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CNBLUe's Yonghwa Collaborate With International Design Team On "One Fine Day" Special Edition and Jacket Image

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CNBLUe's Yonghwa Collaborate With International Design Team On

CNCLUE's Yonghwa will definitely pamper his beloved fans with his upcoming image as the singer announced to collaborate with a famous global design group "Storm Studios" on his jacket photos!

Storm Studios is responsible for many album covers of musicians such as Pink Floyd"s "Dark Side of the Moon" album. Yonghwa is the first Korean artist Storm Studios has worked with. Art director Dan Abbott stated, "We make cover arts inspired by the music and lyrics. "One Fine Day" is filled with romance and loneliness so we based the theme idea and worked on it."

Yonghwa"s special edition album will be released on February 4. In addition to that, he will also release a Japanese version album in March 4.

Girl"s Day"s Sojin graces the pages of "International bnt" + says she"d do well in "Real Men"s female edition

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Girl"s Day"s Sojin recently posed for "International bnt," taking on about four different concepts that accentuated her varying charms from feminine and girly to chic and elegant.

She said in the interview portion, "If I received an offer to be in MBC "Real Men"s female soldier edition like Hyeri, I am confident I"d do well. Always doing well on a work you pick up is one of Girl"s Day"s credos. But I do wonder if I might become a character like Kim So Yeon in "Real Men.""

She also chose actor Kim Kang Woo as her ideal type, saying, "If you"re a woman who saw Kim Kang Woo appear on "Healing Camp," you"d understand." However, she also chose Park Jun Kyu as another ideal type, saying, "On set, we talk once in a while about family, and he showed a lot of affection [for family]. I thought often how I wished my husband later on would be as affectionate as [Park Jun Kyu]."

'We Got Married: Global Edition' Huge Hit Among International Audiences

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'We Got Married: Global Edition' Huge Hit Among International Audiences

We Got Married, Taecyeon, HongKi

When the hit TV variety show We Got Married announced that they would be doing an international version of the program, fans around the world were eager to see what was in store.

Now it is ranked number 1 as the most viewed variety show with approximately 9.3 million viewers, according to iQiyi, a Chinese video sharing site.

We Got Married Global Edition pairs up two Korean pop stars, Taecyeon of 2PM and HongKi of FT Island, with starlets from other countries, Gui Gui (a Taiwanese actress) and Mina (a Japanese actress).

The couples are faced with the same challenges seen in many international relationships; cultural differences, language barriers, and acclimating to one another's personalities.

South Korean TV network MBC produces the show and it is currently being broadcast in 22 different countries by Sony Pictures Television Networks Asia.There are also shortened subtitled versions of each episode available on YouTube.

We Got Married Global Edition was uploaded to the Chinese sharing site iQiyi on April 26 and within the first day had already been viewed more than 9 million times.This is an especially impressive achievement for the program as the site is generally dominated by Chinese shows.

So far there have been four episodes of We Got Married Global Edition aired and MBC plans to run the series for eleven more.

As the series continues and more subtitled episodes are made available on the internet, We Got Married Global Edition is expected to gain more and more attention around the globe as fans tune in to see what will become of these cross-cultural couples.

MAMA 2015: EXO To accomplish Korean Edition Of Japan Unmarried 'Drop That'

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EXO 2015 MAMA Drop It(Photo : Mnet )SM Entertainment's popular boy workforce EXO may be revealing the Korean editionin their song "Drop That" at the approaching 2015 Mnet Asian Tune Awards.

On Nov. 30, Mnet printedthe scoopduring therespectable Facebook page for M!Countdown, their weekly music show. "2015 MAMA|Special stage! EXO is appearing the Korean ver. of 'Drop that' for the first actual time at 2015 MAMA! We cannot wait!!" Mnet's announcement read.

"Drop That" used to be released along "Love Me Appropriate ~Romantic Universe~" the japanese version of EXO's summer spoil hit "Love Me Right." EXO made their Japanese debut with either songs on Nov. 4. The two-track unmarriedcrowned the Oricon's Weekly Chart, Japan's leading music chart system. It also broke records promoting around 147,000 copies in the showtime week of release.

Japanese lovers of EXO have already experienced the song now notsimplestthru the recording yet as a section of EXO's set all through their Tokyo Dome and Kyocera Osaka Dome tours in step with My Daily. As the upcoming 2015 MAMA functionality marks the arena premiere of "Drop That" in Korean, anticipation for the level runs reasonably high.

The award display will be held at the Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong on Dec. 2. Fans not ableto waittoo can watch the proveresidevia online streaming.

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Purfles are even more passionate in jazz edition of 'Bad Girl'

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Purfles are even more passionate in jazz edition of 'Bad Girl'

You may take heard instrumental versions or reside band versions of songs, yet we bet here isanythingyou have not heard before. Womanteam Purfles made a twist to their amazing song "Bad Girl", with the jazz version!

