot of preparation and practice for them.

"The horse riding and action training were toughest. I practiced since a month before the filming started and although I am not satisfied, it was a good experience".

He didn"t only get action out of this but he also learned how to work with other people. He cooperated with the others well and was able to create the best of his abilities.

"It"s my first drama and there was a lot I was going to do alone. I thought I had to do it alone. Then I realized cooperation was very important. Im Joo-hwan, Lee Deok-hwa, Lee Honey and all the others discussed many things with me before the camera started rolling".

Na Jong-chan belongs to Cube Entertainment which also houses Rain, Beast, 4Minute and other singers. He appeared in the movie "Twenty" and Junho"s younger brother Dong-won. He also played Ji-hwan in the musical "Flower Boy Vegetable Shop" and stood on stages in Korea and Japan. He"s just getting started.

"I feel I have to do well and not become well. I am not just happy because the drama turned out great. I feel great when people compliment me and that"s what drives me to do better".

He claims he wants to be an actor who communicates with his eyes.

"Se Won did a lot through his eyes without many lines. It wasn"t easy at first but I remember how Won Bin did that in "The Man From Nowhere". I want to become someone who can communicate with me eyes".

He wants to try romance next, "I want to try something like "Sunflower" or "Mister Socrates". With who? Moon Chae-won. (Laughs)".



[Interview] Lee Jong Suk:

[Interview] Lee Jong Suk: "Acting Is Simply A Righteous Journey To Pursue My Dreams"

Lee Jong Suk is well-known for actor who work tirelessly! After appearing in hit drama "Secret Garden" and "High Kick" as supporting role, the star ignited his fame as lead roles in a series of drama including KBS 2TV’s School, SBS’ I Hear your Voice, Doctor Stranger and Pinocchio. Apart from the dramas, he also starred in the films Face Reader, No Breathing and Hot Young Bloods.

Attending an interview with Newsen after Pinocchio ended, Lee Jong Suk expressed his love for acting.

Lee Jong Suk said, “Director Jo Soo Won told me this. ‘We can’t rest for more than a month.’ I also want to work again if I rest for a month. At home, I live without much meaning, without anything special. It’s entertaining to act out a character in a drama and monitor it later.”

He said, “I can only see the weaknesses when I monitor. I think ‘why did I say or end the speech like that?’ and if I look at the edited version after monitoring myself, they sometimes look different. I borrowed the power of editing this time. For the parts where I thought, ‘I should’ve acted it like this,’ the director edited it well (so that it looks like that),” and laughed.

During the SBS Drama Awards at the end of 2014, Lee Jong Suk won the Special Award, gaining recognition for his acting in I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio. At the time, Lee Jong Suk’s acceptance speech left a deep impression on many.

During his acceptance speech, Lee Jong Suk said, “I will act hard so that I can be a hard working actor instead of a precious actor.”

[Interview] Lee Jong Suk Wants to Keep Acting without Worrying About Managing His Filmography

When asked what he means by a ‘precious actor,’ Lee Jong Suk said, “I actually didn’t know that I’d win the award so I didn’t know what I was saying. But I correctly said what I meant in that part.”

Lee Jong Suk explained, “Some of the actors manage their filmography. But in the process, they cannot work on so many projects. I said that because I didn’t want to be like that. I want to keep acting but if I get picky with projects, I won’t be able to work on projects as much as I want. Whether it succeeds or fails, I want to act no matter what. If it fails, I might get paid less but it is my job to act.”

Revealing that he doesn’t mind taking supporting roles, Lee Jong Suk said, “I still ask (my agency) to get me projects with many sunbaenims, even if my role is minor. I felt it while I acted in Face Reader. I learned many things. I feel comfortable when I act with the seniors and it looks a bit better when I watch on broadcast too.”

Although he is stingy when he assesses himself, Lee Jong Suk has many fans not only in Korea but around Asia.

Lee Jong Suk stated, “I really can’t feel it. Even if I hear things like ‘Your popularity increased in China,’ or ‘Pinocchio earned over one billion views in China and was sold for how much,’ I can’t estimate or imagine what that means. It makes me ask, ‘why?’ I had a fan meeting in Korea last year and I cried so much. Because I was amazed and grateful. I felt like crying as I was going up the stage and when I couldn’t hold it anymore, I cried so much.”

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[Interview] Lee Jong-suk, '

[Interview] Lee Jong-suk, '"Pinocchio' Helps Me Recover From Slump In Inspired Acting"

Recently, actor Lee Jong Suk sat down for an interview and talked about his popular drama "Pinocchio."

