iKON set themselves apart from Big Bang and WINNER

iKON set themselves apart from Big Bang and WINNER

The iKON members explained in all honesty how they differ from labelmate artists like WINNER and Psy.

Returning after one year, the iKON members sat down for an exclusive interview inside YG Entertainment’s headquarters in light of their new single ‘New Kids: Begin’ on May 22.

In regards to their competition with fellow YG group WINNER, iKON commented, “We are glad that WINNER is doing well.  We will always be rooting for them.”

As for the fierce battle on the music charts along with Psy, they mentioned, “We are honored to be listed on the music charts. It makes us feel so proud to just be allowed to perform alongside with him…We can’t possibly say that we are competing against Psy,” showing much respect for the world star.

The iKON members went on to describe their unique music genres compared to Big Bang and WINNER. “Big Bang presents that party vibe like you would have at a penthouse, while WINNER illustrates an elegant tone. As for us, we see ourselves as skater boys, riding on our skateboards in the parking lot; emitting a cool, and free-spirited street atmosphere.”

They added, “Since we are young, all seven of us tend to get rowdy. We are youths trying to spread our wings. Although we are not perfect, we are experimenting and trying different things at the moment.”

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Meanwhile, iKON will be releasing their new album on May 22.

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