You could even like the jazz edition better, as it highlights more of the members' robust vocals and you'll be ready to feel more in theirpastime for the lyrics.

SEE ALSO: Every Purfles member is a 'Bad Girl' in MV

Enjoy the special clip above!

Album & MV Review GOT7 - 'Mad (Winter Edition)'

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Album & MV Review GOT7 - 'Mad (Winter Edition)'

GOT7 - MAD (Winter Edition)

10. When you make (Stage Version)

GOT7 doesn't need you lot to fail to remember them all through the vacations equallythey have put out a slick Wintry weather repackage in their album 'Mad.' As I have already reviewed the prior to now released songs at thecustomary 'Mad' album, we willhandiest exist covering the 4 new ones here.

Starting with the sound of sleigh bells (or is that jingle bells?), Jackson's raps come in quickly, and Junior, BamBam, and Yugyeom fill the making a song duties, followed by capacity of rapping by Mark at the end. It isdelightful groove, yet the refrain sounds slightly like "A" from 2014's 'Got Love.' Or not it's sung in the similar pitch even, just with a down note. It still does not ruin an attractivejust right tune. It is a song about confessing to a lady and the anxiousemotions leading up to that.

A slow RB track, the menbackwreck out croonish, heartfelt voices and wealthy harmonies. Amid claps to stay the beat and the occasional rap, this glossy song is supposedto pullin your tear ducts and melt your heart. Interestingly enough, JB gets a bettersection here than in "Confession Song," regardless that Youngjae's portions are again miniscule. The message is that each and every day, they feel thankful for her.

This song takes us into ballad territory, and what isappealing is that it's sung a piece more forceful than "Every Day," practicallyas though the boys could be clenching their fists at the consideredwasting the girl. The lyrics are evocative of seasons converting from fall to winter -- a minimum ofat first -- and there is some great imagery there. The takeaway is that they are crying over a breakup.

The 'Stage Version' of "If You Do" is other than the original, althoughno longer markedly so. The primary thing you realize is that it's faster, the hooks and verses coming at you more rapidly. It's busier, too, with blasting horns at the back of it. To my ears, no longer as sensible as the original.

This is a beautifulcandy repackage. Not just do we get the delectable songs on the original album but we also get four new tracks, each one of which is prime quality. The hot ones are a little various from what we heard on the original release; they mesh nicely, but they've got their own distinct sound, for which I am glad. A rehash of an identical six original songs would be uninteresting and more suited for a remix album or some such. This is nice stuff and a perfectconcept for a stocking stuffer for the GOT7 fan on your life.

The boys of GOT7 help classmates make their confessions in "Confession Song."

In this adorable MV, GOT7 is in school. We see some scholars move into and lead a couple of of their fellow pupils out, the identities of our Christmas ushers hidden by ginormous reindeer heads. Jackson appears and starts rapping, and as the remainder of the band makes appearances it becomes obvious that it is all a setup for the shy boys at school to profess their love to their crushes.

The dresser is entirely 100% appropriate. Even dressed inthe ones oversize heads, it's still all Christmas-in-the-classroom-themed. The boys wear the conventionalget dressed code outfits with blazers ties, and vests. And Santa hats make up anything of it. It's cute.

Ultimately, the dancing is relegated to the person shots, where every of them bust out into martial-arts-inspired moves as they sing their parts. Which is what they're intended to do. :) In spite of the distinctly diminutive time frame for the moves, they were still fairly cool.

This is a likable video. Even your jaded reviewer used to beshocked and smiling at the spectacle, from the delightful reindeer heads to the captivating scenes where they're putting in the room for their purposes, with Christmas trees, lights, and so forth. All in the dead of night, before their little stunt. We willmost probably forget that some instructor would be chasing them down the corridor alongside a rod. :) It's fun, it's Christmasy, it's entirely applicable to the point of the song, and it is not what I expected. I give this two reindeer antlers.

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EXO to expose Korean Edition of Jap Unmarried at the 2015 MAMA

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EXO to expose Korean Edition of Jap  Unmarried at the 2015 MAMA

EXO to expose Korean Edition of JapUnmarried at the 2015 MAMAan0ya November 30, 2015 0 Boy crew EXO may beappearing the Korean version in theirnewest Japanese song Drop That at the 2015 Mnet Asian Track Awards!

The exciting news used to be revealed on November 30 through the professional Facebook account of Mnets weekly music display M!Countdown.

The announcement says, 2015 MAMA|Special stage! EXO is appearing the Korean ver. of Drop That for the first actual time at 2015 MAMA! We cant wait!! 2015.12.02 MAMA, Hong Kong with UnionPay.

