Lizzy once back proves to be some of the  best possible idol of type  presentations as she seemed on 'Bonbun Olympics'

Lizzy once back proves to be some of the best possible idol of type presentations as she seemed on 'Bonbun Olympics'

Lizzy once back captured the hearts of many target market every bit she flaunted her sense of humor in the Lunar Year Special 'Bonbun Olympics'.

She actively participated in all occasionscorresponding to special skill test, concentration test, and also dancing time. Althoughthose 'tests' were faux as the level worked as a scale in measuring their weights, anger controlabilities etc, Lizzy kept calm and carried on, even making funny remarks along the manner which changed intoone of the funniest a phase of the show.

She used to be toono longer hesitant to give all, and stayed certain even in the unlucky situations, such as when she kept her smile and temporarily retrieved back when her can tower collapsed.

Through'Bonbun Olympics' Lizzy all over again showed her outgoing personality and sense of humor. Her cleverness also shined through her funny remarks all the way through the show.


Jinwoon leads the Gangnam Lakers to gold in

Jinwoon leads the Gangnam Lakers to gold in "Idol Star Olympics" basketball tournament

Jinwoon leads the Gangnam Lakers to gold in

The basketball tournament for MBC"s "Idol Star Olympics" ended on February 20 with Gangnam Lakers coming out for the gold! The team, which had Jinwoon as the captain and Jackson, Jun Woo Sung, and HISTORY"s Na Do Gyun as the members went up against the Mani Keun Jordan Team, which has Kangin as the captain and Tao, INFINITE"s L and Sungjong, BTOB"s Minhyuk and Sungjae, and MYNAME"s Insoo as members, ultimately earned the silver.

The Gangnam Lakers team continuously moved forward, but the Mani Keun Jordan Teamgrasped a chance to achieve a turnaround. Mani Keun Jordan Team"s Insoo,who really impressed with his skills throughout the whole tournament, had an and-1 opportunity with three minutes left on the clock, and even shot in the free throw which gave his team a 15 to 14 lead.

The game was back and forth throughout and as the Mani Keun Jordan Team was trailing 18 to 15 with 5.7 seconds on the clock, Insoo had an opportunity to tie it with 3 free throws because he was fouled at the 3-point line. Unfortunately, he only made one of the three free throws and his team had a lane violation for the third free throw which put Jinwoon at the foul line. Jinwoon missed both free throws but Gangnam Lakers"Jackson was able to grab the rebound and was immediately fouled.With 2.4 seconds left on the clock, Jackson got a free throw in, making the score 19 to 16!

After rebounding Jackson"s second missed free throw attempt, Mani Keun Jordan Team"s Minhyuk was fouled with just 0.3 seconds left on the clock. He made the first free throwand the score was 19 to 17. The only hope left was to purposely miss the second free throw and hope to score a tap in off a rebound to tie the game. Unfortunately, he airballed the second free throw attempt and the Gangnam Lakers took possession of the ball.

In the end, Gangnam Lakers won 19 to 17, earning the gold! Impressively enough, their team captain Jinwoon scored 15 points alone, proving to be an MVP.



EXID"s Junghwa demolishes Girl"s Day with her deadly archery skills in "Idol Star Olympics"

EXID"s Junghwa has crowned herself the Queen of Archery with her impressive performance in the women"s archery tournament in the "Idol Star Olympics." That"s right, the girls of EXID not only have sexy dancing by Hani, jaw-dropping singing by Solji, and catchy music but they also have Junghwa, who aimed with a bow and arrow, could take down any haters Katniss-style.

On this day, EXID beat out Girl"s Day to go up to the finals against 4minute with the help of adorable maknae, Junghwa, who boasted an impressive, forceful pose and got three perfect 10s in a row. Bull"s eye! One shot even hit the camera, which was located dead center of the target.

Commentator Yoon Hye Young spared no compliments, saying, "It"s the birth of Ki Bo Bae," naming a famous archer.


A Pink and KARA go head to head in women

A Pink and KARA go head to head in women"s archery for "Idol Star Olympics"

A Pink and KARA go head to head in women

Veteran group KARA went up against the trending group A Pink in archery on the February 20 installment of MBC"s Lunar New Year"s special, "Idol Star Olympics."

