If Game Of Thrones Characters Had K-Pop Theme Songs

If Game Of Thrones Characters Had K-Pop Theme Songs

If you watch the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones, you know how great the show is. But theres one thing that could make it even better: K-pop! In honor of Season 7 of Game of Thrones coming to an end, here are some of the main characters on the show and their would-be K-pop theme songs.

This article contains some spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7.

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Daenerys Targaryen — Fire, BTS

The only way Daeneryss scenes could be more epic is if BTSs Fire played every time she shouted Dracarys and started burning things down. Just like the song suggests, this queen makes her own rules — and sets a lot of fires along the way.

Arya has trained with the Faceless Men, learning the ability to wear the face of each person she assassinates. Now that shes constantly adding new faces to her collection, its easy to see how PSYs New Face is a fitting theme song for Arya. Thankfully, the song is less creepy than her power is!

Littlefinger — Trouble Maker, Trouble Maker

Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger, has secretly schemed and plotted since Season 1, accumulating power at the expense of those around him. Thats why Trouble Maker is the perfect song for Littlefinger; hes certainly caused a lot of trouble for everyone since the very beginning.

Bran Stark — The 7th Sense, NCT U

NCT Us The 7th Sense has mysterious, dream-like vibes that suit Bran and his magical abilities. Bran can even use his powers to view the world through the eyes of other creatures, giving a new meaning to the songs signature phrase open your eyes.

Cersei Lannister — Hurricane Venus, BoA

Cersei will stop at nothing to protect herself and those she loves, and just like a hurricane, she leaves a wake of destruction in her path. Thats why K-pop queen BoAs Hurricane Venus is a fitting theme song for the queen on the Iron Throne.

Jaime Lannister  — Replay, SHINee

This SHINee classic is also known as Noona Youre So Pretty. Seeing as Jaimes twin sister Cersei is slightly older than he is, that makes her his noona and, well, we all know how special their relationship is.

Tyrion Lannister — MAMA, EXO

Tyrion has been rejected and spurned throughout his life, even by members of his own family. The message of MAMA, which asks people to accept and respect each other rather than being heartless, would resonate with him.

Melisandre is also called the Red Woman, making HyunAs Red the perfect anthem for her. Plus, these two ladies in red share a similar sexy charm that makes them both irresistible!

Ser Jorah Mormont — Im Jelly Baby, AOA Cream

Theres nothing quite as heartbreaking as unrequited love, and Jorahs feelings for Daenerys are still as one-sided as ever. As Dany continues to find new love interests, all Jorah can do is say Im Jelly Baby!

Theon Greyjoy — On and On, VIXX

While he does make some pretty terrible choices, poor Theon really has been through a lot. In On and On, VIXX sings about a tortured soul not unlike the young Greyjoy. And maybe he could take a hint from the chorus of I need therapy — he should probably talk to someone.

Sansa Stark — I Dont Need a Man, miss A

After being mistreated by multiple men in her life, Sansa is finally starting to embrace her independence, even flexing her leadership skills as Lady of Winterfell. miss As I Dont Need a Man is the strong-woman anthem that defines Sansas new attitude!

Sometimes it seems like Jon is the only one who could genuinely save Westeros — especially when other characters are too concerned with their own power struggles to care about the giant army of the dead marching towards them all. MONSTA Xs Hero defines Jon Snow in a nutshell: he is the hero that Westeros needs but definitely doesnt deserve.

The Night King — Its Cold, Epik High feat. Lee Hi

Speaking of that army of the dead, lets round out this list with its leader! Epik Highs Its Cold is the K-pop theme song of the Night King because well, just look at him.

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