Marking the popular idol teams Japanese debut release, Drop That was released on November fourat the aspect ofthe japanese version of Love Me Right. Two-track single was a largeadvertisement success in Japan.

While EXO has conducted Drop That live at their fresh Tokyo Dome and Kyocera Osaka Dome concerts, the approaching 2015 MAMA functionality volition mark the exclusive international premiere of the Korean version of the song.

Meanwhile, the 2015 MAMA will be hung on December 2 at the Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong.

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Seolhyun Is Rejected for a Cardboard Cut-Out Edition of Herself

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Seolhyun Is Rejected for a Cardboard Cut-Out Edition of Herself

Seolhyun Is Rejected for a Cardboard Cut-Out Edition of Herselfck525 November 28, 2015 0 AOA’s Seolhyun changed into a fan woman for Song Joong Ki.

On the episode of tvN’s “SNL Korea” aired on November 28, Seolhyun seems in the corner, “Oh, My Seolhyun.”

In the show, she meets Yoo Se Yoon, who is in love with a cardboard symbol of her.

“I overlooked my manager’s car,” she says. “Can I remain at your personal home for some time and warm up?”

However, Yoo Se Yoon does now not fall for her charms and coldly ignores her, saying, “I don’t like the three-dimensional.”

Ironically, later on, Seolhyun gets on her manager’s vehicle and loving puts the seatbelt on for a cardboard picture of Song Joong Ki.

“I’ll spend lately alongside you,” she says as she jokingly acts out the a section of an intense fan girl.

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KittiB Talks Woman Workforce Past, Career, and private Lifestyles with bnt International

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KittiB Talks Woman  Workforce Past, Career, and private  Lifestyles with bnt International

KittiB Talks LadyWorkforce Past, Career, and privateLifestyles amongst bnt Global notclaira November 28, 2015 0 Rapper KittiB lately participated in a pictorial and interview for bnt International, sharing her mind on the total thing from her past earlier than “Unpretty Rapstar” to her long term dreams. She used to be the runner-up on the 2nd one season of the Mnet rap survival program.

In the photo shoot, she is alternately tough, sexy, and chic, her outfits starting from colorful fur coats and suede skirts to classy red dresses. Whether in all-black ensembles or flamboyant necklaces, her eye-popping orange hair could be the centerpiece.

About her time on “Unpretty Rapstar 2,” she says, “Mnet in truth contacted me first. I gained a casting be offeringright through season 1 yet I didn’t resolutionthe telephone because I didn’t respect the number. I suspect ITturned into fate that I finished up on season 2 instead.”

“People recognize me a load more now,” she adds. “But I wouldn’t passat thedisplay again. The program was hard on everyone’s physical and intellectual health.”

Previously, FIESTAR’s Yezi had shared that she concept KittiB was the maximumprofessional out of the entire contestants. “In my mind, Yezi is first,” KittiB answers. “I in reality felt her ability the day she recorded ‘Crazy Dog.’ That day, I shouted for everybody to listen that Yezi was the best.”

KittiB has recently signed an exclusive contract with the label Brand New Music, founded through Rhymer. “When I used to be 23, Rhymer heard my unmarried album and got hereto discover me at the cafe where I was working. Then I was cussed and sought after to paintingson my own so I refused. He waited and watched me for 3 years. After ‘Unpretty Rapstar,’ I after all signed the contract.”

She also stocks the sudden news that she was schooling to be in a woman group. “Originally my dream was to be a singer,” she says. “When I was in heart school, I went to karaoke with my buddies and sang a Yoon Mi Rae song. That’s when I learned I may just rap. Ago I was working towards to be in a girl group, but I were givenafraid of the slave contract and quit.”

On her personal life, KittiB shares that she is close with female rappers Gilme and Ahn Soo Min, in addition Yezi and SISTARs Hyorin. “I got a cat thru Hyorin’s influence,” she says. In other news, she also unearths that she has been dating for 2 years. “He’s more youthful than me by 365 days but because he’s now not a celebrity, I don’t would like todisclose who he is,” she says.

She wraps up with her thoughts about the future. “I wish to exist a rapper that lasts in Korean music history for a long time. I am hoping to grow to be a musician like Kanye West who can fill an entire album with songs he writes and produces himself.”

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myB are adorably tiny in 'My Mini Me' edition of 'DDODDO'

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myB are adorably tiny in 'My Mini Me' edition of 'DDODDO'

Did you experience myB"s bright and lovely MV "DDODDO" as they danced in a Lego world? Well, you"re also going to enjoy this other version in their MV too.

Check out the "My Mini Me" version of their newest MV. It"s a one-shot, aerial view as the women dance perfectly in sync to their song. They"re so cute and small, and just the scale of a Lego toy.