Gyuri went up first, failing quite a bit with a 2 point shot, 1 point shot, and 5 point shot, which would probably be better than what I could do, but in comparison to Eunji"s 9 point shot, 9 point shot, and 8 point shot... good game.

MC Jun Hyun Moo teased Gyuri, "The camera director has been doing this for a long time, but it was his first time ever setting the camera"s zoom, then having to raise it up. He"s hoping that you would please hit the target."

However, in the second round, A Pink"s Na Eun took the attention away from Gyuri with a 0 point shot and 1 point shot. Seungyeon redeemed KARA with a perfect 10 point shot, then an impressive 9 point shot.

Jun Hyun Moo continued his teasing with, "The hole is over here."

Despite Seungyeon"s impressive archery skills, KARA was unable to beat A Pink in the end.


Members of Nine Muses express discontent at idols keeping their distance from them in

Members of Nine Muses express discontent at idols keeping their distance from them in "Idol Star Olympics"

Members of Nine Muses express discontent at idols keeping their distance from them in

In a recent interview with OSEN, the members of Nine Muses expressed their discontent in participating in the "Idol Star Olympics," stating that majority of the male idols they met there were overwhelmingly shy and did not approach them as they would have liked.

They said, "I think a lot of people avoid us because of our image. We wanted to make friends at "Idol Star Olympics," but they kept their 10m distance."

Despite the rumors stating that "Idol Star Olympics" was similar to a meeting point or meet-and-greet area for many idols, Nine Muses expressed their disappointment when they were left to keep to themselves.

The girls continued, "The result [of our competition] was poor, but we kept our seats warm. It was mentally straining, but we tried to focus on the games. It was a place where everyone gathers, but it felt like we were alone."

Nine Muses also agreed that the male idols seemed awkward around them as they said, "We heard that "Idol Star Olympics" was a meeting point [for many idols], but we don"t think we can agree at all. Male idol groups would greet us with a 90 degree bow and acted uncomfortably. We were probably the ones who appeared the most [in the games], but there was no "pink atmosphere.""

In related news, MBC "Star Idol Olympics" will be airing early on February 19 and 20.


Cube Entertainment artists personally pack 450 hamburgers for fans during

Cube Entertainment artists personally pack 450 hamburgers for fans during "Idol Star Olympics"

Cube Entertainment artists personally pack 450 hamburgers for fans during

Cube Entertainment artists recently gifted 450 sets of cube-burgers to fans who came out to support them at this year"s "Idol Star Olympics."

4minute, B2ST, BTOB, and No Ji Hoon personally packed these delectable cube-burgers before handing them out to the fans at the filming for the program. When receiving their very own cube-burgers, fans took to Twitter to thank the artists and the label for the savory surprise.

Meanwhile, with the strong support that they"ve received from fans, Cube Entertainment artists reportedly had received fairly good results at the "Idol Star Olympics."

잊을 수 없는 큡버거 직접 붙이느라 수고해쪙

— 일훈내나 (@ILL_HoonNaeNa) February 3, 2015

"Cube-burger. I won"t forget this, good job packing them individually."


Insta K-Pop: This Week's Best Idol Instagram Posts (December 14- December 20, 2014)

Insta K-Pop: This Week's Best Idol Instagram Posts (December 14- December 20, 2014)

Welcome to our weekly roundup of Instagram posts from K-pop"s hottest idols. Check out what your favorite celebs were up to this week.

(Photo : instagram) Super Junior"s Heechul got a new hat for the holidays

(Photo : instagram) Jung II Woo admires some festive Christmas decorations

(Photo : instagram) Super Junior-M"s Henry with Japanese pianist Yiruma

(Photo : instagram) GOT7"s Jackson looking cool in black and white.

(Photo : instagram) Taeyeon went viral with a silly picture of her tummy

(Photo : instagram) Bam Bam feasts with the other GOT7 members

(Photo : instagram) 2NE1"s Dara shows off her sporty style

(Photo : instagram) B1A4"s Baro and a life size poster of himself

(Photo : instagram) Lee Jong Suk has lunch with the Pinocchio cast

(Photo : instagram) Park Shin Hye and FT Island"s Hongki reunited again

(Photo : instagram) SHINee"s Key gets his make up done

(Photo : instagram) Super Junior"s Donghae and SHINee"s Minho hang out together

(Photo : instagram) BigBang"s Taeyang thanked fans for their support and food

(Photo : instagram) Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung shared some Christmas cupcakes

