[WED/THU DRAMA 'The Innocent Man'] The 'Magic Maru Ending' Thrills Viewers

[WED/THU DRAMA 'The Innocent Man'] The 'Magic Maru Ending' Thrills Viewers

KBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "The Innocent Man" is raising tension and worry among viewers with its magic Ma-ru (Song Joong-ki) ending each episode.

The last scene of each episode seems to have some kind of magic power that draws viewers into the drama and makes them greatly look forward to the next story - particularly Song Joong-ki's ability to express a range of emotions at the most critical moment or to appear suddenly in the final scene.

In the latest episode, which aired on Oct. 25, Song Joong-ki gave viewers a dramatic ending by showing Park Si-yeon (who plays Han Jae-hee) the he has seen through her scheme.

Song caused a stir with his astonished expression at the end of the 13th episode when Mun Chae-won (who plays Seo Eun-gi) tumbled and failed to recognize Song, asking "Who are you?".

[WED/THU DRAMA 'The Innocent Man'] The 'Magic Maru Ending' Thrills Viewers

Song made a "charisma ending" in the first episode when he looked at Park Si-yeon with coldness, having encountered her after six years. In the seventh episode, he was stirred by Moon Chae-won's confessions while barefoot in rain. The ending scene of the 12th episode is prized as a "good scene" with narration by Song, who has come to love Mun truly and regretted having got her involved in his tumultuous life.

Here are viewers comments about the endings of each episode of "The Innocent Man": "Every ending is truly great", "The various expressions of Maru in each ending make me laugh and cry", "Every ending make me looking forward to next episode!! Sometimes, it even annoys me!", "The ending is represented by Song Joong-ki's emotion and expression! The power of The Innocent Man is making the ending more charming" etc.

In the latest episode Park Si-yeon tried to throw Song and Moon out of the company and was stopped by Song's counter-attack. The Innocent Man air at 10 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. [Yonhap]

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"Beautiful Mind" cast, notified of early ending

The KBS 2TV drama "Beautiful Mind" solid were notified of the drama finishing early.

The drama is going to finish 2 episodes quicker than planned with 14 episodes.

"Beautiful Mind" is the tale of a psychopath physicianunderstanding his human side. It was once expected to be a well-made drama yet its festival "Doctors" is too sturdy for it.

The body of workers and cast are disappointed. A workers member criticized this notification of an early end on SNS. However, the production team made this resolution as it can notmaintainthe priceof creating and such.

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Spoiler 'Lucky Romance' It is  satisfied ending: Hwang Jeong-eum and Ryu Jun-yeol accept as true with in love in its place of superstition

Spoiler 'Lucky Romance' It is satisfied ending: Hwang Jeong-eum and Ryu Jun-yeol accept as true with in love in its place of superstition

"Lucky Romance" wrapped up with the episode 16 on July 14th. I used to be a satisfiedfinishing after all.

Although the hot game If was once released 365 days later Je Soo-ho and Sim Bonnie broke up, Je Soo-ho and Sim Bonnie were still separate. In the meantime, Je Soo-ho made reconciliation with his oldsters and they have become one pleased family. Sim Bonnie's sister Bo-ra (Kim Ji-min) recovered her health.

Je Soo-ho met Sim Bonnie's more youthful sister Sim Bo-ra first of all. Sim Bo-ra got hereto fulfill Je Soo-ho, yet she mayno longerappreciate him when she saw Je Soo-ho. Without knowing, Sim Bo-ra asked Je Soo-ho to push her wheelchair for her. Je Soo-ho concept or so Sim Bonnie ardently as Sim Bo-ra reacted to Je Soo-ho's familiar voice.

Je Soo-ho and Sim Bonnie at last met every other at a game application contest. The 2mayverifyeach one other's love because they submitted a game telling about their love story. Je Soo-ho could to find investors for the games he put the two separate games Je Soo-ho and Sim Bonnie advanced into a kit equally a boy and a lady version.

At the finish of the general episode, Je Soo-ho and Sim Bonnie went on a picnic. However, it rained. Sim Bonnie thought, "It's no longera large deal getting soaked in rain little bit. You know what. I am amongst him together". Sim Bonnie utterly stopped believing in superstition.

Sim Bonnie showed a ring to Je Soo-ho and asked him, "Will you marry me?" Je Soo-ho of direction said, "Yes!" The episode ended luckily with Je Soo-ho and Sim Bonnie's kiss.

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Jo Jae Hyun Showers Co-Star EXO’s Xiumin With Never-ending Compliments

Jo Jae Hyun Showers Co-Star EXO’s Xiumin With Never-ending Compliments

Jo Jae Hyun Showers Co-Star EXOs Xiumin With Never-ending Complimentskminjungee July 7, 2016 0 Jo Jae Hyun Showers Co-Star EXOs Xiumin With Unending Compliments In a up to date interview, Jo Jae Hyun has not anythingyetcompliment for his Seondal: The guy Who Sells the River co-star, EXOs Xiumin.

