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BTOB"s Ilhoon, Peniel, and Hyunsik are next in individual teasers for "It"s Okay"

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BTOB"s Peniel, Hyunsik, and Ilhoonare next up for music video teasers from the group"s upcoming title track "It"s Okay"!

As mentioned previously, thisis said to be the boys" first dramatized MV since their debut. Their upcoming song is about the hardships of youth, and each of the seven members have their own storyline.Can you guess what the story of each member may be?

BTOB"s first full-length album "Complete"will be released on June 29. Check out the teasers in the meantime!

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BTOB’s Hyunsik joins Weibo

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BTOB’s Hyunsik joins Weibo

On February 3rd, BTOB"s Hyunsik announced on his personal Twitter account that he created a Weibo account, and that made him the first member of BTOB with Weibo.

Weibo 계정 만들었어요!이렇게 알려주면 되는건가? pic.twitter.com/fbbWshgGjl

임현식 (@BTOB_IMHYUNSIK) February 4, 2015

Want to follow him? Here"s the linkHyunsik Weibo

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BTOB's Hyunsik Creats His Own Weibo Account and Uploads First Photo

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BTOB's Hyunsik Creats His Own Weibo Account and Uploads First Photo

In the month of January, we saw a sharp increasing trend of K-pop stars joining Weibo, the Chinese social networking site. Starting off the month of February, BTOB member Hyunsik became the first of the group to create a personal Weibo account!

Hyunsik created his Weibo account BTOB任炫植 with his first post on February 4th, greeting his Chinese fans fluently in Mandarin, “Long time no see Chinese Melodies! How have all of you been? I finally created a new account ha. Love you all.” Hyunsik owes much of his proficiency in the Chinese language to the two years which he had previously spent studying abroad in Shanghai.

The rest of BTOB will join him in surprising everyone with their Chinese speaking skills on February 7th on the MBC radio show Idol True Colors, hosted by miss A’s Jia, Fei, and Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi.

Besides following Cube Entertainment and BTOB’s official Weibo accounts, Hyunsik is also following LEGEND’s Roi and Cheney Dong on Weibo, the latter of whom trained under Cube Entertainment.

Hyunsik also confirmed his Weibo account and asked for everyone to follow him through a Tweet.

Other K-Pop stars who recently joined Weibo include LUNAFLY’s Yun, U-KISS, Sohee, and more.

Weibo 계정 만들었어요! ♥︎ 이렇게 알려주면 되는건가? pic.twitter.com/fbbWshgGjl

— 임현식 (@BTOB_IMHYUNSIK) February 4, 2015

BTOB Hyunsik sings "If" by Noel"s Jung Woo Sung

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BTOB Hyunsik sings

BTOB"s Hyunsik is the next member to serenade their melodies.

For his song, Hyunsik picked Noel"s Jung Woo Sung solo track "If" from the group"s 4th album "Time For Love" released in 2012.

Check out Hyunsik"s own take to the song.

BTOB"s Hyunsik sings "If By Chance" for "I Will Be Your Melody"

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Hyunsik is up next for part 5 of BTOB"s "I Will Be Your Melody"!

Hyunsik granted fans" wishes by singing a cover of the requested song "If By Chance", which was originally sung by Noel"s Jun Woo Sung. Contrary to his cute image, he possesses a deep voice that melted listeners" hearts and brought out the depth of the emotional song.

Check out his cover above!

Cube CEO, BTOB’s Hyunsik and g.o.d’s agency speak up about Hyuna’s g.o.d hommage song “From When and Until When”

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Cube CEO, BTOB’s Hyunsik and g.o.d’s agency speak up about Hyuna’s g.o.d hommage song “From When and Until When”

The CEO of Cube Entertainment, Hong Seungsung, and BTOBs Hyunsik has apologized for the misunderstanding caused by Hyunas g.o.d hommage song, From When and Until When.

