iKON’s B.I covers girl group dances on ‘Oppa Thoughts’

iKON’s B.I covers girl group dances on ‘Oppa Thoughts’

On July 15, the members of iKON made their appearance as guests on ‘Oppa Thoughts’ and B.I took the time to cover some girl groups’ dances for the panel!

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It was mentioned that B.I was very good at girl groups’ dances and was asked if he could show the panel something. He agreed to do so without any hesitation and said he would leave it to his consciousness. While he was doing so, the panel couldn’t help but notice that the dance covers were all slightly strange and goofy. The rest of the iKON members looked embarrassed and the whole cast including the members continued to joke and laugh as B.I finished his series of dance covers.

Did you catch iKON on ‘Oppa Thoughts’ this week?

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