MV & Song Review Double S 301 - 'Pain'

MV & Song Review Double S 301 - 'Pain'

It's time to wipe away the tears and take a breath of relief as the long-awaited go back of SS501 has come in the kind of 3 with sub-unit workforce Double S 301 in their new song "Pain." The ladswereclear of the scene for a couple of years and are coming back more potent than ever with their powerfully alluring song. 

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"Pain" is a song full of charisma, quite so much ofadjustments in sound and, overall, a country Latin sensation combined into the rough yet modern vocals of Double S 301. "Pain" has a true "LOVEYA" vibe to it as the dance is elegant and in-your-face whilst expressing the excitingfeelings of love. "Pain's" cushy piano paired with the repetitive harmonic guitar riffs create a supercombine of melodies. The song's instrumental provides an intense concentratebecause of the dramatic rises in pace and surprising drops into silence, making it an incredibly dramatic track!  Dive into the MV for yourself and try what Double S 301 has brought to the table!

The maximum winning side is the uprise in tempo which actually brings a hurry to the listener as the refrain becomes intensified after the wacky rap verse earlier than it. The "sweet and bitter" verse has a little Seo Taiji feeling to it in the sense of shooting a zany sound yet information technology makes "Pain" raisea fantastic charm and show off close to variety. The 'Engrish' lyrics are any other loveable factor of this song because each and every fan will all the time exist repeating "I'm so pain" when relevant. The building up before the general poetry at 2:25 is rather intense as sirens play all over the monotonous "pain" which then lead up to a prime pitched high note that makes this song excessive and flooding with emotion!

The MV was once done exceptionally smartlyfor plenty of reasons. It actuallyemphasized their dynamic frame movements in each routine, and the blank ivory room contrasting with their black silhouettes make it completely eye-catching! However, they appearsomewhat rusty because, despite the reality that their dance moves are sharp and striking, it lacks good looks every bitthe ones body waves are less sauve and more stiff. The delicatecolour changes from red and red back to wash white really constitute passionate lust and emotions of pain combined alongside purity. The visionary charmremains truthful to this song's idea and sends the listener into a tango-like whirlwind of emotions with its Latin-inspired sound. Most of these pieces combined makes "Pain" relaxing as it has the moving message of a ballad but the robust sounds of hit songs at some point of the golden years of 2010.

In the end, SS501 have released more cast and straight away likable hits but the sounds of "Pain" really grow on you briefly and easily! It's far refreshing to lookthose seniors back at thedegree and taking it on with a some new flair and an nice looking style! The crowdappear to be a relic in time, which makes them rating high as "Pain" offersa pleasant feel of nostalgia with every listen.


HanCinema's Drama Review 'Drama Special - White Christmas'

HanCinema's Drama Review 'Drama Special - White Christmas'

Eun-seong creating a startling discoveryMi-reu and Kim Yo-han

That said, the series does wonderful for maximum of its run. the ambience is captivating, the characters well-written and mystery very intriguing. The environment is surely tremendous and makes it all glance very bleak and menacing. The casting discussed previous is a double-edged sword here. The actors were in particular selected to be over a undeniable height and for their looks. This is a great idea, as it creates a contrast. The characters are reputedly perfect. They are geniuses, they are wealthy and they're all beautiful. This makes their broken minds and souls stand out even more. However, given these kinds of actors are inexperienced persons solid in accordance with looks, their performances are very susceptible at times. Given the subject treated calls for great acting talents and in spite of the efforts and low successes, this backfires often, yet the series is still very watchable because of all of the other parts aiding the forged along.

When subjects as large as just right and evil and the human psyche are explored, each detail matters. The series does many stuff neatly in the case of either plot and characterization and is genuinely enticing and with a actually perfect atmosphere. It is actually a unprecedented form of drama and its nature as a distinct is what enables it to explore and provide ideas out of doors the box. "Drama Special - White Christmas" is a fascinating and refreshing watch and sensible effort, but failing in its key side leaves it just shy of being great. However, it's far still very much value finding out and it succeeds in being exciting and a drama worthy of the genre is belongs to. For the ones trying to find an even suspense mystery thriller, this would possibly increasingly come up with just what you need, even supposing it does no longer somewhat organize to prevail in the peak of its ambition.

Written by: Orion from "Orion"s Ramblings"

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HanCinema's movie Review Double Grab (Korean Short)

HanCinema's movie Review Double Grab (Korean Short)

This is where the comedy comes in. After a lot of attempts at explaining his plan, the attorney simplifies his scheme to this – continue to exist the execution. It"s an outlandish commentary this is in reality given serious attention by way of our inmate. Soon he is trying to give a spice up to his neck muscles so as as some way to survive the striking for the 3 hours required earlier than his lawyer can benefit from a loophole.

