INFINITE’s Woohyun opens up about his shoulder injury

INFINITE’s Woohyun opens up about his shoulder injury

INFINITE’s Woohyun recently opened up about his shoulder injury during a Naver ‘V’ Live broadcast.

He stated that he got injured while recording ISAC.  He told his fans his daily schedule, “I will be working out tomorrow since I like to run.”  He added, “I will try my best to be careful and not hurt myself again.”

Woohyun commented that he has switched up his exercising routine since his shoulder injury, “I used to enjoy extreme physical sports but now just limit myself to running.”

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He then updated fans about his injury, “My shoulder is all torn up so it doesn’t contain any cartilage.  I’m okay, but the hospital says it’s pretty bad. It will probably hurt more when I hit my 30s and 40s.”

Meanwhile, it was noted that Woohyun injured his shoulder back in 2014 on ‘Idol Stars Athletic Championship.’

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