(Photo : instagram) EXO"s Chanyeol felt annoyed about the weather

(Photo : instagram) B2ST"s Lee Gi Kwang greats everyone with a "Hello Morning"

(Photo : instagram) Girls" Generation"s Yuri celebrates Christmas early with her mom and dad

(Photo : instagram) SHINee"s Key rocks this cool winter fashion

(Photo : instagram) FT Island"s Lee Hongki"s cool winter coat

(Photo : instagram) HyunA and the 4Minute members together

(Photo : instagram) 2NE1"s Dara playing around with CL

(Photo : instagram) Super Junior"s Siwon is in Beijing!

(Photo : instagram) CNBlue and FT Island pose together

(Photo : instagram) BEAST Junhyung winks for his lady fans

(Photo : instagram) Super Junior"s Eunhyuk revealed his secret for flawless skin

(Photo : instagram) Kwang Hee bonds with Minho and Sehun

(Photo : instagram) GOT7"s Jackson and Girls" Generation"s Sunny posted an adorable photo together

(Photo : instagram) Super Junior"s Siwon already shows off his Christmas tree

(Photo : instagram) Super Junior"s Siwon ate 3 bowls of ramen

(Photo : instagram) 2NE1"s Dara and Minzy hang out in Fukuoka

(Photo : instagram) miss A"s Suzy and 15"s Yerin hang out

(Photo : instagram) 2NE1"s CL proves she the baddest female

(Photo : instagram) T-ara"s Hyomin enjoys shopping for the holidays

(Photo : instagram) BESTie"s Hyeyeon greets her fans

(Photo : instagram) miss A"s Jia enjoys window shopping in Thailand

Be sure to check back next week for more Instagram updates from the stars!


Insta K-Pop: This Week's Best Idol Instagram Posts (December 7- December 13, 2014)

Insta K-Pop: This Week's Best Idol Instagram Posts (December 7- December 13, 2014)

Here is another weekly round-up of K-Pop Instagram posts, directly from the stars themselves!

(Photo : instagram) 2NE1"s Minzy caught in dreamland

(Photo : instagram) EXO"s Chanyeol feeling tired and needs some rest

(Photo : instagram) Wonder Girl"s Yoobin legally blonde signals for a comeback?

(Photo : instagram) Super Junior"s Donghae posted a cute robot saying "Hi"

(Photo : instagram) Super Junior"s Siwon and Donghae looking handsome

(Photo : instagram) Girls" Generation"s Tiffany and Taeyeon just like twins with their giant bows

(Photo : instagram) 2PM"s Jun.K and GOT7"s Mark in a cool shot together

(Photo : instagram)

Rainbow"s Woori shared her wonderful braided hair

(Photo : instagram) GOT7"s Mark didn"t forgot to thank the group"s fans

(Photo : instagram)

Bam Bam felt tired but still managed to snap this selfie

(Photo : instagram) 2NE1"s Dara in a fashionable outfit backstage

(Photo : instagram) Big Bang"s Taeyang bonds with his friends and plays Monopoly

(Photo : instagram) f(x)"s Victoria invites everyone to watch "Ode to my Father"

(Photo : instagram)

CNBLUE"s Jungshin and his beloved dog.

(Photo : instagram) CNBLUE"s Jungshin"s cool pose in the car

(Photo : instagram) f(x)"s Amber hastagging selfies

(Photo : instagram) Super Junior backstage at their Osaka concert

(Photo : instagram) f(x)"s Amber poses on TVXQ"s concert red carpet

(Photo : instagram) 2PM"s Jun. K wearing a school uniform and showing off his Power Ranger school bag

(Photo : instagram) Girls Generation Hyoyeon shows off her snack

(Photo : instagram) Santa"s helper, Roy Kim

(Photo : instagram) Tiny-G"s Dohee shows off her yummy lunch

(Photo : instagram) 4Minute"s HyunA looks adorable in a new selfie

(Photo : instagram) SHINee"s Key smiles with his group mates

(Photo : instagram) Girls" Generation"s Taeyeon loves pink

(Photo : instagram) 2NE1"s Minzy shows off a variety of selfies

(Photo : instagram) EXO"s Tao looking seriously handsome

(Photo : instagram) Girls" Generation"s Hyoyeon relaxing in Macao

(Photo : instagram) Park Shin Hye teases fans with her delightful food

(Photo : instagram) Girls" Generation" Yuri in a close up

(Photo : instagram) G.Na"s last minute food shopping while in L.A

(Photo : instagram) missA"s Min in an adorable pose. Isn"t she cute?

