iKON’s Koo Jun Hoe performs on ‘Fantastic Duo 2’

iKON’s Koo Jun Hoe performs on ‘Fantastic Duo 2’

iKON’s Koo Jun Hoeappeared on this week’s episode of ‘Fantastic Duo 2’ and had a chance to sing with the legend herself, Yang Hee Eun.

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During the show, Koo Jue Hoe impressed the audience as well as the panel with his strong husky voice. Amongst many talented singers, his ability as a singer still stood out. In a short interview, he said, “I was a huge fan of Yang Hee Eun sunbaenim. I want to be her endorphin and make her smile, I prepared PSY sunbaenim’ssong ‘Celebrity’.”

He performed the song flawlessly despite being very nervous in which led to the whole crowd being mesmerized by his showmanship and his vocals. He finished the song with his own version of aegyothat stole Yang Hee Eun’s heart.

Check out the clip above and below!