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INFINITE’s Sunggyu Doesn’t would like to Get Married Until…?

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INFINITE’s Sunggyu Doesn’t would like to Get Married Until…? INFINITE’s Sunggyu these days printed what age he needs to get married at.

On a contemporary recording of “Witch Hunt,” a lady confesses that she is ready to get married to a guy who doesn’t know she has been married once before.

After hearing this story, the Limitless member declares, “I’m going to get married in my 40s.”

Then Sung Shi Kyung asks, “Sunggyu has 13 years left prior to hitting 40, so you’re seeking to revel in the time you've left?” and Sunggyu replies, “I still don’t feel the want to marry quickly,” and spoke of his own marriage standards.

Lee Sung Min comments, “[His] fans’ love is so giant that he hasn’t discovered a lady who can satisfy that amount. I, too, once in a while compare my girlfriend’s love to my fans’ love.”

To this, Sunggyu says, “No, that’s now no longer it,” and laughs.

To see more of the singer, watch the following episode of “Witch Hunt” airing on August 14 at 11 p.m. KST.

What do you call to mind Sunggyu’s marriage plans?

INFINITE’s Sunggyu Displays His Adult Fantasies

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INFINITE’s Sunggyu unearths His Adult Fantasies INFINITE’s Sunggyu confesses his adult fantasies on JTBC’s “Witch Hunt.”

While speaking about costumes and fetishes at the adult communicate show, Sunggyu is asked, “What more or less garments glance lovely and attractive to you?” Sunggyu answers, “If I had to choose, it is going to be a flight attendant.” He then adds, “I don’t think nurses are my thing. And you don’t see maids in genuine life.”

Heo Ji Woong asks, “What facet of flight attendants is captivating to you?” and Sunggyu replies honestly, “It’s on account in their upright image. Doesn’t every person have the ones sorts of fantasies?”

Meanwhile, Sunggyu also speaks about his mind on men gazing adult videos. When a girl discusses her concern that her husband helps to keep on gazing adult material, the endless member says, “It’s an glaring thing for men to examine adult material. I don’t think it’s a bad thing.” He continues, “To be touchy to visual stimuli is solely herbal intuition for men. There’s no selection yet for men to observe a girl who is exposed. It’s evidence that the fellow is healthy.”

This episode of “Witch Hunt” will air on August 14 at 11 p.m. KST.

What are your mind on Sunggyu’s adult comments?

INFINITE's Sunggyu talks about porn and his feminine delusion on 'Witch Hunt'

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INFINITE's Sunggyu talks about porn and his feminine delusion on 'Witch Hunt'

Some other folks have one of those myth they prefer best, and ours could be our bias in idol groups. But have you wondered what form of fantasies idols have?

In the new filming for "Witch Hunt", INFINITE"s Sunggyu mentioned just that at the 19+ rated show. 

While the MCs were discussing gown plays and fetishes, Sunggyu used to be asked, "What more or less gown looks lovely or horny to you?"

The idol replie, "If I need to choose, a stewardess. I don"t think I"m actually the nurse type, and a maid isn"t somebody I"d be ready to look incessantly in genuine life."

Heo Ji Woong said, "What a phase of a stewardess do you watched draws you?"

Sunggyu replied, "It"s their neat and upright image. Doesn"t every person have that more or less fantasy?"

While at the subject of a girl who complains about her husband staring at too much porn, Sunggyu truthfully remarked, "I think it"s a for the reason that men watch porn. I don"t think it"s a bad thing. Men are just more visual through nature. So they can"t assist but be interested in women"s skin exposure. i believe a guy staring at erotic porn is an indication that the guy is a healthy man." 

Those are some fair words appropriate there! Once you need to listen more of what he says, song in for the episode airing later tonight!

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Sunggyu shocks everyone with INFINITE"s fridge on "Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator"

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Sunggyu shocks everyone with INFINITE

Not everyone can take a good care of their own refrigerator, including idols.

In the upcoming episode of JTBC"s "Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator", Sunggyu will appear as guest and reveal the fridge that he"s currently share with INFINITE" Hoya and Dongwoo.

In particular, MCs Kim Sung Joo and Jung Hyun Don handed out face masks and said,"This is the first time that the crew prepare masks", warned the chefs and guests about the "disaster" that is about to come out.

As soon as the fridge was opened, it caused a sudden sock to everyone because of its contens from instant products that were rotting to foods that can"t be even recognized.

Even Girls" Generation"s Sunny couldn"t stand seeing the shocking site that she put on the mask and yell "I want to live!". For the chefs, they were put in a difficult situation as most of the materials that they needed to take from the fridge to cook were immediately gone to the trash can.

This episode will be broadcasted on June 29th at 9:40PM KST. READ MORE

INFINITE"s Sunggyu says he can"t be friends with celebrities because of Jung Hyung Don

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INFINITE"s Sunggyu roused up some laughs on JTBC"s "Please Take Care of my Refrigerator" on June 29 by directing light jabs at Jung Hyung Don.

