INFINITEs Sungyeol Set To MC At Golden Childs Debut Showcase

INFINITEs Sungyeol Set To MC At Golden Childs Debut Showcase

Woolims brand-new boy band Golden Child has announced its debut showcase date and venue. And who will be MCing at such an exciting event? INFINITEs Sungyeol!

Golden Child is preparing to meet their fans at their first official showcase. The show will feature their title song, which has of course been kept tightly under wraps, as well as other tracks included on their debut mini album.

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Despite not yet having their formal debut, Golden Child has already amassed quite a fan group as fans have been gathered for Golden Childs guerrilla-style performances. The inclusion of Sungyeol as MC for their showcase has only heightened the intensity.

But this will not be the first time that Sungyeol participates in Golden Childs debut activities. Sungyeol is the older brother of Golden Childs leader, Daeyeol, and also appeared alongside the group in their first reality program experience in Mnets 2017 Woolim PICK. Sungyeol led the group and cheerfully showed off his silver-tongued wit.

In regards to Sungyeols participation in the groups debut, his manager stated, Sungyeol is participating as MC in order to congratulate and support his younger brother who spent a long time as a trainee and is finally getting to debut. He wishes to reassure the young group as they are most likely nervous as they undertake their first big activities, and wants to help to ensure that their first performance is a success.

Golden Child means a one and only perfect child of 100 years. The name is intended to imply that the group will drive the South Korean music industry and all trends for the next 100 years. The group has announced its 3-week-long debut promotion which was to start on August 3. August 7 marked the beginning of photos and videos sharing the personal concepts of the groups 11 members.

The group is set to release their first mini album Gol-Cha! and have their official debut showcase at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall on August 28.