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Joo Won Defends Himself on “Healing Camp”: “I’m now not an Arrogant Person”

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Joo Won Defends Himself on “Healing Camp”: “I’m Not an Arrogant Person” Joo Won, who currently starred in “Yong Pal,” is guesting at the SBS communicate display “Healing Camp” to give an explanation for the misconception that he spoke informally to his seniors. Ceaselessly generally known as the king of ratings, his informal speech is the No. 2 seek observe associated with the actor.

On the show, Joo Won’s seniors from “Yong Pal” send in wonder video messages. “Joo Won has a huge number of aegyo,” actress Kim Tae Hee says. “I need a son like that.” Jung Woong In agrees, announcing that he needs a more youthful brother like Joo Won, yet then surprises the actor via asking how much his appearance charges are.

Joo Won’s chemistry with Yoo Hae Jin and his dependancy of talking informally is a number one center of attention on the show. “Yoo Hae Jin had asked me why I don’t discuss informally to him but i presumed that whilst I could be more comfortable, the folk around him would take it badly,” the actor explains. “I am not an impertinent person.”

MC Kim Jae Dong asks him if he had criteria for formal and casual speech. “I’ve been the use of informal speech with Uhm Tae Woong for a long time,” Joo Won says. “So perhaps he’s the benchmark . . . ?”

Joo Won to movie ′Healing Camp′ As of late (10/7)

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Joo Won to movie ′Healing Camp′ As of late (10/7)

--> Joo Won might be performing on Healing Camp

Joo Won will be filming SBS′ Healing Camp on October 7.

This is Joo Won′s first time appearing on a communicate display in 3 years since his 2012 appearance on KBS 2TV′s Kim Seung Woo′s Win Win. Many are curious to look what reports Joo Won, who currently starred in SBS′ Yong Pal-ie, will proportion from the drama. He may be expected to open up about his existence as an actor and as an individual.

Meanwhile, Joo Won and Yu Hae Jin′s film That Man is determined to hit theaters on October 28.

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Feel Unicorn’s Healing with “Huk”

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20150903_seoulbeats_unicorn Feel Unicorns Healing with Huk Written by Madi On September 6, 2015 As of September 3, Show Brothers Entertainment has debuted a five-member female group, produced by Kim Jo-han, and their name is Unicorn. Ga-yong, Rumi, Sally, Winnie, and Yu-jin have come together to provide healing, just as a unicorn would, but through the power of music. With their debut comes a mini album, Unicorn: Once Upon a Time and a title track—“헉 or “Huk.”

Before progressing any further, the record’s title gets confusing. Is it a mistranslation because g/k use the same character in sound? Is its usage an onomatopoeia for being surprised or shocked? There seems to be no solid answer of this, so you’ll have to make the decision for yourself.

The song opens up with a dreamy and fluttery tune which is soon accompanied by vocals talking about how the pain of past loves made them afraid to fall in love again. While the melody doesn’t change, the technique of the lyrics do. The vocals that started off the song suddenly turns into a slowed down rap to follow the beat and explains how this one person has revived their heart to feel love again and the passion of wanting someone by their side. Then switches back to singing for a English heavy chorus, wanting their savior to hug and kiss them.

I was afraid of falling in love for a while

Because of a lot of pains from love

On my heart which I thought it has stopped

You are carving the feeling of love again

I want to keep you by my side

Just give me the time, I will come to you

Slowly and throw myself into my arms.

So please don’t be embarrassed and hug me tightly

Within the chorus, the ‘hug’ or ‘huk’ is quite debatable considering there’s no difference in its pronunciation. Even the subtitles within the video switch between the ‘k’ and ‘g’, so it’s probably the best and only guideline to know which word is being used when. Backtracking to the onomatopoeia, ‘huk’ inserted into the lyrics can be, ‘Surprise me, surprise me baby.’ But then, the Korean word for ‘surprise’ would make more sense if ‘huk’ is truly describing a sound being made. Otherwise, “(sound) me, (sound) me baby” makes little to no sense. Try inserting a gasp or ‘omo’, which is also used to express shock. Sounds weird doesn’t it?

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the follow up to the chorus sounds strangely familiar. Despite the song sounding entirely different, the delivery of “What you know about me? What you what you know about me,” is exactly the same as Lil Mama’s “Lip Gloss”. The two lines are said three times and it is only different when it is being sung, not rapped. Hopefully this won’t come up in a plagiarism case, considering one of the members, Rumi (was Seolha), was a part of another group by the name of PURPLAY who were accused of plagiarizing dance choreography back in 2013.

