iKON under fire for their misogynistic actions

iKON under fire for their misogynistic actions

It appears that iKON is under fire after their past misogynistic actions resurfaced online recently.

During their concert from 2016, the members of iKON dressed as females parodying EXID’s “UP&DOWN” for a portion of the show. However, during this time, the members started to goof around too much and according to netizens, they portrayed misogynistic actions by lifting one another’s skirts and trying to strip down one another. The original post was first shared on Nate Pann earlier today and spread to international netizens. Upon seeing this controversy, fans beyond Korea have started to criticize iKON and their behavior.

Some comments read as the following, “This is iKON. F*ck they were acting out all sorts of sexual harassment and lifting up skirts while laughing about it”, “I don’t know who they are but just imagine how much they view women only as sexual beings that they’re behaving like this…”, “I’m a fan of iKON but seriously…? why?”, “This behavior is gross and disgusting”, “Even as their fan, this isn’t something that should be defended”, “This is a clear example of how they view women”, and much more.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

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