Lee Jong-suk claims he was afraid after "Doctor Stranger". He could've had a break in his career but writer Park Hye-ryeon and doctor Jo Soo-won called him and he overcame the slump he was in. Their reunion was an issue from the beginning and "Pinocchio" successfully closed curtains in first place.

"Pinocchio" is a youth drama about the real-time events of social reporters" lives starring Lee Jong-suk, Park Shin-hye, Kim Yeong-kwang, Lee Yoo-bi, Lee Pil-mo, Kang Shin-il, Jin Kyeong, Kim Kwang-gyoo, Byeon Hee-bong and more.

Lee Jong-suk took on the role of Choi Dal-po, a former taxi driver turned social reporter. He lost his family to media"s witch hunt and becomes a reporter under the name of Ki Ha-myeong.

Lee Jong-suk starred in two miniseries in 2014 alone. He said he would take a break after "Doctor Stranger" but he soon came back with "Pinocchio". Why?

"I was in a slump after "Doctor Stranger". My seniors told me that it would come around my time. I was scared to act, but I'm glad I met Jo Soo-won and Park Hye-ryeon. They helped me recover.

"Doctor Stranger" starred Lee Jong-suk, Jin Se-yeon, Park Hae-jin, and Kang So-ra. It rated high but was reviewed for lack of probability. Lee Jong-suk claims he was under pressure of having to lead the drama by himself.

"It was hard doing it alone. I kept losing concentration the more I went. So I missed a lot of things. I focused only on myself but it turns out the leading role has to bring everyone together. I lacked that. The whole thing started falling apart when I lost concentration".

Lee Jong-suk"s romance with Park Shin-hye was one of a kind. Their chemistry rounded the support of the public viewers.

"We didn"t need to "get close" as we were already friends. We would meet at award shows and talk about working together in the future. Then we met. Yoo-bi and Yeong-kwang are also our age and we fooled around so much that we made too many NG"s. We had fun working together".

Lee Jong-suk changed in the first part of the drama. His hair was messy and tried to look as ugly as possible. He even said it himself at an official event, "I"m beyond ugly". He then realized something after being ugly; he"d never grow his hair out.

"There was a choice between messy hair and a bowl-cut but the latter made me look like a girl. It was too pretty so I chose messy hair. But it made me look so ugly. I review myself a lot and it was tough watching myself".

"None of the characters I"ve played so far had both parents. Woo-sang from "NO-BREATH" and Joong-gil from "Hot Young Bloods" looked alright on the outside but they were also lonely. I want to play a lovable character one day".

"I like watching drama and movies and sometimes I try to become the character of play. I cried a lot in "Pinocchio". There are many scenes in which I cried for real. I cried from beginning to end in the eleventh and twelfth episodes".

Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye have had many intimate scenes where they kissed a lot but he claims he was shy.

"Director Jo Soo-won likes mellow. He wants them to look detailed. I was shy to even put my hand on her shoulder. I think the first kissing scene mattered most. The later kiss scenes didn"t matter much because it was so cold I didn"t have any thoughts. I just wondered how it would look nice in picture".

Lee Jong-suk talked a lot about director Jo Soo-won. He even said he wanted the director to be his father. That was the result of deep trust.

"I am fine with him calling me again. I am his fan. I wish he was my father. He"s got leadership and when he"s working, he"s got everything planned out in his head although every director has his own style. I admire that and he"s humanely great, too".

"Pinocchio" was losing to "Mister Baek" in the beginning but later managed to turn things around. Then "Pinocchio" was always in the lead. How much does Lee Jong-suk care about competing?

"I don"t really [care] but because I trusted Jo Soo-won and Park Hye-ryeon so much, I knew we were going to win. Jo Soo-won pretends not to care but I hear he checks the ratings all the time".

Lee Jong-suk got along well with Byeon Hee-bong, Jin Kyeong, Sin Jeong-geun, Lee Pil-mo, Min Seong-wook and others as well. He"s known as the "chemistry angel".

"I found it more fun to work with the seniors than actresses. I cried in one of the scenes with them from the beginning so hard that the director worried about me".

Lee Jong-suk is thirsty for more acting since his debut in 2010 with "Prosecutor Princess". He"s not satisfied enough and it"s harder to find an answer but he can"t stop. This is his energy resource from which he grows upon.