The interaction between the group members and the guys plus the males’ acting seems slightly forced and awkward. It’s not the shy type of awkward, it’s the director put us in this room to film this scene and we know nothing about you so I’m going to do a slowed down version of running man with my arms while she’s going to act surprised type of awkward. A glimpse of those scene are less than ten seconds combined and only appears five times. Each time was filled with secondhand embarrassment.

The pastel colors of the video are cute for the girl theme, but can be a bit of an overload. It’s on the set, it’s on their clothes, and it’s even in their hair. Anything related to girls: shoes, shopping, sugary food, tea parties, all of it is crammed into this video. For some reason, I’m reminded of miss A’s “Breathe” with the pop of colors (miss A has more variance) and the scenery (especially in miss A’s second chorus).

What Unicorn lacks is something that sets them apart from other girl groups. If it’s not the looks (which is quite terrifying considering the over-dramatic eye makeup), style (pastel and stripe overdose), lyrical theme (universal to finding love again after being destroyed by it plus overabundance of repetitive English), or vocal ability (generally okay marks), the thing that makes one shine is the dance. But in Unicorn’s case, the dance comes from the box labeled ‘generic K-pop dance moves for females’. With all these points combined, sadly, there’s nothing that makes them unique in their display of performance.

One thing that can be said if the plan was to go for a cute but alluring aura to break up the overly sexual outfits and dances that has been majorly displayed as of recent, then yes, Unicorn definitely succeeded. The song has a catchy vibe to it, the vocals aren’t intense and flow smoothly, and the melody is soft. It’s undeniable that you probably can’t help but to sing along. But the choice of ‘huk’ and ‘hug’ is entirely up to you.

If Unicorn has gotten your attention, you can catch their five episode series, “I Am a Girl Group”, which is on NAVER TV Cast (assuming there is no region block).

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New K-Pop Girl Group Unicorn Hopes Their Music Will Have A Healing Effect On Fans

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New K-Pop Girl Group Unicorn Hopes Their Music Will Have A Healing Effect On Fans

(Photo : Twitter ) A new girl group is hoping to win over the hearts of K-pop fans with their special concept.

Unicorn, the new Show Brothers Entertainment group will release their debut album on September 3 and are looking to bring some positive energy with their music.

The five-member girl band was brought together by RB singer and producer Kim Jo Han (also known as George Han Kim) and are planning the release of their debut album in early September under Show Brothers Entertainment.

"A Unicorn is a beautiful, legendary animal with a horn protruding from its forehead," said a representative from Show Brothers regarding the group"s name (viaK-Pop Herald)."The name refers to the groups goal to heal people with music, just like a unicorn horn is said to have the power of therapy."

Prior to the release of their debut album on September 3, the Unicorn members will appear in a mini television series calledI Am a Girl Group. With five episodes planned through Naver"s TV Cast, the show will give fans a chance to get to know the group"s members more personally.

The first episode of I Am a Girl Group appeared online on August 17 at 10 a.m. KST.

Kim Jo Han is a Korean-American RB singer who rose to fame in the 1990s when he was the lead singer for male pop group Solid. Solid disbanded in 1996 and Kim Jo Han has since gone on to write and produce songs for a variety of other artists.

Unicorn"s first album is planned for release on September 3.

Hwang Kwang-hee, Si Wan, and Hyung Sik to look in 'healing Camp' in combination

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Hwang Kwang-hee, Si Wan, and Hyung Sik to look in 'healing Camp' in combination

in keeping with an insider of media, Hwang Kwang-hee, Si Wan, and Hyung Sik participated in the filming of the controversy display, " curative Camp" on August 5th.

whilst it used to be reviously known that Hyung Sik would big name in the controversy display, what they are going to discuss in the display is drawing attention as his highest pals, Hwang Kwang-hee, and Si Wan have also joined in the filming.

" curative Camp" is administered by way of the display host, Kim Je-dong and 499 audiences decided on from audience of the display, who ask questions to their guest(s).

[Exclusive] ZE:A′s Park Hyung Sik to appear on ′healing Camp′

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[Exclusive] ZE:A′s Park Hyung Sik to appear on ′healing Camp′

--> ZE:A′s Park Hyung Sik could be performing on < robust> curative Camp.

Park Hyung Sik filmed SBS′ < robust> curative Camp on August five. here is the primary time Park Hyung Sik could be performing on a communicate display on his own since debuting with ZE:A in 2010.

The lately- made over < robust> curative Camp invitations five00 target audience individuals to speak with one guest. Actor Hwang Jung Min and LeeSsang′s Gary were the primary two visitors to appear at the display with the hot structure. Many are curious to look what's going to take place when Park Hyung Sik meets Kim Je Dong and the target audience individuals.

