Korean Drama Discovery of Romance Episode 15 Recap and Screenshots

Korean Drama Discovery of Romance Episode 15 Recap and Screenshots


Discovery of Romance Episode 15 Recap by Dramabeans:

Joon-ho has a beer after witnessing Yeo-reum break off her engagement to Ha-jin, and Sol pumps him for information. Joon-ho goes on and on about how dating shouldn’t be so complicated — just date the person you like and let go of the one you don’t like. Sol points out that this is why Joon-ho has never dated longer than a few months, because he’s never cared enough to cry over anyone.

A numb Yeo-reum walks past them, and Joon-ho wastes no time saying that he’s not speaking to her. He immediately gripes at her for making two guys end up in the police station, earning a smack from Sol. Yeo-reum just tells him that Ha-jin is still outside and goes to her room.

Joon-ho finds Ha-jin outside staring at Yeo-reum’s ring, and even after all the mean things she said to him, he’s mostly worried about whether she’s okay. He tells Joon-ho how he saw her crying at Tae-ha’s office, and how he and Tae-ha fought about it later, but Yeo-reum wouldn’t tell him why she was crying. He knows the answer will be painful, because he knows that Yeo-reum likes Tae-ha.

At the same time, Tae-ha bleakly reminds Director Yoon about his claim that with time, that special woman will become just another person in the world. He says that that’s wrong, because for him there’s only one woman, no matter how much time passes. He cries and says that now that he knows how Yeo-reum feels about him, he can’t just give up. Yoon asks what he’s going to do, but Tae-ha doesn’t have a plan.

In her room, Yeo-reum tries again to look in the box of keepsakes from her time with Tae-ha, but she still can’t bring herself to open it. She takes the box to Joon-ho and asks him to burn it, and he says he will but only if this means things are over with Tae-ha and that she’ll get back together with Ha-jin.

Sol asks to sleep with Yeo-reum, and tells her bluntly that if she wants Tae-ha, she should go to him and she’ll support her no matter what. Awww. She says that since Yeo-reum told her she was falling for him again, she’s wondered if it only seems complicated because she was fighting it.

Yeo-reum says no, that it’s over with both Tae-ha and Ha-jin — when she saw them in the police station, she realized it was time to end this. She thinks that if Tae-ha hadn’t found her camera with the photos of him, he never would have asked her to come to him, and it wouldn’t have led to his fight with Ha-jin.


Discovery of Romance Episode 15 Recap

Sol says it won’t be easy to end it because she has to see Tae-ha at work, but Yeo-reum thinks he’ll understand and that it will be Ha-jin who can’t let go. Sol asks if Yeo-reum will be okay if she ends it with both men, and Yeo-reum jokes that since she’s such a bitch, she deserves to have a harder time. I love how Sol is all, “At least you know.”

Ha-jin makes it home and lies in bed, thinking about Tae-ha’s claim that Yeo-reum will never be satisfied with him and that he has no idea what she gives up to be with him. The next morning Ah-rim returns the bike he bought her since she’s leaving to study abroad soon, and he takes her shopping for things she’ll need over her protests, knowing she won’t spend money on herself.

Producer Bae saunters in while Yeo-reum’s mom is working, pleased as punch to present her with the couple phones he bought for them. Mom tries to feign innocence, but her assistant doesn’t let her get away with it.

Yeo-reum tries to work on her furniture designs, thinking about Tae-ha’s admonishments that the ones she turned in were repeats of her older work and she can do better. She tells Sol that she wants to design something that’s her best work, but she can’t figure out how to balance the set. Later Yoon tells Tae-ha that the girls are working on making some improvements, and Tae-ha smiles to himself, knowing that Yeo-reum took his words to heart.

They meet to go over the final designs, pretending everything is normal while carefully not looking at each other. Yeo-reum curtly takes her leave, and Yoon complains that the two of them are alike, acting like nothing is wrong between them.


Discovery of Romance Episode 15 Screenshots

Tae-ha goes after Yeo-reum to return her camera, and he asks why she won’t look at him. She remains silent, so he gently takes her face in his hands to tilt it up to his, and he tells her that he knows the answer to his question from the night before.

Tae-ha says that she can live however she wants. He still wants his birthday wish (to be her so he’ll know what she’s thinking), and he wants to be with her, and he hopes she feels the same. He falters a little when she still doesn’t respond, but bravely adds that she shouldn’t worry about his feelings, because this is what he chooses. He’s happy with his choice, and he hopes she’ll be happy with hers.

Yoon and Tae-ha look into some furniture design competitions that Yeo-reum could enter, and Yoon asks if this will make Tae-ha feel better. Later, Tae-ha takes the information about the competitions to Sol and asks her to discuss it with Yeo-reum.

Yeo-reum finds Ha-jin at her studio, who’s bought a book on furniture design and is claiming to suddenly be interested in woodworking. He’s proud of himself that he can identify all the tools, but he’s trying so hard it just comes across as pathetic. He invites Yeo-reum to dinner, and Tae-ha pulls up just as they’re getting into Ha-jin’s car. He doesn’t stop them, still unaware that they broke off their engagement.

At dinner Yeo-reum notices that Ha-jin is still wearing his couple ring, and tells him that pretending that nothing has happened is hard for her. Ha-jin says he’s just trying to understand her, and he honestly admits that he’s mad, but he still missed her. They sit in miserable silence, and Yeo-reum thinks to herself that it took them three minutes to fall in love, but wonders how long will it take them to break up.

Taking Tae-ha’s words to heart that he doesn’t know Yeo-reum’s dreams, Ha-jin asks if she always wanted to design furniture. He admits he doesn’t know much about her, but he wants to change that. Yeo-reum says that their problems aren’t his fault, but refuses to tell him any more because it would be cruel. Ha-jin tells her that they may be at rock bottom like she said, but he’s not afraid of the bottom, and if this is the worst then he can bear it.

He says that he wants to get through this together and his words sound positive, but his face looks so desperate and hopeless, it’s heartbreaking. After dinner Ha-jin takes Yeo-reum to her mother’s, and he holds her hand but neither of them has a single thing to say.

Eun-gyu visits Sol to ask if she’s given some thought to his request to give him another chance, but Joon-ho skips in carrying shopping bags before she can answer. The awkwardness intensifies when Director Yoon shows up, and the four of them sit around the table to talk.

Sol asks Joon-ho why he’s even here — Because I like you, too, he thinks, though he says he’s there as her oppa to help her make a good decision (and I’m dying at the three sets of “get out, idiot” glares from around the table). Sol says she’ll answer both men’s questions tonight since dragging things out is awkward, and starts with Eun-gyu.


Discovery of Romance Episode 15 Review

She tells him that she’s liked him for a long time, and became a better person because of his influence. We can hear his heart pounding as he smiles, but she says their timing is off and she has someone else in mind, and he flatlines. HAHA.

Sol addresses a beaming Yoon next, saying what a good man he is, and we also hear his heart start to beat with happiness. But she says that’s not enough for her heart to flutter, and asks him if his heart can’t flutter for someone else. Flatline. Awww, poor, sweet Yoon.

Joon-ho’s heart starts to race a mile a minute as he realizes he’s the only guy left at the table. But when both of the other men take Sol’s hands to declare their undying devotion and willingness to wait for her, he slaps their hands away and tells them to back off. Yeah, “oppa” my butt.

Yeo-reum visits with her mom, and asks her if she understood her father. Mom says you never understand others, you only accept them, which is actually pretty dang wise. Yeo-reum tells her mom that she ran into Tae-ha recently and everything’s been a mess since, asking what her mother would do and worrying that her mom thinks she’s like her father.

Mom says that what she didn’t understand about Yeo-reum’s father was this — why didn’t he leave? Maybe if he had, he and the other woman would have lived, and even Mom would have had a happy life. She tells Yeo-reum not to worry about her father when she’s making her own life choices. Mom says that Yeo-reum doesn’t have to always be right, or to please others, and she tells her daughter to think more about what she wants without considering what others might think.


After the other guys leave, Joon-ho excitedly presents Sol with a gift of new sneakers. He makes a big show of telling her that in these shoes she can go anywhere she likes — to Eun-gyu or to Yoon, or to someone even better.

With a flourish he shows her a matching set of men’s sneakers and says she can even come to him if she wants. OMG they’re couple sneakers, he’s so adorkable. Sol (probably) pretends to miss his broad hints and asks where he’s going. Joon-ho deflates but says he’s going jogging in the morning, and she agrees to go with him. At this point, I’m about 98% sure she’s just messing with his head for the fun of it.

It’s Yeo-reum’s turn to brood over the pictures of Tae-ha in her camera, and she slowly deletes them one by one. Sol brings Yeo-reum the information on the design competitions and tells her they were Tae-ha’s idea. Yeo-reum remembers a time when they were dating when he also encouraged her to enter a competition, presenting her with workspace borrowed from his company so she would have a place to design. 

In the morning, Joon-ho fidgets in the park as he waits for Sol to show up, and yells at her for being late when she does. He takes her hand to jog but she pulls him back, and they end up nose-to-nose when she pulls him a bit too hard. Okay, she did that on purpose.

Joon-ho gallantly backs off, so Sol asks him bluntly why he likes her, asking him to list three reasons and teasing him that he can’t just stop with shoes. Joon-ho says that first, she’s got more guts and charisma than most guys and that he fell head over heels for that. Second, her emotions are not too cold or too hot, but just perfectly warm. And third, that she knows these things about herself and he likes that.

Thoroughly charmed, Sol gives Joon-ho a kiss on the cheek, chirps “Let’s date!” and starts to run off, but Joon-ho grabs her. He goes in for a really thorough kiss right there in the park, making Sol giggle, go weak in the knees, and take off running. He follows her, leaping and whooping — and that was pretty much the cutest confession I’ve ever seen in my life.

Yeo-reum and Tae-ha supervise the delivery of the furniture for the wine bar, and Yeo-reum says that she’s done designing the townhouse furniture and that Sol will take over production. They won’t have reason to see each other again after today. She thanks Tae-ha for the information about the competition, but says it’s too large a scale for what they can do, and she doesn’t want to have to ask for his help again.

Sad but resigned, Tae-ha says they’ll say their goodbyes here, and they shake hands one last time. Yeo-reum thinks that she finally got to hold the hand she wanted so badly to hold, and Tae-ha thinks that he will probably never hold this hand again. They both say they were happy to see each other again, as memories of the emotional moments they’ve shared run through their heads.

Yeo-reum thinks that she was able to see the scar she got from her father because of Tae-ha, and to dream again. Tae-ha thinks to himself that he’s gone as far as he can in his heart by loving a woman, and he has no regrets because he did everything he could. They wish each other well, and Tae-ha watches as Yeo-reum walks away.

Ha-jin sees Ah-rim off at the bus to the airport, where he makes her promise to use the money he gave her so she can spend her time studying instead of working part-time jobs. She gives him an envelope, asking him to open it after she’s gone. She gets on the bus, thinking to herself that some people are born to go it alone, and if that’s her life then she has no choice.

After she’s gone, Ha-jin opens the envelope to find her copy of their childhood photo and a letter addressed to “Jin-soo oppa.” It says that she’s leaving without ever getting to call him by his real name, and she believes that she’ll get to see the person she misses someday, so she’s going with a smile. She asks him not to feel guilty anymore — her only disappointment was that he left her without saying goodbye when he was adopted.

She goes on to say that while she doesn’t know why he’s sending her away now, without telling her the reason he doesn’t want her near him, she hopes that if they ever meet again and have to separate, that they get to say a proper goodbye. Finally realizing that he’s basically abandoned her again, and that she knows it, Ha-jin’s legs collapse under him and he sits on the curb sobbing with grief.

That night he sits in his car outside Yeo-reum’s studio, and narrates that he knew then why Yeo-reum broke off their engagement. He knows why she said those mean things, and why he stupidly held back his own emotions: “Because I don’t know how to say goodbye.” He understands now that he doesn’t know how to properly say goodbye to anyone, so instead he has headaches and can’t sleep, and that Yeo-reum knew this about him and said the hard words for him, and waited for him to catch up.


Yeo-reum goes outside to find Ha-jin waiting, and he just wordlessly approaches and hugs her. He finally says the words, “Let’s break up.” He tells her that the moment he opened that box in her room, he hated her, and that they’ve both changed. He says with a smile and a sob that she was really bad to him, and that it’s time to break up, and he hugs her one last time as they both cry.

Tae-ha takes the rings he bought for himself and Yeo-reum all those years ago, and throws them in a fountain, finally letting go.

Sometime later, an unidentified writer types:

Among the many loves in this world…

Two ended that night,

And that night among the three of them not one said that he/she could sleep.

Will they be able to love again?


Discovery of Romance Episode 14 Recap and Screenshots

Discovery of Romance Episode 14 Recap and Screenshots

Recap by Dramabeans:

Discovery of Romance Episode 14 Recap

Ha-jin opens Yeo-reum’s drawer and he accidentally sees a Pandora’s Box. Ha-jin decides to open it, but when the door is opened, his eyes opened widely and he stares at the unexpected things. The box is full of mementoes including photos, wooden ring, and letters of Yeo-reum and Tae-ha. These demonstrates that Tae-ha and Yeo-reum were past lover, and this drives him to crazy. Ha-jin quickly shuts Pandora’s Box and shoves it back under the cabinet.

Discovery of Romance Episode 14 Recap

Ha-jin is mad for being left in the dark. He calls Joon-ho out to ask him about the secret relationship of Yeo-reum and Tae-ha. Joon-ho assumes that Tae-ha is ex-boyfriend of Yeo-reum, and now she has put everything in the past. However, it seems that Tae-ha still loves her.

Ha-jin thinks back to his proposal and cools down a bit. He admits that he knows she loves him and that they’re not on terms to easily break up. But she has a box. “I’ve been thinking about all the possibilities of why she has that box, but no matter how I think about it, I can’t understand.”

The box is news to Joon-ho, and when Ha-jin explains its contents, he changes loyalties. It kills Ha-jin to try to understand, but he really (understandably) can’t. Joon-ho asks what he’s going to do about it, and Ha-jin replies with a sinister look in his eye, “I’m thinking about it now.”

Discovery of Romance Episode 14 Recap

As Tae-ha gets ready for work, he thinks back to Yeo-reum’s lifelong wish to build a chair she really loves. He goes to ask Director Yoon — who’s snuggled up under Tae-ha’s covers — for any company and convention documents regarding furniture. As they’re about to leave he gets a text from Yeo-reum asking for any resources on the “modern French style” interior. He smiles and Director Yoon notes the similarities between the two workaholics, working even on a weekend.

Yeo-reum prepares breakfast with Sol, who voices her worries. After hearing about her wavering because of Tae-ha, it was disconcerting that Yeo-reum didn’t come home last night. To make her friend even more unsettled, Yeo-reum proposes the extreme. “What if I did cheat? What if one day I slept with Tae-ha and asked you to make an alibi for me? What are you going to do then?” Sol turns serious and tells Yeo-reum to never do something like that.

But Yeo-reum remedies the makjang hypothetical with what she really means. “Of all the things I said to you, the only thing you remember is me admitting to faltering because of Tae-ha. You don’t remember me saying that I love Ha-jin. The only reason I stay by Ha-jin’s side is because I love him.” Still unsure, Sol asks if she’ll go to Tae-ha if she changes her mind. “Of course. I can’t leave the person I love and live with Ha-jin like a shell.”

Sol gives her a bewildered look and calls her a terrible complicated person. Yeo-reum acknowledges her complexity and asks Sol to recognize it as well — not just assume the worst because of one thing she said. Joon-ho and Ha-jin return, claiming to have gone on a bro date, so Yeo-reum cheerily prepares food while Ha-jin’s stoic face goes unnoticed.

Discovery of Romance Episode 14 Recap

At the office, Tae-ha researches chair designs, and Director Yoon hauls in some documents. Director Yoon hadn’t realized that Yeo-reum had won a national furniture design contest and wonders why she didn’t continued that work six years ago. Tae-ha explains that after she’d won, her father passed away, she broke up with him, and also quit her job. She’s regrettably undervalued for her work.

Director Yoon then asks about what their relationship was like. Based on their current interactions, they must have been a quarrelsome couple. Tae-ha thinks back and admits to being a strange couple. “We fought a lot, we both had a temper, and we were both selfish. But we were strangely compatible.” Director Yoon just gives him a sympathetic look.

 During breakfast, Ha-jin’s clearly in a dreary mood, but only Joon-ho seems to show a particular sensitivity. Matters only worsen when Yeo-reum picks up a call from Tae-ha at the table and purposely tries to use honorifics to maintain her cover. It’s another typical argumentative conversation between the two, but not anymore from Ha-jin’s perspective.

