Idols With Most Expensive Real Estate Property In Seoul

Idols With Most Expensive Real Estate Property In Seoul

Idols are usually called a “walking business.” They earn million of won every year. Several idols spend their money in buying real estate property.

Buying real estate properties is a growing trend among the idols. It serves as one of the idol’s investment for their future.

We created a list of idols who owns most expensive real estate property in South Korea. It is based on the information available on the internet.

(Photo : Choi Kyuhyun/Viki)

Cho Kyuhyun owns a real estate heaven in Hawolgok, Seoul. According to Dispatch, Kyuhun’s apartment suite has a market price of ₩12.1 billion or approximately $10.6 million in 2016.

In 2014, Han Seungyeon bought a building in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam, Seoul with market price of ₩4.55 billion or approximately $4 million. tvN’s The List 2017 hailed Seungyeon as the seventh celebrity who become successful in real state.

Today, the building has a market value of t ₩7.5 billion o rapproximately $6.6 million. Han Seungyeon also owns a villa worth of ₩1.1 billion or approximately $963,000.

Miss A’s Suzy is one of the idols that owns a real state heaven in South Korea. She owns a building in Gangnam, Seoul. It has market price of ₩3.7 billion or approximately $3.2 million in 2016.

Bae Suzy applied for a loan of ₩1.7 billion or approximately $1.5 million for her to enable to buy the building. The building has 5 floors and 2 underground floors. It is also available for office rent for ₩15 million or approximately $13,132.

She also owns a very luxurious apartment in Samseong, Seoul valued at₩3.1 billion or approximately $2.7 million. It is the house you usually see in her variety program, Off the REC. SUZY.

There are two apartment in Seoul owned by G-Dragon. One in Seoungsu and the other is in Mapo.

G-dragon’s Seoungsu apartment was designed by French architech, Jean Nouvel. The property has a market price of₩3.2 billion or approximately $2.8 million, in 2016.

On the other hand, the apartment in Mapo is popular among YG Entertainment artist. The apartment has a wonderful view of Han River. It has market price of₩1.3 billion or approximately $1.1 million.

(Photo : Jessica Jeong/Viki)

Jessica Jeong is living with her younger sister in an expensive apartmentin Chungdam, Seoul. She obtain it in an auction, 6 years ago. last year, the apartment has a market price of₩2.3 billion or approximately $2 million.

Choi Sooyoung owns a luxurious villa known as Nonhyeon La Folium in Nonhyeon, Seoul. It is also one of the safest neighbor in Seoul. In 2016, the market price of Sooyoung’s villa is₩2.9 billion or approximately $2.5 million.

(Photo : bluebee naver blog)

Like G-Dragon’s Mapo apartment, T.O.P. has a luxurious villa with an overview of Han River. It is located inYongsan, Seoul. In 2016, the market price of the singer’s villa is₩2.5 billion or approximately $2.2 million.