HyunA reveals she went topless in Los Angeles

HyunA reveals she went topless in Los Angeles

On this week’s episode of ‘Knowing Brothers’, HyunA shared the most rebellious moment in her career.

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She was asked if she ever rebelled before. She answered, “Hmm which one should I say? They’re all really strong. It was when I was filming a teaser for the title track ‘Because I’m The Best’ from my 4th mini album.” She continued, “The CEO of the company wanted me to do music that showed my cocky side because I’m a little sensitive. So I thought to myself that I should definitely try to deviate away from my sensitive personality. To film the teaser, I went out with foreign friends in Los Angeles to just drink, party, etc., and I went topless.” To this information, the cast of the show was shocked.

HyunA explained, “I attempted such a move because I thought to myself ‘Why am I being suppressed at my most beautiful age? I need to break it’. I think it was really enjoyable because of the fact that I was able to rebel and release this kind of a project.”

When asked where this video is located, HyunA said it was on YouTube. Hearing this, Kang Ho Dong quickly replied, “Let’s search for it on YouTube!”