On the 31st of July, the CEO of Cube Entertainment uploaded an apology notice online, in which it read:

"Hello.I am the CEO of Cube Entertainment, Hong Seungsung.

I apologize for the misunderstanding and inconvenience the song From When and Until When from Hyunas 3rd mini-album has caused concerning the issue of it being an hommage song.

This song, composed by BTOBs Hyunsik and written by Hyuna incorporated lyrics from g.o.ds Opposite Attraction word for word.

I apologize for not letting Park Jinyoung, g.o.d and their fans know earlier that our artists composed this song as an hommage.

We acknowledge the fact that we did not go through the official process, and that we were not devoted to the intention of our artists works, and we promise to be more careful in these areas in the future so that this incident does not happen again.

We apologize once again to the members of g.o.d, Park Jinyoung and the fans.

BTOBs Hyunsik also wrote on his personal Twitter:

"Hello. This is BTOBs Hyunsik. I started off with the intention of paying hommage to the respected g.o.d members and producer Park Jinyoung, but I would like to sincerely apologize for my thoughtless actions and not letting you know in advanced.

I will strive to be a better fan and hoobae who will not embarrass you. Lastly, I sincerely apologize to those who have been hurt for my mindless action.

Upon hearing about this hommage song, g.o.ds agency, Soulshop Entertainment, and member Kim Taewoo responded on the same day, in which they expressed that they were thankful for paying hommage to g.o.d, however they also expressed that it was disappointing that there had not been any discussions regarding the hommage beforehand.

They also expressed that, had there been previous discussion, the song would not have caused so much of an issue and would have also yielded better results.

However, they said that they would take this hommage as a compliment and hoped that in the future, any other hommage songs would be composed after discussion.

Source: Xports News, Osen

Kim Tae Woo releases official statement about homage to g.o.d in HyunA"s "From When and Until When" + Cube President and Hyunsik apologize

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Kim Tae Woo releases official statement about homage to g.o.d in HyunA

Kim Tae Woo"s agency Soul Shop Entertainment has released an official statement concerning HyunA and Hyunsik"s homage to g.o.d in her song "From When and Until When" from her "A Talk" album, and Cube Entertainment President Hong Seung Sung has officially apologized for the matter.

As mentioned previously, issues arose when netizens recognized that the lyrics of HyunA"s song coincided with g.o.d"s past hit "The Reason Why Opposites Attract", and Hyunsik explained that the two wished to make an homage to their sunbaes. Kim Tae Woo has now come out with an official statement through his label with comments that reflect JYP Entertainment"s attitude concerning the news. 

Kim Tae Woo stated through Soul Shop Entertainment on July 31, "Though we"re thankful that HyunA and Hyunsik made an homage as a sign of respect, it"s very regrettable that we were not consulted and there was no consent beforehand as well as that we found out after the fact. Although it"s regretful that it would have been better had they consulted us ahead of time, we will look at the incident in a positive light as it was meant to honor and congratulate g.o.d"s comeback. We hope that there will be prior consultation in the future."

Cube Entertainment head Hong Seung Sung has also made an official apology through the agency"s Twitter. He wrote, "We apologize we weren"t able to inform the involved parties about the song that the two artists (4minute"s HyunA and BTOB"s Hyunsik) wrote and composed to make an homage to producer J.Y. Park and their sunbaes g.o.d. We acknowledge that we were careless on our part for not carefully overseeing the technical details with the intentions of our artists."

As the composer and co-writer of the song, BTOB"s Hyunsik made an apology through Twitter as well, "To producer J.Y. Park and my sunbaes g.o.d, my intentions were to create an homage to sunbaes I looked up to and a song I"ve really liked, but I sincerely apologize for not consulting you beforehand. In the future, I"ll do my best to become an artist and fan who you can be proud of. Finally, I apologize to everyone who was affected by my actions."

g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo on HyunA and Hyunsik’s Homage to Their Song: “We are thankful but (the situation) is unfortunate.”