Ha-jin leads — more like drags — Yeo-reum out on an excursion, which seems like a date, only he’s got the same somber look on his face the whole time. He’s distracted by the memories of all the coincidences between Tae-ha and Yeo-reum, so he’s clearly not enjoying his time on his robotic date. At the concert venue, Yeo-reum stops him so she can go to the bathroom, where she takes off her heels to some painful scrapes on her feet. She thinks to herself about Ha-jin’s weird behavior and knows something’s up.

Discovery of Romance Episode 14 Recap

When she returns, Ha-jin tells her that he’s not in the mood for the concert today, so they head home. He seems to have noticed her feet, as he prepares a bucket of water, but he leaves her to take care of it on her own. Ha-jin calls her over and begins to put ointment on her feet, admitting that he knew about her scrapes. He asks why she didn’t complain as usual, while she says that she expected it was some sort of punishment, so she let herself be punished.

He replies with some pointed words, asking why a selfish person like herself would let that be. “If it were any other day, you would have made the situation more advantageous for yourself. You’re the type of person who can make tears fall in front of me.” He’s angry, but his actions say otherwise, as he continues to tend to her foot.


Discovery of Romance Episode 14 Recap

Those hurtful words noticeably affect Yeo-reum, and she asks what the problem is. He’s surprisingly straightforward and tells her about the box. “I saw some of its contents and resisted my urge to see more. I was going to let it slide, but I can’t do that. You two are too close. If you’re done with him, you should have gotten rid of the box!”

Shocked speechless, all Yeo-reum can get out is a mere apology. “I’m sorry.” That triggers all the memories of Yeo-reum apologizing to Ha-jin, and he tells her that she’s been apologizing quite a lot ever since she’s reunited with Tae-ha. She explains that she doesn’t even know the contents of the box and just lost the timing to burn it. Then she apologizes again.

She profusely apologizes and says that he can keep some distance from her if he wants, but Ha-jin tells her to stop. He tells her that she should say that they’ll stick together even through fights, and she repeats those exact words on request. She adds on that she’ll drop any further work with Tae-ha after this project.

Yeo-reum brings in her furniture designs for Tae-ha the next morning, and he quickly flips through them in disapproval. He tells her these are copies and that he’s seen these designs before — she whipped them up years ago at work. He reminds her that their contract allows her to be more innovative and expensive with materials. Aware of what she’s capable of, he pushes for furniture that clearly has her character in it. Even when she comes to him to get her new designs checked, he flatly tells her that she should know if they’re her best designs.

So she works all night, eventually falling asleep on the company couch. Tae-ha silently looks through her designs with approval and crouches by her side. As he tucks her arm into the blanket, he notices her ring, a flashing reminder to keep his distance.

Discovery of Romance Episode 14 Screenshots

A call from Ha-jin wakes her up in the night, but she instinctively addresses the caller as Tae-ha. That clearly upsets Ha-jin, but he politely clarifies that it’s him and tells her to get some rest. A long silence ensues, and they struggle to end their conversation. Ha-jin (voiceover): “I couldn’t get myself to say ‘I love you.’ Is this just one of many days we have together? If we get through it, will it pass?” Yeo-reum (voiceover): “If dating was a storyline, where would we be?”

Ha-jin eventually musters enough strength to tell her “I love you,” and she echoes him. But as soon as they hang up, he admits that for the first time, he told Yeo-reum that he loves her without actually meaning it. He wonders if this is the case for other couples, if they get through tough times by saying but not actually meaning those words. He wonders if Yeo-reum is having his same thoughts and wallows in his distress.

The next morning, Tae-ha and Yeo-reum grab a PPL breakfast at Subway. He customizes her order because he knows she doesn’t like olives, and they discuss the progress of the project. Yeo-reum says she’s been working so long that she’s lost track of what day it is, and when she checks her phone she realizes it’s Tae-ha’s birthday. She doesn’t mention it, but she admits to us that she’s remembered this day every year.

Ha-jin performs surgery on Ah-rim’s arm and checks on her afterwards. He notices her downcast mood, and she explains that she didn’t realize that this was such a quick procedure. She wonders why she waited twenty years to get rid of her scar. Changing the subject, he gets updates on her study abroad plans. He’s about to grab her hand but stops himself and leaves with a friendly smile.

Tae-ha’s employees celebrate his birthday with a cake, and Yeo-reum joins in the celebration, only to realize it’s for a different employee. She catches Director Yoon before he leaves and asks if they don’t know Tae-ha’s birthday, and he says that Tae-ha’s not one to make a fuss about his birthday so he only knows it’s sometime in winter. Huh…

Ha-jin advises Ah-rim on her study abroad choices and generously gives her an extra account for any expenses. She cautiously asks if she can keep in touch with him through mail, and he responds positively. A migraine suddenly hits, and Ha-jin grabs for his pills. Noticing this, Ah-rim offers to send him an audio recording from her home that calms her when she’s troubled.

Discovery of Romance Episode 14 Screenshots

Later that night, he gets a text from Yeo-reum promising to be back that night. That text is followed by one from Ah-rim with the audio recording. It’s a simple recording of crickets chirping, but that’s enough to relax him into a sound sleep.

Tae-ha and Yeo-reum wrap up their design work, and he hands her an extra set of documents to look through. He wants her to pursue some other work than what she’s doing now — art furniture. “Ever since your father died, you’ve come to a stop. Your dream just remains a dream.” Yeo-reum asks why he’s doing this, and he gives an honest answer. “I regret not being better to you, understanding you more, and loving you more when I dated you. I’m sorry. I don’t have much else to do for you.”

Then he jumps back into work discussion, and after a moment, Yeo-reum does as well. She checks her watch and notices that its ten minutes before midnight. Giving him some pictures from the site to look through, she excuses herself to prepare something. As Tae-ha looks through the camera, he discovers pictures of himself, in fact, multiple pictures that Yeo-reum took of him while he wasn’t looking. Just as he’s trying to figure out what to feel, the lights turn off, and Yeo-reum walks in with an impromptu snack cake with a candle.

Back down memory lane, we see Yeo-reum and Tae-ha happily celebrating his birthday. As a gift, she gives him personalized coupons: sleeping in, being late, no nagging, kisses, a sizzling night (rawr). Yeo-reum then interviews him with her faux hand mic and asks what his wishes are. They’re sweetly all about her. Seeing her more, earning more money to build her a studio, and hoping she wins her furniture competition.

In the present, Tae-ha blows out his candle, and Yeo-reum interviews him the same way, asking what his wishes are. After some thought, he tells her. “I want to become Han Yeo-reum. So that I could know why you waited for me, why you cried, and… why there are pictures of me in your camera. Because I know you’ll never tell me, I want to become Han Yeo-reum and figure out what her heart is saying.”

Her secret almost exposed, Yeo-reum falters and asks what he’ll do when he finds that out. As he takes a step closer, he tells her, “If my intuition is right, then I’ll take your hand and go with you until the end. I still like you. I still want you, and I don’t want to send you to anyone else. Stay with me. You just need to take one step closer.”

Clearly torn but wavering, Yeo-reum avoids eye contact as tears stream down her face. She comes to her senses and grabs her bag to leave. “I can’t go to you. At the very least, because of my father, I can’t. If I do that to you… Don’t ever shake me like this again.” She takes her leave, and Tae-ha lets her.

But as she walks away, she thinks to herself about how she wishes she could take Tae-ha’s hand and follow him. “I’m afraid these feelings won’t change anymore.” With this realization, Yeo-reum’s legs give out and she crouches down in tears. She looks distraught, and from outside, Ha-jin witnesses her bawling.

He walks in and demands to know why she’s acting like this. Tae-ha enters the scene to return the camera but hides it as soon as he sees Ha-jin, who hands Yeo-reum the car key to drive herself home. These two are going to have a talk tonight.

Back at it with the soju, Ha-jin tells Tae-ha that Yeo-reum won’t be working with him on any future projects. Tae-ha argues that it’s not his decision to make, but Ha-jin puts his foot down and takes his leave. Naturally, Tae-ha spits out some stinging words, “You must not have confidence in Yeo-reum. You’ve got nothing on her.” That stops him in his tracks, and he grabs Tae-ha up by his collar.

Despite Ha-jin’s threatening tone, Tae-ha continues, “You love Yeo-reum, but she loves herself. All you need is her by your side, but she’s not one to be satisfied or happy with someone by her side. You don’t know what dreams she has and what she’s given up. That’s why you won’t do.” That’s enough to provoke Ha-jin to throw a punch and instigate a fight.

Discovery of Romance Episode 14 Screenshots

As Yeo-reum arrives home, she’s met with Joon-ho, who’s just gotten off the phone. He scolds her for letting this situation happen, and we see that the two guys are at the police station. The bar owner complains that these two are always fighting when they’re at her place and asks if there really is only one girl in this world. Ha.

The investigator asks the two about what happened, but the bar owner steps in to knock some sense into the guys with some irony: “This doctor hit and hurt people, and this construction company president crushed my store. Get yourselves together. What’s so great about love? There are people struggling to make a living.” Well, there’s some perspective for ya.

Discovery of Romance Episode 14 Screenshots

As Tae-ha leaves the station with Director Yoon, he passes by Yeo-reum. They hold eye contact even as he goes down the stairs and until she’s faced with Ha-jin. They don’t exchange any words, and Joon-ho breaks the silence by noting that he’s been to the police station too often recently.

When they arrive back home, Joon-ho leaves the two to talk, but looks back at them in worry. Ha-jin demands to know why Yeo-reum was crying. This is the second time he’s seen her like this with Tae-ha, and he’s not letting this slide. In her mind, Yeo-reum wonders about naturally growing apart. “Does such an ending exist in this world? If it does, then I’d like to have that sort of parting.”

Discovery of Romance Episode 14 Screenshots

With that thought, she takes off her ring, leaves it on top of the dashboard, and exits the car. Shocked, Ha-jin grabs the ring and follows her out. He puts the ring back into her hands and asks her not to do this, almost begging her. She looks at him and confronts the issue: “Let’s stop doing this. Let’s stop fighting. It’s obvious that we’re eventually going to separate.”

Ha-jin argues back that she doesn’t know if they’ll end, but she begs to differ. She’s convinced that they’ve reached rock bottom, and the end is near. He says that he can go even lower, but she doesn’t want to: “How much lower do we have to go? How much more do you want to get hurt by me? Do you think I’ll feel good about that? How much more do you want to hate me? Why do you want to continue on an obvious path to the end?”

In disbelief, Ha-jin mockingly asks how she knows about romance so well and where she learned this. And finally, Yeo-reum tells him, “Kang Tae-ha.”

Though he already knew, that catches him off guard, and Yeo-reum continues, “We’ve reached rock bottom. We can’t go any lower.” She returns the ring, which slips through his hands and falls to the ground. Ha-jin looks pained as he hits the realization that they’ve reached the end.

As Yeo-reum walks back into the house, Joon-ho waits by the door, having heard the whole break-up. He calls out to her, “Han Yeo-reum, you’re a bitch.” Oof.


Discovery of Romance Episode 14 Screenshots

Tae-ha chugs beers sitting up against his refrigerator in the dark, and Ha-jin broods in front of Yeo-reum’s house, staring at the ring in tears. The pain isn’t exclusive to the guys, as we see Yeo-reum also crying alone.

In her interview, Yeo-reum reveals her feelings, “Joon-ho’s right. I am a bitch. But who other than Kang Tae-ha and Nam Ha-jin can call me that?”


Discovery of Romance Episode 13 Recap and Screenshots

Discovery of Romance Episode 13 Recap and Screenshots

Recap by dramabeans:

Discovery of Romance Episode 13 Recap

After their formal engagement , Ha-jin narrates Yeo-reum the story of the two orphan kids in the orphanage, and he admits that these kids are Ah-rim and him. When he was twelve years old, he was adopted and left Ah-rim stranded there. He feels so guilty all the time. However, Yeo-reum embraces him and give him a smile and then she comforts him that he’s not a bad guy, because at this time, he was just a little boy and he had no choice.

Discovery of Romance Episode 13 Recap

Ha-jin admits that it’s nearly a miracle for being adopted at that age, and he really loves this miracle and wants to leap at that opportunity. Therefore, Ha-jin bade a farewell to   Ah-rim when she was sleeping and left at midnight and never came back until his trip there recently. He says that his mother really loves him and she always treats him like her son by birth, therefore he honored her wishes not to tell anyone until now. He reveals his real name, which is Ahn Jin-so, Yeo-reum smiles ans says it’s nice to meet him.

Director Yoon calls Tae-ha and complains that Yoon continues to come to his place every morning.  Yoon urges Tae-ha to come back soon because breakfast is ready, and notes that Tae-ha was drinking along again last night.

Discovery of Romance Episode 13 Recap

Yeo-reum asks Ha-jin if Ah-rim took him up on his offer to send her to study abroad, and he says he’s still trying to convince her. Yeo-reum tells him how she saw Ah-rim outside his place crying last night, which is why she misunderstood the situation. She sheepishly admits that she was purposely mean to Ah-rim, and promises to work on her temper.

Tae-ha slumps home to find Yoon in an apron, cleaning and complaining that this is definitely the home of a dumped man. Hee. They sit down to breakfast and Tae-ha wonders to himself if Yeo-reum got engaged last night. Yoon comments that it’s taking him longer to get over all this than he thought, but says it will get better — but Tae-ha isn’t so sure.

He thinks about Yeo-reum’s tearful confession that having him watch her is making her look for him, and admits that he hopes she keeps feeling that way. He wonders if he should leave her alone or hang tight to her. Frustrated, he tells Yoon that he fights these thoughts all day, and he wants to know when he’ll stop feeling like this. Yoon assures him that it just takes time, but Tae-ha moans that time only makes it worse.

Yoon expounds on how time heals all wounds, even dating wounds, and Tae-ha looks up at him curiously, “Did you have a relationship behind my back? I’ve never given you time to date.” HA.

Joon-ho approaches Mom’s writing assistant Gi-eun and kisses up to her to get her to write a love speech for him. She asks what the girl is like, and Joon-ho describes her as clueless, difficult, dirty, and gluttonous. She has a filthy mouth and she’s violent, but at least she’s got good breasts, hee. Gi-eun asks why he wants a girl like that, and Joon-ho is all, “I shouldn’t? Someone should stop me!”

He requests something really romantic, like something a guy would say in a drama (he suggests, “Do you smell something burning right now?” HAHA) and she agrees but demands payment. Joon-ho offers to pay her in Botox, and she accepts.

Discovery of Romance Episode 13 Recap

The girls admire Yeo-reum’s new ring, and she says that she thinks she can be happy for a long time with with Ha-jin. They get to work but Sol can hardly get anything done for all the texts from her Number Twelves, and Yeo-reum asks which one she likes best. Sol says she’s comfortable with Yoon, and that Eun-gyu had a lot of influence on her, but something has been bothering her about Joon-ho.

We see that Joon-ho has been literally falling all over himself for her, tripping over his own feet in his eagerness to give her rides, and trying to replace her dying flowers from Eun-gyu with his own (then sitting on them when he gets caught). Sol tells Yeo-reum that he’s been acting really awkward, and she doesn’t understand why.

Sol complains that she really only wants two things from a man — to treat her like a woman, and to treat her like a human being and not JUST a woman. That’s pretty smart, actually. She’s still angry that Joon-ho gave her the automatic toilet because it shows that he doesn’t see her as a woman.

Yeo-reum figures out that Sol has reasons for liking Director Yoon and Eun-gyu, but that she likes Joon-ho without a single reason. She says that sometimes you just fall for someone without even knowing them, for no reason at all, as she remembers that she fell for Tae-ha when she had only just met him.

She waxes poetic about the heart knowing love before the mind, until Sol finally yells, “I don’t like Kang Tae-ha!” She gets angry that Yeo-reum makes their relationship sound perfect but neglects to mention all the times he made her cry. She wails that she knows how Yeo-reum and Tae-ha still feel, and that it’s hard for her to watch (I’m glad SOMEBODY finally said it out loud), and asks Yeo-reum if she’s falling for Tae-ha


Discovery of Romance Episode 12 Recap and Screenshots

Discovery of Romance Episode 12 Recap and Screenshots

Recap by Dramabeans:

Discovery of Romance Episode 12 Recap

Ha-jin wakes up and finds that no one is at the room but himself. He tries to call Yeo-reum but can’t contact with her, He narrates, “I don’t know why but I suddenly thought of Kang Tae Ha”. He grabs her cardigan and immediately rushes out to find her.

Frantically searching, Ha-jin thinks to himself, “I had always trusted Yeo-reum. Thinking back, I wonder how I was able to trust her to that extent. I felt that trust quickly turning into anxiety, and I wondered how my feelings could change so dramatically without a moment’s notice. Amid these thoughts, I saw them…” He sees them kissing, but he is mistaken, this is a different couple, and he continues on his way.

