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A female ulzzang reveals KakaoTalk messages with her former male idol boyfriend

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A female ulzzang reveals KakaoTalk messages with her former male idol boyfriend

An interesting situation arose on the May 15 episode of JTBC"s "Witch Hunt" as a female ulzzang, Lee Jae Eun, appeared on the show to reveal that she had dated a male idol in the past!

Seo Jang Hoon asked if he was a popular idol and she replied, "His name is recognizable," and gave another hint, saying that he became more of a visual idol than one known for his vocals.

Seo Jang Hoon said, "If he were a famous person, it wouldn"t have been easy to go on dates, right?" to which she replied, "People didn"t recognize him as much as you"d think. We dated for seven months and it"s been about one and a half months since we broke up."

She went into even more detail, saying, "On the first date, we ate together while talking about this and that, and he walked me to my house. We usually watched movies outside and even went on dates by the Han River. Because he had a busy schedule, we couldn"t meet often. I was lonely and would whine a lot, so we broke up," but it was revealed they had broken up three to four times.

The MCs tried to pry more information from her, asking if he was much older or close to her age. She also revealed some of their KakaoTalk messages, including one area where they had tension.

Lee Jae Eun said on the show, "I was hurt because I couldn"t get in contact with him when I was sick. The number of dates was a problem. He wouldn"t even tell me my schedule and he would contact me on the day of or a day before that he had time on a certain day."

She revealed his KakaoTalk message, which read, "Let"s stop if you"re going to keep saying you"re lonely. I am doing my best for you, but have you ever thanked me once? Apart from my schedule, I am giving my time to you and am investing my money, my everything into you, so I have no idea why you"re being like this. It"s tiring. I can only do this much, so if you"re going to hope for more, go date another guy. Among the girls I"ve dated so far, I"ve been treating you the best, and you are also the first to say you"re so lonely."

She had replied, "I"m sorry. I won"t say I"m lonely. I think I was only thinking of myself and being selfish."

Other more mature content raised further interest. He messaged her, "I moved my schedule up because I wanted to see you," and, "I miss you. Should we meet today? Should I go to your house?" and everything seemed lovey dovey until they started arguing. She wrote, "Are you meeting me because you want to sleep with me?" and he replied, "What am I lacking that I would meet you like that? If I wanted to bed someone, there are lots of women I could do it with."

Who do you think she might be talking about?

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Get your own set of Block B emoticons on Kakaotalk!

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Get your own set of Block B emoticons on Kakaotalk!

Block B got their own "KakaoTalk" emoticon set that you can now add to your collection to bring some personality into your chats!

According to Block B, mobile app "KakaoTalk" recently released the group"s newest emoticon set consisting of 24 adorable to sassy emoticons.

Seven Seasons updated their fans on the news, writing, "Block B"s rare real-con! Today at 11 PM! You can check it out in Kakaotalk"s item store. (can be seen in both domestic and international stores) We are showing you some so you don"t lose sleep, thinking about what it might include."

블락비만의 보기드문 리얼콘!! 오늘 오전 11시!!카카오톡 내 아이템스토어에서 만나보실 수 있습니다. (국내/글로벌 스토어 모두 이용 가능)너무 궁금해서 잠을 못자면 어쩌나해서 조금 보여드려욧 ^^

— 블락비 (@blockb_official) May 13, 2015

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"KakaoTalk" releases Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se"s second emoticon set + all proceeds to be donated

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Song Il Kook"s family will donate all of the proceeds from their newly-released, second "KakaoTalk" emoticon set!

According to Song Il Kook"s agency Haneol Entertainment and Daum Kakao on the 12th, the triplets" second emoticon set, which features 24 sound emoticons, is now available for purchase (3.00 USD) on mobile messenger app "KakaoTalk". And just like with their previous emoticon set, all of the proceeds from the emoticon set will be donated to charity.

