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SM Entertainment Artists Go All Out For Halloween At SMTOWN Wonderland Party

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SM Entertainment Artists Go All Out For Halloween At SMTOWN Wonderland Party

If you"re a follower SM Entertainment artists, Halloween is one of the annual occassions you"ll see all your favorite artists and actors come together, dress up, relax and party.

This year, SM Entertainment opened up an Instagram account to give fans and followers a live feed to who"s dressed up and what"s going on at the party.

Spotted are Girls" Generation, EXO, TVXQ!, Super Junior, f(x), Go Ara, Red Velvet and more.

Sooyoung dressed up as Sadness from the animated "Inside and Out," while SHINee"s Key turned into Ronald McDonald and Onew as Colonel Sanders. EXO"s Suho and Sehun became Kingsmen while Seohyun became Maleficent. From dressing up as anime character to food icons, many SM artists went all out with their costumes for the special event!

To check out more photos from the SMTown Wonderland, check out their Instagram!

Check out some of the photos below!

Jung Kyung Ho Receives a Torrent of Hate After Following Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung on Instagram

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Jung Kyung Ho Receives a Torrent of Hate After Following Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung on Instagram

The global is in point of fact filled with wonderful, superb people. yet for each and every one of them, there is an equivalent and contrary crazie.

They — the crazies — rolled out in complete force on Jung Kyung Ho’s Instagram, tearing him a new one simply because he committed the heinous act of following Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung — his female friend — on Instagram.

Jung Kyung Ho posted a photo on his Instagram on October 15 of him with Yoon Do Hyun, congratulating the veteran artist for his 20th anniversary at his concert. In serious contrast to the glad smiles in the photo, the comments to the correct were hateful and incredibly rude.

One commenter says, “Listen. I can’t trust this. While you like your girlfriend so much, then be a little considerate. Have you learnt of the reality that Sooyoung is an idol? I don’t notice what you’re doing, when she is keeping quiet. enthusiasts most effective wish to see Sooyoung, so when other folks get started getting involved, they honestly hate it. You couldn’t undergo to stay your mouth close even sooner than the dating news got here out, and now you’re just doing whatever. Think a bit of about what ramifications your movements have and who bears the load of them. You’re so frustrating.”

Another commenter ironically says, “I actually don’t curse and criticize individuals dating idols like every those crazy fans, and i suspect it’s reasonably embarrassing to do so, but I have to mention anything to you.” The commenter is going on to claim how Jung Kyung Ho is so thoughtless and that he should think so little of Sooyoung’s fans, etc.

The list of equivalent comments goes on and on: “Following Sooyoung isn’t respectful to Sooyoung’s fans,” “We truly don’t like you,” “You’re so selfish,” “Do you now not care because you’re not famous?”

However, thankfully, interspersed between the entire hate are fans in full give a spice up to of Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung: “I think that’s enough. Is it a crime for a guy to observe his girlfriend? i am hoping they get married! Stay in combination forever! I’m rooting for you,” and “To Sooyoung’s fans! If you need the individual you love to be happy, forestall announcing the ones things. Move Jung Kyung Ho!”

Meanwhile, Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung showed their courting in January of this year, after dating footage of the 2 were released.

[ pictures] Added new stills for the Korean documentary 'SMTOWN The stage'

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[ pictures] Added new stills for the Korean documentary 'SMTOWN The stage'

Added new stills for the impending Korean documentary "SM the city The degree" (2015)Directed via Bae Seong-sangWith Kang Ta, BoA, ladies" Generation,...SynopsisA documentary of the overpowering stage and reside-time occasions of the SM Entertainment global concert SM the city LIVE and in the back of-the-scene studies. free up date in Korea : 2015/08/ thirteen

SMTOWN Coex Artium introduction and excursion

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SMTOWN Coex Artium introduction and excursion

Are yous sectionial to EXO, ladies’ Generation, SHINee, tremendous Junior, f(x), BoA, TVXQ, Red Velvet, or SM Entertainment artists in total? Then yous may accept heard of SMTOWN Coex Artium. for people which Are unfamiliar, SMTOWN Coex Artium is An entertainment complex focused about SMTOWN Artists. Calling information technologyself A “theme park in the town,” the Artium boasts six floors filled alongside products, photo opportunities, theaters, quite A lot of Activities, And more. We visited the Appreciated topographic point ourselves to reach Soompiers An up-close and private tour!