Discovery of Romance Episode 12 Recap

Tae Ha approaches and is about to reach his hand down to comfort crying Yeo Reum, but his intention is stopped by the voice of Ha-jin. Ha-jin witnesses everything, the flashback when Tae-ha talks about his relationship with Yeo-reum gives him a bad feeling about these two. Tae-ha glares at Tae- ha before leading Yeo-reum away.

But Tae-ha calls out to Yeo-reum using honorifics and finishes their conversation as if they had been talking about work. He says he’s disappointed in her lack of professionalism and her overemotional response to a business decision. He turns around and walks away from his noble cover-up while Yeo-reum remains speechless with tears brimming in her eyes.

Back inside, Ha-jin asks about her work with Tae-ha and cautiously requests that she stop working with him if possible. She apologizes and replies that she can’t. He nods in understanding and admits that he felt ridiculously anxious when she disappeared. Then he asks what upset her so much, as he’s never seen her cry that hard. But seeing that she’s not talking, Ha-jin decides that they should sleep on it.

Tae-ha returns to his room, and Director Yoon stumbles in asking why he was out so late. He comments on how Tae-ha’s not like his usual self nowadays; he’s lacking his malice. But Tae-ha’s mind is elsewhere, thinking about Yeo-reum’s confession that she’s been waiting for and expecting him. Turning to Yoon, he asks, “Hyung, I just heard something, and it was quite long. But I remember all of it. Every word, every breath, and the intonations. I remember every single thing. Strange, isn’t it?” But Yoon’s already fallen asleep.

Discovery of Romance Episode 12 Recap

Outside, Ha-jin drinks a beer alone, but he’s soon accompanied by Yeo-reum. She leans on his shoulder and asks why he doesn’t ask her about earlier. On days like this, she wishes that he would press her for answers, but he always falls short of pushing for them. He answers with a pitiful yet true response: “It’s because I like you more. Our relationship is not equally balanced. I like you more. There are times that I want to fight and question you, but do you know why I let them slide? If I don’t, I feel like we’d break up and our relationship would reach its end.”

Yeo-reum gets off his shoulder and stares at him as he continues. He tells her that he hates that feeling — always having to lose to prevent their break-up. All she can do is apologize, but he says he needs words other than an apology. Giving him a hug, Yeo-reum says that she loves him, ending the bittersweet night on a sweeter note.

Discovery of Romance Episode 12 Recap

The next morning, Sol approaches Tae-ha with an intuitive guess behind her missed call from Ha-jin last night: Yeo-reum must’ve disappeared last night and Tae-ha must know something. He says that he ran into her by coincidence, she cried, and Ha-jin saw her crying. All Sol needs to know for the sake of cover-up is that she was upset about work-related issues. Sol shakes her head at their complications: “Wouldn’t it be easier if we just eat when we’re hungry and sleep when were sleepy?” Exactly how I feel.

Sol catches Ha-jin and Yeo-reum as they’re leaving to catch the morning ferry and carefully analyzes their behavior. After a quick interaction, she determines that they’re fine and runs over to Tae-ha to point out the happy couple. He watches them leave with a dejected smile.

Discovery of Romance Episode 12 Recap

Mom finds the little soccer boy after practice and hands him a new pair of cleats. She claims that she happened to get a free pair which just happened to be his size. She assures him that he can accept the gift, so he happily takes it and runs off to brag to his friends. From behind, Producer Bae asks why Mom keeps visiting the boy and why she doesn’t hate him. Mom shrugs and says the kid isn’t to blame. Hmm, interesting.

As they continue walking, he asks if she’s thought about his proposal. She shakes her head and says she’s thought about it a hundred times but can’t imagine them dating. But he insists that thinking about it is the beginning. He reminds her that they’ve got half of their lives left; why not spend it together? Then he takes her hand and throws out a cheesy line about thinking in the now and only today. Mom’s not about that cheese and walks off, leaving him hanging.

They end up eating dinner, where Producer Bae continues to persuade her about dating. He says that the concept of friends dating isn’t a new one. “You eat your food. I eat my food. But I just add a side dish on your spoon, you eat it, and I’m content with that.” Mom smiles at his simplicity and continues to let him add side dishes onto her spoon. They’re cute.

Discovery of Romance Episode 12 Screenshots

Ha-jin helps out Yeo-reum at her workshop and they get into an obligatory coupley paint fight. They take a break for food, and Yeo-reum thinks back to Tae-ha’s advice to give Ha-jin a chance to understand her troubles. She starts the conversation by asking if he remembers his proposal (he adorably has her feel his racing heart at the mention of marriage) and explains that she held off on accepting it because she’s in debt — her student loans and other loans to repay to Mom.

She admits that she would’ve felt embarrassed telling him this a month ago, but now she feels comfortable and supported. He smiles but presses further, noting that she’s not saying anything about her father. Yeo-reum freezes, but Ha-jin tells her that they’ve done a lot today, so she can tell him next time. And he’ll tell her about himself next time as well. Baby steps.

Discovery of Romance Episode 12 Screenshots

After the work retreat, Sol comes to the office to discuss business at Tae-ha’s request, and Director Yoon swoons at her initiative to be there late at night. As they discuss the concept and interior aspect of the wine bar, Sol and Tae-ha get into an argument over design choices he swears he already told Yeo-reum about. Sol slams her laptop closed and demands that they go out for a drink, just the two of them — between people who could have been friends.

A couple drinks in, Sol complains to Tae-ha about excluding Yeo-reum from this business. She hates playing the middle person, relaying messages and arguments between the two. She assures him that Yeo-reum does not like him anymore and requests that he be cool about this whole thing. Now that she’s mentioned it, Tae-ha says that she’s not one to insist on being cool. It turns out, he was her drinking buddy when she had relationship problems and used to carry an extremely drunk Sol back home on multiple occasions since Joon-ho basically lived at the hospital then. Haha, they really could have been good friends.

Discovery of Romance Episode 12 Screenshots

With the petty arguments out of the way, Sol gets into some real talk: “Kang Tae-ha, do you know why I have complicated bad feelings about you? I really wanted you two to work out because your story wouldn’t have had a happily-ever-after fairytale ending. ‘The two fought, argued, misunderstood, were suspicious and disappointed in each other; yet, they still tried to be happy together.’ I wanted that ending, so that I could look at you two and wish for a true but realistic love for myself. But you ruined it and crushed my dreams.”

Sol says that even if she drinks until she drops, she’s not letting Tae-ha carry her home. Cut to: Tae-ha piggybacking drunk Sol home, complaining about how she gained weight over these past five years. HA.\Tae-ha stops at a convenience store for a break and an interview. He tells us that he was Yeo-reum’s boyfriend, not Sol’s, and he properly apologized to her. What he doesn’t understand is how girls think that their friends’ boyfriends are also their business. He points at Sol and accuses her of being the worst. Then he proceeds to carry her back home.

Joon-ho escorts Tae-ha as he piggybacks Sol into the room, and tenses up when she falls into his arms on her bed. Right as Tae-ha’s about to leave, Sol whacks him with a pillow and says that he’s the worst ex, as he still makes Yeo-reum cry. Yeo-reum listens from outside as Tae-ha accuses Joon-ho and Sol for being horrible friends. He ended his relationship with Yeo-reum, but as soon as he did, he lost their friendship as well. He walks out to Yeo-reum standing outside the room, and she offers to drive him home.

Discovery of Romance Episode 12 Screenshots

In the car, they both think about the previous night when Yeo-reum broke down in tears. She assumes that he knows that she didn’t mean it entirely, and she’s right. He thinks about the night and assumes that if she’d meant it entirely, she would have returned to him. Yeo-reum starts the conversation by saying that she can’t conduct business in this uncomfortable manner.

Then they’re interrupted by a call from Ha-jin, and Tae-ha puts the phone on speaker for her, ignoring her protests. Yeo-reum lies that she’s home, and Ha-jin starts up an uncomfortable conversation about a proper proposal. She answers to his requests, but her mind is on Tae-ha. That’s enough distraction to get her sidetracked from driving, causing Tae-ha to yell about the upcoming red light.

Of course, Ha-jin catches on — Yeo-reum lied and is with Tae-ha right now. She explains the situation, but he’s annoyed that she keeps lying to him. After hanging up, she looks at Tae-ha apologetically, but he avoids eye contact.

Discovery of Romance Episode 12 Screenshots

Ha-jin broods through the night, thinking about Yeo-reum’s lies while looking at his proposal ring. When he gets a goodnight message from her about getting back safely, he can’t bring himself to reply.

The next morning, Joon-ho looks at Sol’s two dying plants from the Twelves and shakes his head. He says that some Twelves aren’t meant to be. When Sol walks over, he tells her that he’s got just the thing for her — something that doesn’t wither or rot. Covering her eyes, he leads her to the bathroom to give her… surprise! A self-flushing toilet just for her whenever she poops! Bwahaha.

Sol starts to tear up in anger, which Joon-ho mistakenly thinks as her being moved by his grand gesture. She beats him up and yells that he really doesn’t know women. Yeo-reum arrives just as Sol storms off in disappointment and is delighted at the new toilet contraption. That’s the reaction he wanted, just from the wrong person.

Discovery of Romance Episode 12 Screenshots

Ha-jin researches overseas opportunities for Ah-rim and lets her know that he’ll leave the files at his office. He also asks her to think again about getting surgery for the scar on her arm.

Ha-jin gets a text from Yeo-reum saying that she’s prepared the flowers for tonight — the proposal night. She walks around his place looking for a vase for the flowers, and she happens to find the framed picture of Ha-jin and Ah-rim (she doesn’t know the girl is Ah-rim yet). Suddenly, his mother approaches her from behind, here to drop off side dishes, and sees that Yeo-reum’s holding the picture. Her secret threatened, his mother overreacts to her being in the house and grabs the picture from her.

As expected, Ha-jin’s mother comes into his office to confront him about the picture. She asks him to stop being so stubborn, but he replies that he’s not being stubborn — he’s waiting for her permission. “I want to tell someone my story. Whenever I’m asked about my childhood, I force a smile, but I have a hard time breathing. Living with a different name has had its ups and downs, but I don’t have anyone to share my pain with. Not one person. That’s what I want to do with Yeo-reum.” He tells his mother that he’ll wait until she gives her approval to tell Yeo-reum. And in tears, his mother approves.

At the same time, Ah-rim picks up the files from the hospital, and Ha-jin’s mother bumps into someone as she leaves. The picture flies out of her bag, right in front of Ah-rim, and she stares at it in shock. Ha-jin’s mother grabs the picture from her, and Ah-rim confirms with Joon-ho who that woman was. The pieces are coming together.

She tries to distract herself with work, but all she can think about is her interactions with Ha-jin. Her legs give out as she finally accepts the facts on who Ha-jin really is. Trembling with shock, she tells us that she thought she’d recognize him right away, but she had no idea.

At work, Yeo-reum touches up her makeup in preparation for her big day, and Tae-ha realizes that today’s the day. He notices her waiting at the curb, so he offers to drive her, knowing where she’s headed. When they arrive, she quickly thanks him before she leaves, and he silently watches her walking away from him.

As Yeo-reum approaches the building, she notices Ah-rim standing there. She’s angered that they keep running into each other and clarifies that Ha-jin has no feelings for her. He’s just a kind person doing nice things for her.

Discovery of Romance Episode 12 Screenshots

Ah-rim acknowledges this but also challenges her: “Are you saying he’s just acting out of sympathy? You’re right, but why do I have to hear those words from you? Even if it’s sympathizing, it’s between him and me. If you knew that it was out of sympathy, and you still aren’t trusting your boyfriend, why don’t you try being an orphan? You lead your own life, and I lead mine, but think about how your words would sound in my shoes.” Oof. Ah-rim walks away in tears, leaving Yeo-reum confused and regretful.

Yeo-reum arrives at Ha-jin’s place, her mood significantly cast down. He doesn’t seem to notice, as he welcomes her in and pours the wine. But she looks at everything set up and can’t go on like this. “I met Ah-rim outside. I don’t know if this is your method, but it’s not mine. I can’t sit here like nothing’s happened.” He tries to get an explanation, but she cuts him off and heads out.

Discovery of Romance Episode 12 Screenshots

Ha-jin follows her and asks why it’s okay for her but not for him. “I trust and wait for you, but why can’t you do either? I don’t understand why you have so many coincidences with Kang Tae-ha, but I still trust you. But how can you not trust me even for a moment? I promised I would tell you, and you can’t even wait for that. Is this all I am to you? If you’re going to be like this, then don’t tell me you love me. You’ve never been sincere to me; you don’t know love.” Then he immediately apologizes for his harsh words and asks her to sit down.

But Yeo-reum’s definitely not in the mood. He follows her, but she’s set on leaving. “I’m me and you’re you. We’re completely different people. I can’t do this today.” With that, she walks out.

Ha-jin sits down with the ring, reflecting in tears. “There were moments that I shouldn’t have lost because they don’t come back. I’ve lost all my chances to tell her the truth.” Hoping for one more chance, Ha-jin rushes out. Just as he turns the corner, he stops. Thankfully, he finds Yeo-reum right outside, crouching down in tears. She apologizes, and he pulls her into an embrace.

Meanwhile, Tae-ha broods over his own rings — the ones he never got the chance to give to Yeo-reum. He thinks back to drunk Sol’s vision for him and Yeo-reum, now just an unfulfilled wish. “That ending probably doesn’t exist anymore. If we wanted that ending to come true, we had to remain hand-in-hand through the hardest times. But we didn’t. We both let go.”

Back to our couple, we see that Yeo-reum has accepted Ha-jin’s proposal ring. He asks her why she didn’t leave, and she replies that it was the painful thought of him sitting alone in misery. She says the simple yet key words, “I love you,” and he’s clearly touched. He admits that this is the first time he’s felt the true meaning of those words, even though she’s told him many times before. They pull each other into a hug, grateful to have overcome their crisis.

Tae-ha looks at his rings as a tear begins to fall. “Now the hand that Yeo-reum needs to hold onto is no longer mine, but someone else’s.”


Discovery of Romance Episode 11 Recap and Screenshots

Discovery of Romance Episode 11 Recap and Screenshots

Recap by Dramabeans:

Discovery of Romance Episode 11 Recap

After the talk, Tae-ha gives Yeo-reum a box of keepsakes and walks her home. Yeo-reum is about to open but thinks about how he said they should really break up for good now, she decides to shut the door up again. She thinks more of how Tae-ha genuinely wished her happiness, and a tear falls.

Discovery of Romance Episode 11 Recap

At the dinner, Yeo- Reum sadly tells Sol and Joon ho that they broke up, and her friends are baffled by her statement and tears. Sol points out the fact that they broke up five years ago and Yeo-reum only nods morosely.

Discovery of Romance Episode 11 Recap

Tae-ha and Director Yoon go for a drink, and he confesses that he no longer feels obsession or possessiveness for Yeo-reum, which makes him realize that Yeo-reum is his true love.

Mean while, Yeo reum is sitting inside the workshop and cursing Tae-ha out for making her cry. Later, Tae-ha sits in his car and watches into her workshops and sees Yeo-rum crying.

Back at his place, Tae-ha says to himself that he gave Yeo-reum everything, except for a pair of rings he bought five years ago. He planned on propose to her on their trip, but Yeo-rum baffled his plan.

Discovery of Romance Episode 11 Recap

When Yeo-reum goes to bed, she can’t keep her eyes from straying towards the keepsake box, and she takes it outside to burn it. She gets as far as building a fire, but she can’t go through with it, and takes it back inside.

Ha-jin and Ah-rim talk on his office roof, and discover that they’ve both always dreamed of being volunteers overseas. Ah-rim assumes that’s why Ha-jin is interested in fixing her scar, and he doesn’t correct her. Ah-rim says she’d also like to study abroad, and Ha-jin offers to pay for it because he also got help when he was in school, and he’d like to pay it forward.

Sol and Yeo-reum take delivery of some wood the next day, but Yeo-reum says it’s not the wood she and Tae-ha picked out. She asks Sol to talk to Director Yoon, so she calls him on speaker phone, and he’s also on speaker phone with Tae-ha in the room on his end. Yoon explains the mix-up but before they can hang up, Tae-ha asks Yoon if Sol said where Yeo-reum is right now.

Sol and Yoon both keep the line open, and the girls overhear Tae-ha ask Yoon to ask Sol (sheesh, it’s a literal game of Telephone) if Yeo-reum is okay. Yoon makes a big production of saying loudly into the phone that no, he won’t ask, and that Tae-ha should know she’s fine because he checks on her every night at her workshop. Sneaky.

