Police statement,

Police statement, "The lady who sued Lee Jin-wook could be innocent"

The police are having a look into the probabilities of actor Lee Jin-wook's accuser being innocent.

Seoul Soo-seo police printed that they wondered this girltwo times on July 22nd and 23rd.

Police say chances of the accuser being blameless on false accusation are moderately high.

This woman's attorney announced that he would now not exist representing her criminal event anymore on July 23rd.

The discovery of new information, otherperspectives on how the case must be handled and destroy to the courting of agree with between the attorney and the buyer has resulted in this conclusion.

Meanwhile, in the undies that the accuser submitted to the police as evidence, Lee Jin-wook's DNA used to be found, yetit is notample to turn out that force becomeinterested by the sexual intercourse.

The accuser claimed that she met Lee Jin-wook viaa chumat the 12th of July but later he followed her house and raped her. She pressed fees on July 14th.

Lee Jin-wook countersued her for false accusations on July 16th.

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Photos of Kim Sejeong imitating cool animated film characters pass viral

Photos of Kim Sejeong imitating cool animated film characters pass viral

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Footage of Kim Sejeong imitating a sequenceof alternativecaricature characters all the style through fan signing occasions have long past viral recently. 

With cartoon characters being rather popular among ladycrew members, its very common for fanatics to bring plush dolls and pillows for their favouritefeminine idols at fan signing events. And whilst many ladycommunitycontributorsobtainadorable cartoon persona toys from their fans, IOI and Gugudan member Kim Sejeong has been receiving numerous attention for no longermost effectivefidgeting with the dolls, yet imitating them perfectly as well.

Watch Kim Sejeong carry out Wonder Ladies hit song Irony on Produce 101 below:

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“Running Man” Solid And Visitors  Develop into Into “Baywatch” Characters

“Running Man” Solid And Visitors Develop into Into “Baywatch” Characters

Running GuySolid And VisitorsTurn into Into Baywatch Characterskokoberry July 1, 2016 0 Running Man Cast And Guests Rework Into Baywatch Characters The approaching episode of SBSs Running Man functions Lee Ki Woo, Nichkhun, and Kyungri as guests for their Bizarre Rescue Team race. They were decided on every bit guests because of being known for their amazing bodies.

The trio sign up for the Running Man team as they transform into Baywatch (U.S. action drama displaytargeted on lifeguards) characters with their particular person wigs. Dressed inappealing wigs, the guests break free from their standard polished images. Take a glance at everyones wigs below!

Keeping true to their Baywatch transformations, they even make a choice English names for themselves.

Known for his English talking skills, Kim Jong Kook perfectly introduces himself as Mark. Yoo Jae Suk playfully responds, Mark? Benchmark?

You can music into this episode of Running Man when it airs on June 3 at 6:30 p.m. KST.

Catch up at themaximumfresh episode below!

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Teen Top’s L.Joe Stocks His Mind On “Entertainer” Forged And Characters

Teen Top’s L.Joe Stocks His Mind On “Entertainer” Forged And Characters

Teen Tops L.Joe Stocks His Mind On Entertainer Solid And Charactersnotclaira June 18, 2016 0 Teen Tops L.Joe Shares His Thoughts On Entertainer Cast And Characters Teenager Top’s L.Joe, who played the drummer and Seoul National University student Search engine marketing Jae Hoon on SBS’s “Entertainer,” lately reflected at the drama in an interview.

“I search myself so muchto look people’s reactions,” he said. “Not numerousother people knew me as Teen Top’s L.Joe. They saw me as just an actor and I used to behappy that I may just make that transition easily.”

He shared that the courting between the actors on set was once a just right one. “I’m not in point of factthe sortto position myself forward,” he said. “But after spending time with the alternative actors and diningfoods amongst them, we grew close. I became especially close with Lee Tae Sun, who is an identical age as me.”

He added, “Ji Sung sunbaenim taught me a lot. He would rehearse with me when we had scenes together. He’s anyone yous can’t lend a hand but respect.”