Park Hyung Sik starred in the lately-wrapped SBS drama < robust>high Society, bringing his candy, yet heartbreaking romance with Lim Ji Yeon′s persona to lifestyles.

because the drama ended, Park Hyung Sik has been keeping busy with advertisement shoots and interviews whilst reviewing his next task.

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Gary Recounts His Unforgettable First meeting With Lee Kwang Soo on “healing Camp”

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Gary Recounts His Unforgettable First meeting With Lee Kwang Soo on “healing Camp” Gary lately graced the degree of SBS “healing Camp,” and, much to the marvel and pleasure of the target market, Asia’s prince Lee Kwang Soo joined him for the tail finish of the display.

at the display, Lee Kwang Soo comes out and, even though incredibly commemorated by way of his reception, expresses his anxiety, pronouncing that he’s in point of fact no longer excellent at talking, and ceaselessly speaks slowly, on best of no longer in point of fact being very talkative first of all.

Gary sums it up well for his fri finish, pronouncing that what Lee Kwang Soo needs to mention is that on sort presentations, he's depicted as an overly a laugh and outgoing consumer, yet his genuine consumerality isn't like that.

Gary mentions the primary time he met Lee Kwang Soo. “It become once the primary meeting of ‘Running man’ solid participants: Haha, me, and Kwang Soo. We acknowledged, ‘hi there, since we’re going to be doing a wide range display in combination, let’s get to grasp every one and every other,’ and we began to drink.”

“We had way too much,” says Gary, “and then we all went to Haha’s position and slept.” He says they had plans to wake up the following morning and hang out back. The next morning though, Gary had reasonably the marvel looking forward to him.

“The aspect doors of my automobile were covered in puke. Even the ceiling become once covered in it. I acknowledged to Kwang Soo that he will have to have just told me,” says Gary. Lee Kwang Soo responds that he become once too automobileeful and couldn’t say the rest. “He’s that shy,” says Gary.

Lee Kwang Soo and Gary to look on interview display 'healing Camp'

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Lee Kwang Soo and Gary to look on interview display 'healing Camp'

"Running man" team participants Lee Kwang Soo And Leessang"s Gary volition either exist sitting down for interviews on SBS" " curative Camp".

King Kong Entertainment printed that the 2 stars either filmed for the display on July 29, And audience terminate be predicting their episode in August. the impending episode volition marking Lee Kwang Soo And Gary"s start times on " curative Camp", and plenty of Are curious every bit to what they"ll open just About.

the recent " curative Camp" includes A reside target Audience of 500 other individuals alongside host Kim Jae Dong, so there"s certain to exist numerous comments.

remain tuned for updates!

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Lee Kyung Kyu Names Lee Hwi Jae as Worst Guest on “healing Camp”

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Lee Kyung Kyu Names Lee Hwi Jae as Worst Guest on “healing Camp” at the July 20 episode of “< robust>healing Camp,” < robust>Lee Hwi Jae made an appearance as a unique MC, because of < robust>Lee Kyung Kyu’s upcoming departure from the program.

Lee Hwi Jae asks, “Who is the guest who gave you the maximum tricky time?”, to which Lee Kyung Kyu replies, “the one who I fussed over the maximum, and the one who became once the maximum tricky to maintain is you”. He says this since the 2 are very close pals, and so Lee Hwi Jae knows numerous his secrets, making him frightened that Lee Hwi Jae may accidently divulge some secrets.

meanwhile, here is the ultimate episode of “healing Camp” where Lee Kyung Kyu and < robust>Sung Yuri act as MCs for the program. the upcoming episodes will feature the 2 pronouncing their ultimate goodbyes. < robust>Kim Jae Dong will continue to stick on the program.

"Healing Camp" hosts to depart

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Comedian-entertainer Lee Kyung-kyu, 54, and singer-turned-actress Seong Yoo-ri, 34, are confirmed to be leaving reality program "Healing Camp", which the two hosted alongside Kim Je-dong.Even though the two have been deliberating on leaving the program over the past few months, they remained in their positions at the request of people affiliated with the program, according to a source close to the two celebrities.Founding member Lee has been hosting the variety show since it began in 2011. Even though he has been busy with other programs such as "Take Care of My Dad" and "Family"s Dignity: Full House", he has continued to host "Healing Camp". However, according to Lee, it is time for him to step down and focus more on his other programs.Seong, who joined the reality program after former host Han Hye-jin left, decided to leave because she wants to focus on her acting career. She has been working on the show for two years. "Healing Camp" marks its fourth anniversary on July 18. Even though host Kim will remain, the program is expected to take a different approach with the two other hosts gone. By Jin Min-ji