Discovery of Romance Episode 11 Screenshots

That night Ha-jin surprises Yeo-reum, taking her back to his place to cook dinner together. As they eat, Ha-jin says he likes feeling comfortable with Yeo-reum this way, but she says she doesn’t like it when a relationship loses too much tension. Ha-jin argues that being comfortable makes you care for each other more, but Yeo-reum thinks that no relationship stays the same over time.

Ha-jin counters that that won’t ever happen to them, because no matter what happens they never even talk about breaking up. Yeo-reum pessimistically tells him that change is inevitable, as she thinks of the arguments that led to her and Tae-ha’s break-up, and she says that it doesn’t matter how much you love someone — the changes will happen.

Ha-jin correctly guesses that that’s happened to her in the past, and that she loved someone very much and got hurt (he still doesn’t know that Yeo-reum and Tae-ha dated). Yeo-reum denies it, and he promises her that they won’t get sick of each other and they’ll never break up.

That night in bed, Yeo-reum sleeps through her phone alert and Ha-jin sees that it’s Tae-ha texting her, asking if she’s asleep. Tae-ha meanwhile, rolls around on his living room floor, berating himself for sending the text. Yoon finds him still there the next morning, face-down on the carpet wallowing in self-inflicted misery.

At breakfast, Ha-jin tells Yeo-reum that she got a text in the middle of the night and wonders why she’s getting texts from men at all hours, again noting that Tae-ha used banmal. Yeo-reum guesses he must have been drunk or texted her in error, but Ha-jin’s hackles are up and he’s not buying it this time.

Yoon gets Tae-ha up and moving, and has to take his phone away to keep him from staring at it willing Yeo-reum to answer. The phone rings and they both freeze when they see that it’s Ha-jin, and Yoon hangs it up when Tae-ha can’t answer because he’s too busy trying to crawl inside the refrigerator.

Yoon texts Ha-jin as if he were Tae-ha, saying he’s in a meeting, but Ha-jin thinks it’s too early for a meeting and he calls again. Ha, you’d think the phone were made of lava the way Tae-ha is scared to even touch it. Ha-jin finally resorts to texting him back, and demands an explanation of why Tae-ha texted Yeo-reum last night. Poor Tae-ha just bails and leaves Yoon to figure it out.

Discovery of Romance Episode 11 Screenshots

Yeo-reum calls Ha-jin childish, again saying that Tae-ha probably just drunk-texted her. Ha-jin is out of steam in the face of her logic and backs off, though Yeo-reum can’t help but look at her phone to see if Tae-ha might text again.

Ha-jin takes Yeo-reum to her bus stop where she asks when Ah-rim’s friends’ treatment will be over, and when he’ll tell her the thing he said he needed to tell her. He promises it will be soon, and asks for a kiss, but she says he was in the wrong so he should kiss her first. He does, but they both think to themselves that they really weren’t in the mood to initiate a kiss. Ha-jin asks Yeo-reum on an overnight trip that weekend, and she agrees, though things seem awkward between them.

Discovery of Romance Episode 11 Screenshots

When she gets to her workshop, Yeo-reum starts to answer Tae-ha’s text several times but deletes it each time. She finally settles on a blunt, “Don’t ever send me a text like this again.” She goes into interview mode to tell us that if he wants her to be happy, he should be happy too, and she doesn’t know why he’s doing this.

Also in interview mode, Tae-ha tells us that he knows it was wrong, but that if she knew how Ha-jin was texting him, she should have at least called or texted to check on him. Yeo-reum argues that he should date other women, because he’s a good catch and a good boyfriend, and he’s matured lately and seems to know what love is. She tells the mysterious interviewer to tell Tae-ha to go date.

Tae-ha says to forget it, and that Yeo-reum should worry about herself. He insists he’s fine as long as she’s happy with Ha-jin. Hee, I kind of love this weird way of arguing.

Director Yoon bounces out of the office to catch Sol after a meeting, to invite her to a company workshop that weekend. Her coworkers urge her to accept and she does, earning a sunny grin from Yoon.

That night, Sol and Joon-ho arrive home to find Eun-gyu waiting for Sol with a big bouquet of flowers. Joon-ho tries to tell him to leave but Sol just asks Joon-ho to go in the house. He leaves them with a warning that a man who makes you cry once will do it again, and hides behind a bush to eavesdrop (muttering that Eun-gyu probably bought the flowers with a coupon, HA).

Discovery of Romance Episode 11 Screenshots

Eun-gyu offers Sol a genuine apology for the way he broke up with her, and for pretending not to know how she felt about him. He says he feels bad for all of his actions that hurt her, including calling the police on her. He asks if she can consider those things to be errors that helped him realize his feelings for her.

We don’t see Sol’s answer, but we do see her arranging the flowers in a vase later, to Joon-ho’s frustration. He frowns at the flowers and the tiny pine tree that Yoon gave to her, and not-at-all-casually asks if Sol has feelings for either man — while in his head, he wills her to say that she actually likes him.

Sol says it doesn’t matter, since they’re both Twelves, which makes Joon-ho whine about her having three Twelves. She says she’s just going to date them and decide later, since it takes at least three dates to find out if you like someone.

Joon-ho does the math and wails that she can’t date either of them, because then what will he do every night? Sol orders him gone and he leaves, but only after knocking the rest of her flowers on the floor. So childish and cute.

Ha-jin and Yeo-reum take a ferry to their weekend getaway, taking dorky selcas and enjoying the sights. Meanwhile Sol and Tae-ha stand on a very familiar-looking pier and Sol sidles up to him, saying that just this once she’ll tell him if he asks after Yeo-reum. She takes glee in telling him about her trip with Ha-jin, and advises him to get on with his life.

Discovery of Romance Episode 11 Screenshots

Tae-ha, Yoon, Sol, and the company have fun playing games while Yeo-reum and Ha-jin bike around the island, unaware that they’re all in the same place even though they pass within feet of one another. Ha-jin gets thoughtful at one point, remembering that Ah-rim told him that love has no meaning if you can’t share your deepest feelings.

He brings up his trip to the orphanage, and tells Yeo-reum that he heard about a boy and girl that were so close they could have been siblings, but that the girl was to be adopted so they ran away. The boy ended up being adopted by that couple instead, and asks if she thinks the boy was horrible. Yeo-reum says that he wasn’t, because his life depended on it.

Discovery of Romance Episode 11 Screenshots

Cryptically, Ha-jin asks why Yeo-reum likes him, and she gives her standard answer — he’s a good person. Nervously, he asks what if he weren’t a good person, or even a doctor, would she still like him? She says that she’s not that shallow, but Ha-jin half-jokes that it seems like she doesn’t like him as much as he likes her. Yeo-reum says that’s not true, because she knows how it feels to be the one who loves more, and Ha-jin is mollified with a kiss.

Stuck in the bathroom with no toilet paper, Sol is forced to appeal to her stall-neighbor for a handout, and her voice is recognized by Yeo-reum. Sol is delighted to tell Yeo-reum that Tae-ha is here, and that he froze up when he found out she was away for the weekend with Ha-jin. Sol says that Tae-ha looks awful and comes to work reeking of alcohol every day, and that if Yeo-reum is worried she should check on him.

Ha-jin is approached by one of Tae-ha’s employees who recognizes him as Yeo-reum’s boyfriend, and he invites them to come play a game with them at their campsite. Ha-jin is about to decline but Sol and Yeo-reum arrive, and Sol overrides their objections.

When they get to the campsite, Tae-ha doesn’t greet them and only exchanges a curt nod with Ha-jin. Yoon acts as MC for a game where he plays a song, and the first person to guess the year it came out, the album name, and the track number on the album, wins a prize.

The first song plays, and both Tae-ha and Yeo-reum freeze when they recognize it. They’re thrown back to a memory, when Yeo-reum had been working late and Tae-ha texted her that her favorite song was on the radio, and the DJ had read a message on the air from Tae-ha to Yeo-reum. He’d texted her to come downstairs, where he waited with flowers saying that he missed her, and they’d shared long slow kisses in the hallway.

Discovery of Romance Episode 11 Screenshots

Tae-ha and Yeo-reum lock eyes over the bonfire, and the pain in Tae-ha’s eyes is frankly hard to look at. Tae-ha wonders to himself when their love had changed. The song ends, and Yeo-reum wins the prize for knowing the song.

The next question is to guess what meaning the cherry tree flower holds, which also resonates with Yeo-reum and Tae-ha since their couple rings had been made of cherry wood. They both remember that Yeo-reum mentioned that the cherry tree flower means “only one love,” and Yeo-reum raises her hand and wins the prize again.

The last question is to name a certain famous tree, which Tae-ha and Yeo-reum also know because he’d mentioned it on their first date and asked her to go there with him. Yeo-reum wins the third prize, and seems to be having fun while Tae-ha only sinks deeper into his thoughts.

After the party everyone parts ways, and Yeo-reum thinks that she’d wanted to tell Tae-ha, just once, that she hasn’t forgotten the good memories with him. Tae-ha sits alone by the dying fire, lost in the past.

Yeo-reum’s mom wraps up a meeting with her team (whoa, that’s a jarring change of tone) and Producer Bae hangs back to sigh that he’s sad. He says that he’s fine with the woman from his meeting not being interested in him, but he can’t understand why Mom doesn’t have any feelings for him.

He says that he likes her and asks if she can like him back, but she says she hates dating and feels sorry for people in relationships. She says she likes being too old for all the havoc of dating. Bae doesn’t like that answer and chases her into the hall to ask what age has to do with it, and tells her that she likes him or at least she doesn’t hate him, and that’s enough for him.

He says one more time that he likes her, and asks her to live with him, and employees start popping out of doorways to congratulate them. Mom flees the applause, while Bae soaks it all in. Too cute.

Back on the island, Tae-ha wanders the campgrounds thinking about how Yeo-reum said that whoever loved most is the weaker person. But he disagrees — he thinks you find out who’s weak and who’s strong after you break up. The one who loved the most is stronger, because they put every ounce of effort into trying, which leaves them with no regrets.

He thinks how all he did was receive love, and now he only has regrets, and when that happens you’ll never be able to forget the other person. The strong person loves as much as they can, and does as much as they can, which is what makes them strong. Just like Yeo-reum.

He stops when he sees Yeo-reum standing on the opposite side of a bridge, as if he’d wished her there. Without a word he turns to go, but her words stop him: “Can’t you be happy?” She warns him not to lie, because she knows he’s not okay. She says that, just like he wants her to be happy, she wants him to be happy too.

We see all the times Tae-ha had watched Yeo-reum, thinking she couldn’t see him, but she’d known he was there every time. They had even sat on either side of the dark window of her workshop, so close but so far, Tae-ha unaware that Yeo-reum was only inches away.

Her voice starting to crack, Yeo-reum asks why Tae-ha keeps coming to look for her. “If you keep looking for me like that, I start to wait for you.” Tae-ha turns back to her, and Yeo-reum’s face is streaming with tears as she cries, “Do you know how many times I look out the window every day?!” Her knees give out and she collapses, sobbing.

Still having not said a word, Tae-ha slowly approaches and reaches a hand down to comfort Yeo-reum. But before he touches her, a voice calls out her name — it’s Ha-jin, and he’s seen everything.


Discovery of Romance Episode 10 Recap and Screenshots

Discovery of Romance Episode 10 Recap and Screenshots

Recab by dramabeans

Discovery of Romance Episode 10 Recap

When arriving, Ha-jin sees Tae- ha and Yeo-reum standing together in the parking garage of the parking mall. He looks intently at them, suddenly a flashback flashes in his mind, that the moment when Ah- rim asks him what he thinks love is, and he replies that love is when you love someone for their imperfection.  

Discovery of Romance Episode 10 Recap

Sol and Joon- ho rush out and gasp for breath, they see debilitated Yeo- reum with Tae- ha and then see Ha- jin standing nearby. When Ha- jin approaches Yeo- reum close enough, she startles, pushes away from Tae- ha and leans into his embrace. They all give Tae-ha accusing looks, so he explains that she had lost consciousness.

Discovery of Romance Episode 10 Recap

Hajin tells Tae-ha curtly:”Thank you” and they carefully walk in, with the exception of Tae-ha and Sol.  Sol asksTae- ha why Yeo-reum fainted, but Hajin does not explain, he just says let her rest and eat. Before going back inside, she warns him not to associate with Yeo-reum in the future, as it adds to the suspicion and stresses her out.

 Joon-ho and Ha-jin try to get Yeo-reum some necessary medical attention, but she declines it, saying that she just wants to shower and rest. Being the considerate boyfriend, Ha-jin dries her hair, feeds her, and brushes his teeth with her. It’s really sweet.

Meanwhile, Tae-ha paces outside, unable to communicate his worry to anyone. He tries to text Sol but can’t manage to ask her about Yeo-reum. Sitting in his car, he starts his engine but waits. He’s clearly frustrated, stuck doing nothing. He eventually leaves, but he broods on his stairs at home. “I wish I could just hear that she’s okay.”


Discovery of Romance Episode 10 Recap

Ha-jin has fallen asleep next to Yeo-reum, but she hasn’t. She stares at her ring and thinks back to earlier. She had felt Tae-ha’s tears fall onto her hand. Not only that, she’d woken up and seen him bawling. Confused and unable to sleep, she gets up and gives him a call.

Tae-ha looks depressed as he drinks the night away and braces himself before he picks up the call. He asks if she’s okay, but she replies with a question, asking if something happened while she was at the hospital. Behind her, Ha-jin walks in just in time to overhear the conversation and interrupts the phone call just as she starts to thank him.

 Ha-jin takes the phone and thanks Tae-ha on behalf of Yeo-reum, which of course doesn’t sit well with Tae-ha. He demands to hear those words directly from Yeo-reum, but Ha-jin ends the phone call after his quick word of thanks. He tells Yeo-reum that it shouldn’t matter who expresses the gratitude as long as it’s shown. He adds that they’ve got a lot to talk about but not tonight. She needs rest.

Angry and frustrated, Tae-ha goes to the batting cage with Yoon. He inserts coin after coin into the machine and bats away, ready to push himself to exhaustion. Yoon insists that he stop, as he could injure his shoulder, but he doesn’t listen. He’s got too many feelings brewing up inside of him.

Discovery of Romance Episode 10 Recap

They end up sitting against the wall on an empty street with some beer. Yoon massages Tae-ha’s arm and asks what’s going on. Tae-ha asks what kind of person he is, and remembers what Yeo-reum said about him. She told him that he always made her wait and had more important things to do, even though he insisted that he liked her. He acknowledges, “I’m a selfish person, I do what I want, and I don’t think of others. I’m that bastard.”

He explains that when he saw Yeo-reum in the hospital, he regretted everything. He even says that Ha-jin is probably a better guy for her. He even considered resolving his feelings and wishing for her own happiness. But he can’t do that. He can’t wish her happiness with another man. He gets up and explosively tells Yoon that he’s a deplorable guy but can’t help himself when it comes to Yeo-reum.

Discovery of Romance Episode 10 screenshots

The next morning, Yoon comes to Tae-ha’s house with a hangover breakfast and finds him asleep against the couch. As soon as he wakes up, he confirms that they’re going to Yeo-reum and Sol’s shop. He insists on going along because he has something to tell Sol.

Ha-jin accidentally wakes up Yeo-reum with a morning kiss, and he tells her to rest as he prepares breakfast. Lying in bed, she thinks back to Ha-jin’s lie about the seminar yesterday. She gets up, finds his car keys, and sneaks out to do some snooping. In the car, she looks through his receipts and GPS to trace where he went yesterday. She sees that he went to an orphanage, which completely throws her off.

Sol and Joon-ho see Yeo-reum snooping around in the car, so they join her to ask what she’s up to. She admits that she’s looking for evidence to use against Ha-jin, but what she found so far is confusing. They see that he went to the orphanage, but Sol tells her that if a man were to cheat, he would go anywhere to do so. Joon-ho tries to escape the situation, but Yeo-reum locks the doors and Sol grabs him. Ha.

Discovery of Romance Episode 10 screenshots

Back inside, they all sit down for breakfast, and Yeo-reum cuts to the chase. She asks why Ha-jin lied to her, so he asks why she didn’t tell him she was out with Tae-ha. Joon-ho and Sol follow the conversation and interrupt to defend their respective friends. Sol tells the couple to stop misunderstanding each other, and if they’re going to lie to each other, don’t get caught.

Ha-jin takes note of how Yeo-reum used banmal with Tae-ha on the phone yesterday, as did Joon-ho and Sol when talking to him last night. They quickly cover up the situation, explaining that they just got close from their frequent interactions, but he’s suspicious. Oohh, if you all are going to lie, don’t get caught.

