‘Infinity Challenge’ producer apologizes for cancellation

‘Infinity Challenge’ producer apologizes for cancellation

Producer Kim Tae Hohas personally apologized for the temporary cancellation of ‘Infinity Challenge’ dueto the ongoing MBCstrike.

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On September 9, Kim Tae Ho wrote to Twitter, “A ‘History x Hip Hop’ special will air instead of the regularly scheduled ‘Infinity Challenge’ episode today. I’m very sorry to all the viewers. The reason ‘Infinity Challenge’ stopped, the reason why MBC is on strike. You can find out what it’s about in the movie ‘Criminal Conspiracy’. We’ll meet you with a better show.”

As previously reported, ‘Infinity Challenge’ and other MBC shows like ‘Show! Music Core’, ‘I Live Alone’, and ‘Radio Star’ are also temporarily canceled. Furthermore, the ‘2017 DMC Festival’ has been canceled, while the ‘2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships’ and ’20th Century Boy and Girl’ have been postponed.