L.Joe’s character, Seo Jae Hoon, has to shed his “mama’s boy” symbol in the drama to prevail in his dreams. “He’s not a regular character,” L.Joe said. “He grew up in his mother’s fingers and he’s very naive. He doesn’t know anything. I sought afterto turn his expansion and adulthoodright through the show.”

Did he relate to the character? “Of pathI admire my mother a lot, but Jae Hoon’s love for his mom is on a unconditionallyother scale. My mom watches each and every episode of ‘Entertainer’ and rewatches them too.”

Finally, he concluded, “‘Entertainer’ represents a new beginning. I would like to continue acting in the future, but I believe acting gets tougher the more you do it. I'm hopingto take a glance at out all alternative genres in the future.”

You can watch the maximum recent episode of “Entertainer” below:

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Video Added new characters trailer and poster for the Korean film 'The Reality Beneath'

Video Added new characters trailer and poster for the Korean film 'The Reality Beneath'

Added new characters trailer and poster for the approaching Korean film "The Fact Beneath"

"The Truth Beneath" (2015)Directed by capacity of Lee Kyoung-miWith Son Ye-jin, Kim Joo-hyeok, Choi Yoo-hwa, Park Gene-woo, Son Seong-chan,...Formerly referred to as "House Stuffed with Happiness" ( , haeng-bog-i ga-deug-han jib)Crank in : 2014/09/20Crank up : 2015/01/11SynopsisA guy who needsto sign up in the political world, is in danger of having news of his affair leak out.Release date in Korea : 2016/06/23

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Kim Woo Bin And Suzy Display Their Characters Quirks In New Teaser

Kim Woo Bin And Suzy Display Their Characters Quirks In New Teaser

Kim Woo Bin And Suzy Display Their Characters’ Quirks In New Teasernotclaira June 16, 2016 0 Kim Woo Bin And Suzy Show Their Characters’ Quirks In New Teaser The highly expected drama “Uncontrollably Fond” has released its fourth teaser!

In the hot teaser, we get snippets of more than a few scenes from the drama that spotlight the personalities of Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) and No Eul (Suzy).

You can see Kim Woo Bin functioning on stage, filming awesome action scenes, and riding about in cool cars. Yet Suzy’s voice in the background shall we us know that in spite of his rock famous person status, he has a awful personality. When she looks via his automobile window, he snaps at her, “Have you never noticed a most sensible star before?”

Meanwhile, Suzy’s personalitycan also bevisible running around in wacky outfits, getting yelled at by other people, and sucking up to her superiors. She also helps to keep bothering Kim Woo Bin, much to his annoyance (and eventual affection?).

But the teaser takes a dramatic turn at the finish when a major incident comes tothe 2 of them.

Watch it below! The primary episode airs on July 6 at 10 p.m. KST.

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7 Actors Who Were Minor Characters With A significant Impact

7 Actors Who Were Minor Characters With A significant Impact

7 Actors Who Were Minor Characters With A significantHave an effect on binahearts Might 22, 2016 0 7 Actors Who Were Minor Characters With A Most important Impact Each and every and thenfrequentlyyou come back across a drama where one of the vital minor actors in the drama is majorly swoon-worthy.  You get started to sit up for seeing him in the drama and you beautiful much watch the entire serial just to get a glimpse of him. The ones moments all over the entire series turn out to be neatlyvalue ITby way ofthose amazing actors. Here’s a glance at my best seven actors with minor roles who left a lasting impression.

Nam Joo Hyuk was once simply the icing on height of the cake in the ever so visually nice lookingsolid of Cheese In The Trap. He becameready to painting Kwon Eun Taek’s innocence and un-dying affection for his love, Bora, so flawlessly. Whilstthe alternative characters were understanding their emotions, Eun Taek did now notstop to disappoint. He was consistent and wore his center on his sleeve. It’s difficult to encounterall these characters these days!