Yeo-reum changes the topic back to Ah-rim, asking how Ha-jin could meet up with her again so soon after their big fight. He explains to her that he went to drive up one of the children who needs surgery. Since these children don’t have parents to support them, he wanted to be of greater help. Of course, this hits a soft spot for him, but Yeo-reum is not as sympathetic and leaves the table, angry that he always makes her the bad person.

 Producer Bae has an afternoon date with Ha-jin’s mother at the regular bar that the whole crew — Yeo-reum, Joon-ho, Sol — frequents. He gets a call from Mom asking where he is, and she hangs up saying that she’ll meet him there, not giving him a chance to explain his situation. He mentally prepares for a big fight between these women over him and tells the bar owner to be ready. Little does he know, he’s introducing the two in-laws without their knowledge. Haha.

The meeting of the two women is not as explosive as Producer Bae had expected — their conversation actually turns into a compliment-fest for him. It seems like they’re both trying to set each other up with him. Ha-jin’s mother pops the question about the two being friends for a long time; now all they need to do is combine their living situations.

That catches Mom off-guard. After some clarification, it turns out neither of the two women are interested in Producer Bae, which is news to nobody but him. Sorry to crush your dreams, my friend.

Discovery of Romance Episode 10 screenshots

Ha-jin comes into Yeo-reum’s room with her uneaten food. He insists that she eat and starts to explain his nightmares. But he can’t fully disclose his backstory because of his mother. “Without my mother, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t be a doctor, and I probably would have never met you.” He promises to tell her as soon as he can with his mother’s permission.

Ha-jin accidentally knocks over the juice on the white comforter, cueing laundry time for the couple. Joon-ho and Sol watch from afar and comment on how they were just mad at each other moments ago — they’ll probably never break up. And because laundry time is always a good time, they also join in on the fun.

Discovery of Romance Episode 10 screenshots

Meanwhile, Ah-rim is preparing lunch and the little boy, Tae-kyung, waits for Ha-jin to join them. He’s disappointed when Ah-rim tells him that she’s not going to call, so he tries to call himself. She’s clearly trying to distance herself from him, but she does call him for Tae-kyung.

The happy lounging couple sees the call, and Ha-jin surrenders his phone to Yeo-reum. She picks up and tells Ah-rim that Ha-jin won’t be able to make lunch with them because he lied to her yesterday. It’s a pretty straightforward message and one that Ah-rim seems to have predicted, but they’re both disappointed by his absence.

 Joon-ho watches Sol saw wood, with an enamored expression on his face and “My Girl” playing in the background. He stares intently as Sol turns around, smiling. The real Sol calls out to Joon-ho, which wakes him up from his reverie. She asks him to get some coffee, and he happily agrees.

As he walks outside, he runs into Tae-ha and Director Yoon. Tae-ha requests to talk to him as Director Yoon rushes inside to “work” with Sol, making Joon-ho wary.

Joon-ho asks if anything is wrong with Yeo-reum, but Tae-ha clarifies that it was a momentary wave of stress that caused her to lose consciousness. He then asks about where Yeo-reum’s father is resting, which raises a red flag for Joon-ho. Yeo-reum’s mother goes there once a month, but Yeo-reum refuses to go. She’s particularly sensitive about her father, and they know not to bring it up. Still, Tae-ha wants to know where he is.

 Back at the shop, Director Yoon presents Sol with a contract for a new project collaboration, but he’s more concerned with the pine tree he’s brought. He gives it to Sol and confesses his feelings just as Joon-ho arrives. He starts out by saying that he has a chest, to which Sol immediately covers her chest. He quickly corrects his mistake — he meant heart. HA. “I’m 37 and single. What people do these days with flirting and testing the waters, I think it’s a waste of time. I don’t have time for that. I’ve seen enough of you… and I was wondering what you thought of me.”

Smiling shyly, Sol begins to answer, but she’s cut off by Joon-ho. He announces his arrival with coffee and politely gives Director Yoon one. Director Yoon takes his leave, and Joon-ho smacks Sol on the forehead, telling her to get in her right mind.

Discovery of Romance Episode 10 screenshots


Tae-ha finds where Yeo-reum’s father is resting and arrives with flowers. He spends some time at the tree paying his respects and lost in his own thoughts.

Yeo-reum and Sol discuss the new project collaboration with Tae-ha’s company. Joon-ho interrupts with his biased input, saying that he thinks they shouldn’t do this project. But the two want to go forward anyway and use the earnings from this job to expand their shop. Joon-ho then remembers that he told Tae-ha about Yeo-reum’s father’s resting place. She reacts angrily to this news and thinks back to Tae-ha’s behavior at the hospital.

Ha-jin gets quick updates from Ah-rim about Tae-kyung’s condition and then meets with his mother. He tells her that he wants to tell Yeo-reum about Ah-rim. “I received a lot from you, Mom. If I hadn’t met you, I would have lived like Ah-rim, and she would have lived like me. I’d like to give Ah-rim a tenth of what you’ve given me.” But when his mother asks if Yeo-reum wants to marry him, he has no response. She tells him to wait and think about whether or not they should reveal this to Yeo-reum.

 At work, Tae-ha tells Director Yoon to alter the contract so that it excludes Yeo-reum and is only with Sol. Director Yoon seems doubtful, but Tae-ha looks sure. Later, in the break room, Yeo-reum runs into Tae-ha and confirms that he asked for her father’s resting place. She also requests that he not tell anyone that her fainting was because they’d visited the fishing site her father frequented.

But Tae-ha opposes that idea, “These people are the closest to you and should know about this. Why you hurt, have a hard time, and get those symptoms… ” But Yeo-reum cuts him off, “I don’t think people need to know everything about me, no matter what it is.”

She takes her leave, but Tae-ha gets the last word: “You need to give a chance to the people who love you. Think about what that means.”

 As she leaves with Sol, Yeo-reum tells Director Yoon about how happy she is to be busy with work nowadays. But he finally breaks it to her that this contract is only for Sol, not both of them. Upon hearing this news, Yeo-reum immediately gives Tae-ha a call, but he doesn’t pick up. He just watches them walk away from afar.

Ha-jin performs surgery on little Tae-kyung’s burn scar, and though it’s successful, Tae-kyung keeps crying after the surgery. Ha-jin and Ah-rim try to figure out what’s wrong, and he finally admits that he misses his mom. Ha-jin is taken aback and looks at him sympathetically, but Ah-rim immediately begins to scold him.

She tells him that he can come live with her; all he needs to do is study hard and come to Seoul when he grows up. He swallows his tears, and so does Ha-jin, as he looks at Ah-rim apologetically. When he returns to his office, he thinks back to Tae-kyung crying for his mom and lets a tear drop before he wipes away his sadness.

 Tae-ha looks through his memory box again, trying to relive some of his moments with Yeo-reum through some adorable pictures. He comes across a written contract and a handwritten letter, which stirs particular memories.

Flashback to the relationship days. Yeo-reum throws a notepad and pen at Tae-ha, who’s kneeling with his hands above his head in punishment for being two hours late. She forces him to write a contract, and though she’s mad, she smiles at the thought of this punishment. At another point in their relationship, Yeo-reum forcefully opens Tae-ha’s eyes to show him the handwritten letter, reminding him of their promise to write to each other.

Back in the present, Tae-ha looks through all the contents of the box — the pictures, the letters, the ring — and packs it back into the box in a concluding manner.

Discovery of Romance Episode 10 screenshots

As Yeo-reum and Sol close up their shop, Tae-ha arrives. He sits down with Yeo-reum to explain why she’s not included in the future contract. He simply doesn’t want to see her anymore. Even this current project is being headed by Director Yoon now, so she won’t be seeing Tae-ha anymore. He gives her an envelope of pictures to look through as reference for the wine bar.

As she looks through them, she finds pictures of her father’s burial place. She’s immediately brought to tears by the photos and asks Tae-ha why he went there. He says that wanted to apologize to her father for not fulfilling his promise to be by her side. He also admits that he should have been by her side when her father passed. If he had been there, she probably would have told him the truth. “I’m sorry.”

Discovery of Romance Episode 10 screenshots

In a quick flashback, we see Yeo-reum faced with telling Joon-ho and Sol about her father’s death. They hadn’t known about the funeral until it was too late. Mom also enters the room, and Joon-ho goes to express his sympathies. They ask how he passed, and Yeo-reum lies that it was a car accident. Mom looks at her, knowing it’s a lie, but doesn’t say anything.

In the present, Yeo-reum continues to cry as she lets out her thoughts. “I thought that you would find out eventually since we dated for so long. I don’t know why, but when I was at the hospital, I thought that maybe you had figured everything out. Because you’re Kang Tae-ha.”

The only thing Tae-ha can do is apologize for finding out too late. Yeo-reum breaks down in tears, so he comes over to comfort her. In a voiceover, she tells us, “This person’s warmth, tears, and sincerity reassured me. I felt like I’d gotten lost and only now found peace of mind — someone to tell me that it’s okay, that it’s not my fault. That’s how I felt.”

Discovery of Romance Episode 10 screenshots


After letting out her tears, Yeo-reum tells Tae-ha everything about that day. It seemed like a normal morning: Her parents were aloof and she was nervous at their behavior. Tae-ha says that he thinks it was planned, as her father had told him at the fishing place to be good to Yeo-reum and think of her as his last love. Sadly, he couldn’t keep that promise.

Thinking back, Tae-ha reflects on their past problems and regrets that they could have overcome them. “Everything’s my fault. You were right, Han Yeo-reum.” She admits that she should have told him the truth but was too scared to speak of what really happened.

 Throwing his pride away, Tae-ha tells Yeo-reum that he lost his chance, but she should give that chance to Ha-jin because he’s the one by her side now. He stands up to make his final statement. “Let’s break up. Now, let’s properly break up. I couldn’t break up with you because I didn’t know why we broke up in the first place. And you’ve been resenting me all this time. You’re not broken up if you’re still resenting that person. Be happy, Han Yeo-reum. I’m glad I can sincerely say this to you.”

He forces a smile and walks away. Yeo-reum’s tears start to fall again, and Tae-ha can’t hold back his tears either as he walks away from the actual end of their relationship.


Discovery of Romance Episode 9 recap and screenshots

Discovery of Romance Episode 9 recap and screenshots

Recap by Dramabeans:

On the way to the orphanage, Ha- jin asks Ah- rim why change her decision and take him with her today. Ah- rim smiles and says that it could be better and comfortable for the little boy having surgery if he has chance to meet the doctor first. He asks if she’s wearing makeup which makes her feel self- conscious, and she wipes it off, saying there’s no point make he thinks she is pretty.

Discovery of Romance Episode 9 recap

After that, Ha- jin and Ah- rim stop at a small mall to purchase some gifts for the orphan kids. Ah- rim tries to pays for the gift but her effort is useless, because Hajin is resolute about paying for everything. He reclaims that this is a redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor, like she always says.

At that time, Tae-ha and Yeo- reum stop at the same mall for lunch, and Tae- ha sees Hajin and Ah- rim shopping, but he tries to keep her from spotting them. He notices her purse which she’s been carrying since they dated and then he brag that he got it for her with his first paycheck, but she insists she bought it on her own.

Discovery of Romance Episode 9 recap

Tae-ha remembers their dating days, when he’d been excited to take Yeo-reum to the subway station to find the purse stashed in a locker. Yeo-reum says she doesn’t remember it that way — she remembers the day, but claims it was a necklace that he bought her, not a purse. She says the purse was an apology later for breaking plans with her three times in a row, and that she’s since thrown the necklace out. Ouch.

Tae-ha grumbles that he was a lot better than she remembers him, and Yeo-reum agrees that it was a beautiful time but it passed quickly. Now whenever she sees him, all she thinks is that beautiful things only last for a second.

Yeo-reum excuses herself to the restroom and runs into Ah-rim on the way. Ah-rim asks politely what brings Yeo-reum here, to which Yeo-reum retorts that it’s none of her business. Ah-rim calls her out on her rudeness but Yeo-reum just says she has no reason to be happy to see her, and hopes not to see her again, though she does finally tell Ah-rim her name.

Discovery of Romance Episode 9 recap

A grouchy Ah-rim then finds herself in an elevator with Tae-ha, who asks her if she’s here alone and takes offense at being called “ajusshi.” She bites his head off and says she’s here alone thankyouverymuch, then asks who he came with but he declines to answer. Yikes, everyone’s so super-touchy.

Ha-jin starts to call Yeo-reum and thinks about how he feels guilty that he’s been lying to her, remembering his mother’s words that he doesn’t need to tell her about Ah-rim and being adopted. Ha-jin and Ah-rim stop for lunch and she asks about the guy who saw them hiding from Yeo-reum that night, and he just says it’s some guy who works with his girlfriend.

Discovery of Romance Episode 9 recap

 Meanwhile Yeo-reum thinks that it was strange how Tae-ha didn’t want her looking towards a certain store, and Ha-jin’s caginess when he told her he had a seminar today. She calls Joon-ho who says Ha-jin didn’t come to work and doesn’t mention a seminar. She mulls over whether to call Ha-jin but knows it will cause a fight, and decides against it.

Sol meets with Director Yoon to go over some project details, and she returns the handkerchief he lent her the night that he drove her home. He asks her to a movie then gets all nervous and says it’s not a date, just a job perk, but he’s so adorably flustered that it’s obvious that to him, it’s totally a date. Sol makes his day by accepting.


Discovery of Romance Episode 9 recap

 Later that day, Joon-ho pops his head into Sol’s room and sees her in all her topless glory, which freaks him out way more than it does her. His legs give out and he mutters to himself that she doesn’t need that boob job she wanted, HAHA. When she comes out of her room he can’t keep his eyes from jumping down to her chest, hee, and gets further freaked out when she nonchalantly asks him to zip her up.

Sol informs him she’s going to a movie with Number 12, and he gripes that he’s supposed to be Number 12, so she invites him along. The guys spend the whole movie glaring at each other and having silent wars over who gets to share Sol’s popcorn, which is the cutest thing ever.

Discovery of Romance Episode 9 recap

 Back in the car with Tae-ha, Yeo-reum can’t stop thinking about Ha-jin and his behavior that morning, acting as if it was a normal day and he had nothing up his sleeve. So, exactly the same thing she was doing, then? She asks Tae-ha to stop the car and gets out for some air.

Yeo-reum thinks to herself that they only just made up after fighting over Ah-rim for a week, and when Tae-ha joins her she tells him she figured out that he saw Ha-jin at the mall. She asks why he didn’t tell her since it would have aided his cause of splitting them up, and he says he doesn’t care for foul play, but still denies that he saw Ha-jin.

Yeo-reum says this is why she can’t be with him, because what he wants comes first and if he really wanted her he wouldn’t mind foul play, which is just so backwards. She calms down and tells him that she’s nervous because Ha-jin said he was going to a seminar today, but then she saw Ah-rim at the mall. Tae-ha rightly points out that they’re together too, and that it’s no different from Ha-jin’s perspective.

Discovery of Romance Episode 9 recap

 Tae-ha reluctantly tells Yeo-reum that when he went for drinks with Ha-jin, Ha-jin had told him that Yeo-reum was The One and that there was nothing going on with Ah-rim. He figures there must be some other reason Ha-jin can’t tell her about Ah-rim, and advises her to find out what that is before she gets suspicious.

Sol and her dates head to a cafe where the passive-aggressive shenanigans continue, and Sol is either oblivious or very good at pretending she is. Yoon gets the drinks and Joon-ho spots Eun-gyu with his girlfriend a few tables over, fighting over the fact that he only takes her places where he has a coupon. She’s being really mean about it, and Sol gets up wordlessly and goes over to their table.

Discovery of Romance Episode 9 recap

 Yoon and Joon-ho look on as Sol complains that Eun-gyu used to always use coupons on their dates too, calling him a cheapskate. In fact, she tells the girlfriend, he’s such a cheapskate that he saved all his military paychecks to pay his sister’s tuition. She says she only received one birthday gift in the ten years they knew each other, but she was so grateful for it that she cried that whole night because he wore the same pair of shoes for a year to afford it.

Working herself up, Sol says that he uses coupons because he’s saving to buy a house for his future bride, and advises the girlfriend not to date him if she can’t understand that he saves on the little things in order to afford the big things.


Discovery of Romance Episode 9 recap

 Yoon catches himself with a moony smile on his face as he watches Sol, seeing her in angelic light with sparkles all around her, hee. He shakes it off for a moment, then succumbs to the mooniness. Joon-ho also sees the light and sparkles as he watches Sol tell Eun-gyu’s girlfriend to leave because she doesn’t deserve him, and he clutches his pounding heart.

Sol apologizes to Eun-gyu for going too far, but he stops her to thank her and apologize. She shakes him off and goes back to her admirers, who high-five each other at their girl’s awesomeness. She takes a fortifying drink of her latte, and the foam on her upper lip triggers a hilarious Secret Garden moment, complete with soundtrack –- both guys lean in to kiss it off her, but are stymied when Sol licks it off herself.