It all sounds wonderfully ridiculous yet the movie is terribly tightly presented and is as out-right hilarious as it's far disturbing. It"s a mental black comedy that would tease your feelings thru sinister falsifications of hope. This 34-minute short may neatly be tough to stumble upon but watch it each time you'll as it is just brilliant.

-Christopher J. Wheeler


[DOUBLE REVIEW] Joshua: Girls

[DOUBLE REVIEW] Joshua: Girls" Generation - "Catch Me If You Can"

Catch Me If You Can – #mytake (allkpop contributor Joshua) Note: This is a double review, you can view Eric"s review here.

Girls" Generation released their music video just yesterday for their new single "Catch Me If You Can." No doubt, just from the sheer number of views after a single day, the music video already has all the boys trying to catch them. As a fan, I can proudly say that at this point in the girls" careers, it would be surprising to not see at least a million views on the first day of its release (make that half a day).

Now, I know there are already haters out there who claim that the song just doesn"t cut it or didn"t meet their expectations. Although I"m a fan, with this new song, I might just be one of them this time. But if you"re like me, you might be one of those fans who just need to listen to it a couple more times to really know if you like the song or watch it a couple more times to know if you like the video. To maybe help you solidify your thoughts, take a look at my take below.

Song Honestly speaking, I had doubts about this one from the get-go. I sat down. Put on my headphones. Went on YouTube. Clicked on their music video. Listened and watched. Came out disappointed.

My major initial problem with the song was that the girls had to go down a route I had hoped to never see: EDM. Yes, electronic dance music that is booming all around the world. It"s certainly the "in" thing to do, but I had really hoped for something less basic than EDM. I was not a happy child after my first viewing.

The second element I"m still not too convinced on is the lyrics. I didn"t find the lyrics too appealing. Somewhere along the lines of Girls" Generation history, the girls turned from the cute girls confessing their love to the oppas to girls who know they"ve got it. The lyrics are pompous to say the least and frankly speaking, I didn"t enjoy.

On the other hand, I thought about the bigger picture. Perhaps, the girls are showing us another side of womanhood. It"s been several years since their debut and the girls can no longer just be the sweet little girls they were. They"ve grown past the point where they have the (fan)boys just chasing them and now they"re enjoying the attention they"re gaining. In a way, the girls are showing a more playful side of being a woman: the tease.

Music Video

The concept is both fresh and typical for Girls" Generation.

The girls always had a talent for transforming the normal, everyday people into awesome mediums for comebacks. They were mannequins in "Gee," cheerleaders in "Oh!" taxi drivers in "Mr. Taxi," doctors/nurses in "Mr.Mr.," and now they"re construction site workers! On a single platform in the middle of the construction grounds, the girls danced away in sexy construction costumes. While both appealed to the eyes, I have to say the latter costume was my favorite. It stayed true to the theme of construction grounds and it was less ridiculous looking than I had expected.

Unlike most of their previous music videos, the girls stuck to the dancing and they really stuck to it. This time, the fans didn"t get much storyline but instead were presented with four minutes of fierce dancing. I"m not complaining! People, the passion is real. What really got me with the choreography is that the girls actually pulled off dancing to the EDM breakdown.

I personally dislike idols infusing K-Pop with EDM, but the dancing made me reconsider what the girls can bring when performing this song live. What the chorus lacks in lyrics was made up with powerful dance moves. Each swift pose taken with those neon gloves on really grabbed my attention and kept my eyes on the screen the whole time. It wouldn"t be farfetched to say that this choreography is the fastest, most energy-filled choreography Girls" Generation has ever done. Good luck to fans on this dance cover. You"ll definitely break a sweat!

One word to describe this comeback would be power. The girls show who holds the power in this boy-chases-girl relationship and the music video proves just that. Get pumped for the live stages because this performance is going to heat things up in the audience. And hey. It"s a fun song. If you don"t like it, if they just didn"t sell it for you this time around, still keep this one in your playlist. Give it a couple more go"s like me and maybe it"ll grow on us.

Well? Did Girls" Generation meet your expectations with their music video? Leave your comments below!



[DOUBLE REVIEW] Eric: Girls" Generation - "Catch Me If You Can"


Note: This is a double review, you can view Joshua"s review here.

For most of you, Girls" Generation needs no introduction. Arguably the most popular K-pop group in the world, winning multiple awards and fans across the globe, they have cemented their place in the K-pop realm with multiple megahits. "Catch Me If You Can" is their newest single and their first song without Jessica.