Check back next week for more Instagram updates from your favorite K-Pop stars!


Insta K-Pop: This Week's 10 Best Idol Instagram Posts (November 30- December 6, 2014)

Insta K-Pop: This Week's 10 Best Idol Instagram Posts (November 30- December 6, 2014)

Hello, K-Pop fans! We"re back at you with another exciting collection of Instagram posts from some of your favorite K-Pop celebrities. Scroll through and see what hte stars have been up to, then tell us which picture is your favorite this week in the comments section below.

(Photo : instagram) CNBLUE"s Jung Yong Hwa enjoys the snow in Seoul

(Photo : instagram) Park Min Woo also enjoyed the first snow

(Photo : instagram) Wonder Girls" Hyerim and 15"s Jimin have sad faces, but they are still cute

(Photo : instagram) FT Island"s Hongki embracing the first snow in Seoul

(Photo : instagram) 2NE1s Dara attends a wedding and poses with John Lloyd Cruz

(Photo : instagram) 2NE1"s CL big fashion statement. Love the jumper

(Photo : instagram) 2NE1s CL knows how to be cool and comfy with her outfit

(Photo : instagram) SNSD"s Tiffany shows off 4 pretty selfies

(Photo : instagram) Lee Jong Suk looks cold. Want to give him a hug?

(Photo : instagram) Jay Park is all smiles in this mirror selfie

(Photo : instagram) SHINee"s Key looks serious enough for the cold weather

(Photo : instagram) B2STs Yang Yoseop showed his love for his beloved parents

(Photo : instagram) Super Juniors Kangin has a bonding bonding moment with BTOBs Sungjae

(Photo : instagram) CNBLUEs Jung Yong Hwa and Yang Dong Geon - what are they smirking about?

(Photo : instagram) EXO ready to perform at 2014 MAMA

(Photo : instagram) f(x)"s Victoria loves Paris

(Photo : instagram) Block B"s Park Kyung takesa selfie at 2014 MAMA

(Photo : instagram) Girls" Generation Yuri in a breathtaking photo

(Photo : instagram) Tablo chats with his adorable daughter, Haru

(Photo : instagram) 2NE1"s CL in a supermodel pose

(Photo : instagram) Crayon Pop"s Ellin shared her Christmas decorations

(Photo : instagram) Hyoyeon shops for beauty supplies

(Photo : instagram) Infinite"s L shared a group pic to thank fans for their support

(Photo : instagram)

G.Na shared an airplane selfie

(Photo : instagram) G-Dragon shows off his cool car with Taeyang.

(Photo : instagram)

B2ST"s Lee Gi Kwang is too close to the camera.

(Photo : instagram)

Super Junior"s Heechul is ready to meet his fans in Osaka, Japan

(Photo : instagram) Song Jae Lim poses with KFC"s Colonel Sanders

(Photo : instagram) SISTAR"s Bora shared her sweet smile

(Photo : instagram) Super Junior"s Heechul drew funny expressions on rubber balls

(Photo : instagram) FT Island"s Lee Hongki loves to play with snow balls

(Photo : instagram) 2NE1"s CL lovely pose

(Photo : instagram) Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk posted their adorable selfies together.

Super Junior Heechul shares a lovely meal with his group-mates.

Check back next week for more updates from your favorite K-Pop idols!


Must See K-Pop Idol TV For December 2014

Must See K-Pop Idol TV For December 2014

(Photo : KBS, SBS, tvN, MBC Every1) Seo In Guk, Teen Top"s Changjo, Lee Soo Hyuk, Park Shin Hye, and Lee Jong Suk lead the pack for Idols on TV in December 2014. Changjo of the K-Pop male group Teen Top has a starring role in the MBC Every1 Friday drama Sweden Laundry.

Changjo portrays aspiring web comic illustrator, Yong Soo Chul. At twenty-four, Soo Chul is on the precipice of being too old to be within the unemployed sector. He finds comfort in Kim Bom, a hapless twenty-seven year old who embarks on an interesting journey after establishing her own company, Sweden Laundry. Through the aid of her deceased grandmother, Bom receives a supernatural talent of seeing the future of customers through their laundry.