"I looked at the person itself when watching someone"s work but now I think, "He"s the same age as me but he"s doing something I can"t". I think that"s because I"ve become greedy about acting. I received an honorable mention at the SBS Drama Award but I don"t know what it"s about. I was nominated for The Best Actor and I was expecting to win. But I saw Seong Dong-il getting it and I thought it was better I didn"t take it home. It would have been embarrassing to take home such a grand prize".

Lee didn"t see much profit in the movie "Hot Young Bloods". It passed breaking point but not more than that. Lee Jong-suk wants to think about the commercial possibilities of dramas and build his filmography by doing whatever character he wants to in movies.

"I think I"ve done alright until now. I am doing more drama although I want to balance it out. If I hadn"t done "Pinocchio" I would"ve worked on a movie, but I"m happy about my choice".

"I don"t think about "how". I just act. It would be nice to do work that"s always a great hit but that wouldn"t help me at all".

There was word about the four heroes and heroines of "Pinocchio" appearing in "Healing Camp". However, Lee Jong-suk bailed and he won"t be appearing on it for a while".

""Healing Camp" is a show where you talk about the life you"ve lived so far. But will viewers relate to a young actor like me who doesn"t have much to say?"

Lee Jong-suk still looks like a boy but many actors in their 20s desire for a more manly role as they get older. We hope to see Lee Jong-suk in something more macho in the future.

"I want to do something more manly, too but I don"t quite fit the requirement. A man"s wrinkling face is awesome and they become more handsome with age. I want to be like that but my natural image doesn"t quite fit".

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Lee Jong Suk  A Humble Tighty-Whitey Wearing Star Interview

Lee Jong Suk A Humble Tighty-Whitey Wearing Star Interview

Lee Jong Suk – A Humble Tighty-Whitey Wearing Star Interview (Photo : Hankyung) Lee Jong Suk – A Humble Tighty-Whitey Wearing Star Interview (Photo : Hankyung) It"s about time that the school uniform be retired; it"s trite andboring. But actor Lee Jong Suk demonstrated that it just depends who wear it. Lee Jong Suk rose to stardom with his role in SBS drama "I Can Hear Your Voice" as a mind-reading a high school student. Thereafter he starred in the movies The Face Reader and No Breathing back to back, and had a schedule that was busier than anyone else.

The school uniform has become a common denominator across his works. However this time it was different. His usual excellent and luxurious image was nowhere to be seen, and instead he has made a humble transformation. Lee Jong Suk is coming back in Blood Boiling Youth (aka Hot Young Bloods) as kind of a sleezy character.

"I"m wearing a school uniform once again. (Laughter) But don"t think that means the character will be the same. Thanks to all the love I received last year, I had a wider selection of roles to choose from, but I wanted to deviate from my usual and try something new. They say "mainstream" but it"s always fleeting. More than popularity I"m more interested in acting."

Throughout the interview he was humble and was harsh when it came to assessing himself.

"Every time I complete a work my acting improves. However when I look back I can only see my shortcomings. I think to myself "I need to fix this next time" and try harder, but I can only see my flaws. I have weird habits, too. Even though I know I can"t reshoot a scene, I"ll watch the camcorder recording over and over again. I then reproach myself and try again."

Lee Jong Suk"s new role is quite unconventional. It takes place in 1980s Chungcheongdo, and Lee Jong Suk plays the legendary Casanova who captures the hearts of many local girls. He wears bell bottoms in the movie, and despite being a model, even Lee Jong Suk looks unsophisticated and tacky. Not only that, he also comically pulls off the mambo dance, wearing nothing but tighty whities underwear.

"You"re asking if I wasn"t embarrassed? I had to wear two tighty whities so that nothing would show through. But embarrassment lasts only a moment, and I regret not making more of a fool of myself. I was concerned that the public might feel too removed from my role, but even still I was determined and immersed into filming."

Boiling Youth is a school romance that takes place in the 1980s.

"In my previous works there were senior actors that I can rely on to give me strength. There also were moments where I thought I shouldn"t be like that. But in this project I had to carry the burden, and it was difficult. During filming and promoting, you start to feel a sense of responsibility."

Lee Jong Suk"s beginnings were nothing easy. In the hopes of becoming an actor he worked as a model and prepared to become an idol singer. There was a period of 3 years that he spent being idle in an agency he worked very hard to join.

"I was able to come this far thanks to luck. The works I didn"t expect much of all turned out well. I have too many shortcomings to say that I succeeded thanks to my acting. As of now there are scenarios with a wide variety of genres that come in. However I need to decide whether I"m going to expand my acting spectrum or pursue what I"m good at."