This cutie debuted in the drama Persevere, Goo Hae Ra, yet his maximum impressionable role was in Twenty Again where he played Kim Min Soo, the boyfriend of Son Na Eun and son of Choi Ji Woo. I used to beright awayinspired with his acting skills, especially since he had to rousethis type ofbig range of emotions. This baby-face has also been incorrect for Yeo Jin Goo and has been noted for his robust resemblance to Song Joong Ki, which is an glaring plus!

There isn’t much in the market about Ahn Ji Hoon since he’s a rookie actor, but having recently watched Marriage Contract, I discovered myself keento peer how his persona unfolded. Ahn Ji Hoon plays Jo Seung Joo, a faithful friend to Uee’s character, Kang Hye Soo. Ahn Ji Hoon’s character takes it upon himself to observe out for Kang Hye Soo, whose husband passed away. There are a couple emotional scenes with him and Uee that were heart-breaking to watch and for a logo spanking new actor, I was impressed at his skill to show off these intense emotions.

People are already speaking about Lee Tae Sun and his impressive portrayal of Na Yeon Soo in Entertainer. He plays a suffering musician who could also be a unmarried father. Regardless of these rough circumstances, he is in a role toremainsure with his giant smile that lighting fixtures up whatever scene he’s in. His interplay with his son also isgreatadorable to watch. Even supposing it’s a little early to tell, his character displays that it’s very importantto stick hopeful in rather tough situations — something we all need!

Lee Yi Kyung has played in many minor roles, but I need to say, his character Kang Min Jae in the hit series Descendants of the Sun takes the cake. His wit and sarcasm in the path ofthe serious earthquake scenes supplied the comedian relief that was needed.  His co-stars in the series even commented on his ability to capture this quirky personality. Needless to say, I was entertained!

Ok, so he’s not in reality a minor character, but I just had to incorporate him in this list. Regardless that it’s difficultpageant when your co-star is So Ji Sub, I presumed Sung Hoon’s role as MMA fighter Jang Joon Sung in Oh My Venus proved to be the easiesthave compatibility for him. The flashbacks of Joon Sung’s beyond equally a bad boy displayed intensity and an acting ability that was hard to shake. It was raw, edgy, and it shocked me as to how much it added to the story!

It’s Truly difficult to omit Lee Tae Hwan’s presence when he’s in a drama. Even although he’s a rookie actor and hasn’t been in a starring role yet, his tall stature and sharp capabilities make it really hard to forget him. In his most fresh part in the drama Please Come Back, Mister, Lee Tae-Hwan plays a unswerving and rough bodyguard by the call of Choi Seung Jae. It’s hard not to existattracted to his character who is willing to position his existenceat the line for any person he loves!

binahearts is a Soompi author who loves to spend her loose fourth dimension immersed in all things Korean — dramas, movies, K-pop, and attractiveness products! Her favourite actors are Won Bin, Lee Min Ho, and more recently, Song Joong Ki. She also loves staring at about variety displays and has claimed to have watched each single episode of Running Man. Some of her favorite K-pop artists come withnumerous old-school teams like Sechskies, G.O.D, and Jinusean. As for more recent groups, she likes Dean, BIGBANG, Akdong Musician, and GOT7.  When she isn’t watching the newest drama series, she may also benoticed indulging in her favorite spare time activitieswhich come withmaking a song her heart out at karaoke, photography, fiddling with her dog, and dining dessert!

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15 K-Pop Stars Which are  In general Anime Characters In Genuine Life

15 K-Pop Stars Which are In general Anime Characters In Genuine Life

15 K-Pop Stars Which areGenerally Anime Characters In GenuineLifestyles t0ky0nights Would possibly 16, 2016 0 15 K-Pop Stars That Are Primarily Anime Characters In Real Life Being ridiculously talented and unrealistically attractive, K-pop idols generallyappear to be too best possible to be real. A lot of these idols such a lotin order that they finally finish uphaving a look like fictional characters that we can beready to only dream of. Whether they are cosplaying as the characters, like Suga and Jungkook who are dressed up as Naruto and Detective Conan, or do now not knowthat they're the embodiment of the anime stars; there's no denying the similarities!