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 Ha-jin pulls up at the orphanage and has a flashback to their childhood when he brought Ah-rim back after being injured, and she was taken from him by the nuns. Ah-rim enjoys the feeling of being home, and tells Ha-jin that she grew up here until she went to college. She’s mobbed by a group of adorable children, and introduces Ha-jin to the boy who will be getting the first surgery for a large burn scar on his neck.

Ah-rim and one of the nuns watch Ha-jin playing with the kids, and the sister quickly susses out that Ah-rim likes him. Ah-rim says he has a girlfriend so she keeps it to herself, promising she won’t get greedy and want him. She watches him patch up a boy’s scraped arm and remembers her childhood oppa doing the same for her face, still unaware that her oppa and Ha-jin are the same person.

Discovery of Romance Episode 9 screenshots

Tae-ha and Yeo-reum reach the lumber mill and check out some special wood, where Yeo-reum is praised for her ability to recognize fine lumber. They take a walk nearby and Tae-ha asks her if she remembers camping here, but Yeo-reum insists they’ve never been here before. Tae-ha half-teases that he wants to keep checking if she remembers things from their time together, because all of them, even the fights, are precious to him.

Yeo-reum says her fight with Ha-jin will be precious too, but Tae-ha quips that you have to break up before that can happen, so they should break up soon, heh. Yeo-reum whines that she’s only dated two guys and both of them are “used cars,” and Tae-ha calls her psychotic. He urges her again to break up with Ha-jin, promising to be really good to her. Cute.


Discovery of Romance Episode 9 screenshots

On the way back to Seoul Tae-ha stops at a familiar lake, and it takes Yeo-reum a minute to recognize it as a place they came once with her father. A strange look crosses her face and she refuses to get out of the car, so Tae-ha goes by himself and remembers Yeo-reum setting up a picnic while her father fished.

Alone in the car, Yeo-reum starts to breathe heavily and looks like she’s having a panic attack, and when Tae-ha again asks her if she wants to get out, she’s unresponsive. Something is seriously wrong. She rouses enough to yell at him to get them out of here, and becomes unresponsive again when he starts to drive.

Worried, Tae-ha asks what’s wrong with her and whether she needs a hospital, but he suddenly freezes as a memory comes to him — he’d been walking with her father, who had told him that Yeo-reum had been crying a lot lately and asks him not to make her cry in the future. Tae-ha is all smiles as he promises that he plans to marry Yeo-reum, but her father is strangely serious as he warns Tae-ha not to live like him and his wife.

Her father is full of advice about how to deal with Yeo-reum, and Tae-ha jokes that he must be going somewhere far away, but her father doesn’t smile. Tae-ha remembers that those were his last words with him. I’m getting a very bad feeling.

In the car, a stunned Tae-ha stares at Yeo-reum and remembers Director Yoon telling him there was no record of an accident on the day that her father died. He forgets to watch the road and nearly drives into a road block, and he throws himself across Yeo-reum to shield her from the impact.

Yeo-reum’s eyes open, but instead of seeing the road, she’s locked in a shadowy memory of a rope, and feet hanging in midair as she enters a room. Oh no. No no no, anything but that. The car stops just before impact, and Tae-ha is relieved for only a moment until he sees that Yeo-reum is unconscious, and nothing he does wakes her.

Discovery of Romance Episode 9 screenshots

Yeo-reum’s mother is, coincidentally, making her monthly trip to her husband’s memorial site with Producer Bae, who wonders why Yeo-reum has never come here. Mom just says it’s too hard for her, and Bae says she’s been better since she started dating Ha-jin. Mom knows she’s only pretending to be okay, and wonders how much her husband must have hated her to take his own life. She blames herself for hanging on when he asked to be let go, musing that in hindsight she should have let him be with the one he truly wanted. That’s interesting.

Tae-ha takes Yeo-reum to the hospital and the doctor tells him that she passed out from a sudden drop in blood pressure and heart rate in response to stress. He sits by her bedside and thinks back on their recent argument where she’d reminded him that she’d tried many times to call him right around the time of her father’s death, but he’d never answered.

Discovery of Romance Episode 9 screenshots

He seems to have put the pieces together and figured out why she never told him her father died, and he begins to cry. He remembers all those calls he blew off or didn’t answer — he’d been tired from work, or in a meeting, and even once helping a coworker who’d been injured, but all of those excuses seem flimsy now in the face of what Yeo-reum had been going through.

He watches over Yeo-reum and thinks to himself that there were days back then that he couldn’t go to her, but there had been days he could have but chose not to. He remembers her crying at the train station that last day, asking if he wasn’t even curious why she was sad, and thinks that it was the last time she’d needed him. His hands shake and he sobs in earnest, as he wonders why he never even asked her what was wrong. He’d told her hundreds of times that he loved her, but he didn’t even know what love was. Tae-ha realizes that he can never dare to say “I love you” to Yeo-reum again, and that he has no right to say those words.

Discovery of Romance Episode 9 screenshots

Ha-jin and Ah-rim eat with the kids, who invite them to stay the night. Ah-rim says they can slip out once the kids fall asleep, so Ha-jin agrees. They all settle down in a big room together with Ha-jin and Ah-rim a respectable distance apart, but the kids keep shuffling places until they’re lying together in the middle.

Ha-jin asks again how long Ah-rim lived here, and she tells him that she stayed until she graduated high school, then she left with only the three million won (just under $3000) from the government to live on and a college scholarship. Ha-jin asks if she blames her brother for being separated from her, and she (finally!) says he wasn’t her biological brother, but since she has no memory of her real parents, he was her only family.

Discovery of Romance Episode 9 screenshots

In a small sad voice, Ah-rim says she missed her brother and cried a lot. But she’s done blaming him and she’s sure he lived a good life, so she’s okay. Ha-jin says he couldn’t have had that good a life since he left her behind, but Ah-rim says she would have chosen to be adopted too, if she were him. She starts to cry and stops talking, and Ha-jin also has to choke back his tears.

Yeo-reum wakes up in the hospital to find Tae-ha still hovering by her bedside. He reminds her of what happened and says they’ll never go back to that lake, and admits that he should have listened to her, today and back when they were dating. Yeo-reum is pale and drawn but she wants to go home, and Tae-ha says he’ll take her. She seems to notice a change in him, but doesn’t comment on it.

Discovery of Romance Episode 9 screenshots

Joon-ho monitors his heart rate and declares himself fine, then stomps out to order Sol to come upstairs. She’s eating and refuses, and he notes how messy she is while she eats. Joon-ho puts his stethoscope back in his ears and tells Sol to say again what she said to Eun-gyu’s girlfriend about not deserving him, but then takes it back because surely his heart wouldn’t pound when she’s got food on her face and is sitting hunched over her food like a Neanderthal.

They start to argue and she yells at him to leave her alone, and even though she sprays food all over him, it’s close enough to what happened earlier to set Joon-ho’s heart thumping again. The cute love theme as Sol chomps her rice and scratches herself is hilarious, and poor Joon-ho reels in horror. He wails that there’s something wrong with his heart, and Sol just marvels at the crazy man.

Discovery of Romance Episode 9 screenshots

Ha-jin drops Ah-rim and the little boy with the burn scar off at her place, and Ha-jin tells him he’ll do the surgery the day after tomorrow. He tells the boy to eat whatever he wants the next day to get strong, and gets an invitation to lunch in return.

Tae-ha calls Sol to come get Yeo-reum when he gets to their place, and he offers to piggyback her inside but despite her weakness, she insists on walking. She’s dizzy so he holds her close to lead her in, and Ha-jin pulls up right in time to see them walking close together. Joon-ho and Sol come out asking what happened to Yeo-reum, which sets off Ha-jin, and he jumps to the wrong conclusion and stalks towards Tae-ha with fury in his eyes.

Discovery of Romance Episode 9 screenshots


Discovery of Romance (Discovery of Love) Episode 8 Recap

Discovery of Romance (Discovery of Love) Episode 8 Recap

To call or not to call? That is the question that lingers throughout this whole episode. It’s a frustrating game of tug-of-war, in which neither side is willing to cut any slack. The reluctance to communicate reveals a fundamental flaw in the relationship — something that our couple may not have noticed yet — and it’s a sure sign of a slippery slope. The nature of their relationship is not as stable as we once assumed, and the potential for their old blissful relationship seems to be out the door, especially with new players in town.


Discovery of Romance (Discovery of Love) Episode 8 Review by Dramabean

Yeo-reum witnesses this outrage and demands to know why Ha-jin and Ah-rim hid if they had nothing to hide. Surprisingly, Ah-rim steps up and tells her that she’s had enough. She can be patient once and twice, but not the third time. That statement stirs Ha-jin’s memory, and he thinks back to their childhood.

Young Ah-rim cries to Ha-jin, asking him to beat up the kid who hurt her. He says that he can’t do that, but he teaches her how to defend herself. He instructs her on throwing a punch right at the girl’s nose, telling her to be patient the first and second times but not the third. People will trample all over you if you don’t stand up for yourself.

She does as instructed and punches the bully right in the nose. Ha-jin cleans her up afterwards, and she tells him that she’s not scared of the girl anymore. She promises to stand up for herself after waiting three times.

Back in the present, Ah-rim voices her frustrations. She accuses Yeo-reum of being suspicious right away, never giving her the benefit of the doubt and even tracking her down where she worked. Ha-jin receives this information with shock, spectating Tae-ha scoffs, and Yeo-reum looks to him with apologetic eyes. Looks like the tables have turned.

Yeo-reum tries to defend herself, but Ha-jin’s reached his tipping point. Looking at her with incredulous eyes, he asks why she would do such a thing and yells at her for misunderstanding the kimbap date. Taken aback by his reaction, Yeo-reum reflects on how they’ve been dating for a year, but this was the first time she’s ever seen this expression on his face.


Discovery of Romance Episode 8 Screenshots

Ha-jin doesn’t accept any more excuses and expresses his anger asking, “If you don’t trust me, why are you dating me?” Yeo-reum falls silent, but Tae-ha decides to step in and call out Ha-jin for being a hypocrite. He’s the one caught doing wrong and now he’s yelling at Yeo-reum. Ignoring him, Ha-jin offers to take Ah-rim home. At that point, Yeo-reum’s brimming tears start to fall.

Tae-ha yells at him, asking if he doesn’t know what’s important right now. Taking her cue, Ah-rim walks off with her bike and escapes the tension. Tae-ha offers to take Ah-rim home if he’s so worried and advises him to resolve his problems with Yeo-reum. But he doesn’t take that advice. He tells Tae-ha to mind his own business, and he walks off after Ah-rim.


Discovery of Love Episode 8 Screen capture

Feeling uncomfortable about Ha-jin following her, Ah-rim turns around and tells him resolve his misunderstandings with Yeo-reum. He refuses, saying that he doesn’t want her to walk alone at night. Ah-rim pops the question, “Do you really like me?” Again, Ha-jin refuses, saying that it’s not like that.

She tells him that she’s fine going home alone and starts to ride off on her bike, but it breaks down. She attempts to fix it, but Ha-jin ends up picking up the bike to take back to the shop.

Tae-ha approaches Yeo-reum and asks her what she wants to do. He offers to take her to Ha-jin’s house and beat the pulp out of him when he gets home, but Yeo-reum simply states that she’s hungry. He offers to take her out for food, and she follows.

From inside the hospital, Joon-ho peeks at this scene with shock and falls to the ground. Shaking his head, he tells us, “This isn’t dating; it’s war.” He gets a call from Sol, who complains about him being late. She decides to head into the show without him.

As Tae-ha and Yeo-reum drive away, they notice Ha-jin and Ah-rim walking together. Yeo-reum’s clearly affected by this, so Tae-ha tries to pass the awkwardness by asking what she wants to eat. She’s visibly upset and answers, “Anything delicious.”

At the bike shop, the mechanic tells Ah-rim that her bike has many problems. She’s ridden it so much for so long that it’s better to get a new bike at this point. She doesn’t seem to have the funds and asks him to just repair the basics. But long-legged Ha-jin buys her a new bike and walks out.

She chases him outside to ask why he’s so nice to her. He tells her, “Misfortune comes without a reason, and so does fortune. Have you never met someone who’s been good to you?” She tells him that those people only exist in fairytales, like Daddy Long Legs. He tells her that he’ll be her Daddy Long Legs since he’s tall anyway. Heh. He also acknowledges his mistake in creating the misunderstanding with Yeo-reum and tells Ah-rim not to worry about it.

Korean Drama Discovery of Romance Episode 8 Recap

Meanwhile, Yeo-reum is stuffing her face with some delicious food. Tae-ha asks how she’s eating so well after this fiasco, but she’s optimistic. She knows that things will be better tomorrow. Unable to understand, Tae-ha pokes her where it hurts, mentioning all the suspicious things Ha-jin’s been doing.

Yeo-reum insists that Ha-jin is a good person, which prompts Tae-ha to ask why she didn’t just let this slide. She argues that letting things slide can become a habit, and somemen (ahem, Tae-ha) take that kindness for granted. He’s annoyed by her implicit blaming and asks her to list everything he did wrong. She looks at him and says what she’s always said, “Go home and think about it.” 

Frustrated, Tae-ha demands that she just tell him, but she responds, “Men who don’t get it without explanations won’t understand anyway.” He just gives her the stink-eye and continues eating.

Tae-ha drives Yeo-reum home, but the moment she sees Ha-jin at her house, she instructs him to drive past. All of them see each other, and the situation gets stickier. Ha-jin’s furious about being ignored, and Tae-ha’s irked that he was manipulated.


Korean Drama Discovery of Love Episode 8 Recap

Ha-jin approaches the stopped car, but Tae-ha locks the doors, telling Yeo-reum that he’s not letting her out. She shrugs, as she didn’t want to get out anyway. Ha-jin begins pounding on the window, demanding that she come out, but Tae-ha starts the car and drives off. Yeo-reum decides that she’s going to watch a movie now.

As they watch the movie, Tae-ha’s alter ego pops onto the screen to tell him that he should get it together. “Just get up and go home. Do you have no pride? Han Yeo-reum doesn’t have the slightest interest in you. She’s just using you to make her boyfriend mad.” He gets up to leave, but his alter ego stops him, “Okay fine, you like this girl. The only way to continue this unrequited love is to be patient. But why the hell did you fall for a girl with a boyfriend?” And so he’s stuck there glaring at Yeo-reum. Haha. 

Ha-jin waits and broods in front of Yeo-reum’s house. He checks the GPS tracker, but she’s deleted it off her phone. And boy he’s mad — he kicks the wall and throws his jacket to show it.

Joon-ho looks sour as he waits for Sol outside the Nanta show. When she comes out, he accuses her of being disloyal and watching the show without him. She says it’s his fault for being late and that he can’t become Eun-gyu, even if he’s “taking his place.”

A couple walks into Joon-ho, and he takes out his handkerchief to clean his very expensive shoes. Sol sees the handkerchief (which belongs to Director Yoon) and snatches it away from him, saying that it belongs to a different man. He scoffs, saying that he knew all the eleven men in her life. She says that this man could be the twelfth, but every man from now on will be the twelfth man — no significance, no love, no name. Dragging Joon-ho by the tie, she tells him, “Right now, you’re my number twelve. Let’s go, Twelve!”

Tae-ha drives Yeo-reum home, and she shows a tinge of disappointment when she doesn’t see Ha-jin. She thanks him and apologizes, but Tae-ha tells her that he’s fine. He offers himself up for any future manipulation, but in his mind he suggests that she could jump onto his train as well.

After a moment, Yeo-reum tells him that he did have one good thing about him. He was bad to her but worse to everyone else, which she prefers over someone who’s good to her and better to everyone else. He gives her a sympathetic look and tells her to go inside. Watching her leave, he says good night.

Before Ah-rim leaves the shop for the night, she looks at the bike Ha-jin purchased for her and thinks back to his explanation for helping her out. She decides to take the bike with her as she leaves the shop. 

At the support group, Producer Bae and Ha-jin’s mother eye each other, and he thinks back to Mom’s words about her being interested in him. They strike up a conversation about the side dishes, and he explains that his friend found them a bit suspicious. She acknowledges how that could have led to the misunderstanding, but her instincts tell her that this friend must be a woman who likes him.

He refuses to believe it, but she explains that this friend is clearly showing jealousy. She adds that he’s pretty handsome, considerate, and doesn’t have that middle-aged man feel. She hilariously uses the phrase “sexy brain” to convey her compliment.