Is information technology value the hype? simplest once yous exactly like SM Artists. virtually Activities And products Are lovely expensive. Alternatively, once yous revel in merely taking the entirety in And taking photographs, you'll exist Able to revel in the positioning alongsideout spending much cash. Plus, you'll exist Able to at All fourth dimensions brain over to Coex Mall once yous lose interest. Having long past once straight off, 1 doubt 1’ll exist braining back unless a chum equallyks me to. take a glance At our tour And brand A decision whether or no longer yous wish to brain for yousrself!

front – First ground SMTOWN Coex Artium is comfortably situated equally A section of Coex Mall which incorporates a buying groceries center, conference centers, exhibition halls, And more. You dismiss alongsideout problems move to the Artium by manner of taking the metro to Samseong Station (Line ii) And moveing to go out five and six. The place dismiss exist reached by manner of quite A lot of buses And taxis.

From this management, you'll exist Able to either bring the elevator or escalator. 1 counsel taking the escalator And turning Appropriate And thus you'll exist Able to run into the lovable EXO newspaper toy monitors outdoor.

SUM (celebrity Shop) – second ground The products shop has the entirety information technology's essential to e'er need or option, whole alongside yousr SMTOWN Artist of decision! but evening And thus reputable Artist moveods, the shop too provides products put forwarded by manner of SM Entertainment stars in summation random products that the stars revel in.

There’s evening A display that comfortably monitors yous which pieces Are lately the virtually smartly liked. some of the ones at this fourth dimension displayed Are the EXO newspaper toys, transparent tumblers, tremendous Junior’s tremendous Nuts, quite A lot of folders, photo cards, And Artist pillows.

From sweet to shoes And posters to earpieces, there’s such A lot to watch here. (Pssst… virtually of our fourth dimension turned into once spent here.) have a glance At probably the virtually pieces to exist had existneath. sadly, very fashionable pieces, similar to the pillows, nosotrosre utterly And thusld out.

SMTOWN Studio – 3rd ground SMTOWN Studio is A position where you'll exist Able to grow to exist a genuine Artist And try their education studio, recording studio, tune video studio, And photo studio. in lodge to expertise quite A lot of education And styling Adventures, information technology is very important pay And brand A reservation. the cheapest pick is “tour 1″ which incorporates A studio tour, Polaroid photographs, And Attractiveness counseling for xxx,000 won (approx. ii6 USD). As for the virtually feely programme, “Profile Video ii″ volition provide yous alongside one infinitesimal of profile video shooting which brings about two hours for the price of five00,000 won (approx. 427 USD).

LIVErary Cafe – Fourth ground Combining the words “ are living” And “library” equates to SMTOWN’s LIVErary Cafe where you'll exist Able to concentrate for yousr favourite SMTOWN Artists’ And thusngs And revel in existverages And muffins. There’s lots to watch here with their cafe, dessert bar, tune living room, And Artist Archive.

The cafe provides a lot of sweet muffins like macarons, cookies, cupcakes, And more. standard cafe beverages also Are to exist had. virtually no longerably, they've A kind of “artist Ades” which would possibly exist fruity carbonated beverages named subsequently quite A lot of SM Artists.

We were reachn A super Junior Ade (blue lemonade) And A SHINee Ade (green Apple); either tasted fantastic. truth totaly, nosotros picked them existcause nosotros Appreciated the ones flavors over mint (EXO) And rose (ladies’ Generation). We coincidentally ended up At A table that EXO’s Tao signed. We too saw A chair that Red Velvet’s Joy signed!