Sweden Laundry airs on Fridays on MBC Every1 in the 7:10 KST time slot.

The members of the acting idol group 5urprise have returned for season two of their mini drama After School: Lucky Or Not.

Season two focuses on 5urprise members Yoo Il, Gong Myung, Kang Tae Oh, and Lee Tae Hwan as exchange students who are prepared to bring their quirky club to a new high school. They are joined by Song Joo Hee of the girl group Hello Venus.

Each episode of the mini drama is around fifteen minutes. Seasons one and two of After School: Lucky Or Not can be found with English subtitles on DramaFever.

Solo vocalist and acting idol Seo In Guk recently made his return with a starring role in the period drama The Kings Face. He leads the cast as Prince Gwanghae, an illegitimate heir to the throne during the Joseon period. Actress Jo Yoon Hee (Nine) and actor Lee Sung Jae also head up the cast.

The Kings Face airs on KBS in the Wednesday-Thursday 9:55 KST time slot.

Popular K-Drama stars Park Shin Hye, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Park Min Young head up the list for December.

Actor Lee Soo Hyuk will returns to television for the tvN drama Valid Love. Lee Soo Hyuk stars opposite Uhm Tae Woong and Lee Si Young as the antagonist in the melodrama. He portrays Kim Joon, a carpenter who engages in an extra-marital affair with Kim Il Ri (Lee Si Young). Valid Love serves Lee Soo Hyuks first K-Drama role since the summer comedy High School King of Manners.

Valid Love airs on Mondays and Tuesdays in the 11 PM KST timeslot on tVN.

Park Min Young will star in the upcoming drama Healer. Healer will provide Park Min Young with an opportunity to redeem herself from the disappointing drama A New Leaf which yielded low ratings for MBC prior to the hit Fated To Love You. Healer is set within a broadcasting company with Park Min Young portraying the role of Chae Young Shin, an internet reporter. Ji Chang Wook of Secret Love and Empress Ki heads up the cast along with film star Yoo Ji Tae.

Healer will occupy the KBS2 Monday and Tuesday 9:55 KST time slot currently occupied by Tomorrows Cantabile.

Lee Soo Hyuk and Park Min Young join other popular Korean drama actors who are currently on the screen.

Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk continue to make headlines as intrepid investigative reports on Pinocchio. Pinocchio will continue through January and will be followed by the highly anticipated drama Jekyll and Me. Jekyll and Me will be the first K-Drama for Hyun Bin (Secret Garden, The Fatal Encounter), following his military service. Han Ji Min and Sung Joon (I Need Romance 3) are also included in the cast of Jekyll and Me.

Three stars from the popular drama Fated to Love You returned to the small screen in November and will continue to lead hit dramas in December. Choi Jin Hyuk and Choi Woo Sik star as prosecutors in the Monday-Tuesday crime drama Pride and Prejudice.

Hallyu star Jang Na Ra who also led the cast of "Fated to Love You" continues to tug at the heartstrings of viewers in the fantasy drama "Mr. Baek."

"Pride and Prejudice" airs on MBC in the Monday-Tuesday 11PM KST time slot.

"Pinocchio" and "Mr. Baek" go head to head on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the 9:55 KST time slot.

Idol led K-Dramas that will continue through December.

The following K-Pop idol dramas will continue to air through the month of December.

Hi! School Love On starring INFINITEs Woohyun and Sungyeol will continue to air on KBS2 on Fridays at 8:55 KST until December 12.

The weekend drama Modern Farmer starring FTISLANDs Lee Hong Ki, Park Min Woo, and Honey Lee will continue to air on Saturdays and Sundays until December 21.

Mr. Baek (Mr. Back) starring MBLAQ Lee Joon continues to be a ratings hit. Mr. Baek airs on MBC in the Wednesday and Thursday 9:55 KST time slot. The drama is scheduled to air with sixteen episodes through December 25.

"What"s With This Family" also known as "What Happens To My Family" will continue on Saturdays and Sundays in the 7:55 KST time slot. "What"s With This Family" is a family comedy starring ZE:A"s Park Hyung Sik and 5urprise"s Seo Kang Joon.