It appears to be Girls" Generation"s crossover into EDM with a definite dubstep groove to it. It"s different than most of their past output, having more of an electronic feel. I like the opening line, but I"m not as impressed as I could be by the rest of it.

The thing I didn"t like about it is that there"s not much difference between the main verses and the chorus. The chorus sounds like sort of an extension of the main verse with the terseness of the lyrics and the lack of substance. It"s like there"s a buildup (I like the main verses), a skillful pre-chorus (enjoy that part, too), and then the chorus itself is a bit of a letdown. There"s also a hook at the the start ("Did it") that strangely never pops up again. At all.

There"s some standout vocal work here from Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Yoona, particularly during the bridge and the pre-chorus. Hyoyeon"s parts seem like an afterthought, though. It"s not a bad song, just not an amazing one. I think "Genie" and "Run Devil Run" were stronger songs. It does show a nod in a different direction, though. Maybe their next album will be more techno-inspired?


The good news: This is not the worst video I"ve seen. It"s watchable, but that"s about as far as it goes.

The bad news: It"s far from the best video I"ve seen, either.

All it consists of is the girls dancing around what appears to be a construction site. There"s no amazing special effects, there"s no plot, there"s one (count "em: one) change of costume mid-MV, and that"s it.

The dancing"s not too bad. It"s a bit too clean and precise, but during the breaks, they bust out the moves and showcase more of what they"re capable of.

But ultimately, it"s overall "meh." I wanted more, though the part with the CGI copter marking the transition from day to night was kinda cool. So, SM: with the departure of Jessica, you don"t want to spend any money. Is that it?

Frankly, I found myself longing for Pakman"s "rainbow butt slide" and the dayglo unicorn.


Review of 3 Days Ep 10: So Yi Hyun revealed to be a Double Agent

Review of 3 Days Ep 10: So Yi Hyun revealed to be a Double Agent

3 Days Episode 10 Review: So Yi Hyun is a Double Agent Not a Traitor

On the 10th episode of “3 Days,” Lee Cha Young (played by So Yi Hyun) was revealed to be a double agent.

Cha Young was not a traitor. She was a double agent for President Lee Dong Hwi (played by Son Hyun Joo).

On this episode, Cha Young got into an accident. Han Tae Kyung (played by Park Yoo Chun) found her on the floor of a parking lot. She told him, “You must tell Mr President. It wasn’t a copy. Find the Chief Secretary. The Chief Secretary. Go, Tae Kyung. You must find him.” Then she died.


Review: Gain Conjures Up A Creepy Dance Groove On The Lee-Hyori-Penned 'Black & White'

Review: Gain Conjures Up A Creepy Dance Groove On The Lee-Hyori-Penned 'Black & White'

Review: Gain Conjures Up A Creepy Dance Groove On The Lee-Hyori-Penned 'BlackWhite' (Photo : Apop Entertainment) Review: Gain Conjures Up A Creepy Dance Groove On The Lee-Hyori-Penned 'BlackWhite' (Photo : Apop Entertainment) It may be difficult to describe exactly what makes up Lee Hyori"s style of songwriting, but it sure easy to notice it.

With a sound resembling the even badder evil twin of "Bad Girls," Hyori"s contribution to Brown Eyed Girls singer Gain"s new solo album, the dark but danceable "Black And Blue, has her fingerprints all over it.

All the elements that make are a great Lee Hyori single are embodied in "BlackWhite," from Gain"s understated hooky vocal delivery, to the eerie surf guitars that glide on top of the overall mix.

Even the rhythmic groove of "BlackWhite" sounds like a darker take on Hyori"s "Bad Girls."

But "BlackBlue" isn"t just a Lee Hyori sound-alike recording.

Rather, Gain makes the song her own with some help from a high-octane production approach that even resembles 1970s progressive arena rock sound in certain moments.

Yet the best parts of the song are when the sound is more laid back and in the pocket.

The bursts of dense keyboards and soundtrack ballad-like breaks really only break up the infectious original vibe of "BlackWhite."

And while one of the song"s great strengths is the way it is defying conventional norms of song structure and genre (hence the prog rock comparison), the best moments in "BlackWhite" are when the outpouring of emotion is lurking just below the surface.

None of this detracts from the song"s overall affect; a powerful force coming from a musically original place that is still funky enough to make it into some DJ sets.

If Gain and Lee decide to collaborate any further in the studio, who knows what could happen?