Below is an inventory of fifteen idols who seem likethoseEasterncool animated film characters for all the K-pop and anime fans!

Kim Jaejoong of JYJ as Mild from Death Note

With his charismatic image, Jaejoong would be perfect for a reside action role of Light. If a Korean rendition of this Japanese suspense anime was once always made, that is. His eyes make you hope that he doesnt ever to find out what your call is!

Taemin of SHINee as Rasiel from Katekyo Hitman Reborn

With the similar grin and hairstyle, it makes one wonder whether Taemin knew that an animated sketchpersonachanged into his identical twin!

Leo of VIXX as Haruka Nanase from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

With a identical appearance, these two are even more startlingly alike on the topic of personality. They eitherpractice their outgoing buddieswhilst they quietly attemptin opposition to their dreams.

Bang Yong Guk of B.A.P as Taiga Kagami from Kurokos Basketball

Both of these figures have unquestioned determination, yetfortuitously Yong Guk doesnt seem to have a mood like Taigas! The samecoiffureis optimal though!

5. Eunhyuk as Monkey D. Luffysuper juniior eunhyuk monkey d. luffy one piece

Eunhyuk of Super Junior as Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece

Probably the sole thing as outrageous as this anime characters name is the resemblance with Eunhyuk! Which Eunhyuk spotted equally he posed for this vintage K-pop/anime photo!

Himchan of B.A.P as Tokiya Ichinose from Uta no Prince-sama

Besides the identical eye format and princely hair that they share, these two both have stunning voices and are pursuing careers in music! (If Tokiya was real of course.)

G-Dragon of BIGBANG as Gaara from Naruto

With his symbol for BIGBANGs Monster MV, G-Dragon by accident ended up searching like this anime warrior! The fun thing is that Gaara at all timesseems to bedressed in eyeliner, making him a most probably candidate for K-pop lookalikes.

Kai of EXO as Choi Sinhyuk fromBeauty Formula

Besides Kais dark eyes there are not any differences in these two pictures, to the point where other peopleidea that Sinhyuks imagecould be fan art of the artist. It's miles reported that Sinhyuk is either from a manga or manhwa called Good looks Formula this isjust aboutvery unlikely to find.

We might also never know if Sinhyuk is if reality exist told his own character or a terrific slice of fan art, but either way he meritsa placein this list!

V of BTS as Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul

Vs personality couldnt be more other from Kanekis, but they glanceprecisely the same! From the black turtleneck to the white hair, this coincidental outfit on V left Kaneki searching like fan art!

This photo of V also just must besaid as beautiful; its difficult to consider it was taken in an airport!

Kris Wu as Usui Takumi from Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Back when Kris had his messy blonde hair, his picture and personality are compatible perfectly with Usuis cool characteristics and magnetic charm.

Ren of NUEST as Katsura Kotarou fromGintama

Thankfully, besides his speedingjust right looks and a couple occurrences of cross-dressing, Ren isnt exactly like Katsura, who is a fugitive for maximum of his life. However, an ordinary similarity they have got is that Rens weight and height are perfectly matched with this fictitious characters!

Luhan as Nagisa from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

No subject how time and again Luhan says he needsto look manly, he hasnt somewhatcompleted it yet. He just so occurs to be very very same to Nagisa, an adorable and full of life quality from Free! Its not just the blonde hair linking these two cuties, but their personalities, as they are both hyper and cheerful!

13. Daeryong and Soryong as Hikaru and Kaorutasty Soryong and Daeryong hikaru kaoru topcollege host club

Daeryong and Soryong Jung of TASTY as Hikaru and Kaoru Hatachiin from Ouran High School Host Club

Probably the most incredibleaccess on this list is the Jung twins, who are truly identical twins and came about to have red and blue hair, just like the Hitachiin twins. Both sets of twins are identical and happened to have the same hairstyles, but thankfully the Jung twins dont appear as mischievous as their fictional counterpart.