He said, "Not too long ago, I contacted him, but there was no reply. Jung Hyung Don said to me, "Oh, you didn"t know I changed my number?" He had to tell me [he"d changed his number], but he had not told me. It made me think this is why I could not be close to celebrities."

He said toward Jung Hyung Don, who was as amused as everybody else, "I treated you so well, but celebrities" personalities... What you see of [celebrities"] personalities on TV is not all there is," making everyone chuckle.

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Sunggyu has reportedly stunned the chefs and singer Sunny with what is inside of the INFINITE’s fridge

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INFINITEs Sunggyu Shocks Chefs and Sunny With Contents of INFINITEs Refrigerator INFINITEs dorms shocking refrigerator will soon be revealed.

On JTBCs cooking show Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, Sunggyu appears as a guest and reveals the fridge that he shares with band members Hoya and Dongwoo.

Before they begin, the MCs Kim Sung Joo and Jung Hyung Don hand out face masks, saying, The staff gave us masks for the first time, and warned the chefs and guests about its contents.

In the fridge, even instant food that doesnt often go bad is rotting, and foods that are difficult to even recognize keep coming out of the fridge, putting everyone in shock.

At this, Girls Generation Sunny puts on the mask that the MCs gave her and yells out, I want to stay alive! and the chefs who need to cook from the contents of the fridge were put into a bind as most things in the fridge head straight for the trash can.

This episode of Please Take Care of My Refrigerator will air on June 29.

INFINITE"s Sunggyu says Sungjong has the "8th grade disease"?

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First off, congratulations to INFINITE on their 5 year anniversary! Maknae Sungjong was just a kid when he debuted in INFINITE back then, and you would think that he"s all grown up now. But not according to leader Sunggyu!

On June 8"s "INFINITE Viewing Radio - Inspirit Sparkle Night", Sunggyu was able to say some of his honest opinions about Sungjong, as Sungjong wasn"t present because of filming for "Real Men"!

Sunggyu said, "Right now Sungjong is not here. Because he"s entered the army. What I"m worried about is that Sungjong is currently struggling through an illness. He"s caught the "2nd year middle school (8th grade) disease". I hope he comes back from the army having fixed his "8th grade disease"."

For those that don"t know what this term means, it"s in reference to puberty and pre-teens, who tend to act out and have mood swings. It seems our dear grandpa leader is saying that themaknaestill has some maturing to do!

INFINITE also proved their immense popularity, as their live stream reached 200,000 viewers along with over 100,000 comments!

May INFINITE have many more anniversaries to come!

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INFINITE’s Hoya to Feature in Sunggyu’s Upcoming Goodbye Stage

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INFINITE’s Hoya to Feature in Sunggyu’s Upcoming Goodbye Stage

INFINITEs Hoya has volunteered to perform together with Sunggyu in his upcoming goodbye stage.

According to affiliates of the music department, Hoya will be making a special appearance on the June 6 broadcast of Music Core to help out with Sunggyus goodbye solo stage. Despite being busy with his current drama Mask, Hoya volunteered, nevertheless, to help Sunggyus promotions end on a greater note.

Sunggyu will be finishing up his solo activities with Music Core this week, as Hoya takes on Tablos part in the song Daydream. During the showcase that marked his solo promotions, Sunggyu revealed that Daydream was his favorite songs in the album since NELLs Kim Jong Wan and Epik Highs Tablo, two people that he respects and loves, participated in making the track.

Meanwhile, Sunggyu will come back as INFINITE in a comeback hopefully this Summer.

Girls" Generation"s Sunny and INFINITE"s Sunggyu to guest on "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator"

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Girls" Generation"s Sunny and INFINITE"s Sunggyu will be appearing as guests on JTBC"s "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator".

It looks like the rumors online were true because Sunggyu and Sunny filmed for "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator" on June 1 KST. The episode featuring the two idols is scheduled to air later this month when fans can check out what the stars have in their own, personal fridges.

The show is a cooking variety program that has six celebrity chefs making dishes from what"s left in the guests" refrigerators. Stay tuned!

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INFINITE’s Sunggyu and Girls’ Generation’s Sunny to Guest on “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator”

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INFINITE’s Sunggyu and Girls’ Generation’s Sunny to Guest on “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator”

INFINITEs Sunggyu and Girls Generations Sunny will be sharing the contents of their personal fridges on the popular JTBC variety show Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.

Rumors of Sunggyu and Sunny appearing on the show started making rounds online earlier today, and a representative of the show has now confirmed the news. The idols reportedly took part in a filming held on June 1, and the episode is expected to air later this month.

The chef line-up for this episode will be Choi Hyun Suk, Lee Yeon Bok, Sam Kim, Mikael, Kim Poong, Park Joon Woo, Lee Won Il, and Maeng Ki Yong.

Meanwhile, Please Take Care of My Refrigerator takes a look into stars fridges and challenges top chefs to prepare gourmet dishes using ingredients from the celebrities pantry. The show airs on Mondays at 9:40 p.m.