Producer Bae steals glances at Mom during their jjajangmyun meal, which is interrupted by a call to Gi-eun. Assuming it’s the director, Mom tells her to deny the meeting. But Gi-eun doesn’t listen and tells the man to drop by tomorrow morning. Mom’s annoyed, but Gi-eun clarifies that there are more men in her life than just the director. That catches them off guard, but Gi-eun disappointedly says that it was just the delivery man. Haha. She’s got no time to meet any men because of this god damn job. She asks for two hours to herself and leaves.

Now that it’s just the two of them, Producer Bae asks Mom what it means if your brain is sexy. She says that those kind of compliments are for men who want to compensate for their looks. He says that he was given that comment by side-dish woman, but Mom says she’s wrong. His looks are better than his brain, and she acknowledges that he’s the dandy type — the type of guy she likes.


At his drama meeting, Producer Bae tells his complaining staff that all they need to do is change the male character into more of a dandy. Someone like himself — sexy brain, considerate, and dandy! HA.

Joon-ho reads off the list that Sol compiled and stops at “going on a trip together.” He comments that the implications of an overnight trip don’t apply to them, but Sol warns him to stay alert. She’s actually pretty sexy. She says that Yeo-reum knows, and they look to her for confirmation. But she’s been staring at her phone the whole time and branches off on her own conversation, “Even if Ha-jin calls, I’m not going to pick up.” 

They give her an accusing look and tell her that she’s been staring at her phone the whole day. Yeo-reum matter-of-factly explains, “I’m waiting for Ha-jin to call so I won’t pick up. I can’t not pick up if he doesn’t call.” Okaaaay. They shake their heads at Yeo-reum, and so do I.

At the hospital, Joon-ho analyzes Ha-jin’s behavior and concludes that he’s not going to call Yeo-reum anytime soon. In the interview, he says that he expected Ha-jin to cave as he’s done before. Sol says that Yeo-reum’s pride won’t let her call first, but she’s on her friend’s side. Joon-ho argues that Yeo-reum was in the wrong, prompting Sol to scowl at him across the screen. She gets so worked up that she crosses over to his interview domain wielding a wooden block.

Sol tells us that she knew from the beginning that Ha-jin was a player and that she doesn’t believe his “no relationship” claim with Ah-rim. And of course, Joon-ho has to comment on Sol’s poor taste in guys.

Ha-jin stares at his phone, contemplating if he should call Yeo-reum, but he decides on someone else. Tae-ha picks up his phone and is told to meet at the place where he had his company dinner the other (bromantic) night. He says he’s not going, but of course he shows up.

They each get a soju bottle to themselves and start up a tense conversation. Ha-jin asks what Tae-ha did with Yeo-reum that night, and only then does Tae-ha find out that the two haven’t talked to each other since the incident. He reciprocates the question and asks what he did with Ah-rim. But Ha-jin switches to a more serious tone and clears the misunderstanding. “The person I like is Yeo-reum, and I can’t do without her. Kang Tae-ha, you’ve never loved this much, have you?” Tae-ha replies that he wouldn’t tell him even if he had.

Tae-ha’s snide remarks contrast Ha-jin’s sincere confession about Yeo-reum. He says that he ignored all the suspicious little things that could’ve led to fights because he liked seeing her smile. “In those moments, it was more important to me that she was happy and smiling.” Only now does it dawn on Tae-ha what Yeo-reum meant by describing Ha-jin as a good person.

He continues by explaining that it doesn’t matter if Tae-ha likes her or not, what’s important is what she feels. “But now your feelings matter. Yeo-reum has never belittled me in front of other people. She’s never pulled in a third party to resolve our fights, and the old Yeo-reum would have gotten out of that car to fight with me. Are you two close enough to openly share these emotions?” Oh man, he’s catching on. 

Tae-ha brushes it off with his snarky comments, but Ha-jin’s not letting his guard down. He tells him that this is a warning, and the next time Tae-ha teams up with Yeo-reum, he’s dead. Ha-jin walks out while Tae-ha downs another shot.

Ha-jin finds himself in front of Yeo-reum’s shop but can’t bring himself to go inside. He sits on the steps and drafts a message, but he deletes it. Yeo-reum does the same, her fingers lingering over Ha-jin’s name on her phone. She gets Joon-ho’s message that Ha-jin and Tae-ha met up, so she immediately calls Tae-ha.

He quickly hangs up on her yelling demands, but she follows up with a message apologizing and asking him to come over to her shop. Knowing it’s a trap, he absolutely refuses to let himself do so because he knows he’s going to cave. Needless to say, he asks his driver to turn around, and he hates himself. 

And then he changes his mind and asks the driver to stop the car. He gets out of the car and texts Yeo-reum that he’s not one to be called back and forth on request. His time is precious. Even with a pretty definitive text, he paces around waiting for her reply and ultimately decides to go home. He tells the driver that he’ll pay him twice his normal rate; just make sure that he doesn’t turn around no matter what. Heh.

Ha-jin finds Ah-rim just as she’s about to wrap up her other part-time job. They talk about scheduling the surgeries and about Yeo-reum in a fairly light mood. He also says that he’ll drive her down to the orphanage tomorrow, as it takes multiple train and car transfers to get there. He tells her not to worry about it, and before he leaves, he tells her that he was happy to see her new bike by the entrance. 

Ah-rim sits down to eat her belated dinner, a roll of kimbap, as we get our first interview of her. She tells us that she would like to date but doesn’t have the time. She does, however, have someone she likes. It’s a one-sided love. “At first, I just thought he was a warm person. But without a moment’s notice, I started to like him.”

She thinks back to the night when her bike broke down and confesses that it was that moment. She could hear her breathing in her ears; she’d never felt that way before. “I was surprised and confused. He has a girlfriend, so I know I can’t be caught. But I can’t seem to give up these feelings.” She starts tearing up, her voice starts to shake, and she tells us that she can’t continue the interview.

Tae-ha finally arrives at his destination and pays not double but quadruple the pay. The camera pans out, and we see why. He caved and turned the car around again to come to Yeo-reum’s shop. He walks in, and Yeo-reum can’t help but smile when she sees him. He tells her to stop smiling and checks out her work.

Yeo-reum’s surprised when Tae-ha remembers the type of wood she’s working with and what it means — a love that doesn’t change. He obviously remembers because he was there the whole time she was trying to memorize these back in the day.

On that topic he asks, “Do you believe that there are things that don’t change?” She thinks so, if there’s enough will to do so: “When I dated you, I thought love was based on emotion, but after we broke up, I realized it was an issue of will. It wasn’t about how much I liked you, it was a matter of how much will I had to keep that love.”

Opening up to the conversation, Tae-ha asks if maybe he didn’t have that will. But Yeo-reum supposes that they both didn’t have that will. “We both felt that love, but we really didn’t know how to love or how to protect that love.” Truth.

Regretful and nostalgic, Tae-ha accuses her of showing up in his life at the wrong time. “Why did you show up then, when I didn’t know how good you were to me? If you came to me now, I would be so good to you.” A little too late now.

Back to the main topic of concern, Yeo-reum asks Tae-ha what he and her boyfriend talked about. Tae-ha refuses to be the middle man between the two and tells her that he promised himself he wouldn’t tell. It’s his pride. Then why is he here? Because he just wanted to see her face (and because he’s a bit drunk). 

Before he leaves, he turns back to Yeo-reum for one last word: “I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you when your father died.” His sincere apology leaves Yeo-reum speechless and tearing up.

When Yeo-reum arrives home, Joon-ho and Sol team up against her, not letting her in on their ramen meal. They claim to have always cooked for themselves while she was out on dates with her boyfriend. She tries to join, but they block her and tell her to ask Ha-jin for her ramen. She walks away in a fuss, and the two nod in accomplishment. They’ve even got a handshake to finish it off. Too cute.

Lonely Yeo-reum walks into her room and contemplates calling Ha-jin. She’s so close, but she doesn’t end up doing it. Ha-jin comes home anticipating Yeo-reum’s shoes in his house at some point, but tonight’s not the night. He enters his empty home and stands by his room, flicking the lights on and off.

In her interview, Yeo-reum tells us her reason for not calling. “It’s not a push and pull strategy. When you date, there comes a moment that differs from when you first met. That feeling you get when you think that this is real love, and then it just collapses. At that moment, I felt that our relationship had changed.”

She thinks back to when Ha-jin decided to follow Ah-rim and leave her hanging. “A special relationship that I thought only we shared became just another plain old relationship. Women know that moment intuitively. That’s why I was scared, and that’s why I won’t let this pass.”

Joon-ho gives us the other perspective. “When a man really loves a woman, he’s really good to her. In that moment, you even want to go catch a star for her. But there’s one thing we can’t do. Love forever. It’s just not possible. Yeo-reum really needs to get it together.” We see that she’s watching the interview from below, taking in this warning.

Meanwhile, Ha-jin stares at pictures on his phone and wonders why Yeo-reum’s never the first one to apologize. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and on the other side is Yeo-reum. She walks in, and they lightly bicker about their misunderstandings and lack of communication. She says that she’s still mad at him and tells him not to create any more misunderstandings. He says that she’s done nothing wrong, and they make up with kisses.

Now back to their normal relationship, Yeo-reum suggests that they go on a trip tomorrow. Maybe somewhere overnight. Right then, Ha-jin gets a text from Ah-rim agreeing to drive down to the orphanage with him tomorrow. That’s followed up by Yeo-reum getting a text from Tae-ha about visiting a site for work. They both agree to their meetings with their separate parties. Turns out, they’re both busy tomorrow, and Ha-jin lies that he’s got a seminar. Maybe they aren’t back in their normal relationship anymore…

The next morning, the mismatched couples set out on their own adventures: Ha-jin with Ah-rim and Tae-ha with Yeo-reum. We know where they’re headed, but they don’t. Uh-oh.


Korean Drama Discovery of Romance Episode 6 Recap

Korean Drama Discovery of Romance Episode 6 Recap

The human mind always discriminate against memory. We usually remember all happy memories and forget the painful memories.Happy memories make us more optimistic and less anxious about the future, but sad memories teach you to keep moving forward.It’s through the convenience of forgetting the painful memories that Tae-ha finds himself stuck in the past. But as he digs into his selective memory, he finally takes some steps forward to uncover some hidden truths.


 Discorvery of Romance [KBS] Episode 6 Review by Dramabeans:

Tae-ha stirs awake in the morning with a mysterious microphone and the memory of last night fresh on his mind. He kicks his blankets and hides under them in denial, but he puts on his carefree façade when the interviewer asks him about last night. Flashing a smile, he laughs it off, “I was just a little bit drunk.”

He openly admits that he remembers his confession to Yeo-reum last night but makes an excuse that he was just confusing his old feelings for her. Mmm-hmm. But if there’s one thing that he regrets, it’s suggesting a second round at the noraebang.

Back to last night, we see drunk Tae-ha doing some intense third-wheeling, taking a video of Yeo-reum and Ha-jin singing a couple song and intrusively (and hilariously) dancing.

While Yeo-reum takes a bathroom break, Tae-ha and Ha-jin have a moment for themselves, where they argue over honorifics (and Ha-jin’s refusal to use them). Their argument grows tense, and when Yeo-reum comes out of the bathroom, one of the coworkers tells her that something’s gone wrong between the two.

She runs over, only to see Tae-ha and Ha-jin rocking out to Girls Generation’s “Gee” with some killer costumes and dance moves. HA. Once the song is over, Yeo-reum tries to drag Ha-jin away, but Tae-ha stops him. In memory of the day they officially became hyung and dongsaeng, he gifts Ha-jin with the tambourine and he takes the mic. They part ways with a nice bromantic hug while Yeo-reum scoffs.

Now in his sober state, Tae-ha grabs the microphone and shakes his head while Ha-jin does the same with the tambourine (“Hyung my ass”). Tae-ha throws it away and tells us that alcohol is always to blame. That night is done and over with. And he just confessed his feelings because he was drunk, nothing else. “Why would I like my ex? There are plenty of other girls that like me.”

As evidence of that statement, Tae-ha’s phone rings. Keeping his cool, he picks up as oppa and addresses Director Yoon as if he’s a girl until he finishes the interview. Haha.

Eating breakfast with Director Yoon, Tae-ha asks about terminating the contract with Yeo-reum. Director Yoon tells him not to even think about it, as quality designs at this rate are hard to come by. Then Tae-ha asks if he’s ever liked a girl with a boyfriend. After some thought, Director Yoon says he knows of a guy who loved a married woman, The Great Gatsby. When Tae-ha asks how Gatsby ended up, he deadpans that Gatsby dies.

At that, Tae-ha bursts into complaints. “Is Gatsby crazy? Dying for love? I am not going to die.” Stuffing his breakfast into his mouth, he repeats that phrase a couple more times. “I am NOT going to die.” Haha.

Tae-ha and Director Yoon return to the office just as Yeo-reum and Sol arrive. Tae-ha hides away at the sight of Yeo-reum, but she finds him and strikes up a friendly conversation. She claims that she doesn’t remember anything from last night, not even the confession. Making him antsier, she hands him coffee and fixes his collar.

Unsure of whether or not Yeo-reum is telling the truth, Tae-ha nervously paces in his office. He thinks back to the night when she accidentally slept over at his house and seems reassured at the fact that she didn’t remember then either. She wouldn’t remember last night, right?

Director Yoon invites Tae-ha to lunch with everyone, and though he warily glances at Yeo-reum, he agrees to do so. During lunch, Sol compliments one of the coworker’s manicured nails, which she can’t do because she’s always working with wood. The coworker’s boyfriend paid for her to get it, but she sadly claims to be in an ennui phase in her three-year relationship. Her boyfriend criticizes her looks nowadays, and she’s getting self-conscious.

Director Yoon says that it’s just attention, but Yeo-reum disagrees. She quickly looks at Tae-ha and claims that she knows the feeling of growing apart. That man may have changed.

Flashback to the good ol’ days ten years ago. Yeo-reum tells Tae-ha about Sol’s leave of absence because of her break-up. Though she seems to be seriously telling Tae-ha about the situation, he just smiles because of the cotton candy all over her mouth. Even a little kid comes up to laugh at her face. He doesn’t tell her because he finds it so cute. She eventually sees her face in the bathroom and gives Tae-ha a good punch for not telling her. But their conflict is easily resolved with kisses. D’aww so cute.

Yeo-reum then uses another example to show how her ex changed. In this flashback, she and Tae-ha are out for chicken. She gets her fingers and her mouth covered in sauce, and he just hands her the box of tissues, telling her to clean up after herself.

Back at the lunch, the women coworkers gasp. Director Yoon freezes with disbelief, but all the women seem to be convinced that this change was a serious issue. When asked what happened, Yeo-reum steals glances at Tae-ha and says, “What else can you do with a changed man? There’s no use in fighting. Why do I have to put in effort if he doesn’t put in any?”

Tae-ha glares at Yeo-reum and leaves the table to take care of the bill (and probably to prevent an outburst). She follows after him, leaving to open up her shop. Once they’re out of earshot, Tae-ha corrects her about the chicken memory. According to him, that never happened.

But Yeo-reum makes a point in saying that they remember different things. “Memories that are important to some people may not be as important to others. Like last night. I remember everything.” Uh-oh.

Tae-ha stands speechless and shocked at this revelation as Yeo-reum continues. She accuses him of feigning ignorance and tells him to fess up to last night. He accuses her right back, saying that she knew all along and still decided to introduce Ha-jin to everyone. Doesn’t she think about his feelings?

She replies, “Why should I care about your feelings? You take care of your own feelings. Yeah, I’m a bitch, but I have no reason to care about you. I have someone else to care for, and I need to take care of myself over you.” Oof, cold and pretty bitchy.


Discovery of Romance Episode 6 Screen Capture

Mom’s assistant Gi-eun struggles through a crisis, typing out personal resolutions for what to do with her life. She contemplates her two options – stepping up from her assistant writer position or getting married – presented by her alter egos. But they basically tell her she’s a failure, so she slams her head on the table in defeat.

Producer Bae walks in on her misery and asks where Mom is. Gi-eun says that she’s out to get some sunshine at the school because of her vitamin D deficiency. 

At school, Mom watches the boys’ soccer practice, focusing her attention on one particular boy. After practice, she asks him why he didn’t score any goals today, and he replies that his cleats are too small. She tells him to ask his grandma to buy him new ones, and he runs off past Producer Bae, who’s arrived to see her.

Back to the awkward lunch. As the rest of the coworkers leave the restaurant, Tae-ha stops Sol to give her a bag of marinated crab to deliver to Yeo-reum’s father, remembering how much he liked them. Sol freezes and looks at him with disbelief as she reminds him that Yeo-reum’s father passed away – a month before the two broke up, in fact. This seems like news to Tae-ha, and he stops Sol, shocked.