There nosotrosre too lovable cakes depicting quite A lot of Artists on display. those Aren't to exist had to buy.

SMTOWN theater – fifth And sixth grounds The fifth And sixth floors grasp theaters which Are U.S.ed for hologram tuneals And concerts, are living tuneals And plays, in summation fan meetings And showcases. The fifth floor contains A photo box (for taking a pragmatic photo side by side for yousr favourite Artist), hand printing gallery, And photo zones. yous may equally smartly become huge photographs published out for A fee starting from seventy,000 won to 1 five0,000 won (approx. six0 USD to 128 USD).

The hand printing gallery contains SM C&C stars in summation SMTOWN Artists. The hand molds Aren't truthful to length; there’s no manner our hands would possibly exist bigr than Kang Ho Dong’s in genuine lifestyles! Unfortunately, the hand matching instrument turned into once no longer performance when nosotros visited. :(

There also Are A number of unfastened photo opportunities alongside quite A lot of SMTOWN Artists!

3-D printing can exist done at the sixth floor where you'll exist Able to become A figurine of yousrself And yousr favourite star. take a glance At these lifestyles- length editions of Suho And Changmin (no longer situated at the sixth floor)!

you too dismiss run into quite A lot of SM Artists provide yous alongside A tour in this video. (Note: This video turned into once released in January ii01 five, And thus our tour is A more up to date edition of the positioning.)

we promise yous revel ined our tour of SMTOWN Coex Artium! Are yous making plans on visiting one day? Let U.S. know once yous've movet Any questions And nosotros dismiss resolution in the comments segment existneath! Also, once yous wish to run into more photographs, feel unfastened to invite in the comments equally smartly. :)

f(x)’s Amber thanks enthusiasts for successful SMTOWN Concert amongst candy Selfie

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f(x)’s Amber thanks fans for A hit SMTOWN Concert with candy Selfie < robust>SMTOWN fam knows A matter or two roughly the Art of the selfie.

In A new mail service to her Instagram on July 27, < robust>f(x)‘s < robust>Amber wrapped up her behind the curtain selfie policy of the SMTOWN reside concert in Osaka, Japan with A sweet < robust>f(x) staff selfie.

She writes, “Its (sic) existen Amusing Osaka! We’ll exist back expectantly soon” And makes an Astute observation in hashtag shape, “#mytonguelookslikeabutt.”

The photo capabilities 3 of the f(x) participants. < robust>Krystal rests her chin on Amber’s shoulder whilst < robust>Luna attempts to color herself from their blinding dearest.

The trio turned into once now no longer joined on level this concert by means of member < robust>Sulli, who has existen swept up in rumors roughly her divergence shape the crowd, or < robust>Victoria, who turned into once not Able to Accomplish because of essentially fitness reasons.

large Junior, ladies’ Generation, EXO, f(x), and SHINee display Their SMTOWN Love behind the curtain at Osaka Concert

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super Junior, ladies’ Generation, EXO, f(x), and SHINee display Their SMTOWN Love backdegree at Osaka Concert SM Entertainment‘s much enjoyed teams and artists are lately in Japan for their July 25 and 26 concerts in Osaka, and plenty of of them have long gone on social media to percentage a glimpse of everybody putting out in the dressing rooms!

super Junior‘s Ryeowook posted some p.ctures on his Twitter with his fellow participants of SMTOWN on July 25. His first two p.ctures feature himself and his hoobaes f(x)‘s Krystal, SHINee‘s Jonghyun, and ladies’ Generation‘s Tiffany. He come withs the caption, “the first day in Osaka !!!! We’re going on degree soon ^^ Wait!”