In the movie, Jo Jae Hyun plays Sung Dae Ryun, Joseons maximumrobust authority figure, whilst Xiumin plays Gyun Yi, a con man-in-training who looks up to his savior, Kim Seon Dal (played by potential of Yoo Seung Ho). This production also marks the singers large screen debut.

When asked about his young co-star, Jo Jae Hyun reveals, Truthfully, I didnt know Xiumin was oncethe type ofnoted person. I couldnt have known, because he acted similar to a rookie actor mustall the manner through the script reading or even while filming on set. He wasnt arrogantly accompanied by a bigselection of staff, and wasnt pretentious simply because he became a star.

The actor describes how he never in point of fact saw the singer sitting down haughtily, and how he would at all times be status with a grin on his face.

He also compliments Xiumin on his modesty and acting skills, explaining, In the past, there were numerous idols who would take a glance at their hand at acting even if they werent ready. However, I believe thats replacedso much recently. Simply bytaking a look at Xiumin, I may see he no longerbest practiced his acting skills, but also his overall attitude.

Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River tells the tale of mythical con guy Kim Seon Dal who attempts to idiot the king so as to sell the ownerless Taedong River. According to a vintage novel, this historic heist movie premiered in South Korean theaters on July 6.

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Sandara Park Stocks How She Feels About “Sugar Man” Ending

Sandara Park Stocks How She Feels About “Sugar Man” Ending

Sandara Park Stocks How She Feels About Sugar GuyFinishing soojji July 5, 2016 0 Sandara Park Shares How She Feels About Sugar Man Ending On June 5, JTBC type program Sugar Man aired its ultimate episode. 2NE1 member Sandara Park, who was oncea standard host of the displayalong Yoo Jae Suk, Yoo Hee Yeol, and Kim European Na, expressed how demanding information technologybecome for her to mentiongood-bye to the finish of the provethru her non-public Instagram and Twitter accounts. She posted a priorso long post on her Instagram at the day of the filming of the last episode.

On her Instagram, Sandara Park uploaded an image of her sitting unfortunately in a closet where her outfit for the last episode is hanging. Her caption reads, What are you doing? Did you know lately is the last episode of Sugar Man?! All over the last filming.. It felt bizarre being in the waiting room. Sounds like there has been a massive number of goodbyes lately.. perhaps its just me?! heh heh.. Yetnot anything lasts forever.. When theres an end theres also a new starting and we continue to existoperating hard! It was a laugh getting to satisfy and get to understandwonderfulother folkseach and every week; thats what is toughest about this goodbye. Maybe Im emotional because its also raining outside. I pass over it~ I miss it~ I miss it~ I cansimplest be emotional for today.

A photo posted by skill of Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on Jul 5, 2016 at 3:23am PDT

On Sandara Parks Twitter account, she posted on the similar day, Ah ah I startedto rip up (watching Sugar Man on air appropriate now).

Sandara Park (@krungy21) July 5, 2016

Will you miss the show up to Sandara Park does?

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DIA Drops Go well with Teasers Forward Of Comeback With “Happy Ending”

DIA Drops Go well with Teasers Forward Of Comeback With “Happy Ending”

DIA Drops Go well with Teasers Forward Of Comeback With GladFinishing ehk38 June 13, 2016 0 DIA Drops Swimsuit Teasers Ahead Of Comeback With Satisfied Ending On June 13, DIA dropped a good deal of swimsuit studio jacket teasers ahead of the teams comeback.

The women are shocking in the photos, rocking adorable two pieces in various prints. These swimsuit teasers practice the unencumber of a slew of alternative teasers, addingtune video teasers and symbol teasers.

Meanwhile, DIA will grasp a show off to commemorate the release in their2nd album HAPPY ENDING on June 14. This might be the groups first comeback in 8 months, this time as a seven-member team alongside member Jung Chaeyeon who has been selling equallysection of temporary womanneighborhood I.O.I.

Make certainto stick tuned for DIAs comeback!

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Next StoryiKON’s Bobby And Father Are All Smiles In Photo From Upcoming Appearance On “Daddy And Me”


DIA Unearths Teasers For “Happy Ending” Comeback

DIA Unearths Teasers For “Happy Ending” Comeback

DIA Unearths Teasers For SatisfiedFinishing Comebackcrystalcove June 6, 2016 0 DIA Exhibits Teasers For Happy Ending Comeback Ladystaff DIA is coming back, complete with member Jung Chaeyeon who has been selling as a phase of the transientwomancommunity I.O.I, and it releases new teaser photographs today.

There is a set teaser symbol of the entire members, in addition for individuals Jung Chaeyeon (Chae Yeon) and Ki Hee Hyeon (H Hyeon).

DIA may befreeing its 2d album Happy Ending. It meets its lovers as an entireorganization today, June 7 KST, earlier than the reputable comeback via a Naver V app broadcast during which it'lldiscuss the teams comeback plans and also call fans in a comeback event.

The album Happy Ending will tell the tale of the year of a existencea lady who is experiencing the rigors of developing up and turning into mature in love.

DIA will be revealing more teasers soon.

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