Lee Jong Suk has overcome his no-name days and become a star. His thirst for acting is what helped him stand where he is today. We have high expectations for this actor in his upcoming works, and look forward to seeing him grow as an actor as he chooses different roles.


[Interview] Kim Jong Kook Doesn

[Interview] Kim Jong Kook Doesn"t Have a Girlfriend but is Working Hard to Get One

Kim Jong Kook said he′s working very hard to get a girlfriend because he doesn′t have one now, contrary to what rumors may say.

In a recent interview with enews, Kim Jong Kook touched on rumors of his marriage that had started popping up in the financial sector.

He said, "You may know about this, but recently I suffered because of wedding rumors. If I have a girlfriend I want to marry or if I have specific plans to do so, I will open them up to the public and make it clear."

He added, "Since I don′t really live like a celebrity, I′ll announce my marriage neatly when the time comes."

The reason rumors of his marriage spread so quickly was mostly because of his friend Haha′s recent engagement.

Kim Jong Kook said, "I was shocked at first after hearing about Haha′s engagement. After I first heard Haha was getting married, I didn′t realize, but the people around me told me that I couldn′t seem to swallow anything. I felt then a weird feeling I had never felt even when many other friends around me had gotten married."

"I was jealous of how he made the decision to get married," he added. "There are probably marriages that are forced, but I′m jealous of how he met a person that made him decide he wants to marry her."

He then hinted that he currently doesn′t have a girlfriend, saying, "I′ll meet her soon and brighten up."

He also said, "Of course I′m working hard to get married. I ask the people around me to introduce me to people. I recently went on a blind date too. It′s just that I′m so careful because I can′t seem to turn anything down so I′m always dragged around. I think it′ll be hard for me to fall in love at first sight."

Kim Jong Kook recently released his first album in three years with the promotional single Men Are All Like That. He produced his own album this time and showed off his polished vocal skills.

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[Interview] "Running Man" is Kim Jong Kook"s First "Real" Variety Show

It′s been three years since Kim Jong Kook was last seen as a singer, and in the meanwhile he′s been appearing in variety as the biggest and baddest man on SBS′ Running Man.

What, then, does this show mean to the singer?

In a recent interview with enews, Kim Jong Kook opened up on the subject.

When it started off, Running Man just barely garnered four or five percent in viewership ratings, but these days it′s grown to become a show that almost every top star wants to visit.

Kim Jong Kook said, "Actually, I didn′t join Running Man with a big dream. I believed in the members and the producers, who I′ve known since our X Man days. I′ve been in variety a lot in the past, but Running Man was the first in which I became a leading member."

Running Man carries a different weight for Kim Jong Kook compared to the other programs he′s been in.

"In the past I only appeared in variety as a guest, but for Running Man, I put my head together with the members′ and the producers′ and worked hard to get the show going," he said. "That′s why it made me feel a lot of responsibility. I′ve been in many variety shows, but Running Man can be called my real start."

He especially added, "Running Man is my starting point in variety, and I treated it like it was my own, so I′m very attached to it. In the past I used to think taking care of myself is most important, but this program made me feel for the first time that I would work hard for it even if it brings viewers to hate me."

Kim Jong Kook is looking forward to continue having fun with the Running Man members.

On November 1, Kim Jong Kook released his first album in three years, his seventh studio album with the single cut Men Are All Like That. He showed off his musical talent by producing his own album, and flaunted his vocal skills with the new song.

Photo credit: 101 Entertainment


Spoiler 'W' Lee Jong-suk marvel kisses Han Hyo-joo,

Spoiler 'W' Lee Jong-suk marvel kisses Han Hyo-joo, "It did not make you disappear"

On the episode 3 of MBC's "W", Oh Yeon-joo (Han Hyo-joo) aimed a gun at Kang Cheol (Lee Jong-suk) so as to get out the web-toon world.

Kang Cheol took away the gun from Oh Yeon-joo and aimed it at her back. Kang Cheol said, "Let's relax this thrucommunicate now" and then he began asking all of the questions he sought after to ask.

Kang Cheol asked her, "Why did you slap me on the face and kissed me on that day". Oh Yeon-joo answered, "So I will disappear". With the explanation, Kang Cheol approached her in an instant and kissed her. When he took off his lips from hers, he looked flustered and mumbled in surprise, "You're still there".

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