Krystal of f(x) as Erza from Fairy Tail

The bright hair and purple eyes turns Krystal into the spitting image of Erza. Either one of them even have aelegant personality that wont be swayed by way of others, but can still be candy and thoughtful when the placementdemands it.

These two kick butt girls are lovely and brave in their own ways!

Meng Jia of pass over A as Sakura Haruno from Naruto

If Jia was wearing a scarf in this photo each person would suppose that she was cosplaying as Sakura. As an alternative she was just filming miss As Bad WomanSmart Girl, and happened to have the same hair and expression as Sakura!

Rap Monster of BTS as Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon

No K-pop and anime lookalike list would be entire without this pretty entry!

Let us know in the comments which idol looked the most like their anime counterpart!t0ky0nights is a K-pop enthusiast, whose interests come with many kinds of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean entertainment. She may also bediscovered dancing or writing articles, in addition fiction and lyrics, lots of the time. You'll be able tolocate her on Instagram here.

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Six Reputedly Cold-Hearted Drama Characters Who Are If fact be told  Candy And Lovable

Six Reputedly Cold-Hearted Drama Characters Who Are If fact be told Candy And Lovable

Six Apparently Cold-Hearted Drama Characters Who Are If reality be toldCandy And Adorable kminjungee Might 10, 2016 0 Six Seemingly Cold-Hearted Drama Characters Who Are In truth Sweet And Lovable Who may justwithstand the shy yet sweet smile of any person who turns out like they wouldnt smile at all?

There were many tsundere drama characters over the years, some more memorable than others. Tsundere, at first a Jap term, is continuously used to describe characters who appear cold and distant at first, typically blunt to the point of being hostile. However, they actually have warm hearts and hide their affections at the back of a facade.

Often times, they are going to act very standoffish in front of the individual they like, yet will warmly care for them from afar. Whilst they in finding it toughto precise their affections face to face, they can do the complete thing they can, behind the scenes, to make that consumer happy.

These forms of characters are well loved by many fans, on occasion more so than characters who are sort and sweet the entire time.

Below are six characters from Korean dramas that captivated lovers hearts with their sweet actions, in spite of their cold outer demeanor.

1. Yoo Ah In as Moon Jae Shin (also referred to as Geol Oh) in KBS2s Sungkyunkwan Scandal

2. Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do in SBSs Heirs

3. Jo Jin Woong as Lee Jae Han in tvNs Sign

4. Ryu Jun Yeol as Kim Jung Hwan in tvNs Answer 1988

5. Search engine marketing Kang Jun as Baek In Ho in tvNs Cheese in the Trap

6. Ji Sung as Shin Se Gi (one of Cha Do Hyuns personalities) in MBCs Kill Me, Heal Me

Who is your favourite tsundere character? What other drama characters are you in a position tobring to mindthat mighthave compatibility in this category?

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QUIZ: Which “Descendants Of The Sun” Characters Stated  Those Lines

QUIZ: Which “Descendants Of The Sun” Characters Stated Those Lines

QUIZ: Which Descendants Of The Sun Characters AcknowledgedThose Lines?minjiya Might 8, 2016 0 QUIZ: Which Descendants Of The Sun Characters Said These Lines? Descendants of the Sun is known for its eloquent (and okay, from time to time cheesy) script — and of course, each line (cheesy or not) was onceat all times perfectly delivered by potential of the talented cast. If youre still littered with withdrawal symptoms now that this uber-popular drama is over, in all probability youve been re-watching the series back — so how many of the ones memorable lines have embedded themselves to your brain by now? Verify your talentsand spot how a lot of the lines you'll be ready tofit to the characters who said them in the quiz below!

minjiya can generally existdiscovered writing in a cafe, blasting K-pop dance tunes to motivate herself thru long runs outside, or plotting her get away from the midwest. Say hello/send her a gif on [email protected]

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