Song Il Kook"s rep previously stated, "In order to return the viewers" overwhelming love, I want to participate in a good deed with the triplets," showing his heart for charity as the proceeds from Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se"s calendar were also donated to those in need.

Park Shin-hye is friends with Kang So-ra on Kakaotalk; both share birthdate and blood type

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Park Shin-hye is friends with Kang So-ra on Kakaotalk; both share birthdate and blood type

Actress, Park Shin-hye, 25, talked about her friendship with Kang So-ra.

During the interview, which took place in a caf, Bookchon-ru, Seoul, a reporter told Park Shin-hye "You are doing really well under the circumstances actresses in their 20s are scarce these days" and she responded humbly saying, "I think it"s because I"ve been concentrating on my work one by one".

Park Shin-hye along with Kang So-ra are regarded as the top actresses amongst their peer group of same age. Park Shin-hye disclosed one interesting fact that she is friends with Kang So-ra and both have the same birthdate and year as well as the same blood type.

She said, "I was really surprised when I found out from an article I and So-ra have the same birthdate and year and the same blood type". And she also said, "I once met her when actor Choi Tae-joon, one of my juniors from the same school, co-stared with So-ra in SBS drama, "Ugly Alert"".

"I was introduced to her through Tae-joon. We found it really interesting that we have the same birthdate and year as well as same blood type. I met her yesterday at a movie premiere and had encountered her at an award ceremony as well recently", she added.

But she said the two had never met individually though. Park Shin-hye explained, "We told each other to meet personally outside, but we couldn"t make time for each other yet because of schedule. We promised to meet after the completion of our own schedule".

"We are friends on Kakatalk. When So-ra was appearing in "Incomplete Life", she sent me texts saying, "I have to drive truck now" and "Come and have some chicken here". So-ra is a good friend who has easy, unaffected qualities with a really good personality".

Park Shin-hye showed a great acting performance for her role, Choi In-ha, a social issues reporter, in SBS drama, "Pinocchio", which completed recently.

Park Shin Hye reveals she"s KakaoTalk friends with her peer Kang So Ra

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Park Shin Hye reveals she

Actress Park Shin Hye talked to Kuki News during an interview about her fellow same-age peer and actress, Kang So Ra, who has become a trending star of late.

The reporter stated, "Amidst the lack of female actors in their 20s, you"re putting up a good fight," to which she replied, "I think it"s because I consistently do one production at a time multiple times."

When it was pointed out that she and Kang So Ra were the representative actresses in their 20"s, Park Shin Hye revealed they were also friends. She said, "I saw in a report that we were born in the same year, month, day (February 18, 1990) and were of the same blood types. I was really surprised. My college junior, actor Choi Tae Joon, filmed SBS"s "Ugly Alert" with Kang So Ra, so I met her once at a broadcasting station. I was introduced to her by Tae Joon. It was fascinating that the two of us shared the same birth date and blood type. I ran into her at a premiere yesterday, and recently ran into her by chance at an award ceremony, too."

She revealed, however, that the two seldom got to meet up in private. "We said we should hang out together separately, but we haven"t had the time in our schedules yet," she disclosed. "We promised to meet up after we finish our personal schedules. We"re friends on KakaoTalk. When So Ra was filming "Misaeng," she messaged me, "I need to drive a truck now," and, "Come here to eat chicken." She has a really good personality and is an easygoing friend."

Polaris Entertainment fires back at Clara by revealing their willingness to publicly release Kakaotalk messages and contract

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Polaris Entertainment fires back at Clara by revealing their willingness to publicly release Kakaotalk messages and contract

On January 16, Polaris Entertainment fired back at actress Clara with an official statement regarding the statements that she had made, revealing that they were willing to publicly release Kakaotalk messages along with the terms of her contract.

They stated, "We will release what seems to be the focal point of the controversy, the Kakaotalk messages between Clara and the agency"s chairman along with the full text of the contract that she claims is a non-exclusive contract in order to prove that it is an exclusive contract."

