Idol Rapper And Songwriter Stuns Everyone With His Vocal Talent On King Of Masked Singer

Idol Rapper And Songwriter Stuns Everyone With His Vocal Talent On King Of Masked Singer

The episode of MBCs King of Masked Singer featured the reveal of Baby Octopus Prince to be a member of an idol group who is known for his talents as a rapper and songwriter.

The second battle of the first round was between Oh Yeah Stingray and Baby Octopus Prince, who sang Yoon Do Hyuns I Must Have Loved You together.

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Though the audience and judges enjoyed both singers performances, the win ultimately went to Oh Yeah Stingray with a vote of 58 to 41.

Baby Octopus Prince performed Kang San Aes Like the Salmon that Swim Against the River Current and took off his mask to reveal that it was none other than iKONs Bobby. His unmasking was met with loud cheers and applause from the crowd, and he greeted everyone as he said, Hello, Im Yeonnam-dongs cutie, Kim Ji Won [Bobbys real name].

When asked why he decided to appear on the show, Bobby said, I actually like singing more than rapping. Ive seen lots of people cry hearing people sing. I think singing is able to touch peoples hearts more [than rapping.]

The idol was also asked about his appearance, drawing back on his appearance in the Introducing My Ugly Friend special on Infinite Challenge. He replied, I agreed to appear because it meant I could be on Infinite Challenge, not because Im ugly. But then again, my friends tell me that Im ugly. To be honest, I know I dont have a handsome face. But I like to think of that as my unique charm.

Bobby concluded with, I was nervous to stand on stage as a singer [not a rapper]. I will continue to work hard on my singing and keep being someone who enjoys his music.

Catch up with Bobbys performance in the latest episode of King of Masked Singer below!