Idol Cha Hoo Hyuk faces multiple drug charges

Idol Cha Hoo Hyuk faces multiple drug charges

Cha Joo Hyuk has been charged with possession and use of both ecstasy and marijuana.

Prosecution recently filed an indictment against Cha Joo Hyuk for purchasing and using drugs including ecstasy and marijuana. According to them, Cha Joo Hyuk purchased a total of 28 grams of marijuana and 0.3 grams of ecstasy in April 2016.

He has also been accused of purchasing 6 tablets of ecstasy and 7 marijuana joints in Amsterdam, Netherlands in July 2016 and for consuming ketamine in August 2016.

The prosecution also believed that Cha Joo Hyuk received 3 marijuana plants that were transferred to his personal car sometime between April and August 2016.

Last year, it was revealed that Cha Joo Hyuk was caught smuggling ketamine at the Vancouver International Airport. Tests also confirmed that he had consumed ecstasy, marijuana, and ketamine.

South Koreas marijuana laws are one of the strictest in the world, where any amount of narcotics in the body can warrant an arrest, regardless of where the drug was taken.