The agency also added, "However, if we were to release the details of the messages and the contract one-sidedly, then there might be an issue of confidentiality obligation or issues with defamation. So we ask for Clara"s approval in publicly releasing the documents that are listed above."

Polaris Entertainment stated that, in order to protect their artists and employees, they were willing to release documents in full. They said, "The Kakaotalk messages and the contract have already been submitted to the investigation agency and it"s a matter of time until the truth will be revealed, but because the issue has become a controversy within the media, we are proposing a public release in order to protect the morale of the company"s employees and the artists, despite the fact that it is something that directly deals with the chairman"s status in society."

Lastly, the agency revealed that although they have already submitted a complaint against Clara for blackmailing and threat, they were initially willing to give the actress a chance to apologize and go back to her original standing and requested that she did not press charges.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Clara participated in two investigations so far, totaling over 12-hours, draining the actress mentally and physically. A representative of Clara told the press that despite the mental shock that Clara is receiving from the investigation, she continues to carry out her duties as a public figure so that she doesn"t disappoint her fans.

Jinu recalls how Sean made a KakaoTalk chat room quiet after asking people to help deliver coal for charity

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Jinu recalls how Sean made a KakaoTalk chat room quiet after asking people to help deliver coal for charity

On the January 15th broadcast of SBS"s Power FM "Kim Chang Ryul"s Old School", Jinusean shared a funny incident about how Sean made a KakaoTalk chatroom awkwardly quiet.

During the broadcast, Jinusean shared that they were in a KakaoTalk chat room with other singers who attended "Infinite Challenge"s "Saturday Singers" ("ToToGa") special. Jinu then said, "In the "Infinity Challenge" KaKao chatroom, everyone went quiet when Sean mentioned coal delivery."

By "coal delivery," Jinusean are referring to the campaign in which participants donate and/or deliver coal to senior citizens, the disabled, and families with low incomes to help them stay warm during winter. Sean explained, "On that day, there were around 200 messages, but now people only chat in the chat room every other day."

Jinu then said, "[Sean] triggered the silence. Sean constantly asked people in the chat room to deliver coal [for charity]. People would say that they were overseas and busy, and then [the chat room] would go quiet," causing the studio to laugh at the awkward situation. 

Expressing Emotion With Girl's Day Icons On "KakaoTalk"

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Expressing Emotion With Girl's Day Icons On

From now on, you can comfortably express your emotion and feeling with new super cute and lovely emoticon of Girl’s Day on KakaoTalk.

Their "realcon" set is the first of its kind for the mobile messenger app, and turns 2-second clips into emoticons. There are 24 "realcons" in total which show the members" cute expressions to help you convey your feelings when texting with your family, friends, or even that special someone.

Check them out on "KakaoTalk"!

Cute emotions from "Roomate" appeared in KakaoTalk

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Cute emotions from

Series of cute  emoticons from "Roomate" appeared in KakaoTalk.

"Roommate" tweeted on November 13, "[Roommate] "Roommate emoticons have come~ out!" Roommate KakaoTalk emoticons have been released! Clap clap clap~ 40 cute and lively stickers of the Roommate family BAAAAM! We ask for a lot of interest~3 "You know what I"m talking about?""

The emoticons show the roommates" signature expressions including Youngji"s mute laughter and more, so check it out on the "KakaoTalk" mobile app!

Girls" Generation"s Taeyeon meets up with KaKaoTalk emoticons

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Girls" Generation"s Taeyeon met up with KaKaoTalk emoticons!

Taeyeon seemed excited about the meeting as she posted the above photo onto Instagram on October 31 with the message, "Famous friends I met during Halloween. My salon knows how to enjoy life." In the photo, Taeyeon puts her arms around two very recognizable emoticons from the KaKaoTalk chat program.

Fans responded, "Taeyeon"s so adorable," "Their costumes look very real," "Taeyeon has such thin legs," and more.

Doesn"t Taeyeon fit right in with the emoticons?