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g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo on HyunA and Hyunsik’s Homage to Their Song: “We are thankful but (the situation) is unfortunate.”

Kim Tae Woo, from the group g.o.d, has released an official statement regarding HyunA and BTOB Hyunsiks alleged plagiarism of g.o.ds song The Reason Why Opposites Attract in HyunAs newly-released track, From Where and Until When.

According to a statement by Kim Tae Woos agency Soul Shop Entertainment on July 31, Were grateful for HyunA and Lim Hyunsiks homage (to our song) with their self-composed and written song, but its very unfortunate that we came to know of this belatedly and we werent consulted nor did they get consent from us beforehand.

Although were left with the regret that it could have been a better picture if they only consulted us ahead of time, we will take this incident well as it has the intention to honor and congratulate g.o.ds comeback, added Kim Tae Woo in the statement. We hope there will be prior consultation in the future, he emphasized.

In other news, after JYP Entertainments statement on the issue, CUBE Entertainments President Hong Seung Sung also released his statement through the agencys official Twitter account, saying that they apologize for HyunAs From Where and Until When, which has been receiving flak for its lyrics that lifted parts from g.o.ds The Reason Why Opposites Attract.

We apologize that we werent able to inform the concerned parties about the song that these two artists (BTOBs Hyunsik and 4Minutes HyunA) have written and composed as an homage to producer Park Jin Young and their seniors g.o.d, the statement said. We recognize that there was carelessness on our part for not being able to carefully supervise the technicalities concerned with the intentions of our artists.

Previously, BTOBs Hyunsik took to Twitter to explain his intentions, saying that they only wanted to show that they are fans of g.o.d.

Following the statements by his seniors, Hyunsik posted an apology on his Twitter: “To Producer Park Jin Young and my g.o.d seniors, while my intentions were to create an homage to seniors that I’ve looked up to for a long time and to a song that I’ve really liked, I sincerely apologize for not having consulted with you beforehand. In the future, I’ll do my best to become an artist and fan [of yours] that you can be proud of. Lastly, I apologize to all those that were affected by my actions.”

JYPE Responds to HyunA and BTOB Hyunsik’s Homage to g.o.d

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JYPE Responds to HyunA and BTOB Hyunsik’s Homage to g.o.d

Recently, HyunA’s “From Where and Until When” featuring BEAST’s Yang Yoseob has been under scrutiny, after many noticed that its lyrics were similar to g.o.d’s 2004 track, “The Reason Why Opposites Attract.” BTOB’s Hyunsik, who wrote the song, explained that the copied lyrics were just homage to their industry seniors, congratulating them on their comeback.

(See: HyunA’s Song Lyrics Copied From g.o.d Lyrics? BTOB’s Hyunsik Explains)

JYP Entertainment, home to Park Jin Young, who wrote and composed the original song for g.o.d, responded, “We’re thankful for the homage, but in the future, we’d like it if we were asked for permission beforehand.”

“From Where and Until When” is one of the songs from HyunA’s recently released solo album, “A Talk,” with the title track “Red.”

BToB"s Hyunsik explains Hyuna"s "From Where and Until When" plagiarizing lyrics from g.o.d"s song controversy

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Hyuna is under a plagiarism controversy as one of the songs in her new mini album "From Where and Until When" are accused of copying the lyrics from g.o.d"s song "The Reason Why Opposites Attract".

There"s a part in the lyrics of both songs that are exactly the same except for one word,"Am I more attracted to you because we"re opposites, because you and I are different/Is THIS(THAT) what attracts me more, because I"ve seen it for the first time".

As BToB"s Hyunsik was co-writing the lyrics for the song, he came on his Twitter and explained about it on July 28th,"The lyrics of "From Where and Until When" are an homage to congratulate g.o.d seniors on their comeback! We want to show that we"re fans of g.o.d".