He then went directly to post a photo of fellow super Junior member Kyuhyun taking a look disgusted whilst being attacked with love by way of Siwon and Yesung as super Junior M‘s Henry looks on. He writes as the caption, “Cutie Kyu ~*” Yesung also posted the similar p.c on his own Instagram with the caption “i like you bro.”

lastly, Ryeowook tweeted a goofy shot of himself and Donghae backdegree making funny faces.

Yesung, super Junior’s king of the selfie, also took some p.ctures with fellow participants of SMTOWN. His p.cs come with himself at the side of Ryeowook and EXO‘s D.O.

ladies’ Generation’s Hyoyeon also took a candy photo with super Junior M’s Zhoumi, who’s preserving a signed reproduction of her ebook!

f(x)’s Amber posted a photo of herself, Donghae, and Jonghyun with the caption “Evolution. #dinofamily #smtown.”

She also posted a photo with her just right friend Henry, writing “big bro. Snoopy. #smtown” as the caption.

lastly, super Junior’s Kangin took to Instagram to post a photo of one of the most participants of his staff at the side of SM Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo man!

SHINee"s Minho to skip out on SMTOWN concert in Osaka because of ankle damage

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SHINee"s Minho could be skipping out at the approaching SMTOWN concert in Osaka because of an ankle harm.

SM Entertainment announced that Minho become once gambling basketball when he injured his ankle, and unfortunately for enthusiasts, they won"t be in a position to peer him at the "SMTOWN are living world excursion IV in Japan Special Edition". SHINee"s intended comeback with their fourth repackaged album has also been not on time to give Minho time to improve.

"SMTOWN are living world excursion IV in Japan Special Edition" will take position on July 25-26. Minho may be set to begin filming for OnStyle"s " as it"s the first Time".

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SHINee"s Minho to be absent from SMTOWN concert in Osaka because of ankle damage

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SHINee"s Minho will no longer attend the impending SMTOWN concert in Osaka because of his ankle damage.

according to SM Entertainment, Minho sustained an ankle damage all through a basketball game, which made him to opt out of the "SMTOWN are living global tour IV in JAPAN Special Edition", which might be hung on July 25th and 26th in Osaka.

SHINee used to be at the beginning planned to comeback with their 4th repackaged album this month, yet because of Minho"s existing condition, the agenda has been driven back.

meanwhile, Minho will soon input the filming of OnStyle"s drama " as it"s the first Time". READ MORE

[Video] authentic trailer released for the Korean documentary "SMTOWN The degree"

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[Video] authentic trailer released for the Korean documentary

legitimate trailer released for the impending Korean documentary "SM the city The stage"

"SM the city The stage" (2015)Directed by way of Bae Seong-sangWith Kang Ta, BoA, ladies" Generation,...SynopsisA documentary of the overpowering stage and are living-time occasions of the SM Entertainment global concert SM the city LIVE and at the back of-the-scene reviews.liberate date in Korea : 2015/08/ thirteen

Yesung to reveal amazing and interesting stage during SMTOWN's concert

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Yesung to reveal amazing and interesting stage during SMTOWN's concert

Yesung of Super Junior recently revealed the members that make up SMTOWN’s ‘Earth Protection Squad.’

On July 12, Yesung shared through his personal Instagram account, “Earth Protection Squad..!! Thanks to these dongsaengs (younger brothers) for coming to support~ #SuperJunior #TVXQ #EXO #Changmin #Xiumin #Chen #Eunhyuk #Yesung.” He also called the group ‘Dong Su Ex’ as a shortened name for the members’ respective groups.

In the photo uploaded along with this caption, Super Junior’s Yesung and Eunhyuk, TVXQ’s Changmin, as well as EXO’s Xiumin and Chen can be seen taking on a ‘squad’ pose for the camera. The three members in front are holding their hands out and the two members on the side are throwing up peace signs.

The picture appears to have been taken backstage at Super Junior’s “Super Show 6 Encore” concert, which took place in Seoul on July 11, with Changmin, Xiumin, and Chen in attendance to show support for their labelmates.

What do you think? Can we leave the earth in the hands of these five guys?