In Park Seo-joon, We Trust

In Park Seo-joon, We Trust

There’s just something about this young actor that we can’t take our eyes off of. Of course, who wouldn’t be mesmerized by his good look, completed with his sculpted body?

Thankfully, Park Seo-joon have rained mercy on us with his hot bod by taking off his shirt in almost every drama/shows he took part in. His beautiful abs shines through the screen from a modern drama to a historical drama. So, the fans were anxiously waiting for another one from his new drama.

Of course, in the 3rd official teaser of his new drama, “Fight My Way”, here comes Park Seo-joon, pounding on my heart.

He is also known as a professional kiss scene maker. In “A Witch’s Love”, he created an intense kiss scene from the very beginning in the first episode. So called Kiss-scene-master Park Seo-joon keeps on creating yet another best kiss-scene in the history of K-dramas.

He is also great at creating an unbreakable chemistry with whoever he is paired with. His chemistry is especially great when paired with older woman,

And even better with bromance.

I’m so excited to watch his new drama, “Fight My Way”, to see what unique chemistry he will be making with one of my favorite actress, Kim Ji-won-I.