Check out the Lee Hyori song "BlackBlue" performed by Brown Eyed Girls singer Gain on her new solo album "Truth Or Dare," RIGHT HERE


Review: Andamiro Still 'Waiting' For K-Pop Charts To Take Notice Of Her New Single With Rapper Double K [VIDEO]

Review: Andamiro Still 'Waiting' For K-Pop Charts To Take Notice Of Her New Single With Rapper Double K [VIDEO]

Andamiro, Double K, waiting

Review: Andamiro Still 'Waiting' For K-Pop Charts To Take Notice Of Her New Single With Rapper Double K [VIDEO] Although it has yet to crack the Billboard K-pop top 40, Waiting, released earlier this month by singer Andamiro and featuring rapper Double K, is undoubtedly worth a listen.Although it has yet to crack the Billboard K-pop top 40, "Waiting," released earlier this month by singer Andamiro and featuring rapper Double K, is undoubtedly worth a listen.

The song begins with a hauntingly beautiful melody. And before the beat even drops, the producer makes the unexpected choice of having Double K rhyme over the stark backdrop of an acoustic guitar.

"Waiting" isn't even a song that would even typically feature a rapper.

There is nothing in the rhythmic or musical accompaniment that would suggest an MC's services are needed.

Yet Double K rises to the occasion.

The rapper, who is part of the collective The Movement Soul, busts a flow that is original and works surprisingly well with the track.

His angry words that are basically a tell-off to Andamiro's "Waiting" protagonist make the singer's vocal performance all the more heartbreaking.

Andamiro, whose real name is Won Min Ji, debuted last year on Trophy Entertainment.

The fact the label isn't exactly one of the entertainment forces in K-pop has been blamed for the singer's ability to earn major chart success.

But the singer has a voice that stands out from the rest.

In "Waiting" Andamiro floats between ethereal exhalation and high-energy exaltation, nailing both with equal poise and ease.

She also has an impressive emotional range. Her music video from last year "Hypnotize" which featured Andamiro as a sexy maid, was taking her into Lady Gaga territory.

The performance on "Waiting" is something completely different, demonstrating an emotional depth that is would be hard to know even existed within the same artist from watching the "Hypnotize" video.

The powerfully stripped down performance on "Waiting" is a much better vehicle to demonstrate the depth of Andamiro's talent.

One striking aspect of the singer's performance on "Waiting" is the beautiful way her phrasing changes when she alternates between English and Korean.

When many K-pop artists throw in English words into their songs it can be confusing or even cringe inducing.

Yet with "Waiting" it is quite different.

The most moving moments of the song are the parts where the entire musical accompaniment strips away and all that is left is Andamiro singing the line "I'm waiting for you."

There is something surprising affecting about that moment.

Check out the new music video from Andamiro featuring rapper Double K of The Movement Soul "Waiting" RIGHT HERE


Nexus 4 Review of Jellybean 4.2.2: New Update Kills Undocumented LTE On The LG Nexus 4, May Soon Come In White [PHOTO]

Nexus 4 Review of Jellybean 4.2.2: New Update Kills Undocumented LTE On The LG Nexus 4, May Soon Come In White [PHOTO]

World News, Nexus 4, Nexus 4 Review, Jelly Bean 4.2.2, White Nexus 4

Nexus 4 Review of Jellybean 4.2.2: New Update Kills Undocumented LTE On The LG Nexus 4, May Soon Come In White [PHOTO] Nexus 4Nexus 4 reviews are coming in, as Android came out with an update to the Jelly Bean 4.2 operating system on February 15.

Jellybean version 4.2.2 was put into place to fix certain issues, and Phones Review reported that the new update kills the undocumented LTE on the LG Nexus 4.

The Jelly Bean update also fixed bugs, probably including rebooting issues that certain users had complained about. Other revised features include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles, in which a press-and-hold can switch those functions on and off.

This phone was a huge surprise-success upon its release, with an elegant exterior, large screen with better visual specs than the much-heralded Retina display, and moderate pricing. It's Snapdragon quad core processor at 1.5GHz and with 2GB of RAM dwarfs its Samsung counterpart, the Galaxy S3.

But unlike the iPhone and Nexus 4's other competitors, the Nexus 4 only comes in Black.

There have been rumors since November about the release of a white version of the Nexus 4. Today, a Canadian retailer released a previously unseen white bumper for the Nexus 4 on its website.

The retailer, Eastink, priced the LG Nexus 4 white bumper at $24.99, although the Google Play Store still only has black bumper cases available. The white bumper indicates that a Nexus 4 in white will appear soon, adding another attractive option to the successful smartphone.