Im Young Min Of “Produce 101 Season 2” Under Fire For Allegedly Sharing Song Preferences Spoilers + Mnet Responds

Im Young Min Of “Produce 101 Season 2” Under Fire For Allegedly Sharing Song Preferences Spoilers + Mnet Responds

“Produce 101 Season 2” contestant Im Young Min might be receiving a penalty.

A screenshot of a group chat between fans of Im Young Min recently surfaced on online community sites. In the group chat, one person claiming to have exchanged texts with Im Young Mins older brother shared a screenshot of their conversation. The person appearing to be Im Young Mins brother wrote, 1. Never 2. Oh Little Girl, indicating which songs Im Young Min wanted to perform for his concept evaluation. Though it is unclear whether this information affected the votes, Im Young Min was ultimately assigned to Never.

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On May 30, a source from Mnet stated, “After confirming with the trainee through his agency, [Im Young Min] said that he did not tell his family members what song he wanted. However, we have confirmed that he did talk about things related to the concept evaluation song with his family and some fans.”

The source continued, saying, “In regards to this, as we consider equality with the other trainees, we are currently discussing whether or not there will be a penalty.

However, this was not the only controversy Im Young Min was caught up in.

Another problem arose when an internet community user claiming to be acquaintances with Im Young Mins alleged girlfriend (whom Brand New Music denied the existence of) spoiled the results of the program before the episode had aired. The user claimed that Im Young Min took fifth place, Joo Hak Nyeon took tenth place, and that Park Ji Hoon was not first place. This turned out to be correct when the latest episode aired on May 26.

Regarding this issue, the source from Mnet explained, We have also received a message from his agency saying that [Im Young Min] did not reveal the ranking results, so they think the messages were not written by a real acquaintance of his. Thus, there will be no additional penalties for potential spoilers.