Producer Bae sits down with Mom and admits that he remembers the supposed cheating ten years ago. He had married a woman he’d just met and had no real attachment to her. And Mom had complications with her husband. She cuts him off saying, “Those people who died haven’t done us much good, and we haven’t done anything to be proud of either. But we’ve reached the end with them.”

He asks if Mom still resents Yeo-reum’s father and says that he misses his wife even though her nagging drove him crazy. But she sticks to her perspective: Once they die, it’s the end. She doesn’t even believe in the afterlife anyway.

Back to a shocked Tae-ha, Sol tells him that Dad passed away from a car accident in front of the local pharmacy. She’s baffled that he’s forgotten something as tragic as this, but Tae-ha’s reaction is quite strong, almost as if he’d never known.

Upon returning to the shop, Sol fumes that Tae-ha remembered that Yeo-reum’s father liked marinated crab but didn’t remember that he passed away, while Yeo-reum looks away with an unclear expression.

As Director Yoon drives Tae-ha, he guesses that the ex Yeo-reum discussed was Tae-ha. He shakes his head, thinking about how much wrong Tae-ha had to commit to make a girl still resentful. But Tae-ha remains silent, his mind elsewhere.

Ha-jin’s mother comes in to get some Botox shots from Joon-ho and makes sure that it’s all a secret from her son. But we see that it’s not a secret at all, as Ha-jin casually asks Joon-ho what procedures his mother came in for. Heh.

He opens a text from Ah-rim about the kimbap date but quickly realizes that Joon-ho is looking over his shoulder. After a struggle, he reveals the text, and Joon-ho takes note of this suspicious date.

Ha-jin makes time for this date and looks genuinely happy to see Ah-rim. She asks how old he is, and she happily notes that he’s the same age as her oppa. Ha-jin freezes for a moment as she explains that she got separated from her oppa when she was younger. She thinks that she’ll be able to recognize him right away, even though they’ve spent twenty years apart. And she keeps her scar so that he’ll recognize her.

Ha-jin mentions that her oppa might pretend not to know her, but Ah-rim doesn’t understand. She jokingly says that she’s going to kill her oppa since he made her live this way. They laugh and continue with their meal as Ha-jin continues to ignore calls from Yeo-reum.

Yeo-reum calls him from the clinic, where Joon-ho doesn’t reveal anything and walks away briskly. She finds it strange that Ha-jin’s not picking up, so she tracks him with her GPS. She spots him from outside and witnesses the kimbap date. He’s smiling, laughing, and most importantly, ignoring her calls. The realization (misunderstanding) hits, and Yeo-reum walks away deflated.

As he drives Ah-rim home, Ha-jin asks about her schedule. She’s a busy bee, with her morning juice deliveries, school, and late night work at the bicycle shop. On school days, she barely has time for breakfast. Before she leaves, Ha-jin tells her to ring his doorbell when she delivers juice on school days and she agrees. The car pulls away, and Ah-rim happily admires his courtesy.

Back home, Yeo-reum demands to know everything that Joon-ho knows about the kimbap affair. Sol shows sympathy for him, but the knives are at his throat as the ladies sit and stare him down. Chewing on his dinner and darting his eyes back and forth, Joon-ho quickly analyzes this situation. Yeo-reum left the clinic before he did but came back home later than him, so she must know everything!

He puts his chopsticks down and reveals it all. Ah-rim is still a student, works for juice delivery, and works at the bicycle shop. She took Ha-jin on a kimbap date because he’d agreed to perform surgery for her acquaintances at no cost. Yeo-reum nods, seemingly knowing all of this, and accuses Joon-ho of not telling her about the kimbap date earlier. Sol gives him his punishment – dishes for a month – and Yeo-reum orders him to keep this revelation a secret from Ha-jin.

Meanwhile, Tae-ha drowns his sorrows with drinks and looks through his box of memories. He puts on the wooden couple ring and begins to doubt his supposedly real memories. “Could my memory be wrong? How could I forget that Yeo-reum’s father passed away? I remember everything. Maybe my memories are wrong, maybe that wasn’t our first kiss. Our love may only be in my memory since it seems like Yeo-reum has forgotten everything.”

He spots his camera on the shelf, which triggers another memory. In a flashback, we see Tae-ha carefully cleaning his cameras when suddenly Yeo-reum barges in, accusing him of being late. He’s lost track of time and apologizes for not making it. She’s furious that he made her and her friends wait for two hours at the station. He tries to pull her aside, but she refuses, saying that she knows that she’s not important to him. She tries to throw his camera, but he convinces her not to. She’s on the losing end of the relationship, so she swallows her anger.

With this memory – notably his first bad memory of their relationship – Tae-ha is convinced that he didn’t remember wrong. He calls up his hyung Director Yoon right away, asking him to look into the accident that killed Yeo-reum’s father.

Sol offers to help Yeo-reum track down this Ah-rim girl in exchange for borrowing Yeo-reum’s clothes for her reunion tonight, where Eun-gyu will be waiting for her. She purposefully skipped the first part to make him wait.

She arrives to the reunion and confidently greets Eun-gyu. But he’s there with none other than his current girlfriend. Sol looks crushed, especially when she finds out that they’ve been a thing since he first got hired.

She asks him why he didn’t tell her, and he shrugs it off with a “just because.” Unable to handle this situation, Sol stands up and gives him a good piece of her mind. Calling him a bastard, she accuses him of using her and splashes her glass of beer on his face. She demands another refill on her beer and starts chugging… 

And Eun-gyu grabs her arm to stop her from drinking so fast. Unfortunately, it was all her imagination. Sol makes an excuse that she just dropped by and has to leave soon for another appointment. With that, she runs out in tears, completely dejected, and gets in a cab with Taxi Ajusshi, who recognizes her from the other drunken night.

She changes her direction, and once she gets there, she asks Taxi Ajusshi to wait. She stares up at a window, picks up a rock, and hurls it. Watching Sol break the window, he assumes that she slept with the guy (in his mind, Joon-ho) and he broke up with her. Looking straight ahead, Sol tells him that the world has changed, and now those who don’t sleep around are considered the problem. Aww, you poor soul.

The next morning, zipper mouth Joon-ho spills the beans. He tells Ha-jin that Yeo-reum knows everything, but he promises that he didn’t tell her about his long-time search for Ah-rim. As they’re talking, Yeo-reum texts Ha-jin, knowing that Joon-ho told him everything, as the two don’t hide secrets from each other. She lets him know that she’s borrowing his bike.

Wearing shades, she enters the bike store and asks Ah-rim for night lights. As she grabs the lights, Yeo-reum does a quick scan of her and estimates her body proportions. She notices that Ah-rim smiles a lot, but has nothing particularly better than herself.



Discovery of Romance Episode 6 Screenshot

Saying that she forgot her wallet, Yeo-reum walks out and finds the next store that Ah-rim works at. After a swift interaction involving not buying a sweater, she walks out with the conclusion that Ah-rim does have one thing – she’s nicer than her.

To top things off, Yeo-reum brings kimbap for Ha-jin. He acknowledges that he was in the wrong for not telling her about the kimbap date and says that he’d rather she punch him. She insists that she’s too nice to do that, and they resolve the conflict with him kissing her. She plays it cool but still gives him a subtle vicious look. Yikes, he’d better not get caught again. 

Director Yoon reports back to Tae-ha with surprising news that Yeo-reum’s father’s accident is nonexistent. There was never an accident by the pharmacy, and there are no records of Dad’s death from that year. Huh?!

To clear this confusion, Tae-ha visits Yeo-reum at her shop. Though she insists that he just doesn’t remember, Tae-ha begs to differ. He remembers the cotton candy and the chicken, even though he claimed that he didn’t remember the latter.

He admits, “I was so used to having you around that I became too comfortable, so much so that I made mistakes. I wasn’t curious about what you wanted and didn’t care much even when you were in pain. I remember it all, even all the things I did wrong. But I don’t remember anything about your father. You didn’t tell me.” 

Approaching Yeo-reum, he demands to know why she didn’t tell him. She’s not fazed by his directness and says that if he’s got such a good memory, he should remember around when it happened as well.

In a flashback, we see Yeo-reum alone at her father’s funeral, calling Tae-ha and asking him to just come be by her side. Back in the present, Yeo-reum accuses him, “There was a first call, a second call, a third, and many more after that. You said you were busy every time and never asked why I needed you. Of all the days that you blew me off because you were busy, think about what day it was. You probably won’t remember because there were so many.”

Unable to contain his frustration, Tae-ha says that she should have clearly told him about her father. But Yeo-reum argues that he should have come to her at least once even without a reason, given that she’d called for his help multiple times.

She seems pretty resolute. “Kang Tae-ha, you said you started to like me again, right? But there’s nothing you can do to go back. We were done five years ago.”

Tae-ha responds that she will come back to him, but Yeo-reum disagrees, “Maybe if the sky falls, but I’m not going back to you.” With a gleam in his eye, Tae-ha grabs Yeo-reum’s arm and says with conviction, “That sky will fall. You can count on it.”

The next episode - Discovery of Romance Episode 7 will air on KBS - 8th September 2014. 


[Recap] Romance, Comedy, Sadness & Thrills- "Man from the Stars" Has It All

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, Sadness & Thrills- "Man from the Stars" Has It All

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It AllMan from the Stars continues to soar with high ratings, intriguing plot lines, and lovably flawed characters. Romantic feelings begin to develop between our lead characters, especially within the stoic Do Min Joon. Chun Song Yi faces increasing backlash for her rivals death, but at least Min Joon never seems too far away to help. Flashbacks are beautifully interwoven with the present day events, providing a satisfying context for Min Joon and Song Yis fated relationship. Not only do the main characters shine, but the supporting cast and subplots combine to make a captivating story that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats.

10 Signs Min Joon Has Fallen for Song Yi

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

Theres no way around it- Min Joon is falling hard for our heroine. Having Song Yi stranded in his apartment overnight certainly didnt hurt their budding relationship and with each interaction and flashback, we see Min Joons feelings develop more and more. 

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

1. He may have a 1 meter distance rule, but it seems he cant even follow his own guidelines. 

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

2. He allows Song Yi to bully him into eating a meal with her and his father. [Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

3. He goes shopping for Song Yi, just like any other caring husband would. 

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

4. He does his best to distract Song Yi from the pain and sadness that is about to assault her. Lying about the reporters, blocking her way to the balcony, using his powers to break a vase- Im sorry to break it to you Min Joon, but you like her! 

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

5. He cant help but miss her. Heck, he wont even turn over his fish when he eats after her scolding. 

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

6. He teleports to her apartment to ensure her safety after seeing the suspicious Jae Kyung in the parking garage. If teleporting wasnt enough, frantically ringing the doorbell is a sure sign of love!

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

7. He deliberately lies to Hee Kyung to provoke jealousy over his relationship with Song Yi. Little does Min Joon realize that he too is falling victim to the same naive and childish emotion. 

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

8. He leaves her a note to remind her to come take her final exam. There may have been a threat of failure tied in, but the note still showed he wanted to see her. 

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

9. He rescues her from the press who harass her when she comes to school. Min Joon makes the best legal advisor!

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

10. Last but not least, he stops time so he doesnt have to hear her response to Hee Kyungs confession.

Some things just arent worth hearing. 

Jae Kyung is Terrifying

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

I dont know if Ive ever been so scared of a dramas bad guy, especially this early on! Jae Kyung gives me the creeps. His be careful of your health line is the stuff of nightmares! Weve already witnessed some of his horrible and heartless actions, but now all signs point to Song Yi being his next target. Oh no! 

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

The thrilling end to episode 5 when Jae Kyung comes to Song Yi’s apartment put me on the edge of my seat. At first I thought, oh, don’t worry Min Joon will be there to save her, but then when he is suddenly pulled away by the detective, I felt my heart drop. No! Don’t leave Song Yi alone with that crazy man! 

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

My only consolation to Jae Kyungs terror is that Min Joon already suspects him. A super powerful alien is always a good tool to have when fighting an evil lunatic, right?

The Past Comes to Life

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

Important knowledge about Min Joons past is filled in through a series of flashbacks to his time with Song Yis look-a-like Yi Hwa. His vow of protection goes unfulfilled when his powers fail to save Yi Hwa from death.

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

The dramatic conclusion to their story revels why Min Joon remains protective, yet distant at the same time. Losing your first love in such a gruesome manner is not exactly the best Welcome to Earth present. 

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

Min Joon also tests out Song Yis affinity to Yi Hwas hair piece. Im very intrigued by Song Yis overwhelming feeling of sadness when she encounters the object. All signs point to reincarnation!

Song Yi’s Career is in Danger

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

With her growing blame in Yoo Ras death, Song Yis popularity fades overnight. Her advertisements come down, her lead character is suddenly written out of her drama, and even her contract with her agency expires. Talk about falling fast. Song Yi may be disheartened, but shes not going to let anyone tell her she is not good enough. Rather than wait for the noose, she proactively rejects all of her contracts in an attempt to fight back against the criticism. 

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

Her strong will may not be fooling anyone, but her staff cant help but go along with her plan. Heck, they are actually relieved she is taking full responsibility. 

Se Mi is Moving Up Now that Song Yi is Falling Down

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

With Song Yi out of the way, Se Mi finally has a chance to shine. Shes offered the leading role in Song Yis drama and instantly snatches up the opportunity. She tries to keep up the appearance of supportive friend, but Song Yi sees through her lies. 

Heart to Heart Conversation

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

This conversation made my heart melt a little bit. Song Yi not only confides some of her deep feelings about loneliness and stardom to Min Joon, but these two also exchange their respective philosophies on life. Min Joon in his typical detached fashion believes the secret to not getting hurt is to never give or take anything from anyone. Song Yi is quick to call him out by asking Whats the fun in living then?. While they appear to hold opposing viewpoints, their overarching loneliness still bonds them together. For now, at least they have each other.   

Min Joon’s In Trouble

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

Looks like Min Joon won’t be having an easy time during his last three months on Earth. Not only does he have to deal with his growing emotions, but his image was caught on multiple cameras in places where he shouldnt have been. The detectives involved with Yoo Ras case already suspect him.[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

Worse yet, Se Mi found his CCTV picture from the boat, instantly recognizing him as the man who saved Song Yis life in middle school. Dun dun dun! What will she do with this new information?

Se Mi’s Brother is the Prosecutor in Yoo Ras Case

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

This will either be super convenient or super harmful for our main characters.

Se Mis recent discovery of evidence makes me think this connection is not such a great thing. 

Hee Kyung’s Endearing Attempts at Romance

 [Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

Hee Kyung continues in his efforts to gain Song Yis love. He bails Song Yis brother out of jail, brings flowers to her mom, and even arranges a birthday surprise at an amusement park. Unfortunately for him, Song Yi seems to remain firmly in the were friends mindset. Well find out next week for sure when she responds to Hee Kyungs earnest confession of love. 

Song Yi Cant Function in the Real World

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

Now that Song Yi is without her entourage, she must venture out into the world by herself for the first time in a long time. Long story short, she is an hilarious hot mess. She cant drive straight, she leaves her bag hanging on her mirror, and instead of signing for her credit card, she gives the gas station attendant a signed postcard. She needs help.

Manager Do?

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

We may see Min Joon wearing a new hat in the next episode. Upon realizing her own inaptitude, Song Yi asked Min Joon if he was interested in a part time job. She proposed that he take on the job of being her manager, a role hes already filled more than once since theyve meet. I have a feeling his new found attachment to Song Yi wont allow him to say no!

Good thing Song Yis last manager left a letter of instruction. I think Min Joon will have something to say about her disliking the Joseon era!

Min Joon is Filthy Rich

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

Not that Min Joon needs the extra cash from the manager gig. It turns out after 400 years of smart investing, Min Joon has developed chaebol levels of wealth. It will be up to his friend Lawyer Jang to slowly sell off his vast fortune once he leaves Earth. 

Bonus: Heirs Parody

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

Heirs made unexpected appearance in Man from the Stars when the OST song Im Saying sung by Lee Hong Ki played in the background while a young boy confessed his love in a very Kim Tan manner. The little tribute brought a smile to my face and Song Yis friend used the moment to teach about the power of love. Im hopeful for more crossover parodies in the future!

In Conclusion

[Recap] Romance, Comedy, SadnessThrills- Man from the Stars Has It All

This was another great week for Man from the Stars. Im already deeply in love with these characters and the pacing of the show continues to be excellent. Min Joons superpowers are being used in all the right ways and his fated connection to Song Yi is highly captivating. From flashbacks to confessions and comedy to suspense, this show does it all. Ill be laughing one moment and then suddenly crying the next. Man from the Stars is worth every minute of the ride!

How do you think Min Joons new feelings of love will affect him next week?

Do you think it will be long before Song Yis life is in real danger? 

Feel free to comment below!


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